Game Talks Dr. Dre & Pharrell, Brotherhood With Shyne

Exclusive: Game speaks about having the master of melody and the prince of percussion on "R.E.D.," and says he's been blessed by the Rap gods.

Compton Rap star Game is gearing up for his fourth major label, R.E.D. Now due on June 29, the Interscope/Aftermath/Star Trak release is executive produced by Dr. Dre and Pharrell Williams. With two of the biggest music producers of all time working on the same album, HipHopDX recently asked Game how he achieved a sonic balance between the N.W.A. alum and The Neptunes heatmaker.

"It's hard to say," answered Game on how R.E.D. juggles Dre's signature melodies with Skateboard P's explosive percussion style. "With this album, number one, I want to let everybody know that I've been totally blessed by the Rap gods: Biggie [Smalls], 2Pac, [Jam Master Jay], Guru and whoever." The Black Wall Street Records founder elaborated on what exactly he meant, "They've made sure that this album is goin' to be successful by putting me in the studio with Pharrell, who I hadn't worked with, but wanted to work with every day in my life [leading up] to this album, and then reuniting me with [Dr.] Dre and the Aftermath camp - and then, to be able to create an album with those guys and [have them] both coexist without any problems, steppin' on any toes and both liking what the other guy is doing and just the collaborative effort, it's been real, real big to me. I think on the date when people get my album, it's gonna make sense. It's gonna make a lot of sense."

Dr. Dre and Pharrell have previously worked on the same album, such as Snoop Dogg's The Blue Carpet Treatment and Jay-Z's Kingdom Come, both released four years ago in 2006.

Additionally, Game was asked about his relationship with Def Jam rapper Shyne. While Game rose to fame since his appearances leading up to 2004's official debut, The Documentary, Shyne had been incarcerated until late last year. "Me and Shyne, man, we ain't never even shook hands in real life. But through phone conversations while he was locked up, and through the lines of California to Belize, we've sort of formed a brotherhood over the last several years - just me callin' him on the check-up, or him havin' my cell [phone number] and hittin' me, congratulating me on my success and him tellin' me which moves he thought I should make, and which mistakes I should [avoid] - just guidin' me."

At one point, during Shyne's incarceration, it was rumored that the former Bad Boy star may even sign with Game's imprint. Beyond business and music, Game emphasized the two's deep friendship. "I think we became brothers, so to speak, and we ain't never even touched hands. That's the power of music and Hip Hop and the craft that we share, and it does that sometimes."

As both rappers have, for different reasons, spoken out against 50 Cent, they share a loyalty within the confines of Rap. "Again, I ain't never met Shyne in real life, but I swear to God, I'll go toe-to-toe, back-to-back with this nigga in a war, man. It's his heart and how we vibe on the phone and the things we talk about. It never starts off, and never ends about music. It's always about the check-up."

R.E.D. is presently due June 29 on Interscope/Aftermath/Star Trak Records.

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  • Lol@Gaddic

    Haha damn you b ridin Banks dick so hard that your rectum is gonna fall off.

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  • em626

    its funny how so many fucken haters are on here talking shit.. man banks ain't going nowhere, i admit he's put out a few good songs here and there, but as long as his ass is still on 50's leash he's not going anywhere why? because 50 cent is a selfish motherfucker.. banks vs game? c'mon are u fucken serious? game will merk this dude forreal.. as far as the butterfly tat who gives a shit! its a butterfly an insect..he even said what it meant on that interview..half u dudes talk shit and criticize when none of u dudes even have a deal nor shine in the limelight..

  • amelamusic

    I'm more interested in this album for the beats, can't wait!

    • Suga No Milk

      yeah man i wanna hear them beats from Dre. So far, the pharrell produced tracks that have leaked from Game's album have been mediocre to say the least. I know lyrics are important, but anytime you have Dre and Pharrell co producing an album, you wanna hear them beats. DJ Khalil is on there too. He can knock a few systems with his sound, for e.g, Clipse: Kinda Like A Big Deal.

  • c/gaddic

    When this new album tanks with Dre production you stans are gonna realize how irrelevant Game is! Fake beef with Jay-z and dissing 50 cent isn't gonna make him move units again 50 cent said himself dude isn't a good songwriter, his musical skills are mediocre at best and his hooks suck Good lyrics isn't the only ingredient in making good RAP MUSIC Yes we all know Game is by far better lyrically than 50 Yayo and Buck combined But...Banks would murk his bi-polar ass! And to all you fucks that think this bipolar faggot is on the same level as Banks listen the Money in the bank series-dude is on another level than anyone that ever touched the unit! his albums are good only because of production, beef/hype and ghostwriting he's ain't that talented for y'all dick-riders to call him a classic-making rapper 3 solid albums MINUS -the topnotch production, 50 cent ghostwriting, beef with the Unit 1 medicore debut album without poor sales 1 good follow-up 1 mediocre effort NO CLASSICS OR NEAR CLASSICS!!!

    • Skilo V

      Don't Need Your Love with Faith Evans on the Documentary is a classic. Havoc's production on that track was sick, Game was able to evoke emotion on the track, and Faith laced it. Documentary is a Classic. You can't just say oh this album isn't a classic without production bah blah blah because the fact is it had the top notch production, it had 50's hooks and Game made the stans scream G Unot like fiends. Stop the hate the nigga rides for the West Coast hard, yea he's a lil beef crazy but so was another nigga who repped California im not making any comparison. Get money..."It Must Be Me" was hot off that RED ROOM

  • lay

    He'll be dissing Shyne next week, lol!




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  • milehighkid303

    GAME IS A LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PERIOD. Dude kissing Shyne's ass now?? Hmmm lets guess why?? Shyne screamed Fuck 50 the first jawn he recorded outta prision. Game is so damn wack, i dont know how you people cannot see this. Dude tat's a butterfly then covers it up??? N to the fucking clown below, Banks would rap circles around this bi-polar broad. Anyone who supports this clown is as bad as this Lil Wayne fans. SOME ONE AIR HIS ASS OUT!! "Now here's a little story I would like to tell about a certain individual perpitrating like hell, well, you see him round IMITATING legends tuff as hell on his record but terrified of our presence, mad cause his career only last a couple seconds, BEGGING for attention dropppin' a name in every sentence...."


    Its one thing to promote and plug your album, but meeting a nigga on the phone and saying that you his best friend and will go to war for him him is the gayest shit I ever heard of, also him meeting Pherrell, falling in love and getting star treck tattooed on him is some shit real men don't do

  • Nike Champ 718

    Aw man, here goes Game namedropping Guru now. Never heard him say sh*t about Guru or Gangstarr until three weeks ago.

    • Ah Hell

      I thought the same thing when I saw the Guru name drop. Props "INOA", you are capable of copying and pasting the same fucking sentence you typed earlier. Game overkills with the name dropping, shit gets old and convinces me more and more that he's falling off and trying harder and harder to get attention in rap. He's swingin' on Shyne's nuts like he's fucking him and paying his bills. Faggots...

    • Nike Champ 718

      No, it's corny and comes off as meatriding after a while. You wanna give props and shoutouts? Cool. You still doing it three albums later? Ass kissing. And people (rappers) who have mentioned Guru in the past few weeks more than likely have actually met the ni99a.

    • INOA

      A wack nigga like Drake named dopped like 10 times in the first verse in that wack ass, annoying song being played in the radio and on tv every damn day. Rappers using names in their songs, and using them as clever metaphors is part of the art. Game actually is creative wit his. Game is nice, stop frontin

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      U niggas and this name dropping shit, need to shut the fuck up and get your own complaints and stop jumpin on bandwagons cause u hear other niggas say it over and over. Just cause u niggas afraid to speak ur mind and like to take subliminal shots and instead of getting to the point like cowards.. As far him mentioning Guru, that can go for alot of the niggas in the game. When the last time u heard someone mention Guru b4 his death really? come on man save that shit..


    A.O. & Smith "The Best Rappers Under 30"

  • c/gaddic

    game is a good rapper with talent but everything he says outside the booth is straight retarded rubbish Interest in his career ended after leaving G-unit and backstabbing the creator of his best album No one can tell me 50 cent didn't contribute significantly to his career the documentary 5mil(50 writing the best songs on it) doctor's adv-1.5mil+(beef with 50 stirred up hype) Lax 500,000 (no beef, no one gave a shit about him) When this new album tanks with Dre production you stans are gonna realize how irrelevant Game is Fake beef with Jay-z and dissing 50 cent isn't gonna make him move units again 50 cent said himself dude isn't a good songwriter, his musical skills are mediocre at best and his hooks suck Hot good lyrics isn't the only ingredient in making good RAP MUSIC Yes we all know Game is by far better lyrically than 50 Yayo and Buck combined but BaNKS would murk his bipolar ass!!! banks =4mil+ sales without Dr.Dre beats/50 cent ghostwriting or fake attention seeking beef

    • INKUM

      Bankz had 1 hot album.. Wtf afta dat nd u cnt be rappin bout Beamerz or even Bentleyz if it ur bff'z

    • INOA

      Banks is so wack homie. I dont know why ya praise this dude so much. Didn't he have a song called, "Smile", LOL. He would never make hot albums like Game. No comparison homie.


    and i know game be readin this since he aint got shit else to do so: nigga you need to stop flipping the wrong drugs it makes you act like a freak and not in a good way, also, try and go a verse without droppin someones name - that shit is played out


    game is a cancer to hip hop gossiping ass nigga

  • Ah Hell

    I'm telling you, Game is getting way overhyped by hip hop sites about his album coming out. Wayyyyy over rated, when it flops, I hope you stans get the picture. I do like old Game's music, not this shit, nor his stupid bipolar comments he has about everybody. Just shut the fuck up and make good music, the name dropping is wayyy overkilled on your raps.

    • Go Kill Yo Self

      @ INOA homie it just seems like you on games dick hahaha

    • INOA

      It's called promoting your album. He never flop, so why would he flop now. It seem like you praying for his downfall. He do make good music and a wack nigga like Drake named dopped like 10 times in the first verse in that wack ass, annoying song being played in the radio and on tv every damn day. Rappers using names in their songs, and using them as clever metaphors is part of the art. Game actually is creative wit his. Game is nice, stop frontin.

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


  • ASEE

    You people sure love to gossip. You're just like the people who read US Weekly, bitching about stars constantly that you apparently can't stand. Lame.

  • floppping!!!!

    this brahs album gona fail!!! it wont even do 50's BISD numbers!!! watch!! he dont have a hit record yet, he got no plays! no one out here knw hes dropin a album dammm its game over!! download NEW 50 CENT track produced by Timbaland and Dr Dre - Rocka By Baby

    • Young Makkk

      lol I WAS a game fan..but now, this dude went from compton to pharrell and teddy bears. this dude gonna do worst than Bisd. hate to say it but its true. you'd have to be a game groupie to disagree. but maybe next year! hopefully he remembers where he came from by then. RED = Flop!


    so how can you have a dr. dre beat and dont have a hit?

    • Young Makkk

      Cause the dumbass wanted to be like 50 and put Justin timberlake and a Pharrel beat for a single..but Failed Miserably.

  • kush nap

    game is a fucking liar. when michael jackson died, game was in the press saying MJ called him on the phone once to talk about 50. bullshit. MJ isnt calling jayceon taylor to talk about anything. nigga is delusional. hell tell you he came up a 5 star blood, when everyone in his hood KNOWS he was stripping at his moms club for his first job. game is one of the fakest niggas ever. just so happens he can rhyme a little bit. games own brother aired him out. niggas cant stand game. his music is usually hot though. if he aint droppin a record, he needs to shut the fuck up.

    • John-Boy

      I gotta agree with Kush Nap on this one. I was feeling that nigga Game when he first came out but after he left G-Unit its like that nigga turned into hiphops most Bi-Polar artist. A few months ago he apologized to 50 and wanted to make more music with him, now he's back to saying 50 is a clown. He disses Jay-Z one second and apologizes the next then disses him again. He disses Beyonce and apologizes. The nigga is crazy man. I think he changes his mind depending on what drug he is currently on. And when the stripper and the fake gangbanging shit came out about him I just couldn't take dude seriously no more. Even his music is going soft. SHake????

    • kush nap

      shut the fuck up you rooney homo. you son yourself when you go by rooney. game is a liar. game said he was in a coma. he was never in a coma. game said he was a blood. he was never a blood. he was a stripper, shaking ass in his mothers club. michael jackson isnt here to say, he would never call game. game just says shit for attention. "fuck jay-z" = attention. "fuck 50, big up shyne" = attention. "tatoo pharell im back with dre" = attention. game stans mad as hell. i like games music, but hes a bipolar lame, and hes proven it time and time again. take care of your own business you loony faggot. im not gonna hurt game, its okay.

    • rooney420

      nah i think you need to shut the fuck up. Why the fuck would a mothafucka make some shit up like that you gon sit there and say some bullshit bout game then go n say his music is hot shut the fuck up and let game do his business

  • LMAO

    damn and ol diddy bop didn't call that nigga once to remind not to dro the soap. Jayz and didddy cut from the same cloth. They need to start up "throw u under the bus" energy drink or something.

  • Megan fox lover

    Game was calling shyne in prison to ask 4 advice? Bet they had phone sex too, dont front shyne when the prison walls get cold n lonely, game calls u two gossip about 50cent n giggle n shit. Game going to belize 4 vacation the 2 will cuddle under the jungle sky n game will get a "shyne" tattoo on his thigh. Newsflash: 50 dont care about u 2 gaymshynes! move 2 d.c. N get hitched . . .n get another tattoo

    • rooney420

      news flash what are you fucking six who the fuck says news flash cept' some four eyed motha fucka n shut the fuck up who gives a fuck bout 50 gay ass cent who don't even give a bout bout his own g-unit camp he a selfish motha fucka so watch who you talkin bout before you speak. Cuz you talkin bout two mc's that would lyrically kill 50 sleeping.

  • jack johnson

    you know how game balances dre and pharell's productions? coz dre is probably gonna do one track one the album at most

  • pkayyyy

    connection over the phone? what is he calling? an escort service or something? game is a fucking weirdo.

  • ur moms ass

    sounds fake in a way, not too impressed from what ive heard so far, and most of the time game seems to cosign or hop on what ever the situation is to get attention, EX GURU, RIP, AnD Shyne, but gonna check out that R.E.D. Album regardless

  • 2thacore

    good shit // look out 4 red

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