D-Block's Sheek Louch Signs To Def Jam

The L.O.X. emcee announced today that he's returned to the majors, after a fruitful tenure on Koch.

After over five years with E1 Entertainment f/k/a Koch Records, D-Block's Sheek Louch says he's returned to the major label system. Today, the founding Warlocks/L.O.X. member (@RealSheekLouch) tweeted, "Ya boy just signed a new deal...y'all can call me Donnie Def Jam now!!"

The Yonkers emcee released his solo debut 2003 album Walk Witt Me on Universal Records, before releasing two official albums (After Taxes and Silverback Gorilla) on Koch Records.

Although details have yet to be released, the deal will make Sheek label-mates with D-Block/L.O.X. brother Jadakiss, who is signed to Def Jam through Roc-A-Fella Records.

The deal is believed to be part of a new regime at Def Jam, which includes new hiree Sha Money XL as Sr. VP of A&R for the famed New York imprint.



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  • Ceazar

    U can leave Thursday for ur missionary mission.

  • Quinn Jones

    why not get all the lox then that way you can have a whole lox cd come out, then they all can stand they ground as solo artist, let them put those out, then come bacc for a lox cd.that would make more sense, and dollars make a lot of that

  • nice...

    are yall on hear really bitchin bout who got signed first? it's lox/dblock either way that new jada tape is hard tho

  • lankaistai

    good move sheek....it seems things might be changing for the better at defjam, with Sha millions getting an executive job over there, i just hope that defjam will be the hiphop powerhouse it once used to be, as oppsed to be a LaFace records part 2

  • Cash Mo

    This is great news, happy for sheek good lookin homie! Lets get that dope album on the way. Sheek probly the best out the LOX or equal my opinion just slept on!

  • Steve Guz


  • jesterdx

    i fort styles wud b put on b4 sheek no disrespect... i jus hope styles ends up on def jam cos then they can trash out an album deal!

    • Steve Guz

      My Bad LOL @ JESTERDX

    • Steve Guz

      @ C-arson silverback gorilla did 190k its first week, life on dblock was just a mixtape it album form... wasnt a official album everyone knew that!!

    • Steve Guz

      @ La sone it did 190K its first week basically 200 so my facts are straight, get yours

    • jesterdx

      steve guz u b lyin son it didun do anywhere near 200k 1st week jus like life on d-block didun do anywhere near 100k 1st week

    • Lasone

      @ Steve Guz nah im pretty sure Silverback Gorilla didnt do 200k first week. Get your facts right

    • Stickilous Fingazo

      Styles always been much better... and as for the reply what Sheek solo project had more buzz or more sales than Gangster and a Gentlemen

    • steve guz

      why would they take styles? sheek sells more than styles has more of a buzz than styles... he sold more than jada's last kiss with 200k the first week silverback gorilla... Sheek is going to blow watch!


    the fuck does Sheek need to be on a major for?

  • Ron.G

    Congratulations to Sheek. However, I'm really eager to hear a quality Lox's album. Is it me or is it a little bit ridiculous that they've been in the game for so long and only have two albums as a group? As nice as Jadakiss is, I've never been a big fan of his solo projects. They don't suck, but he has a tendency to intentionally make radio friendly songs. Sometimes he doesn't a great job of it, but far to often he falls flat. I have to say admire Ghost albums more. His albums has more depth. Not to mention he knows who and what he is. As a result, there's less candy albums. All that being said, I want to hear a damn Lox album already. At least make a quality mixtape album or something. No more solos until they drop an album.

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  • wolfman

    Sheek is signed to a major label deal before Styles? hmmmpphh...

    • steve guz

      @BLACKISLOVE Styles P isn't at interscope, he's independent at kock/e1

    • steve guz

      Sheek Sells more records than styles.. His last album sold more than jada's last album, he's bodying every freestyle that he makes right now... watch how he sells o.d at def jam

    • GreenNYC

      Yall niggas talkn crazy. Sheek is the hardest. Remember the beef with puff, Bustn a nut on J-lo food while they at the dinner table. Cant remeber the words do your own history. Yall mofo's relax........

    • wolfman

      Honestly, I forgot that.. Styles is already with one of the nicest.. So, it's they all majors again...Good for them. Harry, i liked Silverback Gorilla too. I just think P is better.

    • blackislove

      styles is signed to interscope

    • Trini Dadi An

      yea, don't make no sense. No offense to any LOX member but S.P. go much harder. y didn't dey just sign a LOX deal

    • Harry The Hat

      sheek aint nothin' to sleep on homie. i loved silverback gorilla

  • Charmelle

    Can we get a shot sha? WWW.MYSPACE.COM/CRYSTALLAKE416

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