Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 4/25/2010

Cypress Hill gets a Top 20 debut, Kurupt, Devin The Dude and Little Brother bumrush the charts, while Usher gets gold.

The top of the charts this past week were not in much favor of Hip Hop. As the Glee cast and Justin Beiber dominate scans, urban music's biggest stars of the week where veterans Usher  and Monica. The former's Raymond v. Raymond crossed the gold benchmark, and proves to be yet another success for the former teen sensation. He was the only Top 10 urban appearance this week. The latter Still Standing heads towards 400,000.

After several weeks removed from the top of the charts, The Black Eyed Peas return with their The E.N.D., which soon will celebrate its one-year birthday. Ludacris was a place behind with Battle of the Sexes, which is a thousand units behind Monica in attempting to reach gold.

Cypress Hill's first group album in six years, Rise Up garnered a Top 20 debut. Released on the Snoop Dogg-cosigned Priority Records/EMI, the Los Angeles veteran trio has an album that features appearances and production from Pete Rock, Evidence, Alchemist, Everlast, Tom Morello and Pitbull. The warmly-received album revives the group after Sen Dog nearly died due to a heart attack two years ago.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
5 Usher Raymond v. Raymond 52,000 538,000
15 Monica Still Standing
23,000 357,000
16 Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. 21,000 2,456,000
17 Ludacris Battle of the Sexes 21,000 356,000
19 Cypress Hill Rise Up 18,000 18,000

Gucci Mane
's retail mixtape, Burrrprint [2] HD cleared another 8,000 units. The DJ Holiday-hosted, Brick Squad 1017 release made a Top 20 debut last week, and features Nicki Minaj, Yo Gotti, Rocko and OJ Da Juiceman.

Devin The Dude's first album with E1 Entertainment, Suite #420, debuted with 6,000 units sold. The HipHopDX-acclaimed release features various members of Devin's Odd Squad and Coughee Brothaz, as well as some production from longtime Rap-A-Lot Records-era collaborator Mike Dean.

Wu-Tang Clan member trio Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Raekwon's Wu-Massacre fell out of the Top 100 last week. The critically-praised collaboration was released on the Def Jam imprint, and boasts production from Scram Jones and RZA.

There were two additional debut chart appearances. Little Brother's farewell album LeftBack scanned over 4,500 total units. This is Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh's first release without ABB Records' involvement, after three celebrated albums. Instead, this album, which features Torae, Khrysis and Young RJ, was released on the Justus League's own Hall of Justus imprint. The group also announced select tour dates before the final "curtain call," and both pursue solo careers and other group interests.

Dogg Pound emcee Kurupt also cracked the charts. Young Gotti's album, Street Lights, largely produced by Snoop Dogg protege Terrace Martin hit the charts. The Universal Fontana release also has work from Pete Rock and Lil Jon.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
58 Gucci Mane Burrrprint [2] HD
8,600 28,000
85 Devin The Dude Suite #420
6,100 6,200
110 Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon Wu Massacre 4,900 60,000
128 Little Brother LeftBack 4,400 4,600
183 Kurupt Street Lights
2,900 2,900

Will B.o.B.'s The Adventures of Bobby Ray receive a Top 10 debut, and restore Atlantic Records' ear for young Rap talent? Stay tuned for next week on DX...



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  • leenuz

    This is some fucked up shit. I think that real hiphop is dead looking at the sales.

  • bigd74

    poor album sells dont mean sh%t to a true huslter. music is free right now. how else do you explain selling less than 50k and having no videos and making better than a million a year doing shows. better ask the down south rappers about it(yo gotti, boosie, webbie, 8ball&mjg etc)


    these stupid asses below live in some strange reality that doesn't exist. I can't help my self ya assholes really think 50 should of gone diamond( U2, Rolling Stones, and Garth Brooks combined don't go diamond anymore). Well Game has a bigger buzz right now then 50 has had in 3 years. A lot of people will be buying the RED album that is basically facts not opinions. you guys are a bunch of jokes.

  • YA YA A

    WORD TO ALL THE BITCHES ON THIS SITE, ima call all u faggots out yea 50 is the best, his album aint sellin well cause they fuked up the production of the cd's so they made 10% of the amount they were meant to, thats y my man was meant to go diamond by now still holla back and fuck game he a lame ima call ross out too if ross beefin 50 he gotta beef me hold tite in the west detox coming in the next century haha em is the illest, weezy sucks birdmans

    • The Known Unknown

      50 aint sellin cuz noone wants to hear that same ol vibe, his hunger is lost just about dollarz now, Let's be real 50 sold Buku however is never mentioned even in anyone's top nothing LOL and this is the best in the game YEAH RIGHT dude is alright, but never will be an elite MC, ask Jada Hahahaha, he don't want them problems, and Ross smashed him fuck that C.O shit 50 past aint flwless either, ask "Supreme" lol, yall some stright dummies 50 cent groupies dude would shit on yall on site trust me Nas is the illist and Jay still got game on lock, can't leave out Wayne i know it hurts yall but noone has a greater buzz past 5-years than Weezy, and whether you like it or not dude aint goin nowwhere, T.I. up next , can't forget Jeezy south too hot, fuck the Detox.... the world will end before it even drops

    • BWS-Fish

      HELP 50 GO GOLD!!! hahahaha, fuckin loser, g-unot is over. and please, no one start all this "hater" bullshit, because its literally just 50 and his g-unot bitches i dislike. He conducts himself like a faggot and has done for around 5 years now - tapes phone calls, takes peoples EX-girls out shopping - how is this someone to be respected??? its cuz he duznt hav the talent or skill to go after people lyrically. Its Game time, simple as that. Thats poor numbers from Kurupt, thought he wud do better than that.

    • YA YA A


    • g status 4 life, i need a wifey thou

      my man speak the truth real talk yo ima call every1 out too apart from u cause u speak the truth

  • HM

    Shyne really needs to be around some people so he could get his flow back. Nas could help him alot. Check out that Devin The Dude album, and stop hating!

  • MikeDub469

    If u a true smoker, Support my ni99a Devin The Dude. Luda shit burnin slow...Thats only good when u smokin...Support my ni99a Luda y'all!!! He one of the best doin it. Oh yeah and whether u like it or not i'ma say it...FREE WEEZY!!!


    I finally realized how B.E.P. is still selling! A (girl)friend (who doesn't like Hip Hop) was looking through my iPad and asked me why I didn't have any Black Eyed Peas. Then it hit me- it's Rap Music for people who hate Rap Music.

    • Hill

      It's hip hop music for people who still purchase music. There is no denying they have had big pop singles on this album.

    • C-ARSON

      ding ding ding! We have a winner! Tell'em what he won! Well He wins a brand new black eyed peas cd!

  • LilWayne@rikersisland.com

    shiii f up niggaz stay on yo grizzy na'mean. knowledge is power

  • kjns

    I thought Cypress would at least do 25-30,000. wow. 18,000 is pretty bad. they were away too long. a lot changed since 2004, and their last album barely sold 220,000.

  • lankaistai

    first and foremost,alot of these record label executives must be fired like L.A Reid and Jimmy Iovine, they are not doing hiphop any good service, bring in record execs who respect the culture and have good taste,look at how Justin b's album is being pushed while the wu massacre album is tanking

    • Hill

      If i was a record executive i'd probably push Justin B's album harder then Wu Massacre just based on the sales from the last few Wu Tang albums. Let's be real, all fans do when a Wu album comes out is bitch about the production and how much each mc is on the mic. Most don't even buy the album. The crew does not tour consistantly. They won't sell more with a video. Justin B's fans base buys albums. I don't like the music but we need to support hip hop if we want it to sell.

  • Vijen

    What happend to Rakim's seventh seal.

  • Christian2424

    JESUS CHRIST.....That Kurupt album is pretty sick....and motherfucka only sold 2800 albums......what the hell is going on? I mean...Kurupt better than the 120 people above him...maybe Kurupt need to diss that fake ass Degrassi mothafucka DRAKE....DRAKE THE FAKE..........Kurupt need to create some drama for himself and take this fucker down...what else he got to lose? It would only help him...who cares who he pisses off.....launch himself in the limelight and sell more records...he deserves it.....DRAKE THE FAKE....LOOK LIKE VANILLA CAKE......GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE.......AND WAKE.....THE FUCK UP......LOL

  • JFFD

    Pick up that Little Brother, Murs & 9th Wonder and if you stil haven't picked up that Fashawn "Boy Meets World" prod. entirely by EXILE. go do so. It is on some pure hip hop shit.


    blackeyed peas got the secret weapon, lol... leat the charts tell it. i think em is gonna go a mill his first week, especially if he keep dropping shit like despicable.. a lot of ppl are dropping this year doe, so we'll see. ye coming out, so dont forget about dat nigga. cole, drizzy, slaughterhouse, ti, sum other cats... anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • Superman227

    Yo Shyne Po will be pushing bout a Milli first week baby!!

  • Tookie tha Don

    Hip Hop season just started. Even with the low album sales independent artists can make like $8 an album and do better than the rest of us corporate plantation slaves. If y'all want this thing called Hip Hop to stay relevant make sure you buy BOB,Little Brother, Nas, and Rhymefest in the coming weeks. If you don't I hope you get sentenced to the state pen and eat cock meat sandwiches for the rest of your life


      hell yeah, keep real hip hop alive. distant relatives shit should be a classic, and b.o.b is on point... little brother always.. lol.. and im from da chi, but i dont really fux wit rhymefest, but im rooting for em.. nevertheless, aint none of these cats making money from record sales unless they go at least a mill wit it. none of the top dawgs, like jay, fifty, ye- get their money from record sales. its all individual businesses and concerts CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • ShortFuse_BKS1Radio


  • nastynas4life

    Hip-Hop is Dead...thanks to 14 year old white girls and 13-15 year old white boys that listen to Justin biebur and Beyonce...lol.

  • Drucifer1983

    These record sales also count Itunes sales too, which shows how bad things are Sad, I grew up wanting to be in music, thank god I didnt go for it, shits sad, we'll be seeing our favorite rappers working part time gigs at Mcdonalds to make the mortgae soon lol, I can see Em and Jay sitting in a bar giving toasts talking bout " thank god we came out when there was still money in this shit" only way a rapper can make money now is to tour all the time, and who the hell would wanna do that, especially when you got a family and shit.......


      concurred! and jay got hell of businesses. thats why he makes so much money. he got so many business ventures, probably even more than records... CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

    • DY2330

      change thats how hiphop is goin to stay around see even though the hardcore gang shit is catchy its getting old same with the m.c.h. (money cars and hoes) subject matter if hiphop needs to stay it needs change and i think it goin the right way with B.o.B and kid cudi. artists are realizing this too such as game and 50 but as fans we are seeing that shit as failing and there not succedding at it. past year other artist also tried change such as wayne (rebirth) kanye (808) and now 50 with black magic. so to sum it up we need new subject matter

    • Rezsurfer

      what yall talking bout shit man i buy cds still aint a teen, shit you got a job go buy it man. if u a adult take your asses down and buy shit. cant sit there and say i wont buy it. I will my collections is crazy and im proud to still be buying cds. fuck itunes purchases.

    • Elweezy50

      Tech N9ne thats who.... which is why hes turning this F'd Up industry upside down.. the only ppl buyin cds now adays are kids... its sickening listening to 12 year olds on Modern Warfare rapping Lil Wayne. what happened to real hip-hop... support your artist, this is what they do for a living. Go out and Buy Automatic by Cognito! youtube his songs, Hip-Hop ft B-Legit and Tech N9ne will explain everything you need to know about whats wrong with hip-hop these days.

  • tek

    guys guess what i am never buying an album!!


      still CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • phillygirl215

    Who is still buying black eye peas albums, and more importantly why?


      lol, white people and because they love to dance. anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • kay29000

    All the rap albums on the chart are not doing good numbers, except luda's album. This not really looking good for rap, i think nas, drake and game would change that in a couple of weeks....i hope so though.


      yeah, em, nas, j cole, drizzy, b.o.b, should have some good numbers. especially em. his shit finna go stupid.. anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

    • Ummmmm

      You forgot about eminem

  • jbsd

    your a fucking idiot vvvvv

  • flocka !

    i bought tha carter3 rebirth and we are young money andi plan on buying king uncaged just thought ill share that

  • crazypee81

    ummmmmm who is still buying black eye peas album and why are they still buying it? I mean the music is ok if u like them but jeez 2.5mil after a year and still selling. I guess yall rappers need a team up with a white girl to actually sell some records.

  • crazypee81

    ummmmmm who is still buying black eye peas album and why are they still buying it? I mean the music is ok if u like them but jeez 2.5mil after a year and still selling. I guess yall rappers need a team up with a white girl to actually sell some records.

    • sun_god7

      @CRAZYPEE81 - that's what I was thinking. wtf?!? In terms of Hip-POP music - they are the real blueprint cuz they sell to the entire amerikkkan demographic. I mean, its not just hiphop anymore to judge them against. If they don't get 3 mil - watch them get closer. Another single that sounds like the last 5 joints from them is enough for the masses to keep buying.

  • ema-g

    get da hit single "the life i kno" f.a.c.e ft joel ortiz on itunes.com amazon.com go get yur copy 2dayyyy!!!!!

  • c xweez

    Devin shit is dope!!! Now waitin on Distant Relatives

  • Its Um

    b.o.b might hit 50k the 1st week, the single isn't his best he has.

  • hip hop is indeed dead

    18k sold and u get number 19 on the charts

  • miller23mm

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  • Zion You

    I bought Devin. Gonna buy Little Brother, maybe Cypress Hill. Still need Wu Massacre too. WE GOTTA RALLY FOR OUR ARTISTS YALL.

  • RomaPgh

    Damn... black eyed peas still selling a ton. Steps to having a successful rap career: step 1: change your hip hop music to pop music that's enjoyable for 14 year old girls step 2: profit

  • Ceazar

    Nor send word 2 every immirigant in Arizona they can move 2 GA and seek refuge from the powers that be, Macon, ga is the best place 2 move 2, get a Dual Citizenship, thats case is illegal but he's trying 2 get sum publicity for an election but they have 2 fill out a Census form.


    thats suite #420 on slice i like 11 out of 15 tracks its worth the buy no bootleg. still got to get that gucci do you

  • Jay_Dilla92

    pain is running throug me when I see this. Just embarrassing...

  • kush nap

    fucked up. cypress couldnt even break 20k. where the fuckin cypress fans at? i copped it, yall lames spinning the bootleg should be ashamed of yourselves. hip hop industry in really bad shape. these artists cant get kids to cop the albums. dont yall want somethin in your hands? mp3 niggas make me sick. yall got it all fucked up. goin to the record store is always gonna more satisfying then a download, at least for the real music lovers. these emcees gotta wake up the buying public, the older crowd still buying records.

    • SmokinAces

      Nigga shut up and come into the year 2010! CD's are gonna be extinct sooner than you know it and you're gonna be like the people that still had 8 tracks when cd's came out. It's a new day, things change. That's how this thing we call life works.

    • zzsdfds

      except ripped versions such as group rips and EAC(if u no what that is) is actually almost the same as cd quality, only about 2-5% off in sound quality. and FLAC rips are exact cd quality, so why buy? ahahhahaha but yea niggaz should be buying cypress instead of black eyes peas and drake n yung money and shit

    • kurtousy

      I actually buy the CD's of artists that I'm really into, but I never open them.... I bump what I download and burn to cd because I can add bonus tracks the CD doesn't have...

    • kush nap

      i got an ipod. dont mean i dont want the official copy crankin in the car. older heads actually want to listen to music in optimum sound quality, kids these days dont give a fuck. they download a rip of a rip and its on to the next one. fast food nation. yall grew up on burned CD's that sound like shit. standards keep dropping. kids are retarded. "i dont buy music, i have an ipod". beyond stupid.


      Cypress should be dead after ice cube dissed but hey w/e u say

    • ....

      *cough* We'd rather listen to music on our Ipods then a 10 year old cassete player *oops* i meant CD player.

  • INOA

    Wow, you know the music industry is in bad shape, when 18,000 copies your first week put you in the 19th spot in the charts. And what the fuck is Burrrprint 3? These country faggots need to get banned from making rap music.

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