Jay Electronica Talks 'Ghost Of Christopher Wallace' Track

Jay Electronica delves into his latest track, which features none other than Diddy.

It's no secret where Jay Electronica got the inspiration for his latest track, "The Ghost of Christopher Wallace."

Featuring Biggie's most famous collaborator, Diddy, doing ad-libs on the track, Jay Electronica spoke about the track to Shade 45 morning host Angela Yee on Friday (April 30). "I like a lot of the music that's out [now], but I don't get excited like I used to get about rap music," he explained. "More often than not when I click on new music and it feels good and I like it, it can be good, it can be great, but I don't necessarily get that feeling I used to get. I just think when Big was around, that time period when people used to rhyme, it was more than just the rhyme and the skill, it was the spirit of the person that you could tap in to. I really wanted to invoke that energy."

"Ayo, Big, we see you. Can you hear us, Big? Can you hear us, man?...the game done got fucked up, somewhere. Niggas started talking about nothing," says Diddy on the track, where he speaks at the tail-end for over three minutes.

According to Jay Electronica's manager, the song is as of now unfinished. You can listen to it here.


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  • Billyro

    Everybody just shut the fuck up sit back and enjoy the ride. yall all sound like a bunch of bitches, complaining and placing blame when half of yall are supporting corny rap sitting home wearing skinny jeans in shit like that and things of that nature.

  • Seppuku1111

    swordz you dont know shit..Puffy is the man who started Hip Hop's demise with that shiny suit bullshit. What else was he involved with that was dope besides the Lox and B.I.G? Da Band? Mase? Lil Kim? your a loser

  • byt

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    Ha Ha, Diddy is saying dudes in rap are talking about nothing. Really Diddy? what was Press Play about, I missed the message in that. and just about everything else he rhymed on. PLEASE! CHUCK D FOR PRESIDENT!


    Yeah, Jay may be worth the hype, and I don't blame him for getting down with Puffy, its obviously a move to better his career. I'm just not a fan of how Puff has jeopardized hiphop, he's always with someone ONLY when they're hot.

  • doubl negative

    The few Jay Electronic tracks I've heard have all been ace, so here's hoping the LP will feature more dope ish. I'm suspicious about Puff's involment though. Half of Biggie's Life After Death album was ruined because of Puffy's tampering, but to give him his dues, Who Shot Ya is still a classic, even with the Puff ad-libs. Hopefully this new colab will be in that vein, and not the corny, radio-friendly bullshit Puff is usually associated with.

  • G.R.E.A.T. SCOTT

    I feel that Jay was probably forced to do this for the sake of boosting his career. The good thing is that the song is still dope. The bad thing? How can Puffy , who damn near single handedly ruined traditional Hip Hop, berate anyone for 3 minutes about how the game is fucked up now? Click the G.R.E.A.T. SCOTT link.

    • Swordz

      Nope. Jay did this because he - like Game - has mad respect for people that birthed the game. Puffy = Hiphop.

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  • cloudyinc.

    lol why is P.Diddy still making music? stick to making cologne you douche. stop raping biggies name

  • Bauce

    "Ayo, Big, we see you. Can you hear us, Big? Can you hear us, man?...the game done got fucked up, somewhere. Niggas started talking about nothing," Aint this the nigga that collabed with waka fuckin lame?

    • Bauce

      I think we have a misunderstanding. I meant DIddy. Who's all on his BIG shit here but co-signs wack rappers. I love Jay Elect and am happy Diddy works with him

    • l33ch

      why would his intellect collab with waka flacka? did you not hear his 'song dispersed over the internet' compared to waka flaka? cmon man, that's lyrical suicide...but you're gonna dis me because his 'MUSIC' is hot compared to WHAT Jay Elect is saying? *biggie voice: unbelievable!, biggie smalls is the illest!!"

  • thizzle dance

    "the game done got fucked up, somewhere. Niggas started talking about nothing" you know somethin aint right when Diddy is telling you you're talking about nothing lol it's getting better tho. 2010 looks real crazy

    • l33ch

      oh yeah...i just did PART of your homework in dropping these names which you MAY have heard but didn't peep closely....do your homework on the other parts, and congrats to those who TRULY delve into it....you won't be denied/dismayed/disatisfied/disillusioned/disrupted/distraught as to WHERE and HOW hiphop begain (no i can't go into REAL old school with krush groove/melly mel and furious five, funky four plus one, etc...!!!! yeah i went there!!)

    • l33ch

      2010, well, better part of 2009 changes when Wu-Tang resurfaced, as well as some well-known rappers from the late 80s/into 90s and beyond began resurfacing...that's a huge sign there that niggas are waking up to represent, and stopping all that weak music (yes music made to bump in parties) that is 'claimed' to be called rap/hiphop... remember when slick rick came out with 'behind bars', kwame with 'the rhythm' , das efx, tribe (at their height), black sheep, geto boys, funkdoobius, kurious george, chino xl, ras kass, mc eiht (he's coming back!!), pharcyde (first album is CLASSIC), BONE..you feel me? I'm picking artists/groups from ALL over the states that represented, yeah some were underground, so yeah i've been peeping for a long time... you can't deny THAT music...oh, go oldschool? BDK (big daddy kane), kool g rap, krs-1/bdp, PE, ice-t (yes i was feeling copkiller!) stetasonic, RUN DMC, special ed, of course NWA, oh, and some of them were late 80's/early 90s before we heard the REAL golden age of hiphop/rap: nas/biggie/pac/wu-tang/duckdown-bcc-ogc (lol, too much to represent)... cypress hill/mobb deep, digable planets, tribe, black sheep (stop playing if you weren't feeling them!!)...i can go on my nigs...just WAY too much influence that we got reduced to WHAT we hearing now??? stop with the drake/j cole/wale/nipsy dickriding... you KNOW they can't get close to what we USE to listen to...it's just that people want to hear this dumb-down shit to please the masses...i'm listening, people!!!!

  • cp3nando

    I like how a new orleans nigga got new york on his back!

    • allyfe

      i feel like real rap has taken a back seat to commercialism and its been this way for years the artist that truly spit never get recognized. its really only a couple cats that truly have that it factor its good music out there, but the machine plays the ignorence wit no substance and inturn have created a generation with no value and no sense of skill. I think now everybody thinks they can MC.

  • JourneyBrave

    Big shouts to Jay Electronica and Quincey Tones for creating a great tribute to B.I.G. Consider this a tribute to a tribute. I did this to reinforce the reality that Hip-Hop is alive, music is just so manufactured and processed that it's hard to find that organic sound . It seems like you need a big powerful machine to be heard. Thanks again to Jay Electronica for staying true to the art and giving emcees like me hope. Check it out, I promise I won't disappoint " The Ghost of Christopher Wallace pt.2" http://twiturm.com/0uxbs

  • Ceazar

    and at Guru funeral the ladies throwing roses and the niggaz throwing money stacks, cuz remember hiphop's dead.

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