Jay-Z Gets Tony Nomination for "FELA!"

The Jay-Z, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith produced "FELA!," has gotten 11 Tony nominations.

Jay-Z may get a Tony this year. Earlier in the week, The American Theatre Wing's Tony Awards announced that "FELA!" has tied with "La Cage Aux Folles" for most nominations at this year's ceremony. Jay has backed "FELA!" as a producer and he's not the only one behind this play.

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Alicia Keys are also big names tied to the project. The play is one inspired by the life of Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musician, inspirational activist and highly regarded talent.

One of the awards "FELA!," was nominated for was "Best Musical Tony Award," where it will face stiff competition from the Green Day inspired "American Idiot," "Memphis" and "Million Dollar Quartet."

Back in December of 2009, HipHopDX rated the play with 4.5 X's. The Tony's will air in June 13 on CBS.

FELA! has been nominated for the following awards:

Best Musical
Best Book of a Musical: Jim Lewis & Bill T. Jones
Best Actor: Sahr Ngaujah
Best Featured Actress: Lillias White
Best Direction: Bill T. Jones
Best Choreography: Bill T. Jones
Best Orchestrations: Aaron Johnson
Best Scenic Design: Marina Draghici
Best Costume Design: Marina Draghici
Best Lighting Design: Robert Wierzel
Best Sound Design: Robert Kaplowitz


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  • Keezie

    We need to stop putting down our own folks in good positions. This shit is disgusting. You don't see as much hate in any genre other than Rap & RnB. Shit is disgusting.

  • youngchris247

    People are so ignorant...

  • misha

    I would suggest those unfamiliar with Fela to read about him. he was a great symbol for africans. he was against all kind of wicked military control and always exposed our nigerian leaders. I hope u get to understand when he speaks pidgin english , as he was mostly fighting for the rights of the common citizens of Nigeria. It's amazing seeing a hip hop star in America like jay z even establishing a story about him.I'm very impressed that even jay z knows about him. hope he wins. Long live baba!

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  • A pimp named slickback.

    wtf does Jay Z really have to do with this play. shits retarded I'm sorry. FELA was poppin off long before Jay Z and Will Smith jumped on the bandwagon. I'm all for rich black dudes supporting plays about African rebel music, power moves right there, but Jay Z doesn't deserve a damn award for writing a check.

    • MR Just The Facts

      "...Jay Z doesn't deserve a damn award for writing a check." Thats all that most Broadway play producers do. What makes Jay any different than all the other producers that would get an award if their play wins? If they deserve it so does he.

  • DStephens

    peep this ..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SG0sCnab-U


    This is what I don't like about HIPHOPDX the editors react to nothing we are saying. Look at the discussion going on in this thread: NAS vs Eminem. Obviously it's a valid and important debate to us hip-hop fans yet this site hasn't picked up on it and ran a front page editorial on it. The internet is about being in the moment and real time DX. Wake up and address your community! Put up a pole like CNN does, do interviews with rappers on how they feel about it. Why? Because obviously we are INTERESTED in it. I don't come on here to read bullshit about old ass porn stars - fuck that got to do with hip-hop! So what can we all do to get DX to react to us? Suggestions welcomed.

    • bewitness

      I think that would make for a better hip hop experience but as jay-z said " i dumbed down my lyrics to double my dollars" Websites ARE catering to their audience, the sad thing is that this is what most of us want. How many times have you seen a story about Jay-z and saw comments that were totally unrelated to the story, such as "fuck the camel, Gay-z and so on. It's the ignorance of the readers that keep Hip hop in general from growing. Look at some of the comments just for this story, you have one person that doesn't want Jay-z to be credited because all he did was to supply funds. Thats like saying the owner of a lakers shouldn't get any form of recognition because the players and coach did all the work....all the owner did was pay everyone(you see how crazy that shit sounds). The truth is most people can't put their feelings towards a person aside to give you an unbiased reaction to an article and websites know this so they cater to it. Don't think about it if you do you will become Huey from the Boondocks.

    • A pimp named slickback.

      if you put a poll up, Em will win. simply because of how many white fans he has.

    • Sweetsauce24

      Well said.

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