Bangladesh Talks Lil Wayne, "I Don't Fuck With Him"

The producer behind Lil Wayne's "A Milli" airs out Wayne to in an interview over a royalty dispute.

Lil Wayne's beef with some of the producers he's worked with is well-documented. Now, the Young Money head honcho can add the man who produced "A Milli" for him.

In a recent interview with VIBE, Bangladesh aired did not mince words about his former collaborator. "I don't fuck with [Lil Wayne]... and you can print that," said the producer. "Cash Money don’t pay royalties. The Carter III, [is] his biggest album probably because of 'A Millie.' [But] you have to sue these guys so that they pay up."

Bangladesh revealed that he is suing for an estimated $500,000 in owed royalty checks for the Grammy award-winning track. "It's [Wayne and Baby's] responsibility to pay [me] because all the money from album sales goes to Cash Money. I get checks from Sony for Beyonce, checks from different labels for different artists, it just comes to you. You don’t have to call them, sue them and all that junk. This is what you're owed."

"I don’t really give a fuck about [Wayne]," continued Bangladesh. "I can't give a fuck about somebody that don’t give a fuck about my situation, I have kids. In the hood, people get killed for ten dollars. I couldn’t imagine owing someone hundreds of thousands of dollars and just walking around in front of them. I'm so confident in myself, that I don’t need Lil Wayne. There's gonna be so many opportunities. I can create a Lil Wayne."

"This is why Manny Fresh don’t fuck with [Cash Money] because he never got any royalty money. That’s why Baby can go around flaunting this cash, because that’s everyone else’s money... It's not even Wayne's fault. Wayne is not getting money. He is given money, he's not getting money. If Baby gets a million dollars he’ll buy Wayne a [Rolls Royce] Phantom, but that’s in Cash Money's name. That 14-bedroom mansion isn’t Wayne shit," said the hit-maker, who echoed further sentiments to the royalty dispute.

Read the full interview here.



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  • ed0n

    who the fuck likes lil wayne? he's music is corny as fuck, his new album was like half rock, half pop, half rap? guitars, school and stuff subjects? just what the fuck? you call that hiphop? + his other albums suck ass too, i don't get it lollipop? really? i could bet my life on that half of you don't know what is hiphop there is RNB, you can say gucci mane is RNB cause he's whack as hell and rappin' you can put lil wayne in RNB, you can put soulja boy in RNB who else? every single motherfucker out there who raps about money and stuff, i'm so fuckin fed up with this fuckin shit about RNB bitches gettin money, who gives a fuck if they have money or shit and then there's RAP and i'm so fuckin tired of writin this comment on this fuckin stupid page where you stupid motherfuckers be like ' i luv wayne ' so if you don't know what is RAP then please, do us a favor and slit your throat, please

  • lexx

    hahahaha this nigga said he can create a lil wayne. lol good luck on that nigga !!

  • Vander Cotton


  • Quinn Jones

    it aint no surprise that its goin down like that. but the man deserves to get paid, but we all were not there when all this went down maybe bang didnt think that a milli was all that hot,(coz all of us are our worst crititcs) and he may have just told them, "here take that", and now that wayne is in jail he figure he can say something(bitch move) and on top of that he know how shady the music biz is, Tupac said it best,"keep your mind on your riches"



  • Tru-Talk

    bang deserves to get paid reguardless if the album sold millions or hundreds either way he gets paid...he made the beat n cash money/young money/universal or whoever used the beat for the album so y is it a problem to pay up...thats like depositing thousands of dollars in a bank account n u go bac to the bank 2 weeks later to withdraw n you have nothin in there...lil wayne's ""baby"" has been doin this way b4 hot boys broke up, come 2 think of it this is the same reason y they broke up, weezy's baby-daddy bubba jus doesnt like 2 pay when its due...n i remember when wayne was tryna get off cash money---roc-a-fella wasnt fucn wit him thats when weez startin goin at hov n got on his Game status aka mr dis 1 day n the next is kiss n's bad business...kinda feel sorry 4 weezy cuz its gonna get deeper than rap(ric ro$$ voice) and there gonna owe the streets/hoods/g-fans/the so-called orginization they're payin 2 run wit/paid street security---well basically dudes is payin 4 they G-pa$$ and the A-1 credit is runnin out...

  • cornball killa

    Some of yall are stupid as fuck..Whenever someone creates something that is playing on radio or tv , you always receive royalties...That is something that producers,writers and song creators look foward to..

  • cityson

    all upcomin rappers who would like clubbangaz on there next album should check these beats out. i bought some.

  • cash money young money babyu


  • Nico 3

    I'm sure he got paid plenty up front. If he didn't, then next time actually read the small print on the contract. Maybe while Baby was ordering bottles of Cristal he promised this guy a back end %, but this is not Hip Hop, it's business. In Hip Hop, everyone is in it for the art. In business, the richest guy will exploit everyone. Diddy taught the world that.

  • Freshh Kid

    Bangladesh is absolutely owed this money and much more. Wayne brainwashes everyone into thinking hes the best rapper with his ghost written rhymes and fake accent while whining on autotune, anyone who thinks Wayne is THE best rapper is a complete and utter moron !! REAL TALK

  • DeeJayMayne

    First of all I support Lil Wayne 100% im not hatin. But this guy shuld be gettin more than $500,000. Do you know how many times the A Milli beat has been sampled and freestyled on. To me Cash Money doesn't need anymore "Cash Money" they've already invested in oil and gas so Baby is already like almost a billionare he can afford to give royalties for Lollipop, A Milli, Playin With Fire, and Mrs. Officer.

  • t3k

    wow! sounds like that camp to be honest! tha only reason u wud have a whole camp full of yung niggaz (mind u that drake is still yung, as well as nikki and the rest...) is so u can decieve them wit cars, girls, n shit! and not have tha business in tha fore-front......sorry to hear that bangladesh, sue dem niggaz for yo bread homie.......(come on birdman! get yo bizness up fam! for tha sake of fixin this industry!)

  • AlbertF'nEinstein

    LMAO!!! NOBODY is scared of Dwayne Carter!!! LOL Bangaldesh is PISSED as would I be, for not gettin my d*mn money!! AS stated so many times before...Lil Wayne is Baby's B*tch. HE DOESN"T RUN SH*T!!! U heard ol' boy...He is GIVEN money, He doesn't GET MONEY...There's a big D*mn difference!! I'm a Wayne fan to an extent, but reality is painfully obvious...LOL

  • a milli

    i love how this dude goes on about talking shit fuck wayne and then he says you cant blame him. If you can't blame wayne then why say fuck him stupid

  • bobway99

    i think its funny how this dude all of a sudden talkin shit about Lil Wayne and the nigga in jail where was this dude yappin his mouth when wayne was out and still is the hottest rapper out. Wayne keep doing ya thang and let these so called beast niggas keep yappin

    • DeeJayMayne

      I doesnt matter if hes in jail he wants his money furreal if he was afriad of Wayne he wouldnt say shit around Baby and Drake and Mack Maine who would tell Wayne anyway about all da shit he talkin. Plus you actin like he insultin wayne he just sayin wont fuck wit him no mo

    • fukwethebest

      this bitch nigga is not a thug or gangsta he kisses dudes who the fucc would be scared of this bitch nigga like dude said get his dicc out ur mouth bitch

    • kato3000

      i agree he'd go for his money no matter if wayne was in or out..... idk why people act like their fav rapper is untouchable or something... like hes the only one with people.. this man just wants to be paid like everyone else.... juvenile sold over 10 million copies on copies of 400 degreez and doesnt even have money... these southern label owners just dont pay their people...Master P was the same way...

    • Droops

      get waynes dick out ur mouth


    Lol Birdman just keeps pimpin all these rappers nd producers. This is why you get a lawyer to read the contract and explain everything to you to make sure your not gettin bopped.. Bang prolly got like 50 gs for the milli beat, but I bet you he aint winning this case. Just another sucka pimped by Birdman.. Same with most of YM besides Drake cuz he had money to fall back on and is signed to 2 labels, Drizzy will probably make his own label after his sophomore album, Im not a 50 fan either but I respect him cuz he makes sure all his niggaz eat,, WORD APPPP


      If you think Drizzy is signed to just Young Money, Ure a retard! Nd who was Bang before a milli, hes wack neway he makes the same beats loopin over nd over nd over.. I dont agree with Birdmans way of business but hes been doin it this yr for 10 yrs+

    • fukwethebest

      and you talking like you work for them get off no moneys dicks and see that this nigga is another suge knight thats it and thats all these dudes dont have any money like dude said if he does beats and produces for bigger names like beyonce then im sure he more than 50 for the beats and drake aint signed to no two fuccing labels either where the fucc u get ur info hell be the next one talking about they owe him this dude aint no hood nigga either hes a bitch too so baby just gonna take this nigga money

  • sad

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  • pwe

    Man these dudes haven't learn nothing from B.G ,Juvenile, young Turk and Manny fresh they all got fuck from tha same dudes get yo contract shit 2gether business first that friend shit later I hope Drake ain't dumb


    this some real shit right here. cash money be straight jipping niggas. lol... anwho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!




      that shit hot. keep grinding and, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!

  • ProjectEnT

    When Yall Get Tired Of Listening 2 Dat Bubble Gum!!!Check Ya Boi Out!!!

  • Cultures Clothing Co.

    It's crazy how shiesty the music business can't really fault a man from trying to get what is owed to him. And for the love of God, will people stop saying that Wayne is the greatest Rapper alive? I could literally name 100 MC's off the top of my head that I think are better than Lil Wayne. I'm not saying that Wayne doesn't have any talent, but come on...Half of the songs don't even have a clearly definable subject LOL. And that's not hate...that's just the truth. Feel free to challenge me on naming 100 rappers better than Wayne if you feel the need to.

    • SeanySean

      You are so right, there's literally 100s of MCs better than Lil Wayne. In my opinion Wayne has his moments, sometimes he's an ok rapper, but majority of the time he's garbage. And the whole numbers don't lie bullshit lol. If numbers determined who's a good rapper then MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice would be in everyone top list. All numbers do is tell you who's popular, but that doesn't mean you're good. Hell, if Soulja Boy can go platinum then that should tell you that numbers don't mean shit.

    • kato3000

      i hate when people talk about numbers and how they dont lie.... selling alot of albums doesnt mean you have better music ..just music that appeals to more people.... If we go by this Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer are the best.....

    • Cultures Clothing

      Honestly, I could care less about his numbers. That's not what the essence of Hip-Hop is about. Fuck the numbers. I'm talking straight MC'ing and lyricism. Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane have good numbers. They're still wack as hell. That's what the problem is in the first place. People are more concerned with what kind of numbers an MC is making than his actual lyrical content. Now I think Wayne has some talent, which he exhibits on that Katrina track with Robin Thicke...but he doesn't do stuff like that nearly enough. The Greatest Rapper Alive IS an opinion...and like people say, opinions are like assholes...everyone has one. BUT, if you take his ACTUAL LYRICAL CONTENT and sit it side by side with some of the MC's out there that are criminally over-looked like Macklemore, it makes Wayne look really really bad. Compare any wayne song to "Soul on Ice" by Ras Kass, "90 Bars of Intervention" by Chino XL, "Poet Laureate II" by Canibus, "Contradiction" by Macklemore, "Streets On Fire" by Lupe Fiasco, "Daylight" by Aesop Rock, "Queens" by Pharoahe Monch, etc. etc. etc. If you do that, and you can still say that Wayne is the greatest rapper alive, well, then I just don't know what to tell you lol. I'm not hating. Hating is talking bad about something because you're jealous of it, or just talking bad about something because it makes you feel better to put someone down. That's not what I'm doing. I'm saying that Wayne's lyrical content is not up to par with so many rappers out there, which is why I say that calling him the greatest rapper alive sounds silly.

    • 504

      @757 mayne say g you are one of the many people that misinterpet that statement selling a million records doesn't make you a great talent but you do put out good product(maybe).........i mean look at ghostface killa when was the last time he went sold a million records...........


      lol... real talk to both of yall.. wayne nice, he is sheisty doe.. nevertheless, it is in the contract. i hope his contract says he get royalties, cause if not, he still gone be thinking bout how to feed his kids. real talk for real life situations. anwho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!

    • 757 MaYne

      1st of all there is know greatest rapper alive thats an opinion..but what we do have are numbers ! they dont lie and will give an honest opinion on who's the best so before yall start hatin on wayne check his numbers out first.. now about bangladesh, he's a dumb ass, and just got a douse of the buisness from a real business man now he's mad lol dog you get ya money sh!t worked out b4 a record even drops you get contract's and signatures on everything about everything..dont come back later like what about birdman weezy diddy swiz beats all these niggas not dumb they know it's about the contract F what i said, its about your signature if you didnt bother to read it thats on you, and thats exactyl what baby gone say in court, u notice everyone is suing but who's winning?? know one bcuz they signed a contract

  • rdubs2

    I once thought Wayne was the best rapper alive but i hopped off that bandwagon after Carter 3. He just has corny punchlines and everyone seems to think hes incredible. In my opinion Carter 2 was his best album. And by the way Birdman is the worst spokesman of all time for Lil Wayne and said Lil Wayne is the best rapper because he makes the most money lol.


      yeah. carter II is better than carter III. carter III was still some good music though. anwho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!

  • peaketownsfinest757

    I see no one's learned from Mannie Fresh, Juve or B.G.'s situations. All of them got jerked b/c all Cash Money has ever been about is paying the CEO's. As long as Baby and Slim get paid, it's all good in the neighborhood.


      lol.. fo real. and them niggas got hell of niggas strapped for them so cant nobody really go after they money.. lol anwho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!

  • p12

    You remeber when Baby was talking all that shit about Wayne being the best because he made more money that Hova. " We dont belive you " Wayne is getting pimped and bringing that money back to his daddy BABY. LMAO




      yeah that nigga def dont make more money that jay.. i dont think any rapper makes more money than jay, except will smith. dude's worth 3 bil. but jay chasing him... and jay dont make his money from rapping. he owns a good 15-20 businesses that are pretty successful. old money...

  • ChekYourSwedeBruh

    wayne is ass, cash money is ass, and that beat was some super dead-ass. Shit was just a-milli said over and over again over some played out handclappy beat....Weak! He still deserve his percentage though. even though they couldve recreated it in about 30 seconds.


      lol. that shit went hard. what u talkin bout.. lol anwho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!

  • SMH,, cant "create" a lil wayne...there will only be one weezy


      yeah, lol.. i had to a double take when he said that.. that nigga funny. anwho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!

    • Hip Hop Connoisseur

      Thank God! We don't need another lame ass, groggy voiced gremlin, who thinks he's deep cuz he mumbles meaningless bullshit.

  • itsizzo

    He's not gonna create another lil wayne collaborating with gucci.

  • Cochise

    This nigga is not lying...all dat shit belongs to Baby and Slim. Wayne is they Kunta Kenta'...

  • ginsumind

    To my knowledge all professionals put it in the contracts to receive royalties. They expect that money to come later if the project sells. Its money paid after the album sells. Just like a TV show. You dont get the syndication money up front. U get it after the show proves its worth being syndicated. If your album sells millions of copies that like getting a syndicated tv show to a degree. And everybody respoinsible for making the show a hit gets royalties or residuals.U get "X" amount up front and more later as the album or singles or downloads increase. I think he is suing because Baby breached a contract. Doesnt matter if Baby and Slim have a long history. They owe him a bunch of money. "Lollipop" made that album platinum, but "A Millie" kept the album hot that whole summer and helped push it to double and triple platinum. Glad Bang has the balls to speak up for himself.


      this'll be the realeast shit you ever wrote... anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!


    LOL... I could create a Lil Wayne! Yeah right n*gga. Get your artist ate up on the mic

  • UndaDawg

    Jim Jonsin and Bangladesh...and Mannie Fresh Juvenile and B.G. you new school niggas don't know shit CM been jerking cats Baby signed a distribution deal with CM for 30 mil way back...and blew up they shud have mad paper....when they fucked over Mannie I knew something wasn't right. If I'm not mistaken Baby and Slim own the masters...

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Right niggas been heard about how CM/ Baby did niggas.. So Jim Jonsin and Bangladesh should've known what the was getting into.. especially after that shit Mannie, well the hot boys period.. Request Cash on Delivery when u messing with CM plain and simple. He only want 500k, they had that b4 they fucked with him so y not request it COD, especially if the artist diggn what u offering..


    Dude needs to shut up. He would wait till Wayne was in jail so he can't respond. That's a b*tch move.

    • GrantLOVE

      Respond to what? Lil Wayne has no clue where the money is. He doesn't even realize he's being pimped. 10 yrs from now: Lil Wayne sues Baby over decades of royalties....Hahaha

    • kay666

      what? they got wayne's tongue in handcuffs too?

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Yall think Baby and Wayne give a fuck about you lame as niggas comments!! Nigga should've got his chedda up front.. Thats how it should be anyway. He wanna reference the hood, then keep it hood. Treat rap niggas like u da dope boy, chedda upon delivery!! REALESTNIGGA-NDA-ROOM 239/404

  • P Lite

    Bengladesh should put these dudes on, best underground sh*t I've heard in a long time, tight video too


    Baby and his ugly ass brother are shady bastards and have been for years. They don't pretend not to be, they kept B.G. strung out on heroin to control him when he was a teenager. Big business men keep fucking you until they can't anymore then move on to the next profitable thing, Not one person from the past BUT Wayne still does business with CM.

  • 757MaYne

    Seems to me that this would all be worked out beforehand in some sort of contract the artist and producer sign before the beat makes a placement on an album. This producer is going after Baby and Cash Money AFTER the fact it sold millions and millions of singles (and multi-platinum on the cd).. If that record would of flopped it would just be more dust under the rug and wouldn't have been brought up. I understand where he is coming from, but I don't really see a defense for dude. That is why Baby is extremely wealthy. He knows what he's doing. He's doing the same thing Master P, Suge Knight, Swizz Beats.. all that major players at the top of the pyramid. In this particular situation though Mr. Bang feels like he should receive royalty checks for his work. That shit on a major placement is usually mapped out VERY CLEAR on what the agreement is. That's why I'm a little bit confused as to why the producer is suing and questioning this and if he don't know why he's not getting paid. I'll put my money on Baby winning this case, but wish homie the best. I would feel shafted if I had produced "lollipop" and not received any royalties for it as big of a single that was. next time i bet you'll read the small print

    • mr.850


    • Joey Scarfo

      757 your'e the problem with lazy america. Go educate yourself. Read a book. Learn about how songs are registered and scanned through ascap or bmi. Whenever a single is played on the radio you are due royalties from that label. Doesn't matter if its $5 or $500,000.

    • wowowowowowo

      This was the most well-stated BULLSHIT I have ever read. You are aware that the PRODUCERS get royalties from the track right? The money he's suing for is HIS MONEY...not some random shit since the track generated mad sales. His contract probably was something like 2%-3% of every A Milli single sold. Ie...You sell 500,000 records for your single @ $10.00/ea...($5mil) and you signed the producer on to get 5% of each record (like Dr. Dre or Swizz (big time prod.) are gonna be forking up 250k to that producer in'd be pissed off homie if you didn't get ya bread.....

    • GrantLOVE

      Obviously has no clue as to how BUSINESS works in Music.

    • kay666

      you don't understand how royalties work.

    • C-ARSON

      1000% co-sign.

  • 757MaYne

    somebody tell this dude that he in he food chain


    its still CMR

  • PSD605

    Hmm, I like Wayne and what he does but this whole thing makes me think differently.... Bangladesh should get his money, no one should have to resort to the law just to get their fair cut in business.


    here's a reality check for yall bitch ass groupie ass producers out there maybe yall need to stop acting hollywood and start working with grassroot artists more often just cause lil wayne is big doesnt mean you gonna be big just cause jay-z is big dont mean you gonna be big so now that The era is over for producers to be famous cause of there work with somebody big... is back to the drawing boards... peace to all producers that works with grassroots artists you gotta a better check breaking your own artist thru before doing for somebody that broke thru FUCK HIP HOP

    • NorthPhillybull215

      you are fucking dickhead that a mili song and lollipop is basically what made the carter 3 so like bull said before he has the right to his cut of the money all he want's is his piece of the pie and the reason producer's wait so long is because there trying to see how much what they produce sell's you can't get the royalty's till the record get's played you cashmoney dickrider's ain't seeing it from the producers point of view if you'll made a record for some big name niggas and their record sell's alot 500,000 shouldn't be shit to them like the man trying to eat i bet if you wayne dickriders produced a record for him and they said theyw ere gonna pay u 500,000 and u didn't see the bread you'll would be mad as shit too


      lol, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning... anwho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE!

    • 504

      bangladesh has been making beats for years............i know he has worked with 8ball and mjg back on their living legends cd back in '04 05' time frame

    • Ah hell

      Go shoot yourself with that reality check. He's just asking to get paid. That beat was fucking tight by the way and if Lil Wayne made a killing off of it, this producer should get what's owed to him. So you mean to tell me when your working at your McDonalds job and they don't pay you, your next move would bee to start working the grassroots as in raising cattle that will eventually be made a hamburger? Fuck you.

    • LouP

      You do realize this is not the first song Bangladesh has produced right? the man just wants to be paid for work he put in the what made the song hot in the first place cant hate on that

  • icu ucme

    This shit happens everyday in the business world, I guess it's just (fucked-up) business.

  • bedouin

    Bangladesh sucks and so does Wayne. Don't fight the feeling you two.


    This is good stuff. I'm not surprised by any of this. Whats gonna happen now? If CM/YM isn't paying producers for their cash cows beats, then whats going to happen with their Boy Blunder, Drake? This is an epic fail. Lets see if they start paying for Drakes album in the next year. Nicki Gar-baj will probably go "Wood", because female rappers that don't sound like Wayne don't sell, so Wayne sounding female rappers won't do any better. Is it possible to sell negative records. Big shouts to Baby, being the biggest pimp in the game right now. I love it.

    • GrantLOVE

      Drake will sign with a Major. He will have no worries. He's actually the only talent there besides Wayne.

  • Camouflage Camp

    "Bangladesh Talks Lil Wayne, "I Don't Fuck With Him"" Thanks for the info, I've always been interested in your sexual conquers.

  • mikeintx361


    • LouP

      Yeah your comment makes no sense and he actually has a talent to produce that people pay for not a pussy to fuck and tell everybody who fucked it

    • ???

      whos the bitch?? (the dude who complains and gets paid, or the dude who gets shitted on and dont say anything??)

  • kush nap

    baby signing niggas to slave rider deals and flossing with they royalty money. pay up. doesnt suprise me, baby fucked mannie fresh over, and mannie built cash money from the ground up. weezy probably gettin jerked, baby albums arent selling. yet birdman flossing the hardest. he hiding the money in his pockets.

  • Mactan

    Wayne is str8 Gay, him and bird are lovers, dont know y niggas listen to that wack music.

  • Truthenx

    It's funny no one talked shit about wayne when he was free, but when's hes locked up hes getting sued left and right now people starting to show there true sides and act bad... Wait until wayne gets out and do that shit, It's a wipe! Tha Carter 4! leeggooo Lil Wayne = Best Rapper Alive

    • thibs

      the truthenx is speakin that truth

    • bballslim42

      You are misled by your idol. Just cause his drugged up ass says he's the best rapper alive doesn't mean he is. And people been talking bad about him for years, nobody in rap is scared of that retarded midget.

    • J Kapone

      Jim jonson sued him about not being payed ofr lolli pop before he was locked up. plus he was sued by producers for songs on carter 2. Im sorry but your hero aint shit.

    • zrich

      Haha, obviously you have been living under a rock the past few years. Probably more than half of people within hip-hop dislike Wayne and have said so repeatedly. As for the actual issue here, this is on Birdman & Slim, not Wayne. Wayne may be their top dog but he doesn't actual run shit at Cash Money

  • Alexwm

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    I think I'm the only asshole with valid reasons to hate Dwayne Carter, not personally of course (no hoe mo). It's just, the airplay that these faggots gets, their charting ability, the money they get from doing shows alone should be enough to pay their producers twice. But then you see grandads like Birdman getting tatoos in their ass-cracks and Young Money crew rocking 2nd hand chains and they still can't pay royalties! It should be 'rap like a nigga, think like a jew', not 'think like a nigga'. I'm starting to think that Kat Stacks was keeping it real on these fags, that they share beds in apartments. I just wish Birdman knew he's getting uglier by the minute with them tats.

    • I_Am_Beast

      Mosey's comment is the funniest thing I've ever read on this site! LOL @ Birdman getting tattoos in his ass-crack.

    • mr.850


    • Ah hell

      You sound like the 3rd verse of Eminem's "Stan" where he's about to drive off the cliff because Eminem didn't write him back. In this case, Wayne isn't writing you back while he's incarcerated.

    • Htt20

      Yeah, that gives you, and only you, a valid reason to hate him.

  • David R

    lil waynes a faggot.. he needs to shoot himself again

  • bigprie

    yo bird you an lil one pay these fags there money there trying to fuck up you name give fresh what hes owed so you all can git back to dropping that heat i fucks with (YOUNG MONEY/CASH MONEY)real hard an we know niggas gone hate but pay up ant like you dont have it you digg.(CHOPPER CITY)boys back with you now you just need (U.T.P) AN MY NIGGA TURK BACK.....................PEOPLE PLEASE STOPE HATING.....................


    Ha,Ha,ha..........devil,..............................Ur time is up, May the true and living G.O.D.s stand and Rep! for so many who know what these bloodsuckers about!

  • dashitfoo

    if u like off the top of the head lyrical freestyles check out

  • I_Am_Beast

    Tell us something we don't know.....

  • that dude manny

    ay let me hold a dollar ahaha

  • Soulful Beats

    Niggas don't realize that when you pass on, all that paper you jerking other niggas out of, doesn't leave with you. With all the money Cash Money is making, 500k should be lunch money. I've heard a lot of stories of shady artists doing greasy shit and experienced some of it 1st hand with a hip hop icon. What makes it so fucked up is big willie cats like Cash Money will fuck with an unknown producer because they can fuck em over with royalties and other bullshit. And if a producer speaks up about it, they faced the risk of becoming blacklisted in the industry. Niggas may be flossing and popping bottles, but God don't like ugly.

  • Heathen

    Wayne and 'his daddy' are fucking stingy

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