Eminem Receives "Artist Of The Decade" Soundscan Award

Eminem receives recognition for being the top-selling artist of the 2000s.

It's no secret that Eminem is one of the top-selling rap acts of all time. But fans might be surprised to know that Slim Shady was, in fact, the top-selling act in all of music in the 2000s - surpassing pop acts like N' Sync, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Recently, Eminem was awarded the Nielsen SoundScan "Artist of the Decade Award," which recognized him for having sales exceeding 32 million units domestically (worldwide, his sales are approximated to be near 80 million). The award was presented to the multi-platinum rapper by Nielsen Entertainment President Eric Weinberg and Nielsen Entertainment's Retail Relations Vice President Chris Muratore.

2000's The Marshall Mathers LP and 2002's The Eminem Show were each certified diamond, meaning over 10 million records sold domestically. 2004's Encore sold over seven million, while 2005's greatest hits album Curtain Call nearly reached double platinum status. 2009's Relapse managed to hit platinum before the decade ended as well.

In addition, Eminem was part of other high-selling projects which did not count towards his tally as a solo artist, including two platinum D12 albums in 2001's Devil's Night and 2004's D12 World. Other platinum releases included Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile, and Eminem Presents: The Re-Up.

Below is a picture of Eminem receiving the award. Left to right: Jimmy Iovine (Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M Records), Dr. Dre, Eric Weinberg (President, Nielsen Entertainment), Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg (back row), Chris Muratore (VP, Retail Relations, Nielsen Entertainment), Eminem, Steve Berman (Vice Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M Records). Berman was featured in a number of skits on Eminem albums (Marshall Mathers LP, Devil's Night, Eminem Show, Relapse) as a cantankerous album executive.



  • Ric

    Your absolutely right if it was another rapper he would off been called the gratest of all time due to those stats. And probably would Be reminding everybody about it every chance he got . I think em.talk about being the highest seller in Rap maybe once. I think everybody's so scared to call the white boy the greatest rapper of all time. give props where props are due fucking haters

  • jon

    Between Em Jayz Biggie Pac Pun Big L and the list goes on, there is no best. BUT, Em is one of the most tatlented and most listened to. So no one is the best but i think Em sticks out more than any other. He can put out funny, lyrical, staight dope, sensitive, real and straight fire. Who else can do all the same? NONE. But still doesnt make him the best. Lets just say Em will never be forgotton just like the other greats. But if he puts out another two or three albums the way he spittin rigght now, its a rap.

  • cys

    im not surprised that em got that award

  • GGGG

    "show em where it go, floatin on the float gettin mo dough, ground hard, go! black diamond show, watch the flame blow and how you stay grounded, cash no go and how you stay mounded, cash no flow and how you stay shinin, Bentley off the floor and how you stay high, purple pine dro diamond minks furs, February snow" -Birdman G.O.A.T.

  • aoandsmith.com

    A.O. & Smith www.aoandsmith.com "The Best Rappers Under 30"

  • young_forever

    ok thats bull. im so tired of hearin that "sales dont matter" of course they matter. thats the whole point of bein a artist and getting a deal!! u can sell an album and not be a sell out artist at the same time and eminem is proof of that. he managed to remain main stream and sell albums without turning pop and selling his soul to the business. nas is a great artist dont get me wrong i still bump illmatic to this day but lets keep it real.. relevancy matters. point blank and period. but had nas stayed on that illmatic train and kept being relevant then distant relatives would have sold much better then it did. jay z is a great mc as well and he kept foin what jigga does best. but winning this awars isnt a matter of opinion its a fact and the fact is eminem is the biggest selling act of the 2000's and like it or not he's goin to the hiphop and rock n roll hall of fame. its a simple point blank fact like him or not. and stop with that sells dont matter and relevancy dont matter b.s. because yes they do.

  • illchance

    Em cant rap about money drugs cars cuz we would call him a wigger

  • ya' meen-ski

    Nas's legacy is undeniable..... To me, the biggest difference between Nas and Em is Em's ability (like Jay Z) to remain relevant. Not just relevant with respect to popular culture, but relevancy with respect to the evolution of music. Em and Jay have effectively kept their music up to date. In my opinion, Nas hasn't. Em and Jay remained lyrical but were able to consistently infuse today's beats and today's style with their own and continue to make it pleasing to today's "younger" listeners and consumable. And yes, sales do count. When the music is good enough, they will consume it... There are a lot of moving parts to music that dictate whether it is pervasively consumable by the masses. Em and Jay have continued to do it over the last decade where Nas hasn't. I don't feel inclined to re play the the Newer Nas bodies of work like I do with Jay and Em. I bring Jay into the conversation based on relevancy, not as a lyricist on the level as Nas and Em.. Again, being in the music business, this is my own perspective.... for what it's worth.. Just an opinion though ya'll.....

    • Mike818

      i couldnt agree with u more

    • thizzle dance

      Disagree with your entire "relevant" argument. First off, I am a Jay Z, Em, and Nas fan. Blueprint 3 was one of Jay Z's worst albums because he felt the need to "infuse today's beats and today's style with their own and continue to make it pleasing to today's "younger" listeners and consumable" Thank God Nas is less concerned with concerned with stayin hot on MTV and radio, catering to the sound that the younger listeners are accustomed to. It's one of the reasons he great. Because honestly the shit that gets radio play and sells more today is hiphop of a lesser quality than the era that Jay Z Nas and Em come from. And I am that younger generation, not a bitter oldtimer or anything. Nas has clung to his roots more than any of those guys and is not afraid to say "fuck whatever's hot right now" and do what he feels. He may sell less than Jay Z because of it, but he gains respect in my book. HipHop Is Dead was hard beats and ill, honest lyricism. I'll take that over anything Jay Z has done since Black Album. It's about the music for me. When I'm gonna buy an album I don't care about popularity or who sellin the most or who's "relevant". I care about how that album sounds. Musical content. And Eminem and Jay Z albums haven't impressed me in years now. Whereas "Distant Relatives" that just dropped won't sell like Jay it is a breath of fresh air. Nas and Eminem are lyrically superior to Jay Z, but Em hasn't put together a quality album in years. Jay Z does well in his lane, reppin hiphop as big as possible, visiting the white house etc. but I still will probably downlaod his next album and only like 4 songs off it. Unless he surprises me. It sounds like Em may be back to real rhymin.... Ok, Im bored of this rant. Quality > Quantity is kinda my overall point

  • Sid Mack

    Yes Em is one of the most talented lyricist of all-time, but you need to listen to Nas and Damien Marley's "Distant Relatives" album, every track on that album goes hard. I think this is Nas at his best even with the Reggae style going

  • MightyMike27

    Em's my 2rd favorite rapper behind Lupe and Slug, BUT... I think this should have gone to Jay-Z... Meh... oh well

  • niggga

    Eminem wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Nas, and kids today wouldn't know about nas if it wasn't for eminem

  • ASEE

    I can't believe that so many people on site think that how well your album sells determines how good it is or your worth as an artist. That is straight bullshit. Do you think Eminem would disagree? Of course not. He loves hip hop and he has mad respect for Nas. I don't understand why this "conversation" is even happening. Here is my opinion on what I'm reading here: Many of you don't know how to actually *listen* to albums. You're too concerned with the gossip surrounding the artist in question and what other people think of the record you're listening to. Many of you are *way* too dismissive with albums and artists. If you don't feel a song, artist, or album you're so quick to call it a complete piece of shit and anyone else who likes it a "dickrider". Why don't you smoke a joint, sit back in a comfortable chair with a brew, turn the lights down and turn up those headphones and really give every album a chance? Then instead of speaking of albums in terms of polarities "total shit or mad dope" you will be able to have something intelligent to say about them. If you don't actual *listen* to the albums and pick apart the lyrics why should your opinion matter at all, even to yourself?

  • milehighkid303

    GOD BLESS a real hip hopper, congrats Em, already a legend and top 5 dead or alive no if's and's or but's.


    look me up & den compare meh to ova rappers. uu cn here mah muzic on youtube, myspace etc lisen to alphabet assasin wen im blazing the fuk into these stupiid rappers!!!

  • militarydater

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  • cityson

    all upcomin rappers who would like clubbangaz on there next album should check these beats out. i bought some. www.soundclick.com/jamabeatz

  • bballslim42

    Maybe Nas can borrow some chump change from Em to pay his child support.

    • >>>M

      Nas said he couldn't pay the ridiculous amount that the bitch was asking. He's got a new album and a new tour, dude aint broke

    • andrewsassmic

      Nas is paid???? Really, last I checked he couldn't pay his child support or his alimony. Sounds like someone doesn't know how to budget his money for shit.

    • A pimp named slickback.

      Nas is paid. Dudes got money and will be fine, despite the ho


    This is what I don't like about HIPHOPDX the editors react to nothing we are saying. Look at the discussion going on in this thread: NAS vs Eminem. Obviously it's a valid and important debate to us hip-hop fans yet this site hasn't picked up on it and ran a front page editorial on it. The internet is about being in the moment and real time DX. Wake up and address your community! Put up a pole like CNN does, do interviews with rappers on how they feel about it. Why? Because obviously we are INTERESTED in it. I don't come on here to read bullshit about old ass porn stars - fuck that got to do with hip-hop! So what can we all do to get DX to react to us? Suggestions welcomed.

    • ASEE

      I feel what you're saying. But honestly man, I don't think that Nas vs. Eminem is a productive or interesting discussion, and it's certainly not news. I know that many people enjoy talking about this sort of shit, and that's cool, but it seems to end up with a lot of anger and name calling. Why can't people just respect both artists and not always have to "rank" them? Really, who cares?

  • c/gaddic

    @Rapologist So just beacuse NAS hasn't been on the radio that much since 2001 means he's flopping or dropping crappy music? YOU ARE AFUCKING IDOIT! Nas isn't as commercially skilled as eminem or jay-z But that does not take away from his actual skills at creative amazing lyrics Every album since Stillmatic has been less commercially geared and more towards his fan base of hardcore rap fans And yet every album since 2001 has been crtically acclaimed and hailed as solid albums or classics from respectable music crtics and the rap community themselves! ANd yet every album has gone Platinum since 2001 without huge promotion or annoying radioplay! Nas is still accomplishing stellar records and creative consistency since 2000 That Distant Relatives might not be big on catchy radio singles or high sales But it's assuredly big on substance and incredible lyrics The critics and hardcore fans will of course dickride like every other Nas release

    • B.A.M.C_EN

      im wiv RAPOLOGISTS on dis wun.. buh itsz tru tho em dnt rap bouh money, girls, cars etc he raps bouh everyday life, his life and wah teenagers go thru! x

    • Rapologist

      What's with all this "dickride" talk on this website. That phrase is getting more played out than the word "swag". These fuckers don't rap for their health, they do it for the cheddar. So a good rapper creates a formula that sells. Em sells because he wears his heart on his sleeve in his lyrics. He brings you into his world, he doesn't rap about money cars and clothes. God damn, can you half-brain people talk hip hop just one time without throwing instults every chance you get.

  • real rap 626

    hhaha yall are so gay with the eminem and nas shit ha they are my 2 favorite rappers but honestly rakim is the best alive ha so fucc yall with the bull shit eminem and nas are equal just get over it they are to different to compare head to head but they are 2 of the best lyricists to ever touch a microphone hands down

  • E8ght

    Em is one of the Best but...Not the best most of his hits are stupid, clown-type, BS. Most of his fans are true hiphop fans. They give him lyrical credit because they can't believe that he says what he says. Not because the line was just amazin'. Em had his moment and it was short. Lets see what he comes out with next

    • B.A.M.C_EN

      wah u sayin i suk cuz im a an em fan :O wah u kno tho im a TRUE em fan ive livd wah em had to go thru everyday nd i belieeve that he says wat he says itsz cuz i undastnd dem and em

    • livininthed

      Let's not hate on the guy for knowing how to move records. His first singles are bullshit for the most part, but you listen to the rest of the album for the real stuff. Everyone has always created poppy singles to sell albums including Biggie, Pac, Jay,etc. Idk how you could keep him out of the top 5 with everything he's done.

    • cracktaster

      I agree, Em is great (not the greatest) but many of his fans suck. He wasn't lyin when he made 'Stan'... they exist, in the millions. Some of these fanboy dickriding comments are just awful.

    • E8ght

      ~most of his fans aren't...true hiphop fans~

  • militarydater

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  • c/gaddic

    Look what i started Eminem fans who are ignoramuses to rap music are arguing with true hardcore rap fans that know Eminem isn't the best rapper since slice bread To tell the truth it's opinions versus opinions But the latter is more factual whether you hate it or not Ask any hardcore rap fan over 30 that has an extensive knowledge and is exposed to the seminal classic rap music from the late 1980's straight down to now I'll guarantee you very few of them will claim Eminem the GOAT or even put Marshall Mathers Lp over Ilmatic or Slim Shady Lp over PAid in full or Eminem Show over Ready to die Em is hip hop royalty but please educate you ignorant minds to rap music listen the legends who are the architects of Eminem's lyrical style Em even stated in Encore he adopted Big Daddy Kane style along with other legends I love his commercial recognition because it shows super-lyrical rappers have no excuse to say the public only buys watered down bubble-gum rap garbage Em achieved a lot for hip hop with that award But in RAP MUSIc unlike other genres Selling the most records don't make you the BEST ARTIST! Every verse on MMLP could practically be a quotable But every verse on Ill matic is better than a lot of rapper's albums No HATE NAS is just closer to the GOAT status than Em

    • A pimp named slickback.

      LOLWUT if you are implying that Nas hasn't made a good album in 10 years then you know nothing about hiphop period.

    • lolwut

      7 is less than 10

    • _

      Em hasn't made a good album in 7 years

    • Rapologist

      How exactly is Nas the greatest of all time, when he's been attempting to put out a hit album for like ten years and hasn't done shit. I'm a huge Nas fan, but am a realist. In the last decade he's had about 2 good singles, "One Mic" and "Hero" maybe 3 if you count that song where the little kids sing the hook. Nas has been floppin and the only thing he can say is "hip hop is dead" but he still keeps trying anyways. Maybe it's because Nas needs to quit rapping like black people are the only people that listen to rap music. Now he's trying to go Reggae, and that's gonna flop too. He shoulda just went out on top, and maybe he'd still be considered the greatest. But deffinitley not anymore.. People are always gonna hate on Em, but it's people like you that fueled him to be the monster that he is. When Vibe magazine had their best rapper alive contest last year, it came down to Jay-Z and Eminem, and guess who won. Slim won by a land slide. So to the people that are talking about albums sales don't mean shit, voting is free, and he still outshined.

  • Drucifer1983

    And as far as the "GOAT" thing goes, I dont think Em really cares........ He's not one of these ego-maniac rappers that runs around bragging about how Great they are, all he needs to do is make the music he wants to make and satisfy the fans and the history books will write themselves P.S. If you really are the best at something, you should never have to tell people, they should just know

  • Drucifer1983

    I've been listening to these same arguments for over 12 years....... "He only sells because he's white" "He only sells cause of Shock Value" "He only sell because he's Pop" Do you realise the point I'm trying to make tho?? Its been 12 YEARS of the same complaints, yet here he still sits on top, thats hard to accomplish..........MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice had a hot streak of what, 3 years max??.............Shit, Nelly was just as big but he died off.......... It takes talent to stick around at the top of the charts for over a decade and sell more records then everybody in music............Hate all you want, Whiteboy got the last laugh

    • cracktaster

      yea but the millions of white fans that got into hiphop cuz they could relate to Eminem do make the difference. The "He sells more than other rappers because he's white" argument is 100% valid. 13% of the U.S. population is black. sure black and white people have always been in hiphop and a lot of lyrics are universal, but more black people can relate to lyrics about black struggle etc than white people. Then out comes the first real, ill whiteboy. Millions more white people can relate to Eminem so of course he sells 10x more than everybody else in rap. I'm black and was in a mostly white school when Em came out, and let me tell you, they ate that shit up... People who never owned a rap album before dyed there hair blonde that same year. And this is no hate. I loved those albums too and I think Recovery sounds like he may be back to good music. And I think Em would stay selling big numbers regardless of race, the boys talented. But I'm sick of people pretending that the race isn't a valid explanation of why he's top selling rapper. It is. And don't even get me started on Vibe lists or Grammy's for wack ass Relapse. (that rant wasn't really all directed at you DRUCIFER1983)



    • Drucifer1983

      Kid Frost is mexican you stupid fuck You must've meant that Dude Snow Either way, your an idiot..............Maybe we should compare Chuck D to Gucci Mane, seeing as there both black, hows that sound??

    • open ears / open mind

      that's a f'n racist statement if I ever heard one. He should be compared to Paul Wall, Vanilla Ice and Kid Frost because why? He doesn't sound like them. He doesn't rap like them. He sells 10000x's more than them. Why should he be compared to them?

  • chrisr

    Thank god for all the white people that buys his shit..cause he raps about nothing....don't get me wrong he is nice for a white rapper, but that's about it....just think,,,its been times where he hasn't put a album out, and he get nominated for a Grammy...come on man..stop the bullshit

    • Drucifer1983

      Em has more content then most, just cause you dont like it doesnt mean it aint there........Songs like "Insane" might not be for you, but they do have content..... content that very few others will touch on, making them unique Having content is one of the reasons so many people hate on him....... If he stuck to the status quo of money, hoes and shiny jewelery he'd be more accepted by the traditional hip hop fans who frown on originality

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    nas is a deadbeat..........Em take care of his kids

  • ROB P

    Em Finaly got the recignition he deserves.More than the fukin beatles. That sayin alot seein as to how most of ems listeners would be from the generation that downloads everythang while the beatles got the fukin old heads that think tapes are the new thang. On another note tho between Jay Nas or i say even Pac for that matter, Em's got it. On fukin lock.Fuck the Sales ,but they would tell ya the same story, Em is Hands down the greatest rapper of all time. The Man is a lyrical fukin genius and i dont think that even with this award he is getting enough credit for the way he "works wizidry with these words" There isnt anythang this man could possibly do that i could see changing the fact that he is and always will be Hip Hop.

  • symbiotepen

    Eminems estate 70 years after his death would be a fortune, definitely set the bar high, props to him

  • Tha Real Boss Hog

    I love Nas and Em...................TO ME there Tie......all u doubten Ems Battle Skills need to go bump Nail in the coffin........................too say em aint lyrical, u just a hater that dont really listen to his music...............name another rapper that can drop a verse like superman like say goodbyr too hollywood and mosh

  • d0pe

    "BIG PUN, BIGGIE, PAC, EM, NAS, BIG L, RAKIM" Really? No 3k? No Cube? No Luda? No Face? pfffft GTFO get educated


      Fuk dem all wers the main wun of dem all, the wun who blazed dem all LOWKEY wers his name ere LOWKEY if yah aint herd of him den pfftt search his muzic up nw!!!!

  • illmatic '94 - distant relatives 2010

    Damn, look at all this Nas and Em debate under every Nas and Em song... too much comparison of completely different artists if you ask me. But I will weigh in anyway. Longest and strongest legacy in this rap game: Nasir Jones, Best Rapper Alive

  • some other dude

    Vannilla Ice sold more than Ice cube. thats what sales mean. .

  • Hmmmmmmm

    "It goes, Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie, Andre from Outcast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me."-Eminem what say you stans?


      @LOLWUT did you ever think that I wasn't talking to Em fans, but I was addressing "Stans"? I wasn't calling all Em fans stans, I was addressing the delusional stans posting about Em being the greatest

    • imeafk2

      you are retard. Em is not like: Im the best. For his funs hes the best and he doest have to say it in his songs. Tell me 1 rapper that dont claims to be no1. Em is just down to earth and money didnt make him lose hes brain. Everybody admires someone else and i bet your favor rapper admires Em in a way but he doesnt admit it. Most rappers are "too proud" to say: i think hes better than me, because of idiot fans like you that take these words so seriously. Like when wayne said hes the best everybody was like: yes hes the best. Your favor raper doesnt have to be the best. Its just music taste. Em is not afraid to admit who he admires but thats just hes opinion. My opinion is tha hes the best, yours may be hes the worst.

    • lolwut

      Congrats man, you were able to take a lyric out of context from a song that was released over 6 years ago I think. Look I can go and ramble my two bits on the situation, but I am just trying to point out that your argument is laughable at best. Also while I am on the subject, calling Em fans "Stans" is pathetic, it is not even witty, can't you think of something better?

  • Rapologist

    Face the facts that the best rapper to ever touch a mic is a white kid from a trailer park. There is not a rapper on the face of this planet that can out ryhme Marshal Mathers.. Not one.

  • C.

    i think BLU is one of the dopest new emcee's to come out. i would place his lryics & delivery among the best. (example "Below The Heavens") & sales do not = talent or make you a great lyricist/musician .

  • pigface

    eminem is the greatest....he rhymes crazy and can make shiit with substance that everyone can relate to...stop hating

  • bballslim42

    I mean no disrespect to Nas, he is top 5 no doubt about it. But the last time I heard a song of his that I had on repeat was Ether. The last Em song that I had on repeat was that Despicable like 2 days ago. And I've heard a bunch of "Distant Relatives" shit and I'm not impressed, I don't think I smoke enough weed to relate.

    • Martin Leyhe

      are you serious? distant relatives is already 10 times more classic than encore or relapse.. you are trippin.. listen to those distant relative lyrics and tell me that dudes aren't killin shit...

  • Cedtasticshit

    Neither of those Eminem albums are diamond.

  • nastynas4life

    NO ONE CAN DO IT BETTER!! Eminem is ok...he was good back in '00s but he'll NEVER pass Nas, Big L, Biggie, Pac, etc..NEVER! and yes Nas is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.


    You fucking idiots are all dead wrong. There's never going to ever be a designated greatest of all time. To many variables to consider. So from that here are the greatests to ever spit over a mic, and you can't even hate this list. BIG PUN, BIGGIE, PAC, EM, NAS, BIG L, RAKIM. No order. Those are the legends that have distinct stand out versatile skill and lyricism. And if you've never heard Big Pun spit, your fucking ludicris to be called a fan of hip hop.

    • chocotaco

      i agree for the most part. but there are more legends, and that is all opinion too. add Andre 3k and i probably wouldn't have commented cuz that's pretty much everyone lol

    • shady7

      anyone who argues this is straight retarded

  • phillygirl215

    The 'he's white thats why he sell' argument is not valid...heck Asher Roth(who i think is immensely talented, just down with the wrong people) didnt even sell... Eminem is in his own league NOONE can touch him, he can inhumanly rap, he's a rapper in its bare essence, like nas and jay, and late BIG (im on the GOAT BIG team)congrats em....

  • HollaLeujah

    Eminem is nasty. There is no denying that. No Arguments. At All. BUT Please stop saying he is better than Nas. No way, no how, no one, is better than NAS. And that's final.

    • andrewsassmic

      When did it matter if the album was good, look at these numbers. It doesn't say he is the best, it just says he sold the most. So you think he hasn't made a good album in 7 years, YOUR OPINION.

    • eee

      em would destroy nas...im sorry dont get me wrong, i am a HUGE nas fan even nas will tell you eminem would rap circles around him...EVERY rapper knows this...i've heard it from damn near almost every rappers mouth

    • yessir.

      Jay Z is the most overrated of all time and Em hasn't made a good album in 7 years

    • dj_noname

      Nas is WASHED UP. has been for several years now. Nas & 2pac are the most OVERRATED rappers ever.


      Agree, em is dope but nas would destroy him

  • Hannible

    It's funny how everyone comment on who's the best and who suck when there's a strong chance that all of you suck. Why click on this dudes name if you don't like him. Everybody that doubted Em and tried to compare him with other niggas he straight up killed him on their on shit. This guy makes funny dance music when he wants but he can also come out with a classic if he wants. You fools are genuis. oh yeah i'm black and i live in da south. haha

  • makaveli96

    top 3 1.tupac 2.big 3.eminem

  • Science

    "men lie, women lie, numbers don't" - jay-z, hahaha! Just stop, seriously now all you EM haters can kick rocks,lmfao! Yes, Nas is one of the most talented dudes to ever grip the mic, top 10 mos def. but he aint better than Pac and EM is on Pac's level, where Nas is not, EM's not better than Pac though. Pac & Em the two GREATEST to EVER do they thing on the mic. Who cares how clever you are or how raw your punchlines are or even sales that you have gotten. It all comes down to how you as an artist that "changed the game" and touched people deeply with your words, life story and actions. That's the key to being a great, not just dope rhymes...

  • b.o.b is the future of music

    I'm black. But i just gotta admit... EM is better than Nas & Jay-Z... Don't get me wrong, they both go hard, really hard but Em is just that Nigga, simple as that!

    • huay

      Nas > __________ but in terms of those 3: Nas > Em > Jay

    • JayEm2

      On Renagade, rmr that Eminem recorded his verse well before Jay z did, meaning Jay z heard Eminems version, he had time to try and top it, but he still couldnt beat Em. Its not even close, Eminem is way better than Jay z, he won the head to head, and he makes a wider variety of music.

    • 80zProduKT

      itz true(im Black) listen 2 renegade Em ate jay-z alive.. n dont gve me that shyt its cuz em writes n jay freestyles if that was the point then jay shouldve wrote his verses. i bet em still wouldve leap past his azz n a single bound

    • who who

      I'm black. But i just gotta admit... You suck dick, sellout

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    I read a couple of comments and niggas comparing PAC sales to EMs. U can't even do that PAC is gone my niggas. As far as PAC albums sales, like yall say he still selling, still pushing units after his death, now picture if he was here. Niggas saying he sold more after his death, thats cause he had shit still in the archives that he never dropped. Hell, aint he damn near been dead longer than he been rapping. It don't matter who we think the best rapper dead or alive is.. This boy received artist of the decade based on sales.. Congrats 2 EM!!

  • IB


    • obviously

      cosign IB

    • B.lee

      Anyone who says Em is not the best lyricist is fucking crazy, go listen to all his shit. He spits real shit bar after bar on almost every song he has done. Does not rap about money and cars, has the story tellings, flow is off the chain. No one can fuck with him Lyrics 1. Em 2. Pac 3. Nas Rapper (as is overall been in the game droppin hits and heat) 1. Pac 2. Em 3. Jay-Z

  • nissan

    Eminem is my favorite MC. After him I got Nas, Big L, Rakim, and Papoose in no order. Though Eminem is my favorite, I still put him at # 4 on my list. 1. Rakim 2. Nas 3. Kool G Rap 4. Eminem 5. Tupac 6. Krs-One 7. Biggie 8. Big Daddy Kane 9. Big L 10. Slick Rick 11. Jay-Z 12. Mos Def 13. Black Thought 14. AZ 15. GZA Thats my top 15

    • da police

      id put wacka flack on that list. i mean you hear dat new song from him

    • 80zProduKT

      ToP 5ive: 1. 2pac 2. Biggie 3. Nas 4. Eminem 5. Jay-z

    • nissan

      Papoose will rhyme circles around so many rappers its not even funny. Its a shame he never blew up in 2006. His new freestyle "I Got Skills" shows he still got it. Also from 2009, he had a song called "Will To Survive" over the eye of the tiger beat. Fuckin insane. In 09 he also had other good songs such as - Show and prove - So Much More - Knock Em Down - Pay Homage

    • MUZAKE

      papoose?....wasn't he supposed to blow up like 6 years ago?

    • nissan

      If Recovery is a classic, it might move him to the number 3 spot. Also if he drops another 1 or 2 quality albums after that can possibly move him above nas but never past rakim.

    • c/gaddic

      Great list Finallly an Eminem fan that knows hip-hop and not Hip-POP

  • Orange Juice Simpson

    you people need to cut that "men lie,women lie" talk out...The guy says a line and ya'll take it to your graves...its sad... Whether its EM/NAS/JAY...they are all kings of hiphop...respect it...not to many new artists out now that you will consider a legend in the future...

  • Chris O

    Let's see four more albums this decade and take the title again.

    • c/gaddic

      I doubt that will happen The manic Slim Shady shit is wearing off People aren't as shocked and fascinated by Eminem's alter ego as they used to be Look at Relapse with it's horrendous reviews Despite being lyrical as shit and having awesome wordplay the album still didn't connect musically Marshall Mathers is what will let Eminem sell alot of records this deacde Serious minded substance-filled material not any acid-rap themed lyrics He's Em and he's obviously realized that ,thus "REcovery" Only time will tell though!

  • bob0923

    go ahead and hate, haterz "men lie, women lie, numbers don't" - jay-z


    *hears the sound of massive slurping & gagging as im reading comments*

  • RealSHhhh

    I read the comments on here and all I see is nigger this, cracker that, cuz he white, cuz your black, dickride this that and the third...WTF is wrong with you kids. I bet Eminem and Dr Dre sit back and read this shit and be like "These motherfuckers have issues for real" Wayne, Em, Jay, Dre, 50, Kanye, Drake have all done music with each other and made money TOGETHER and even made beats for each others albums. I've been listening to hip-hop since 85 and it's NEVER been about the racism you children display on this board NEVER! Please refrain from that insecure bullshit and move into the 21st century. I'm black and every black person I know gives Em his props. Em's best friend was black, RIP. Rick Rubin a rap pioneer responsible for RUN DMC and Beastie Boys is white. This is the power of Hip-hop, inclusion and truth even if it hurts. All the bullshit you see and hear on FOX news, CNN, MSNBC is not us, that's your parents generation still being held back by a mentality of ignorance. Peace.

  • Its Um

    Eminem is in a league of greats, don't compare him with Nas, Jayz or anybody else. He's in a different class and so is Nas and Jay-z. They teach youngin's how to do this, they are your favorite rappers favorite rappers don't get so hot headed, they earn their spot, if you don't like it then go eat shit.

  • billybucks

    Eminem is amazing no doubt, but Eminem also makes a lot of throw away music. He makes too many pointless songs just because he can. Nas makes much higher quality music overall and If I had to choose between Nas' collection and Eminem's I'd take Nas' hands down....You can keep the Nastradamus album though. It's no reason to be mad though.

  • andrewsassmic

    Relapse was decent at best. I love the cd myself because it's creative but def. not his best work. You have to go way way back before he got signed to find his best work. As far as the whole, white people buy white rap. Guess what white people are the ones buying the black music also. Most of black rap is baught by white people, you have no argument. He is the best and will be the best for a long fucking time to come. As far as his new shit, should be straight fire.

  • HollaLeujah

    Eminem is GREAT. But Nas is the best ever to touch this art. Don't ever get that shit confused.

    • Remedial

      Uhh it doesn't matter what the public says. No one is in Nas's league. NO ONE.

    • tdot1987

      you think you're so smart don't you, I don't know if you got the memo, but so does everybody else. You can't really claim that anybody is the best ever. The "Best Rapper Alive" is relative to the individual. This individual chooses shady.

    • fhfgh

      Or maybe you 2 dick ride? I dont think ems the best ever, the best making music right now? Pretty much. IMO percee p would bury them both easy but god forbid we ever see a 2nd album from him.

    • Bleaks'

      Co-sign. These people don't really understand Nas' talent.

  • c/gaddic

    You ignorant EMinem stans anger me! What kind of blasphemy is Nas has only 1 good album? Your dumb asses evem listened to classsics like HIpHop is Dead and God's son? When does any Eminem album become half as good as Illmatic? Keep dreamin! And majority of you fucks can't post a Rakim punchlline just to show how much ignoramuses and complete fools that have no knowledge of hiphop are hating against my comments NAs has accomplished so much lyrically on different beats styles and subject matter than Eminem Wordplay,Mulltisyllabic rhyming, Cadences,Vocal prescence Nas has mastered every component of lyricism Sure Em is a beast and a potential top 5 dead or alive But bodying medium skilled lyrcicsts like Drake Kanye and Lil Wayne aren't huge tasks to accomplish He did murk Jay-z (which isn't a one of the best lyricists ,just one of the best rappers) But seriously can Eminem destroy Nas, Rakim or Big Daddy Kane in a battle or toe-to-toe tracks? Eminem is one of my fav rappers but please.. Wake up! "And When it's my time to go............ I wait for god with the 44!"-Halftime-Nas

    • 80zProduKT

      Nas used 2b gud.. his shyt lately is wack em will murder rakim, big daddy kane, n neone else without trying

    • hmmmmmmmmm

      "It goes, Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie, Andre from Outcast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas and then me."-Em.

    • RealSHhhh

      Co-sign call me li , I don't have time to dissect Nas but Jay and Em will tell you how incredible the man is. Listen to REWIND by Nas. Rap a story backwards while making it sound forward and staying on beat effortlessly. That shit was ILL! Who the fuck can do that? Em is dope so don't get all butt hurt but Nas is the purest. Em did sell a whole lot more though!

    • call me li

      no it is a fact. Ask eminem and i bet you he will say so. eminem is unmatched in his wordplay really, nas can par with him plus nas' content is just so thick it oozes out the track. but nas is also inspired and driven eminem, check the Nigger album thank yous

    • RealSHhhh

      His arguments may be weak but for the most part he is right. Eminem is not in Nas' league period. Not too many rappers are. Illmatic is the ultimate display of hip-hop lyricism any head knows that. HipHop is Dead was kinda weak compared to the rest of his catalog IMO. You say Nas speaks on black, ghetto, inner city, bitches, hoe's and hip hop drama? You sound like an outsider of the culture like some clueless old person who is NOT, I repeat NOT listening to a damn thing the man is saying. Nas speaks on the black experience raw and uncut you should just appreciate the insight and the black created art form that is hip-hop. Peace.

    • USD

      God's Son is nowhere near a classic

    • bballslim42

      You really,in your heart, truly think Nas is better then Em? Compare them Album to Album, or Track to Track. I mean its your opinion, and Nas is dope, but don't state your opinion like its a fact.

    • Rachael5922

      hey Angry person 1. I do own Hiphop is dead. It is a good album, unfortunetly Nas has a problem with focusing the majority of his music on very narrow subjects such as: black, ghetto, inner city problems, bitches, hoe's, and hip hop drama. I am not black, in a ghetto, in an inner city, i do not feel like a bitch or a hoe, but i do like his hip hop drama. 2. I am female, therefor your stan terminiology does not apply to me. Your arguments are weak and false.

  • B.A.M.C_EN

    eminems just 'wowed' me and left speechless :O yaaaaaay eminem and i lv dah trak frum his new album recovery 'im not afraid' & 'Despicable' my two favs x

  • Rachael5922

    ummm IM sorry SLAVA but managed should have been the describer for Re-Up NOT Relapse, you know, it was not as bad as everyone says it is...w/e......Good glad to hear he stomped Christina Agularia. HA his own "friend" finished after him. Probably cuz she doesn't make relevant music but soft porn for thirty year olds.

  • Ah hell

    Congrats to Eminem. He's gonna keep on doing it too. Just give credit where it's due all you cocksuckers. I'm proud that it's Eminem selling and getting recognition as opposed to lil wayne or Baby rappin' about the same stupid shit, bentleys, hoes, carrats, blah blah.

    • Ah hell

      Well for instance, that new one he came out with "Not Afraid" or whatever the fuck it's called. That's some serious lyrics right there whether you can relate or not.

    • RealSHhhh

      And what does Em rap about that's so deep may I ask? What is he rapping about that no other rapper has? Or do all rappers live the same life.


    one week sales dont matter next week sales is the shit.. i dnno not a fan but props to em

  • Prea

    "tupac could barely fucking rap." Lol are you joking? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnC_SXIGpsw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhUVV3LauYY

  • dont chat shit

    ohhh plzzzz did one you white boys above just say 2pac couldnt rap cracker your hip-hop pass has been revoked. kmt Eminem dick riders are the worst kind

  • c/gaddic

    Em deserves this shit Dude is hiphop royalty But.. SOrry dickriders he's still not better than Nas or Jay Selling Diamond albums don't make you better than a platinum selling artist (IN HIP HOP THAT IS!) Longevity and a classic consistent discography makes you the best rapper NAs has a slew of classic or near classic material and DRelatives will be added to his catalogue (another stellar lp)! illmatic to Distant relatives only 1 or 2 weak releases from over 10 solo releases from 94 t0 2010 Nas and Jay have dropped incredible material and to this day STILL BODYING TRACKS AND ALBUMS(When Jay wants too-A Gangster) Eminem needs to drop slim shady and remain focused on consistently releasing serious minded substance filled material Encore and Relapse are not gonna cut him as a GOAT in the hip hop community Yeah I think he's easily one of the best but he needs a stronger catalogue He even said it on Re-up -he knows he has alot of work infront of him to be justifully called in that elite leagueI know his ignorant fans are gonna aattck me but anyone who is true fan and has knowledge of rapmusic will agree with me B4 you reply dickriders name a single Rakim punchline!

    • hauoo

      C/GADDIC cosign 100%

    • OTAY

      @ offmynutz "5 year hiatus" is where Eminem loses the GOAT...somebody who is labelled the greatest of all time should not have to make a "comeback album"...so of course he's going to kill the charts when he came back....common sense Jay-Z has been making music from the moment he stepped foot in the game...even when he said he "retired"...he still couldn't stay away from the mic... think about all the mixtapes and albums that Jay-Z has put out and then think about how much music that is...and still to this day he his able to release new material and stay relevant...didn't get locked up...didn't get hooked on drugs/cough syrup lol... to the dude who said Nas only had 1 classic album...you are all kinds of stupid

    • OTAY

      @ fukwethebest If Em was black or even mixed...white people wouldn't be involved in hiphop as they are today...Em bridged the gap so lets just leave it at that... if you want another example on how society works...If Tiger woods was white...black people wouldn't brag about golf as much either...

    • OffMyNutz

      Uh sorry homey but he is lyrically better than Jay and Nas sorry but,he is.Nas has 1 album that was a classic he had some good singles but not albums sorry your def wrong on that 1.Jay Z is still nice and has 1 of the best track records for albums but,he is def not lyrically better than Shady,he just isn't.Eminem is that dude homey,he deserves to wear the crown after taking a 5 year hiatus and still outselling everyone and comes back in 09 and smashes everybodies single that he was on.He bodied Forever,He bodied Drop the World and he bodied that Dispickable freestyle and the new single is hot and #1 on itunes already.He is the best and arguably The G.O.A.T!You can disagree but as Jay says Men lie Women lie #s Don't!!

    • fukwethebest

      just an opinion and we all know what happened when jay and em did a track so lest not go there just exept the fact that hes white if he were black or even mixed there would be no problem crowning him king of hip hop its just reverse racism thats why he got that award that proves hes the best

    • hammercity

      plat is better than diamond? still gettin high in the hood or what? i think all rappers wanna go diamond bud

    • nothin

      shut up jackass..as em would put it!!

    • Drucifer1983

      Everything you just stated was an OPINION not a FACT Personally, I love Em, Jay and Nas...............But, I think Ice Cube is the GOAT, but I'm not gonna print out 1,000 words to back it up.............Just my OPINION, disagree if yoyu like cause I wont care Rakim Punchline - "I'm everlasting, I can go on for days and with Rhyme Displays that engrave deeper than X Rays

  • Ceazar

    Al Pacino im sending a man 2 pick u up he'll tell u whts up.

  • da police

    greatest rapper of all time, i know it makes you sick to your stomach you fukin haters. hard to talk wit all that cum in ya mouth

  • Megan fox lover

    Eminem is that dude. He sold over 80 Million albums & not even once will u hear him braggin about yatchs, bentleys, 100,000 on my neck, n shit. Props to him. Cant wait 4 Recovery

    • miguel Guttierres

      Hmm, good point, Megan Fox Lover.

    • Agro CHarles

      You know why he doesnt rep cash? its cause he is white. and not a NIGGER haha

    • Drucifer1983

      Thats probably what I respect most about him, you know he's got more money then all these flossin idiots and never once throws it in anybodies face while cats who have 5% of his money run around bragging bout it

  • 1neInspiredBlkMan

    1NeInspiredBlkMan Urban apparel- Urban clothing for the Educated, Ambitious, and Inspired Minority http://1neinspiredblkman.spreadshirt.com/


    I'm as black as Wesley Snipes without studio lights, but I've got to congratulate Eminem on this one. I don't care if he's 60% albino, dude can do 32 bars like magic, he can RAP! That's all i give two fucks about. He deserves it.

  • dat_mayne

    Give props where its due.. Congrats to him for his milestone achievement. To tell the truth i never saw him being as big as he has become, with his comedic SSLP then the darker MMLP.

  • P DOT S

    Even when he brought out a marginal album like "Relapse" it still was the highest selling rap album of the year. The core of his fanbase will ALWAYS purchase his product. Keyword PURCHASE his product. He still has a lot of fans who are not typical hip hop fans that will always buy his shit. Thats why his numbers are always going to be so consistent. And you cant deny how great a lyricist he is. He killed that Drake song "OVER" Also like he even said on the song White America "If I was black I would only sell half." And Jay-Z said it best " the only one moving units is Em, Pimp Juice and US". Fastforward to 2010 minus Nelly and the dismantled Roc a fella that still is the truth. Blueprint 3 did around 500k its first week Relapse did 600k it first week. And they were 1 and 2 for the most units sold by a rap solo artist in the last 12 months. Numbers NEVER LIE.....

    • P DOT S

      Yes marginal "relative" to his other albums. That is just the truth. You cannot compare Relapse to the Marshal Mathers LP, Eminem Show or the Slim Shady LP. That is just the truth.. Even with Relapse winning a grammy for best rap album it just wasnt his best work. He even admits to it on his own song "Not Afraid"

    • illness personified

      relapse...marginal? wtf are you smoking son....

  • Drucifer1983

    As they say, Success is the best form of revenge............. No matter how much hatred is thrown his way, shit like this gives him the last laugh "ha-hahaha- Ha (50 cent, "Straight to the Bank" laugh) lol, seriously tho, who'c of thought Em was still gonna be around in 2010 when My name is dropprd back in 98..........I was almost positive he'd wind up on VH-1's where are they now..........That song had one hit wonder written all over it

  • cracker

    you niggers got yer colored president show shtop taking tha common white man down. niggers make me sick

  • BGG

    axemurder your obviously a fukin idiot...the fact that the man took 5 yrs off and still sold 80million records which beat every artist in any genre shows how talented he is and how white people support each other while black people bring each other down and sell bootleg copies of their favorite artists cds. ive lived in black communities my whole life and try to give ya'll the benefit of the doubt but yall mutherfuckers never cease to amaze me with your ignorance

  • da1

    What are you talking about eminem is "one" of the highest selling rappers. He is the highest selling rapper of all time. He surpassed Tupac when he released his Relapse Album(and I'm black). Just give his props where its do.

    • hippatodahoppa

      @hip hop junkie, your argument is flawed because the vast majority of 2Pac's sales came after he died.

    • Hiphopsfinest

      Im sorry to say it but he beef with biggie and sadly his death has helped his record sales. People know him more for his murder..not his music. I Love his music..everything pac ever represented..But eminem has the highest selling rap album of all time. Alive..and still continues to sell millions when some rappers cant even sell 10000.

    • illness personified

      tupac could barely fucking rap....his lyrics were almost identical from song to song, yes we was a great artist full of emotion but his lyrical skills were not anywhere near above average....

    • shady7

      Junkie, you are an idiot. tupac was great, but he wont be anywhere near em when it comes to record sales by the time shady is done.

    • Hip Hop Junkie

      cause tupac is dead and cant make more music : p tupac >eminem

  • AxeMurder

    Goddam stans. How do you take 5 years off and still become the top selling artist of the decade. White ppl suck this nigga up, thats why

    • OffMyNutz

      Im not white homey and i buy all his shit because the man can rap circles around these fake ass Gangster rappers who only talk about their money and the way they talk it is WACK!!I just see talent and greatness from this man,so stop with the racist shit hjomey he rips mics to shreds!!Nuff said!!

    • Hiphopsfinest

      His talented..Thats why he sells. Recognise tallent when it is due you faggot. Go listen to waka flocka..He is black..but even then black people cant even take that dude seriously...wana know why? cause the mother fucker cant rap..

  • Yssup Kidz

    Shouldn't be in it for the sole purpose of selling records. But i'm sure it don't hurt! Wow!

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