Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" Breaks Digital Download Record

The David Guetta-produced E.N.D. hit pushed the Peas past Flo Rida's previous milestone, giving them two of the Top 5 downloads, ever.

Last week, the Los Angeles Hip Hop/Electro Pop collective The Black Eyed Peas broke the digital sales record of a single with their 2009-2010 hit "I Gotta Feeling." The song, produced by David Guetta, appeared on the group's double-platinum Interscope Records album The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies).

According to Nielsen courtesy of Billboard, the veteran outfit surpassed Flo Rida's "Low" late last month, when "I Gotta Feeling" cleared 5,560,000 downloads, inching out the Sunshine State rapper by a present margin close to 20,000.

The Peas' have a second track, also from The E.N.D., that is presently among the all time Top 5 most digitally downloaded song purchases: "Boom Boom Pow." The research conducted is based on from 2003-to-present, when Nielsen began tracking iTunes sales.



  • Domantas Greicius

    hi how i can downloand this nice song and i like this group and this song


    What amazes me is that their album is past 2.4 million and they're still moving units at the rate of 35K a week! In this climate! I wish white people knew how to download music.

  • Joey Scarfo

    hey manny, problems joke apparently went right over your head.. but prob is right. the first album was classic. the 2nd was good enough. the peas sold out, but the older i get the more i understand it. I just lost my job, with my production I've worked with elzhi, guilty simpson and 9th wonder called me for beats 2 weeks ago. through all of those wonderful connects, i have 9 cents in my account right now. If i had the opportunity to "sell out" and get thousands for my beats and make millions more on residuals like i certainly would. and i would still do hip hop beats too. after bridging the gap album was released, the peas weren't going to be allowed to do another album. So they grabbed the slore, fergie and the whole world loved em. Man you only live once.. get the money make the moves..

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  • problemz327

    I heard Will I Am celebrated by buying some ostrich knee high boots with 6 inch heels some mandex tights and a fuchsia turtle neck with rhinestones on he went from doing joints with primo to that commercial bullshit is beyond me...oh yeah fergie has anew fragrance called penicillin by fergie...umm..yeah..she's a slore...

  • ost

    yeah, i gotta feeling they all eat as much dik as fergie.

  • svr

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  • that dude manny

    Don't hate congratulate ...even tho be dick riding Obama ahaha

  • rambo yo

    You hating ass little bitches are some fags... I would honestly rather listen to the B.E.P.'s then the garbage ass rappers that are out right now... At least their shit is fun and not about swag and patron or some garbage ass dance... The shit is catchy and its cool... Its not some little faggot trying to be hard and making gangsta music knowing damn well their a coward in real life... I'd rather the Black Eyed Peas than some trash ass rapper with garbage ass fake ass raps about nothing... So in a nutshell I'd rather them than 90% of hip hop now... Dumb fucks call the garbage ass shit that's out right now hip hop but the peas aren't??? C'mon son shut the fuck up... So trash ass Yo Gotti is more hiphop than the peas??? Hip hop fans are dumbasses this is why the genre sucks now

  • I'm at work and bored

    Congrats BEP. You guys are the biggest sell outs in history of hip hop. u guys make PM Dawn look a like Eric B and Rakim.

  • Rachael5922

    Will.I.AM used to work for the same label the late Eric Wright worked for so i believe that may be the logic behind posting BEP news. Is there a clear definition for hip hop and pop anymore? I don't think so, one may consider "pants on the ground" a form of hip hop but yet it was immediately embraced by a pop culture. One doesn't know when popularity is going to strike.

  • realtalkhiphop

    the single sold more than their wack album!

  • bEP are wahck ass fuck!

    Jimmy getting all the money BEP are whack!!!

  • ASEE

    I agree with the others on here. B.E.P. stopped being hip hop a long time ago--which is cool, whatever--it's just that calling this shit hip hop has some negative consequences for the culture. I mean, if this is how "hip hop" has to sound to be successful, think about all the frustrated young emcees out there trying to make it. Who you think they're gonna emulate if they're strapped for cash? If this is the shit being played day and night on Hot 97, what about the radio time going to Little Brother or that latest Q-Tip album ('The Renaissance') that was WAYYYY slept on and had beats and rhymes just as catchy and club-worthy as any B.E.P. record.

  • icu ucme

    It's on DX because it's a milestone by a group that "USED TO BE CONSIDERED HIP-HOP". But I they were/are complete & utter bullshit.


    so you know what that mean right?

  • caligreen805

    wtf?! and we should care why?

    • Fishscale

      Ha! Yeah, the Black Eyed Peas, or as I like to call them The Black Eyed Uncle Faggots are running shit at DX right now. HipHopDX loves to just rub everyone the wrong way with there bullshit sales reports and endless news about groups like this.

    • HHFAN

      You should care homie! B.E.P. is the realest out! Well, according to all these N*ggaz that come on here every week talking about sale=better artist anyway.

  • Mr_Maja

    Black Eyed Peas keep making your money doing your thing but could HHDX please stop updating us about Pop news?


    shit i thought i was on a hip hop site must have accidentally clicked on "gay news no one cares about"

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