9th Wonder & David Banner Speak On New Album

The North Carolina producer and Mississippi producer/rapper talk about their new concept album Death Of A Pop Star and its significance.

As if releasing an album with West Coast emcee Murs wasn’t enough for 2010, North Carolina producer 9th Wonder is teaming up with rapper/producer David Banner to give listeners Death Of A Pop Star.

Creating a concept album that they felt was important for a new era of Hip Hop, Banner stated, “Death Of A Pop Star is needed for a balance in the music landscape right now, just like 2 Live Crew and A Tribe Called Quest were once needed at the same time.”

9th Wonder, who has done several collaborative projects in the past (Buckshot, Jean Grae, Murs) said the new album with the Mississippi veteran was a natural progression for both artists. “David Banner and I both share the same views on topics such as manhood, being black in America in present day, and the state of black music in general. David and I hash out a lot of options before we actually do a song. Once we get past all the options, the end result is always clear.”

Explaining they both plan on keeping this topic current as an on-going series, Banner added, “This concept is bigger than Hip Hop music. It shows us that young people do have soul.”

Death Of A Pop Star will be released later this year through Big Face Entertainment.


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  • Articulate1

    9th needs to get his mind right...First he disses the shit outta Little Brother, and now this confused project. No one wants to hear him waste his beats on Banners simple, generic, non-lyrical ass. I dont care if he started off as an underground rapper from Mississippi with Crooked Lettaz, I never heard one verse from him that impressed me. Banner seems like a smart dude off tracks, but if his insights are not reflected in the music then shut the fuck up.

    • Robert Duvall

      You people all get anally ravaged in jail. That is why black people commit crimes; so they can get anally invaded. Atleast afterwards they can claim "No Homo." Jesus judges you all...and he is white...and racist.

    • metal50

      dude listen to his verse on 9MM If you dont like that verse than you are wack!!!!

  • maybach trav

    David Banner is so whack, 9th should give his beats to someone with skills

  • Bauce

    I never fucked with Banner that much. He seemed like an ultra conscious dude off the mic but his singles were all typical booty butt cheek fare. Well maybe 9th can bring out the best in him. He is capable of makin good music

  • Do Derty

    I agree with you. i'm an artist from Mississippi and don't feel this fool. He contridicts hisself and sure as hell ain't got no flow. And even when he tries to be serious, the shit he talks about is 70's shit. Just list to the songs that he made hits on. It's all the bubble gum pop junk. And now i want to listen to a "concept" album from this chump. i don't think so...

  • kush nap

    i take banner serious as a human being. he never hid behind the music he was making. and banner got some joints, quit playin. hes a dope producer when hes on. and hes full of good ideas. hes not the most lyrical dude, but hes got a voice and a message, and hes gonna be backed by 9th wonder production. im lookin forward to this, intriguing concept. "cadillac on 22's" showed banners potential, street music with a heart. hip hop used to be all about accepting the unexpected. now cats just want this, or that, i like the suprise element in music. cookie cutter shit has got to stop. projects like this keep things fresh. switch it up every once in awhile. those 9th/buckshot albums were super dope. hope they drop another one.

    • bsmoov

      I agree with you. Banner can be serious when he wants to be. Cadillac on 22's showed us that. I also agree with you that hip hop needs projects like this to keep the music innovative and fresh. This is the only way hip hop will progress. I actually look forward to hearing the project.

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  • Megan fox lover

    Do i really need to look 4ward to this shit? I mean do pple take david banner seriously as a rapper? 9th wonder, dont subject us this junk. Banner IS one of the reasons hip hop tanked since mid 00's. Never felt him never will. P.s. What da fuck ever happened to chingy?

    • yung fab

      @megan fox lover - banner really steps it up on these tracks check out slow down and strange ft remo. Even in strange he says it himself. he doesnt want the south to be known only for gold teeth and white tees. Thus, the title of the album; hes turning a new leap with this cd.

  • JojO2131

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