Andrea Berloff, one of the writers behind the Oliver Stone movie World Trade Center, has signed on to write Straight Outta Compton. Straight Outta Compton is a film that will document the rise and fall of iconic Hip Hop group N.W.A.

Hollywood Reporter reports that the film will be produced by Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez of Cube Vision as well as Eazy-E ‘s widow Tomica Wood.

News of a possible film about N.W.A. was first reported over a year ago with some reports stating that former 8 Mile director Curtis Hanson would be directing the film.

Aside from writing the script for World Trade Center, Berloff also wrote The Refugees a film about a group of international refugee soccer kids who move to Atlanta.

It is still unclear when production for Straight Outta Compton will begin.

Formed in the mid 80’s, N.W.A. gained notoriety for their controversial subject matter but still went on to sell millions of records. The group eventually disbanded in the early 90’s.