DX News Bits: Rick Ross, Remy Ma, Distant Relatives

Rick Ross says he was the victim in lawsuit, Universal Music Group to be sued because of Remy Ma shooting, and police to protest at a festival featuring Damian Marley and Nas.

In a recent radio interview, rapper Rick Ross claims that he was the real victim in the $300,000 lawsuit filed against him by DJ Vlad.

"I ain't even fight," Ross explained to Atlanta radio personality Greg Street, reports SOHH.com. "I ain't even fight, I'm a victim like your momma always said. It's a beautiful thing though you know. It's New York, they try to sell you homie. They were trying to hit the boy for four of them big ones. It ain't work though. Had defense, had to fight the power."

DJ Vlad’s lawsuit stems from an incident that took place during the weekend of the Ozone Awards in 2008. DJ Vlad claims that he was beaten in an altercation that was set up by Rick Ross. Vlad was awarded the $300,000 last week.

As the DJ Vlad/Rick Ross lawsuit closes another lawsuit is on the verge of being renewed.

According to AllHipHop.com Makeda Barnes-Joseph, the woman who was shot by rapper Remy Ma, has renewed a lawsuit against the rapper’s label, Universal Music Group.

Joseph believes that the label encouraged Remy Ma’s violent ways by tolerating violence in her music. It is unclear how much money Joseph is seeking in her lawsuit.

In other Hip Hop news, police are expected to protest at SunFest, a festival in West Palm Beach that will feature performances from Nas and Damian Marley.

The officers will protest because of the city’s decision to eliminate pay raises and reduce benefits.

"The public thinks all we're doing is asking for raises," Lou Penque, a West Palm sergeant and union treasurer, explained to the Palm Beach Post. "We are more than willing to work with the city and they refuse to work with us.”

SunFest will take place from April 28-May 2.


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  • rensrock

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  • SmokeDaKush

    Gonna see Damian and Nas at the SummerJam in Germany dis summer; Nneka will be there 2, shit gonna be crazy and fuck dem pigz...

  • MalcolmLittle

    @ ImFromDaSouth 239/404 It ain't bein a C.O. that makes him fake, we all know how grimey them cats are. What makes him fake is how he was all "Nah nah nah that wasn't me, (in T.I. voice) someone digitally imposed my head on a C.O. body", then once the documents came out he finally came clean. What makes him fake is takin on the persona of another man, a man that's STILL LIVIN at that! And fam is gar-baj on the mic...only songs I've ever been able to even 1/2 way stomach were Push It to the Limit and that "biggest boss that you've seen thus far" shit...and even THOSE were mainly for the beats... http://realityreport-mlittle.blogspot.com "Read between the lines, and question EVERYTHING." -- MalcolmLittle

    • NatTurner

      Look at the difference between Ross ad Akon. Both got called out on fake historys. (see http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2008/0416081akon1.html ) Akon didn't deny it and kept on moving. Ross tried to get extra harder and go after anyone he felt was exposing him. Image is an illusion. I don't care if a rapper went to college (Plies, Ross, Ice Cube) or really weren't drug kingpins. Just make good music. The rap world is like WWE. Don't look behind the curtain if you wanna keep the illusion going. I still watch wrestling as a grown man, but enjoy it for a different reason, same way with gangsta rap.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Yeah MALCOLM, he should've just admitted to it when it came out and left it at that but he denied it which made him look bad, but it don't make him fake. If thats the case if a lie is what makes a nigga fake then come on my nigga, u know how many niggas would be considered fake? It don't matter what he lied about either, a lie is a lie right? I think it has alot to do with what WOLFMAN said..

    • wolfman

      Eminem did the same thing when his racial tape was exposed in the source. It took a couple days for him to come clean. Sometimes just happens so quick, people around you are influencing you...telling you what to do not fuck up your momentum. But they both came clean, and Officer Ross still has a rich flow.

    • Powernupe

      Co-sign 100%

  • dakingofdisshitfoo

    thas what im sayin, puttin food on the table puts food on the table, no matter what u gotta do, and he might have a nigga or two locked up...


    i need me somebody to sue thats the come up nowdays

  • nice...

    1 i used to hate rick ross cuz i thought he was an untalented fake fuck. now i downgraded the hate. his music is getting a little better, that triple c's album had a couple bangers on it. so now i don't hate him as much, now i see a vaguely talented fake fuck, if he makes a song i like i MIGHT download it. niggas are playin the game wrong vlad got his beat down and ran to the cops (insert ross was a cop joke here), real niggas don't do that tho. you take your beatin, lick your wounds and go back at'em. fuck vlad. 2 are lawsuits the new hot thing. broke muh fuckers filing lawsuits to come up, tell that broke, shot in the stomach bitch to get off it already. "toleratin violence in her music my ass' she's probably been listenin to same degenrate music she tryin to hit record company for and get paid. 3 them police need to find a different place to protest that shit. do that in front city hall or some shit and stop fuckin with niggas

    • wolfman

      Everything they rap about, as far as FLOSSING, should be true to their character. I don't get excited about hearing the same verses from every dude: "I'll peel your cap," "I'm the best nigga in the street," etc... There's no content behind that bravado. It's fluff bullshit. It's lame. Guys like Pac had real messages behind their words.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Agree with your last 2 points but not everything u said in the first one.. Rick Ross always been talented whether people see him as fake or not. Of course the fake comments stems from him being CO. Cause I would hope niggas don't believe everything these niggas rap about is true whether they was a co or not because most of it aint true no matter who it comn from. I don't think that shit make him fake though. Niggas just had a legit job, baby sittn niggas who got caught slipn. COs are one of the most crooked niggas w/a badge. How u niggas think alot of the dope and shit get in through them gates. Thats just keepn it 100..

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