Brother Ali Talks "Breakin' Dawn" Tour, Freestyling With Justin Timberlake

Ali explains snatching the mic from Timberlake and later having a genuine B-Boy moment in Wyoming.

No disrespect to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but the city of 8,600 is hardly known as a destination for Hip Hop heads—or so it would appear. But the popular snowbording and skiing destination may now be responsible for Hip Hop’s YouTube moment of 2010, after Brother Ali and Pop sensation Justin Timberlake had a freestyle and beatbox exchange onstage.

“Our type of music is really supported in the skateboarding and snowboarding community,” says Brother Ali. A few members of the Rhymesayers crew hit Jackson Hole in January to perform at a party for Jackson Hole Snowboarder magazine. After being encouraged to check out the set by Brother Ali and BK-One, Timberlake appeared onstage, and temporarily fell victim to the B-Boy code of ethics during a brief misunderstanding.

“I notice there’s a dude with his back to me,” Brother Ali recalled. “He’s in a flannel shirt, with a hat on and glasses with his back to me, and he’s beatboxing…I walk up to him, as I’m rhyming, and I snatch his mic like, ‘Get the fuck off the stage!’”

Timberlake, a noted Hip Hop fan who has worked with Three-6 Mafia and The Neptunes, nearly fell victim to both Ali’s inability to recognize him and the same B-Boy code of ethics that got PM Dawn’s Prince Be tossed off of a stage by KRS-One. After an apology, Ali explained being albino and legally blind, and expressed being a genuine a fan of Timberlake’s music.

“I’m an emcee,” Brother Ali added. “I come from a time when emcees were really emcees. “I come from getting into a fight over the microphone. I come from knocking you out and stealing your records time. I come from ‘Why are you the only white dude in this room?’ time.”

After explaining all three points to Timberlake, both artists re-emerged onstage for a freestyle session, which featured Ali on the microphone and Timberlake beatboxing.

“All the things I’m thinking of things to say about him in my freestyle without being offensive,” says Ali. “Mentioning ‘Cry Me A River’ or ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’ were all things that are genuine compliments, but in that context might seem like a diss.”

The apprehension led to what Brother Ali calls, “fifteen minutes of the most bullshit freestyle that I’ve ever done in my life.” Either way, the reaction from the crowd would seem to contradict his opinion. And while Jackson Hole may never be considered the hotbed of Hip Hop, BK-One, Justin Timberlake and Brother Ali may have made a little bit of Hip Hop history that night.

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  • fuckalluhaters

    Hating much?? You bunch of bitches wouldn know hip hop if it kicked you in the nuts!! Props Ali!! Keep the scene alive!!

  • TTT

    Labumpy is a mad baby

  • LaBumpy

    And fuck your internet followers too. Or...whatever...I guess it's nice to know you have people.

  • LaBumpy

    I used to love this guy - when 'Shadows on the Sun' came out, I was the first guy giving it props. Hearing this.leads me to believe that he's just a dumb, fat-ass douche bag. "How are you the only white guy here?" Fuck you! As far as I see, you the whitest guy in the game. As much as you think you not about color, you the one who brings it to, fuck you Brother Ali, and fuck your bullshit records. I'm sure that true African Americans are sleeping on you anyways.

  • DJJJ

    Brother Ali is my favorite rapper, ever. There is not one song that I don't feel of his. You can tell he puts all of his passion into every line he writes and he is true to the fans and roots of hip-hop. Rhymesayers number one!

  • C.

    yeah Ali is not the nicest guy in the world. wish him nothing but more success along his career. & i def. like quite a few of his songs.

  • sad

    there is a "web//site" named "sexyblackwhite" for dateing or relationship, black or white singles can go there to find something sexy or beauty online

  • mufucka

    The truth is here

  • tdot1987

    how can anybody say brother ali has a lame career? one of the dopest emcees ever. Best emcee live I've personally witnessed. wisdom in hip hop is sparse, Brother Ali is one of the only rappers who I would ask for advice from, most rappers are grown ass kids with massive egos spewing out a bunch of nonsense. (not all, but most)

  • kush nap

    i got a gripe with brother ali. when he first came out, he said he was an albino black man. the legend grew, as did his popularity, and now hes an albino white man, who always related to black people. the story changed. hell of a lyricist, but thats some bullshit. thats a strike.

    • LaBumpy

      Agreed...It's kinda shitty when people sell themselves as something they're not.

    • Jack M.

      Agreed. I didn't believe that B.S. for a second. All the nerd rap kids coming around tellingm me, "But did you know he's an albino Black guy?" Yeah, guy, I heard.

  • iseetee

    he thought some random person was on stage so he was going to kick him off. then he realized it was someone whose music he liked. dude looks like a fool but you guys type like one.

  • pdubb

    This is some bullshit! Santa Claus is rappin' now? (jokes)

  • biggrease

    p.s. your beard sucks

  • biggrease

    You're looking at the highlight of your lame career Ali. The only story you're kids are going to care about is the night you spit a bullshit freestyle with Justin Timberlake. He's probably already told the story about a million times at the bar already...what a loser.

  • Jack M.

    Sorry, Ali, still a sucka move. Where's your backbone and your character?

  • Kay W

    hahaha can't you take a dude who looks like a leprakon serious ???


    So wait a minute... If a regular dude just wanted to kick it with him, he'd be like "get the fuck off stage", but since it was "The Almighty Justin Timberlake!" he begged for apology and had to explain how his blindness made him mistake Justin for just some average joe? And what was the point of explaining that he comes from the old school? You acted like a sucka, the total opposite of old school, so why bother even bringing that up? Basically, I understand him wanting to kick out someone that bothers his show, but if some big headed celebrity thinks it's okay to get on stage solely based on his own fame, then a real old school hip-hop head would've said FUCK YOU to that dude too... This is not some real shit so don't act like it is...

  • open ears / open mind

    Brother Ali is a lyrical animal, but with that beard he's rockin' now-a-days he's starting to look like Ole St. Nick.

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