Kid Cudi Changes Album Title, Gets More Personal

UPDATE: Kid Cudi has done recent work with Kanye West and Cage for his new album.

After a few months floating around Cudder: The Revolution of Evolution as his sophomore disc title, Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi has now changed the name to Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager.

Taking to his blog, the G.O.O.D. Music artist explained what fans can expect on the new album. “[Man On The Moon II] is dark by nature and instead of bringing you into my dreams like my first album, I’m bringing you into my reality, good and bad. It will explain more of who I am as well as pushing the envelope musically.”

Cudi also stated he has scraped the collaborative theme of Cudder for a project that is more personal as he added, “A lot of you have read the news and think they know Cudi, got some slick shit to say amongst your peers or just flat out hate me but you haven’t the slightest clue of who I am. I will tell the story of Mr. Rager.”

Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager is tentatively scheduled for an August release, with expected features from Chip Tha Ripper and Ratatat.

UPDATE: Kid Cudi has taken to the studio recently for work on Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager with a little help from Cage and Kanye West.

With a quick statement on his official blog last Tuesday (May 4), Cudi said, “I was hangin’ with the homie Cage in the studio yesterday tweaking our record for [Man On The Moon II].” According to LA Weekly, the two rappers have been planning this collaboration record since last December.

In related Cudi news, veteran producer Jim Jonsin spoke to about some work he has done on the new album. Explaining that the two tracks are more rock-oriented, Jonsin said, “We did [a] record where we sampled a Duran Duran record. I haven’t heard back yet, but Kanye [West] and Kid Cudi supposedly did that in the studio together and killed it.”

Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager is still tentatively scheduled for a fall release.


  • N/A

    Wow!!!! So many People on here sound so dumb and uneducated it's not even funny. Like do some of y'all take time out to listen to real Artist that say real things? When it comes to Music, style, originality etc Kid Cudi is himself and you gotta respect him for that. I don't know about y'all but I grew up with 80's - 90's Hip Hop and I like a real and honest Emcee. When I buy a cd today I don't wanna hear how many Guns you pop, how much Money you got, How fly your Ice is or how much your Rimz cost etc it's WACK and played out. Go peep "Man on the Moon" the first album and come tell me it's not a CLASSIC. From track one til the end you won't be touching that skip button once. A lot of the new School Cats to me aren't fresh but here are some cats that I do like Kid Cudi, Wale, Lupe, Kanye, The Cool Kids, Asher Roth, Whiz Khlaifa, B.O.B., Little Brother, Bigg Sean, Mickey Factz, PAC DIV, J Cole, SHAD, Chad Hamilton, Drake etc. Anyway much props to all the Kid Cudi Fans that know what time it is. Kid Cudi congrats on all your success keep doin your thing and let the HATERS keep hating. I bought both cd's and their both dope but If I had to choose one over the other I'd say the first Album is better but it's still worth pickin up the 2nd one too. Peace

  • mr.trh

    "FUCK GOING TO JAIL"-see the video on youtube or at


    kid cudi is a pussy straight up

    • B Johnson

      man u the type of idiot he talkin bout! wtf u kno bout cudi??? stupid fuck, he aint no pussy, dudes from cleveland, it aint pretty there... his music dark n deep cuz he a real artist that been thru real shit, u can tell if u really read into his shyt...

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  • James_408

    this is old news

  • c/gaddic

    Cudi's a dope artist,just not a good rapper His lyrical style and song structure is nothing of rap Stop calling him hiphop Man on the moon is dope this should be good too Cage is dope be sure to look out for that

  • Quinn Jones

    cudi is an artist you have to feel and get in tune with, i understand the ones saying he cant rap but if we try to define rap today what it is it really. just start to read up on some of your fav artist see what they been through, they can only put so much on an album and let you kno how they feel coz these scary ass record companies are afraid to let them put music that will make you think on their cds, so take time out to read between the lines, of what these artist are sayin, rap has always known how to put a coded message in its lyrics, just take your time and listen.

  • nice...

    i swear dx had this same headline up a few weeks back. niggas' recyclin old shit. i don't know if it's the same story (cuz i don't intend on readin the same shit twice)but that headline damn sure is the same. dx niggas mad lazy.

  • dingdong

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  • Htt20

    Cudi & Cage? LOL! Definitely didn't see that coming! Cudi's a wack rapper and an slightly below singer, but yeah, there's really no doubting that the man can make good to great music despite that. Man on the Moon was dope, but hasn't gotten that many spins after it's release because of the aforementioned, if he learns how to flow I can def see me playing his music on the regular though.

  • Macca187

    He's gonna get MORE personal?? How? Won't that make some sort of tear in the space-time continuum? Seriously though, even though he can't flow his last album was amazing, hoping more of the same for the next.

    • Macca187

      What the fuck Duvall... I'm in university studying media and communications. Maybe you should be doing something productive with your life instead of spending time on websites for cultures you know nothing about trying to bring people down, ignorant motherfucker. Sounds like you need some knowledge for yourself

    • MightyMike27

      WTF is Duall talking about? lol... Anyway, Cudi's my boy, Best Song Of The Year "Alive"!! Well at least My favorite song of the year anyway. Last year's album was amAZINg.. When I heard his next album was gonna be more partyish.. I lost a bit of interest but now that he's coming with the same "different", Unique Dark Space Sound lol... Can't fucking wait! Cudi and Asher's stock going up and B.O.B and Wale's stock going down, in my book. Cudi and Asher stayed true with their debuts.. CUDDER SoN!

    • TS444

      @ R.Duvall So b/c we like hip hop, we're in bondage and uneducated? What are you? A leftover Aryan Soldier? Get a life.

    • Robert Duvall

      I would recommend enrolling in school and becoming educated. This would serve you far better than spending your days on a hip-hop website. Become free from entrapment and become emancipated. Knowledge will set you free.

  • gdpsounds

    this is the new artist info.he has the vibes like cudi he released a new mini album for free . About K.A.N.T.A First, how to spell my name, K.A.N.T.A. I used to live in London and Argentina where I used to be a footballer. Division 2, team called Tajeres es calada. After quitting football, I returned back to my hometown in Tokyo and started making music. My fathers called K.U.D.O, who is a member of Major Force. He also worked at MoWax and worked with people such as James Lavelle and other cool guys who lead the 90's music scene in London. So the UK is where I obtained most, if not, all of my inspiration. All the music I make comes out from me; everything is what happened in my life...good, bad, everything...It's not like I'm inspired by people like Kanye, Pharrell, or Jay-Z...these are not the things that I started man. Everything started from something inside of me, you know. If I were to name someone who inspires me, it would have to be The Beatles. Mainly because they have everything in their music. Hiphop, Rock, Dance music, Jazz, Blues, everything. Everything what was new was inside of them. And I wanna be like them you know. I dont want to be a superstar, showin of their jewelry, smoking blunts or sniffing coke in an interview, showin off their cute bitches or cars (shiny wheels), diamond teeth/chain. I'd rather be posed naked like Jackie Chan. Im not joking man...cuz I'm cool without it man. Cool...just natural you know. When you listen to my music, you'll notice that its new. My music is like Rock, Hiphop, Dubstep mixed up all in a good balance...its quite pop. People who don't like Hiphop, they can listen to it. People who don't like rock, they can listen to it. And people who don't like Dubstep, they can listen to it. I'm going to be a legend man. Like John Lennon, Like Beatles. About me...I got my fashion, I dress everytime natural. I know how my fashion goes. My fashion equals my music. I'm doing my music so natural you know. And my music is like not from this world...Its from a world inside me. And I'm living in this world every night when I go back to sleep, you know. And I'm the leader there, I'm the king...I can do anything there. Everybody does what I say, you know. I'm the ruler there...all the rules in my world, I make it. And all the music I make in my world, I bring it from my world into this real world. In this fucking shit society, you know what I mean man. I'm gunna change the fucking industry man. I'm gunna change the fucking game man. I'm not a gangster or anything man...But I got the hop, so dope like a gangster. I'm not scared of anything. I'm not scared of doing strange things...people are always scared of doing new things cuz they're only thinking about how they can sell out. That's why they do in all these mainstream things you know. My music is mainstream in my dreams...I don't know about this world though. But I hope you love my music. I know you love my music cuz its so FRESH. So fresh like when you first watch Starwars man. When you first watch Starwars, you just get so dope and you feel all these fresh things, and really inspires you, you know. And your brain starts working in a strange way...the same thing happens to your brain when you listen to my music. you know what I mean? Yeaah..

  • Cleveladn Stoner

    if cudi take this album back to the sound he had on his mixtapes and single, it`ll be some hot shit. so i hope thats what he`s shooting for.

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    I hope this album doesn't cause his tender feelings don't get hurt again and make him think about retirement like the last album did.

  • kushykushy

    as much as I hated this dude's first album, I'm willing to give it a listen. w/e. original title was wacc as fucc btw.

  • kushykushy

    as much as I hated this fag's first album, I'm willing to give it a listen. w/e. original title was wacc as fucc btw.

  • marvin

    this my nigga keep making the good music kid cudi lol i see you bro

  • DieselD14

    I cosign you NY+. There are guys *cough* in prison *cough* that are more overrated. I would assume Cudi doesn't care if you think he is a good rapper or emcee. He is just making music to express himself, and if you don't want to listen to what he has to say, then don't. I'm sure he doesn't give a fuck if you like him or not

  • James_408

    Cudi is very creative and artistic with his music. His music is on a whole different level.

  • NY+

    I was hoping the next one would be more upbeat or atleast more well-rounded like his mixtape was. I'm sure in a few more months he'll switch it up again, everyone does this, Lupe changed his current project about 3 or 4 times before getting to LA(O)SERS.

  • D.D.410wutup

    If its gonna be darker than his first album, then he already sold me an album.


    i still think kid cudi is overrated.. but he's kind of in his own lane... CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE!

  • IMO

    The problem with most of yall niggas is that you listen kid cudi if you want to hear a lyrical rapper. You listen to Cudi to hear good music, period. The dude has his own lane. Untouched. Of course its alot of rappers that can rap circles around Cudi but that not what he's bringing to the game, he has MASS APPEAL. 1st album was a classic, 2nd will be too. Smoke a L to cudi's CD and i bet you'll change your minds, Haters!


      dude def in his own lane.. CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE!

  • c red

    his album is still on the charts one of the few rappers in the game thats sellin well


      dat niggas dont got dat many sells... lol CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE!

  • damn sonson

    who's mr. rager? hope that gets explained

  • Simanga

    fuck dis kid toddler his wack like my ass, i never heard of his mixtape. the kid got no street cred, fuck him i icnt stand his sight.

  • deneeve

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  • Dj Lexx

    I am not saying I agree with the hate but I dont 100% disagree either... As a rapper Kid Cudi is definitely not that good. He lacks the ability to spit about a consistent theme in his raps. You have some people who rap and you have to listen to it over and over for you to get the full understanding (ie Lupe) but the more you listen back what Cudi has said the more you realize that he isnt making any sense... I listen to a lot of Hip Hop and I can straight up say that Cudi really doesnt make much sense half of the time.. he doesnt spit coherent raps and that is my problem with Cudi...

  • Flawl3$$

    Cudi is dope as fuck surprised to see all these haters. Man has insane skills go listen to his recent freestyle and tell me he doesn't have skill as a rapper.

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  • c/gaddic

    Stop hating on dude he has talent Man on the moon was a damn good album He just shouldn't be viewed as a rapper He's more of a poet with electronic beats and catchy choruses The thing is dude has way more substance and more creativity in his music than a lot of these new cats He is dope ARTIST just not a dope RAPPER

    • miguel Guttierres

      It took me a while to like Man on the Moon, but it is a nice album though. More of a kick-back and chill type album than anything else.


    Good to know he's not going to stop catering to us emo types. Not many mainstream rappers will represent us.

  • knowledge-of-self

    so fucking what,. dude is wack!

    • knowledge-of-self

      I guess ur rite, I just feel his flow is kinda ackward with his word placement. his producion is sick. So far only like him on david guetta's cd with memories and jay-z already home track.

    • Jf.Vigor

      I dont think you're really allowing yourself to "feel" him. Listen you may; but with artists like Cudi you have to feel.

  • Jf.Vigor

    lol look, this dude got high as shit last night (4/20)... got real introspective, and changed all his shit around haha. That's what happens when true stoners get high, they flip the script. Loving that we're getting a sequel to Man on the Moon though. Honestly I was boggled as to why he'd break the mold that worked so well the first time.

  • Blackmamba24

    Most overrated rapper ever. No skill. No flow.

  • Chittar Guli

    Farooq Asad - WWF/WWE Hall of Famer

  • LJbigbang

    I'm glad... the reason I liked his first album was because it was dark.

  • YoungJonJon929

    Cudi that nigga

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