Judge Dismisses Notorious B.I.G. Lawsuit Against Los Angeles

While Biggie's 1997 murder remains unsolved, the Wallace Family's eight-year-old lawsuit against the Los Angeles has been tossed out.

On Tuesday April 20, a federal judge dismissed the wrongful death suit filed by the family of The Notorious B.I.G. against the city of Los Angeles. In April of 2002, the family of Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace filed the suit against then LAPD Police Chief Bernard Parks on the grounds that the LAPD didn’t do enough to prevent the rapper’s death when he was gunned down in a 1997 drive-by shooting. After going to trial in 2005, the case ended in a mistrial after the LAPD was accused of withholding evidence. The city of Los Angeles was ordered to pay $1.1 million in sanctions.

The criminal investigation into the 1997 death of Wallace has yet to be solved and remains open.

“We run the risk of pursing a case against some people, and later finding out we went after the wrong people," Bradley Gage told the Los Angeles Times. Gage is one of six lawyers representing the Wallace family. “There is benefit to both sides in waiting on this case. Murder has no statute of limitations, so the criminal issues linger on.”

According to the Times, the civil lawsuit estimated the financial losses from the rapper's death could be as much as $500 million.



  • Iamsurprised

    500 million holy shit?

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  • X1Greater

    Many of you make good points, however there is a big difference between a few dirt cops and the LAPD being involved. Not that I like pork but, the ones that are not involved will protect the dirty. It’s called the thin blue line. But if your from the hood and you say don’t snitch your a bad citizen, Perspective is a mother.

  • DmIzE

    R.I.P Biggie, Pac, Guru, all the others......


    To serve And Neglect .... fuckin wackkk ass pigs was paid not to snitchh how the fuck u professionals who gone to school for years not know who the fuck killed da mann somme muther fuckin wackkkk ass shitt for reall if u ask me dre jay diddy and suge were all involved... mother fuckin bitchhh ass illuminati

  • __

    all police can suck my nut

  • D.D.410wutup

    and once again, justice is not served..

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  • >>>A>A>

    fuck the police. and especially LAPD


    "According to the Times, the civil lawsuit estimated the financial losses from the rapper's death could be as much as $500 million"----Get The F&*K outta here...

    • Dark8Knight

      what do you mean get the fuck out of here? You dont even realize how much money Biggie would of and could have made if he was still alive or if he even survived those bullets his album would have sold more then diamond so stop talking shit.

    • DmIzE

      think about it.. jay stepped right into the throne where biggie already was... big would be worth a half a bill were he alive....

  • I'm at work and bored

    Geeez, what a shocker

  • Gakaveli

    crooked cops , bastards

  • JSelby

    I've read damn near that entire Rolling Stone article investigating the murder from about '05, and it took me nearly an hour to read through. After reading it, it became clear that the entire thing was some fucked up cover up, and it became fairly clear that people from wtihin the LAPD were involved in some way.

    • MXL

      Right, and because of that, the criminal case is still open. The case this story speaks of tried to accuse the LAPD of not doing "enough to prevent the rapper’s death," which, to me, sounds retarded. The LAPD weren't BIG's bodyguards that night, were they? If the cops could prevent folks from getting shot, nobody would EVER get shot. Still, them fuckers are dirty. Hopefully the Wallace family still has a chance of winning the ongoing criminal investigation.

  • Don Lopez

    suga bear knight killed biggie and tupac.

    • Dark8Knight

      suge didnt kill tupac you fucking idiot who the fuck would want to be on the side of a hail of gunfire theres way more easier ways.

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