Lupe Fiasco Offers 'Lasers' Update, Talks CRS Album

Lupe's anticipated third album will see an end of summer release, while the decision for a CRS LP is no longer up in the air.

Lupe Fiasco recently spoke to Las Vegas' Hot 97.5 radio station about the details regarding his third full-length album Lasers, although specifics were scarce. "The album is coming soon," he assured. "Not soon enough for some people [though]."

Although he did not give an exact release date, he said that the LP would drop by the "end of summer." "Thus far, I got the Neptunes, Sound Trak [on production], and I'm keeping the rest secret until we get full on rolling…Almost every record that you heard that's leaked will make the album in some format or another."

Lupe was also asked whether or not the rumored Child Rebel Soldier album--a project that would involve him, Pharrell, and Kanye West--would actually happen. "No," he said, with certainty, although he did not give further details.

Lupe is currently finishing up his Steppin' Lasers Tour which began in March, and will round out this Friday.



  • Blackmamba24

    Did anyone notice that no one else reported the Lasers news besides saying 'update on lasers' anywhere else in other news websites but the CRS one is EVERYWHERE? That alone proves that DX misinterpreted the quote, he said it'd be out BY summer.

  • Blackmamba24

    He said it would come out BY summer, not at the end of the summer. I listened to the interview myself, I posted a comment saying the same thing earlier by DX deleted it. Look up the interview on google or youtube and you can see for yourself that he does not say the 'not soon enough for some people' quote at all during the entire interview, they're putting words in his mouth.

  • HollaLeujah

    Lupe is nice, actually he is one of the best. But I can not stand behind the rock thing that he's been recently doing. SHIT IS WACK.

  • c/gaddic

    DISAPPOINTED LUPE LOOKS LIKE HE'S PLANNING TO PULL A DETOX RELEASE DATE ON US! Well i know Eminem will not disappoint and his specific release dates don't change at all so RECOVERY and R Eternal should fill my lyrical appetite for the summer

  • Bauce

    Dammit. Cant wait much longer. Also I was pretty sure that CRS was dead. This confirms it

  • Its Um

    Yea don't blame lupe for delay album unless he was truly trying to get better result, but than that it's the label that the control of when & when not the album is coming out.

  • LupeSuckit

    Lupe said the album is coming soon like 6 months ago....Quit lying to your fans and just be real.

    • you suck balls

      he already finished the album a long time ago dickhole its the fuckin record company that controls the release date so shut your fat faggy face

  • tha bizness

    I was really hopin' that CRS album would happen...guess that's not the case. That All-City Chess Club sounds pretty ill tho, and Lasers should be madd dope so i guess it's whatever.

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  • MacTav

    I am moist for this album

  • Blackmamba24

    Okay wtf HipHopDX did a terrible reporting job. Here is the interview, he doesn't say by the end of summer the interviewer said we'll have the ENTIRE album BY summer right? And Lupe just says yes.

  • Blackmamba24

    While I'm just as upset as the rest of you regarding both of these developments it isn't all in Lupe's hands so idk why you're hating on him. The album release date is up to Atlantic, not Lu. First they said December, then they said Spring, wtf. But this doesn't necessarily mean it will drop at the end of summer, it just means that it might take that long. This is the same record label that held off on Saigon's album for a long ass time though so hopefully this doesn't turn into that... and as far as CRS goes, remember the news a while back that said Lupe and Pharrell were working together but Kanye was no where to be found? I think that CRS isn't happening because Kanye is no longer involved in it.

  • 1neinspiredblkman

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  • Ekaterina Ivanova

    End of summer? I'm shocked ... Hopefully I'll wait ...

  • MightyMike27

    WTF LUPE! End of The Summer? wow.. I'm already losing interest in that shyt.. The new vid for "Im Beaming" just came out but the album isn't gonna be out for about 4 months? WTF LUPE? Wak ass fucking record label.. fuck..

  • I_Am_Beast

    Right, so no CRS album yet you'll do this All-Shitty Chest Club trash. The only dudes that are worth a shit on that ACCC roster are Lupe & Blu, the rest suck nuts.

  • Up North

    Great news. You have informed us of literally.....nothing.

  • Megan fox lover

    What a summer its gonna be for hip hop fans!! Em Kanye Drake Jeezy Lupe Dre?? Jay z?? +the tsunami of wackness,mixtapes and the occasional summer beef

  • D.D.410wutup

    Man.. This is one helluva year for hip hop.. Still waitin' Lupe..

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