Drake Talks Influences, Rap Stereotypes And More With CNN

Rapper Drake touches on various topics including Lil Wayne's incarceration in a new video interview with CNN.

In an interview with CNN, Canadian rapper Drake spoke on a number of topics including Lil Wayne’s recent incarceration, his infatuation with women, rappers he’s influenced by, and more.

It probably won’t come as too much of a surprise to many that Drake revealed that he's influenced the most by fellow Young Money artist Lil Wayne and iconic rapper Jay-Z.

“One of my biggest influences ended up being a close friend of mine which is Jay-Z,” Drake explained to CNN. “Lil Wayne, who is actually responsible for my career has always been a huge influence to me and one of my heroes. I’ve talked to Lil Wayne since he’s been in jail. In my opinion he didn’t do anything wrong. I think that that was the opportunity to make an example out of somebody who didn’t deserve to be made an example of.”

Drake also went on to reveal that he believes he entered the rap game with a few strikes against him.

“Part of the whole appeal of me as an artist is I did have things that were initially seen as strikes against me,” said Drake. “Like being from Canada, being an actor, being light-skinned, being Jewish. It’s all these things that I guess in the stereotypical rap world don’t really fit the package.”

Lastly, Drake of course delved into his infatuation with the female gender.

“I’m inspired by the woman. I’m inspired by the make up of a woman. Their mind, their conversation, the emotions that they exude and pour out of them. I love women,” Drake explained. “I love to study women. I’m not a womanizer, but I love to study just behavioral patterns in women and how to interact with them.”




    I'll admit that he kinda contradicts himself every now and again. However, you can't say that he can't sing. And if he's so damn terrible, why do artists such as Eminem and Jay-Z continue to sign on to record with him? Other than 50 Cent, I don't think Eminem's ever worked with anybody that was terrible, because he knows they are. Why do you think he's never worked with G-Unit? And he has sung in A LOT of songs. Dude is a double threat. Don't hate, it really gets old. The well-off Jewish-Canadian is making all of your stereotypes look more and more ignorant every time he records. Have a great day.

    • SeanySean

      Why do artists record w/him? $$$ that's why. Drake is garbage, Lil Wayne is garbage, the whole Cash Money/Young Money label is garbage.

  • ShitOnDrake

    news-"flash" you were raised by paparazzi now you smoke grass yesterday it was degrassi and you half hassi, know what penny pinchin is wayne's eating off your shine...photosynthesis trade your grammy's back, take it in your fanny pack life's a beach and you just suck it up your sandy snatch that autotune gotta go, make it pronto man i stomp you in some "blue-jays" like Toronto fans peep the monogram on my fitted Mets hat i keep the Drizzy clipped in my cigarette pack you suck on Nicki's tits just to get a check black youre all watered down, flow shitted ex lax

  • BukakeDrake

    this dude doesnt sing very well, and hasnt actually tried to sing anything since "best i ever had". his rapping is ok at best, and i think this whole women reference is in response to the many claims that he is gay. But forget about whos responsible for your career dude, youre a wealthy born jew who was a child actor in a little kid's series, AND youre canadian. i mean do your thing and get money like youve always had in your trust fund, but dont act like you know about this life you claim

  • SeanySean

    I don't care what anyone says, but Drake is garbage. And it's not b/c he was an actor or him being Canadien. His music is just like all the other commercial rap that has been produced before he stepped in the rap game. I heard his music before he joined Young Money, it's better than his music now, but it's nothing special. He went from being an average rapper to a garbage rapper. Not to mention his music is contradictory. Like in forever he gonna say "it may not mean nothing to y'all but understand nothing was done for me" really Drake? You grew up rich, you didn't have to struggle, you never had to worry when you'd eat again, or anything like that. And you are not the greatest ever, you haven't done shit to be calling yourself the greatest. So you love women and you're not a womanizer huh, but yet you were in a song talking about how you want to fuck every girl and that you don't choose hos. Yeah ok Drake, I've come to the conclusion that Drake is a fraud.

    • FxckAllDrakeHaters

      You just mad because hes making money and your to busy posting on websites if you don't like him don't listen to his music.Fuck you think every nigga gotta be hard to rap.you just mad cuz you did have to struggle and that you didnt hve the life that he did.So tuff luck have a good life.

  • ColinRayko

    I'm actually a longtime Drizzy fan but this interview right hear is fucked up and just to me shows how fake the industry is making him all throughout his career before he got on he was "Slum Villiage and Little Brother" He even on record an in interviews said his favorite rapper was Phonte from Little Brother. It's like when he he's in Toronto he says his bigges tinfluence is Saukrates, Now it's Jay-Z who even thought Jay-Z is my favorite rapper has never then been talked about like that by Drake until he got to the states.

  • southb

    i'm sorry this man does not have that much swag to me.. how could this kind of artist's music ever be considered listenable material?

  • DStephens

    peep this.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SG0sCnab-U

  • Jacob Crim

    I do not care for Drake every single damn thing about him is generic.

  • RolandSplifferton

    Drakes already got the illuminati cock filling up his mouth. When are we gonna get to see an mc blow up that doesnt have rich family or a rich parent from the entertainment industry? Who really wants to hear a rich kid rap about his struggle growing up with an entire floor of the house to himself? Poor wittle Drake had to share the Bentley with his grandma during the summer time...It was rough. http://www.youtube.com/nonsense913

  • erikb

    It's simple-minded, discriminatory thoughts such as these that Marshal Mathers destroyed about ten years ago. First the white boy gets blasted for being white...KILLED THE GAME. Then, the Canadian/Jewish man comes along...KILLING THE GAME. Lemme ask you something...How's come nobody ever asks if Obama deserves to be in the White House because he's black? I support the man, voted for him and everything, and was DAMN PROUD when he got in. I didn't say, "The fuck this dude know about bein President? He's black." Never said it, because that would be IGNORANT.---BUT IT'S ALRIGHT TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WHITE/JEWISH/ANYTHING-BUT-BLACK RAPPERS? Come on now...AND GOD FORBID HE RESPECTS A WOMAN! Better get her ass in the kitchen, huh? GET OUTTA THE 18TH CENTURY! DAMN!

  • militarydater

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  • fukwethebest

    how is wayne responsible for this niggas career wow this dude is weak he got flow but he lied on that cash money song wit baby talking about he didnt graduate and no cap and gown look i know its a song but u are lying and when u lie in the rap game u r just fake as hell trying to be something that u r not and he went to the right place these niggas think that they are bloods their whole camp is fake and wacc he was better to go to another label where he will at least get paid baby gonna butt fucc this nigga too and hell be trying to sue

  • Yera

    Yesterday, u was influenced by NAS(cos u wanted street cred.),today ya on CNN and jay-z is ur biggest influence(cos u want acknowledgements from top executives)...next,its gonna be dumb ass Kim kardashian(cos u hope to make a sex tape soon?)..drake is a joke.

  • GoldenTrophy

    LOL at Drake mentioning being light skinned was a strike. like Lil Kim,Nas,Jay-Z, T.I,Ludacris,Nelly,LL Cool J etc etc had set backs because they were light skinned lol.

  • hip hop 86

    ohh boy, just get weezys cock out ye mouth and go back to acting



  • jpipe

    funny how damn near everybody rap & sing but nobody give props to BONE THUGS.

  • Sy

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    Comeback season and So far so gone are way harder then Drizzys first album from what ive heard of it so far. Over is horrible, if it was one So far so gone it would be the 6th best track

    • rooney420

      like wtf you gon say your whole career aint where its at cuz of lil wayne when people are callin you fuckin drizzy. I mean damn i give up on this motha fucka.

  • first post

    drake is a PUA (pick up arist) haha! Toronto is the world leader for PUA

  • Ah hell

    Hahaha got damn, hater's ball up in here. Some of his music is cool, but I don't bump all of it. But damn, for ya'll to cast stones on him about the ladies issue is some obvious insecurities ya'll got. Ya, ya'll couldn't get no prom dates in high school, so let it go already!

  • NY

    First why would CNN interview an actor, not a rapper. He doesn't know a thing about hip hop or it's culture so he can't talk about it. I know more about rap then he does and I'm not in the game and I don't try to be.

    • Shawn Hooks

      I wanna stick my cock in this Drake guy, Just RAM that shit like Eric Dickerson up da middle in 1984....Feel me??

    • TorontoStar

      If you read your post again, you'll see that what you said is a complete contradiction to reality. Stop hating on he mc. If you're as big as drake is right now you have to know more than a little about hiphop and the culture. your ass

  • Camouflage Camp

    “I love to study women. I’m not a womanizer, but I love to study just behavioral patterns in women and how to interact with them.” Yeah, we all like to fuck bitches, stop circling around it.

  • LIAR


  • WhatWhat

    Fuckin Kike likes to study womens behavioral patterns? Feminine bitch.

  • really?

    Hes a Jew? That explains the cnn airtime!

  • OTAY

    how much do you wanna bet that this dude was nowhere even close to listening to wayne before he got noticed...

  • c/gaddic

    I only like to FUCK THEM drake

  • Nike Champ 718

    I thought Kanye was his obvious influence. Swagger jacked his flow and Chicagoan accent.

  • amaru

    hahaha THIS NICCA droopy drakes is corny

  • LouP

    “I’m inspired by the woman. I’m inspired by the make up of a woman. Their mind, their conversation, the emotions that they exude and pour out of them. I love women,” Drake explained. “I love to study women. I’m not a womanizer, but I love to study just behavioral patterns in women and how to interact with them.” is this guy fuckin serious ? I dont mind his music (except the whole greatest ever bullshit) but did he just try to give the I like you cause of your mind not your body line through a statement lol what a fag

  • Its Um

    A black jew, how do u like that, never knew that.

    • GPadre

      lol, he's not the only one, here are a few : Craig David Sammy Davis, Jr. Lisa Bonet Rashida Jones (daughter of Quincy) Ike Turner Lenny Kravitz Meagan Good and the list goes on... Stop watching BET, they got people thinking all black people are jumping, dancing and fainting in church. "We are much more" - NAS


    no news here

  • I_Am_Beast

    Hey, this article is fucked up, it spills over the right side of the page. Fix it.

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