DX News Bits: Guru Tributes, Havoc Produces Eminem

Jeru the Damaja and others pay tribute to Guru at a show in Brooklyn while Havoc speaks on his work with Eminem.

The Heavy Sound at Warsaw in Williamsburg, Brooklyn gave the stage to Ghostface, Brand Nubian, Group Home, and Jeru Da Damaja the but it was also a great evening for fans of Guru. After the emcee's recent passing, many of the acts that took the stage spoke on the Gang Starr emcee and the events surrounding his tragic death.

At one point in the evening, Brand Nubian members spoke on Guru's associate saying “Fuck Solar.”

Jeru shared his thoughts on the whole situation with XXL.

“Guru is responsible for saving my life,” he said. “If it wasn’t for him I’d probably still be in the street. I get thousands of dollars a night to travel the world and have fun and do something I love, and I’ve been doing it for years. The Gang Starr legacy is gonna live on because I’m here, Premier is here, [Group Home's] Dap is here. And every time I get on the stage, whether somebody know it or they don’t know it, Guru is up in there. Always.”

In other news, Mobb Deep's Havoc recently spoke about having a beat placed on the new Eminem project, Recovery.

“I been trying to get placement on an Eminem project for the past two years with no success at doing it ’cause you know they pretty picky over there and rightfully so,” he said. “So I almost landed a placement on [Relapse] but for whatever reason it didn’t happen. I was never mad, but my philosophy was keep hitting them ’til something [stuck],” he told XXL

The Havoc and Magnedo7 produced track will be on the album, one that is set to drop June 22 along with production from DJ Khalil, Just Blaze and Boi-1da.


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  • researchhh

    i think from this day forward every hip hop album should have FUCK SOLAR written in the inlay booklet of the cd.........nice to see havoc on the production credits for recorery,i hope alchemist does a track on it too!! R.I.P GURU FREE PRODIGY and.........FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!!!! 1


    Rest in Perfection Guru! Ok, i'm not a fan of how Solar 'allegedly' doctored that letter or, as many niggas believe, wrote it himself. But what if y'all are wrong? The reason alot of people believe that it was a farce is because Dj Premier said he was in good terms with Guru, but we don't even know if its true. Anybody can make claims now, coz Guru's not around. I just hate how niggas percieve information and don't even bother to look at it from more angles. Hiphop should leave Solar alone, even if he's wrong, how does all this criticism help or make things better?

  • big braveheart

    Total respect to everybody that came out to perform for Guru and pay their respects, Jeru definitely a dope m.c. and overlooked nowadays. I saw him with Gang Starr in Glasgow 15 years ago and was blown away by an amazing concert that i'll never forget! Fuck solar!!!! We will all miss Guru, RIP.

  • GangStarr 4Life


  • Articulate1

    That's proper...Jeru is probably the most underappreciated rapper of all time, it would be so ill if the whole Gang Starr Foundation could mend their differences and do a Premo produced track or album.

    • Bauce

      Forreal. Jeru disappeared after his falling off with Primo. I guess he was able to put things aside after Gurus death

  • Christian2424

    YO.....Jeru Da Damaja is tha SHITTTT. One of the most UNDERATED artists of all time in Hip Hop. This dude have made skillz. Man, I wish he would put out another album....the time has come! Seen him in Toronto a few times and it was amazing! """Cant stooop, cause we, dropping some shit"....Come Clean!!!

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