DX News Bits: Wiz Khalifa, Declaime

The Pittsburgh emcee says he's done recent album work with producer Jim Jonsin, and Declaime is set to release his latest album next week.

With the release of his much-anticipated mixtape Kush & Orange Juice gaining a large wave of approval from fans a few weeks back, rapper Wiz Khalifa has proven he is an artist worthy of all the praise coming from major Hip Hop websites and magazines.

In an interview with Complex.com, the Pittsburgh-native talked about his recent work with super producer Jim Jonsin, as well as his unlikely open friendship with his mom.

While Wiz Khalifa prefers to work with his in-house crew of producers, he recently linked up Jim Jonsin in Miami to lay down a handful of possible tracks for his new album. “With Jim, he don’t really like smoke. He doesn’t mind smokers but he doesn’t like the smell. So like every five minutes I’d have to go away. I got to smoke by the pool and the hot tub. We was in Miami on a resort type thing, me and my homies, so we drinking Bombay and lemonade, coolin’. Working with Jim was great. I got like six songs done with him.”

Not one to hide his glazed eyes and overtly relaxed smile, the Pittsburgh emcee claims he started smoking marijuana in his early teens. However, when he got caught by his mom, the end results didn’t play out like you would expect. “I got in trouble for it and I thought weed was bad for a minute, but then I started smoking everyday! So when I was like 15 she found out. She wasn’t mad about it. She was just like, “If you gonna be smokin’ give me some, nigga [laughs]!” Asked if he’s ever smoked with his mom before, Khalifa confessed, “I will get my ass beat if I don’t smoke with her [laughs].”

You can read the full interview here.

In other news, Declaime (aka Dudley Perkins) will be releasing his most recent album FONK on May 4.

With a collaborative project already released this year with Georgia Anne Muldrow called SomeOthaShip, Declaime’s latest work features full production assistance from Quazedelic, a straight disciple of funk legend George Clinton. Bringing a west coast funk-feel to match his unorthodox lyrical rhyme scheme, Declaime explained, “I made the music with a simpler context, this way my message of positivity can now reach a wider audience.”

Declaime’s FONK will be released through his and Muldrow’s own label SomeOthaShip Connect.


  • canomad

    yo wiz u remember when you got ur chain snatched in BF n u caught a beat down???? whats good playboi???

  • yahoo2u

    declaime last true mc...they just dont know.

  • durr

    everyone whos hatin on wiz needs to listen to all his music before u judge him and who gives a fuck about the thing with his brother how does that change him as a rapper dumb fucks obviously hes getting recognized who gives a shit about the haters haaaaa 412 all day

  • l713v

    WIZ is that dude! Kush n oJ ho! hahaah

  • kush nap

    wiz is fucking trash. and hes a suspect nigga. what kinda nigga buys his brother a sex change? a fag nigga, thats who. son is garbage lyrically, trynna for the pothead angle, but its been done better a million times. kids jocking this lame, kill yourself. run of the mill, average, bullshit. and this nigga look malnourished, put the blunt down and get some food in your stomach bones. album aint even drop yet, but its flopping. hes here now, hell be gone later.

    • Gray-V

      nigga lke u know wat the fuck wiz khalifa do...even if he did..that his family.personally i wouldnt do that shit but thats his brother so stop hatin..wiz is better than most mainstream fake niggas..yea he rap about joints and weed but thats wat he know..atlest he aint rappin bout robbin and killin like 90% of the fakes out there

    • kush nap

      eat some food, bones. missed the coma when i was dissin your boy. wiz is a lame, youve been gassing a lame cuz youre a lame. and he brought his brother a sex change. fact. his brother wanted a pussy, and wiz bought it for him. hes a good brother, and a weak emcee.

    • flonasbrotha

      wow... at least wiz has a million other fans to out-weigh your skewed, hating ass perspective. Bought his brother a sex change? Like you fuckin know.. and 'stomach bones'? really? Stomach bones? sounds like wiz upped you in the education category.. as well as the success and money making category as well... stupid hater keep to yourself with that negative trash. "He's already flopped"... tell that to Jim Jonsin you stupid fuck.. remember Jim Jonsin? the dude that made the two biggest smash hits of 2009, "Lollipop" and "Whatever You Like"... i've been following Wiz for years.. he's finally about to blow up and two bit fags like you tryna hold him back.. damn shame

  • aee

    ha ha ha (sarcastic voice). Smokin with moms is not really the business. I mean... I smoke too but these guys (currensy & wiz) seem to over do it. Dont get me wrong these are two emcees that I actually like out the new school, but they kinda over do it on the constant pot references without really making it creative. How much can you really get high? I dont need to smoke a ounce every two days, you might as well go to a stronger drug if your that hungry to stay high. At a certain point you just get sluggish and tired and the fun is gone.

  • Don Lopez

    haha tight i smoke with my moms too

  • csdew

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  • kingkenley

    lmfao smh dats a damn shame

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