Slaine Explains Sam Adams Dispute, Maintains "Banned From Boston"

Exclusive: The hardcore La Coka Nostra/Special Teamz emcee tells DX that there's racial elements here and defends the "hater"/"bully" criticism.

On April 9, Slaine penned an open letter, which included his belief that newcomer rapper Sam Adams was "bad for Hip Hop" as well as claims that the college sensation was "banned from Boston." Speaking with HipHopDX late last week, Slaine elaborated to the claims made in his letter.

The rapper, who's affiliated with several 20-plus year veterans of Rap including La Coka Nostra partner Everlast and Special Teamz partner Edo G, explains to DX why he believes Adams may representative a racial and social impact on Hip Hop culture, as well as the logistics on what will happen if the iTunes chart-topper and Soundscan Top 200-selling emcee doesn't acknowledge the warning Slaine has given him.

Beyond just the controversy, Slaine also updates fans on La Coka Nostra's 2010 plans, as he checks in from Denmark while touring with the group. Additionally, reports start that Special Teamz will take the field again.

How much of this stems from Sam Adams using the EP title, "Boston's Boy"?
Slaine: All of it. I don't really pay attention to disposable Pop music usually. But being that I am expected to be an ambassador for Boston Hip Hop music - because of the success I have had in music and film, I have to call bullshit when I see it. We have been misrepresented as a city in Hip Hop music, mainly because the venues are part of the "old boy network white establishment," and the actual neighborhoods of Boston [such as] Roxbury, Southie, Dorchester, Roslindale, Mattapan, Hyde Park, The South End, have been shut out because these yuppie college fucks who own and run everything don't want to deal with street music in their venues. Really, behind closed doors, I feel that they don't want to work with "niggers" or  "white trash." You can't tell me I'm wrong because I have seen and heard it with my own eyes and ears. That's why you never get street artists from Boston put out on a national level. It is always softer backpacker-ish rappers, or corny, Pop shit. There is a different dynamic here that people are missing, that I'm talking about. It ain't about Sam Adams the rapper, it's about what he represents. On a larger level, the whole industry wants to move in that same direction. Drake, Kanye [West], Sam Adams...all soft non-threatening Hip Hop. The labels don't want to deal with dangerous people or the under-class anymore...which is what Hip Hop is about.

DX: Hip Hop has some legendary emcees who reportedly came from outside of cities: Royce Da 5'9", UGK, Apathy, etc. How do we clarify that this is not a city-versus-the-suburbs argument?
Slaine: Nope, not at all. If you have respect and skills and aren't from the city, that's fine. I actually think Asher Roth is a real emcee. He has a grasp and respect for the culture. This dude Sam Adams is acting like he is making his own genre and coming in with this blue-blood frat boy bullshit, and that he doesn't have to pay respect to everyone who made Hip Hop what it is. It is not about 'burbs and hood. I actually think that is a problem in Hip Hop too: too much posturing and gangster imaging is wack too. I think my comments have been misunderstood to that extent. We used to be able to have N.W.A., De La Soul, Cypress Hill, Nas , Biggie, Rakim, Gang Starr, and Edo G all co-existing without all the made up back-stories and dumb shit. It was all Hip Hop. But this gentrification and watering down of the art form is sickening to me. I'm not playing the super-thug, just saying have respect for the music and culture we love, and don't pimp it without nodding your hat to the legends. Esoteric is from the 'burbs, but is allowed to rep Boston because he went through the proper channels and paid dues and respect. I want to make it clear that it is a different issue I have with John Quincy Adams' great-great grandson.

DX: How do you respond to the criticism you have gotten in this, as a "hater" or "bully"?
Slaine: I don't care. This "hater" word is over-used. There are such thing as jealous haters, but that's not the case here. To be honest, my career is bigger than Sam Adams' [career] is at this point overall. He may go on to be a big pop star, I think he will, but I don't aspire to be that. The point is we have a responsibility to Hip Hop - your website included, to protect the culture from these corporate cats who only care about the dollar. This music saved my life, and a lot of other peoples too. It provided opportunity for the voiceless to be heard. I wont let the rich take that on my watch without saying something about it.

DX: Certainly, everybody wants to know about this "banned from Boston" remark. Can you explain more --- is this gonna be some KRS-One/PM Dawn [thrown-off-the-stage] type stuff?
Slaine: Yeah, he might get PM Dawn'ed. Yes. Okay? Cool.

DX: Last year, La Coka Nostra made an excellent album in A Brand You Can Trust. Certainly you're touring, but what's next for La Coka?
Slaine: I'm in Denmark right now, and touring the next few weeks with [La] Coka [Nostra]. We are all dropping solo joints this year, and touring around the world, and then we are gonna do another Coka album after that. This is a family...a crew...I ride for them, and they ride for me. That's what it is.

DX: People know you from La Coka, but is Special Teamz still in effect?
Slaine: Of course. Edo [G] dropped his [A&E] album with [Masta] Ace right after [A Brand You Can Trust] dropped, and [Jaysaun] and Edo are getting solo projects ready too....but we will have Special Teamz songs on all of our releases, and do another album soon too. We are actually doing a Canada tour this spring with Ill Bill. It's all family. Everyone I roll with is official and on the same page. we are all keeping things moving in the right direction.

Are we allowed to have a problem with anything anymore without being "haters"? 'Cause I don't give a fuck. If that's the case, I'll be a hater.

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  • Brockton Banga

    Boston has plenty of hoods. The Dot, Southie, Roxbury, Hyde Park, JP, Chinatown...LEARN BOUT THIS STATE. See this is why Sam Adams is now fucking good, cause hes making people think were some gayyy homo college state.

  • cokaheadslaine

    Pay attention SLAINE... stop your gimmick picking on the little white "suburban" rapper..Your a wanna b white trash irish mobster from HANOVER MA..population 13,000 ..99.9 % all white thats a fact !! what makes you a hip hop authority in Boston ? You dont speak for boston your fans are all white your favorite hobby and song topic..White powder ..

  • South Shore Phil

    fuck sam adams he is pop.. period.. not hip hop... if makin music is a passion u have, do ur thing.. but dont drag a whole city and a culture ur not a part of through the mud while doin it.. and also, its one thing to love music and making it because u have a message that needs to be heard and another to just try appealn to the masses and gettn paid... sam adams would be better off suckin yuppie dick on arlington street for 20 bucks a pop than tryin to say he is a hip hop artist from boston.. cambridge last time i checked is over the other side of the water and is in a different county.... check ur geographics faggot ... u college faggots fathers cars got gps in em i bet.... and one last thing im not sayin bein a college kid is wack at all.. i waish i was afforded that chance in my life.. but hip hop is a way of life not just a sound

    • REALLY?

      How is Cambridge another world? I was born in boston, grew up on the cambridge side of the border of bost and cambridge and went to school in both cambridge (Martin Luther King) and Boston. I rep both and rightfully so. Kendall is ONE stop away from boston on the red line and many parts of cambridge are closer to most boston landmarks than most many parts of boston are. I could walk to fenway from central square, where i grew up and have worshipped the red sox since i was a kid. Both Boston and Cambridge are cities with HUGE college populations AND both cities have VERY DEEP working class roots. It's unclear where this kid is actually from (wayland, cambridge?????, maybe he moved) but cambridge is WAY MORE diverse and def less segragated than boston will even be and I love bot cities but started claiming boston less when i realized everyone outside of MA thinks boston is racist as hell. LOL Cambridge has many projects and lots of public housing just like it has big universities and some prepster culture. Boston has both as well. Saline's right that the college culture has been hard to break, but probably beause it's REAL AUTHENTIC and a long standing culture in Boston, as is the working class blue collar culture Both exist and neither is more real or authentic than the other There are many rich boston naitives (who grew up two blocks away from me yet were technically in boston) and the difference is that there's a long standing racism and hate btwn working class white folks in boston and the black boson community. In cambridge there are *almost* no segregated neighborhoods and all the kids grow up with ppl from all races and parts of the word. If you don't like the kid's music, fine, it's not my bag of chips either, but don't diss where you think he MIGHT be from. Especially if you're gonna call yourself southshore phile, since we all know cats from the south shore sweat boston and cambridge and come up to the 617 to chill and kick it. Also, I'm confused. You're NOT dissing him for going to college yet your saying "college faggots fathers....." You sound jealous, homes. Also, i went to grad school at one of the best school in the country practically for FREE cause my grades were good and I worked hard. I've had my fair share of hard times as has my family. It doesn't always take big bucks to go to school or make it in this world. And the mere suggestion that you were not "afforded those chances" makes it sound like you expected someone to give you something without your earning it. I agree that the kid should've steered clear of the Boston's Boy title, but i suspect he wasn't thinking of it as a hip hop reference considering his family's got deeper boston roots than any of the ppl criticizing him (criticize his music, not his damn family) and the name was probably a nod to his deep Boston roots. Go back to the south shore. You clearly know very little about the 617

  • PKKP

    Plus, people need to stop acting like Boston is some sort of hood or ghetto. Boston is the capital of the most liberal, best educated state in the USA. We're the home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world as well as a birthplace of American history. When people think of Boston, they don't associate gangsters in Dorchester killing each other but instead think of Harvard and MIT, the Prudential Center and John Hancock Building, among other landmarks. Brooklyn, or Compton, or South Central are hoods, not Boston.

    • Marcus

      PKKP- You are an ignorant fool. You know nothing about the struggles the youth of Boston deal with everyday. You have been sheltered your whole life. I know a few things about you after reading your response. 1. You were not raised in Boston or any other city 2. You are white and privilleged 3. You think you are knowledgable and educated but your not 4. You have no clue what it is like growing up in Boston.

  • PKKP

    I bet half the people dissing Sam Adams probably don't even have a college degree...and no, two years at Bunker Hill doesn't count. All of you haters are probably just sad because you live pathetic lives unlike Sam Adams who is making money and living his life.

  • The Real Question Is...

    Wait, wait, wait...who's Slaine? Anyone other than his people ever heard of this dude? Right. So what he said matters, how? Pathetic. If you had any talent you'd make a name for yourself, not riding on others' success. Plenty of dudes from the "streets" have made it - it's not an industry thing, stupid. It's you.

  • Snowgoon4:2010

    SLAINE > sam adams, end of story you fuckin faggots, rest in piss..





    • Ummm?

      1) he's not trying to be gully. He's not tryna be gangster. his music isn't any softer than the shit out today that's making money (like it or not, which i don't but i don't buy sam adam's music). He's not gangsta, he's not tryna be 2) he shouldn't have named his album Boston Boy but hip hop is not the only thing one can rep about the bean and frankly who is to say who or what can rep the city? 3) If he hadn't called the album boston's boy and threw 3's in the pic (even the way he did it looked odd) i don't think folks would care so much, but frankly i don't think anyone is putting him in the same genre as slaine or any of the "harder" imaged artists out of boston and the boston area. He's in a totally different genre (nerd rap, hip popm he says it himself) and doens't rhyme about the streets. 4) I'm from the 617 and never heard of Sam Adams until yesterday but it makes me sad to be from the bean considering we can't even support someone who allegedly grew up in the same area code. Let the hard cats make their music, let him make his. I hope he got the point about the title of his album and its just sad to see so many ppl angry for reasons other than his album's title and maybe his pop sound (which he owns). 5) I love Slaine's music and know lots of ppl who are his friends and I know he's a good guy/good dad but his film career was ENTIRELY made possible by 2 cats from the bridge (an actor/director we ALL know and a local casting director). Just kinda ironic, though it seems like slaine thinks thinks Sam is from wayland, so maybe the irony is lost. JUST SAYIN.....

    • Philly Cheech

      word... I can see liking girls liking Sam Adams, cuz the boy kinds reminds you of Hannah Montana or Lil Wayne. Some lame shit like that. Ain't no real hip-hop heads supporting that herb....Dudes a fuckin joke.

    • j dubb

      he'll show up this week @ bu or he's all talk!!! faggot azz slain and those pussy nostras....those faggots ruined a show because his dad died or some shit and he was alomost crying on stage....what kind of rough nigga crys on stage over his uncle or dad or whoever when you supposed to be a street nigga??

    • j dubb

      Bottom line if he a rough nigga and stands behind what he talks....he'll be at that boston show with his set or he's bitch come on now he's a fucking pussy if he doesn't show his face there bottom line

  • j dubb

    La koka nostra is was over after jump around lp came out nigggaaazzzzz

    • Philly Cheech

      The way you talk shows your mentality and age. You sound like a little 12yr.old girl.

    • Philly Cheech

      hahahahahahahaha....You really think anybody buddy is scared of Sam Adams? Dudes a herb....

    • j dubb

      yo philly cheese steak cheech nigga listen street niggas don't almost cry on stage..true story nigga.... or make threats and not follow through...if this nigga said he's band from boston and he's not at his next show in boston heating his shit up PUSSSY AZZ BITCH just keep it hood cheese steak simple

    • Philly Cheech

      I guess your boy Sam Adams is the truth...Keep gobblin up his dick, faggot! What are you 15? 16? Not even old enough to know what hip-hop is...figures..Fucking Homo- thug!!

  • Mr. Gimik

    Slaines the truth. I wasnt familiar with him before LCN and when they signed to Suburban Noize but yeahh that by far is a top 3 hip hop record of 09. anyone that doesnt like that record is silly. real talk. i never listened to scam adams but the whole hes on the charts with lil wayne is fraud as hell, ima hip hop head n fuck with alot of hip hop sites n the first thing i ever heard was how he randomly was itunes champion. fuck outta here.

  • Real Spit

    All those who disagree with Slaine aren't from Boston's hoods (inside and out) because they don't know or feel the struggle or the real life stories that happen out here. Yes, "college kids" make a significant demograph of the city, however they are NOT from the REAL Boston. Just because the city officials and businesses cater to you does NOT mean you're a "Boston Boy", just simply means you're a damn tourist not seeing or witnessing the real hoods. Eventually, like in the 80's, Boston's hoods and its voices will be heard again... and all those who believe Boston is a 2-square mile vicinity of "college town" will never claim a place they know nothing about.

    • how do you figure

      since when did only to hoods of boston qualify as the REAL boston? not all of course, but many cats in the hood are first and 2nd generation americans, so how do you figure they get to claim boston and this kid whose fam was among the original revolutionary's doesnt? Who is defining "real" here? I agree Sam's album title was naive and pretty wack but I think he was referencing his boston roots and ancestry which is REALER than any of you since his fam were among the original bostonians (not recent irish immigrants, who apparently are from the REAL boston???). Also, MANY MANY college kids are from what you apparently consider the "real" boston. Many kids from the hood go to college cause not EVERYONE wants to stay in the hood all their lives. So that argument is killed right there. Everyone (well almost) is tryna make it out the hood and while Sam's athletic ability allowed him to be recruited for sports and go to college, i don't feel he's out there claiming the streets, eben though the neighborhood he claims to have grown up in (central square) is definitely as racially mixed as they come and urban as well. If anything, he was too young to understand how hard many boston mcs have worked and toiled without any success. I don't think it was an intentional slap in the face at all. More a lack of understanding about how his image/album title would piss folks off. Many college towns also have hoods and both Boston as well as cambridge have deep working class roots AND prestigious schools. Almost all the IV leagues are at least near the hood, that's the irony. Also, folks from the hood aren't the only ones with problems and hop hop (or rap anyway) stopped SOLELY being about the struggle/hustle when its largest consumers became suburban kids (who like eminem, do more drugs than anyone in the hood ever has). I went to elementary with "hood" kids and went to high school with "rich" kids and i was surprised at how many problems the rich kids had. Don't assume that somebody hasn't been to hell and back due to their wallet size. That's just ignorant. I'm from boston and have family from all over the city, I also don't dig Sam's music or appreciate his album title. It sounded cocky from someone as young as him, but i still think he had no idea how it would be received. You act like the kid wanted all these old heads from the bean hating on him.

  • Science

    Slaine couldn't have put it better! look it's Sam Adams, haha!

    • Lyfetyme

      Slaine isnt wearing the Biggie jacket. Thats Everlast. And Bill Watts, you should do some research. Slaine and Coka charted on Billboard. He isnt saying he is all hood, he has a passion for the culture of hip hop music and speaks his mind. Clearly Sam Adams will go on to be a big popstar. But here is a video of Slaine rocking a bigger crowd than that, without the autotune back up vocals. So I guess you will shutup now. The guy does a hundred shows a year. It isnt only popstars who make money off of music. There is clearly a market for both artsits. Just different markets.

    • bill watts

      talk about ignorant man and then people trying to say he bought his own album when it has been made clear a billion times by soundscan and billboard that the dudes legit....where's slaine on billboard? and this slaine dude is just as big a phony...dudes rocking a biggie jacket in that music video claiming he's all hood and shit. you're not eminem faggot...and sam adams must be a real fag/garbage selling out crowds....if someone sends me a video of slaine rocking a crowd like this i'll shut up...-----> he can just stay the fuck over in denmark because he's white trash.... jdubb said it best tho, at the end of the day whose bringing home the cash? i'll listen to his shit over depressing white trash lyrics of slaine anyday

  • blackirish201

    i think sam adams is hot garbage....slaine rips shit every time i hear him and nows the time to shut fake faggot hip pop down period....hip hop was never meant to be in closing fuck wack ass sam adams....wasnt there a report that he was buying his own albums for sale?

    • jclapp

      j dubb: OK but at the end of the day who's gonna get paid?? it's tough to swallow but it's sam adams are you aware that slaine has main roles in big screen movies? and feachers on sound tracks? so far thats bringing him in way more money then sam adams rap career.

    • Gman

      He's gonna be at BU? That sucks. Can't believe people are paying him for his weak ass music. Fuck this industry

    • j dubb

      Please band from boston...he'll be at boston university next up with your crew and tell him he's "band from boston" see what happens...

    • Holy shit

      "it's tough to swallow but it's sam adams " you talkin about Sam Adams the beer or Sam Adams cock in your mouth?

    • j dubb

      OK but at the end of the day who's gonna get paid?? it's tough to swallow but it's sam adams

  • sugarbaby

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  • j dubb

    Why is this fool hating on a young kid?? just cause he's gonna make records that sell and you won't??

  • shooptyhooo

    "The labels don't want to deal with dangerous people or the under-class anymore...which is what Hip Hop is about." He is right, only trashy poor thugs can rap

  • DeAndre results dont lie

  • DeAndre results dont lie

  • ReLiK_The_Last_ProFeT

    That Dude is weak. PERIOD. Don't rep what you aint khed... cause you mos DEF aint the fuckin King of Boston nor are you even a good representation of the streets of Boston.. This dude is more like the representation of your average posing-ass fake wanna be hard, Boston-area College Student... That's real and I aint a hater either, I merely disagree with his claims and completely agree with Slaine. No one would have a problem with dude if he would just Rep himself as what he is.. ya average suburbian white college student from the Boston area. He is a bad representation that is all.

  • SouthieBadboy

    I love Music all types.. I think people are forgetting that it's a business plain and simple.. The "KIDS" are who buy music, pay for the shows, buy Merch etc.. so of course the business is going to change and transform to what "The Kids" want.. meaning the college aged, high school aged FANS.... You will always have you die hard Hip Hop fans which will always worship "Old School" hip hop... Boston is such a divided city.. Not enough people support each other, not enough people extend a hand to one another... Everyone is in Competition with everyone else.. And their is no need to be. When Atlanta Blew up.. did eveyone sound the same? Was Ludacris or T.I. compared to Usher or Outkast or Franchise Boys? Maybe those are bad examples tho I'm sure you get my point.. Sam Adams is not trying "REP" the scene as a Hardcore Hiphop artist.. I truely believe Sam knows what he is and what he's about.. After all, music is about provoking emotion.. Sam does that with his "Party, feel good music" Slaine does it with his True, Gritty, streetwise Hip Hop.. Co Exist people... Cause if WE DON'T the only thing Boston will ever REPresent.. IS A CITY DIVIDED....

    • John Dooley

      The matter at hand has always been that Sammy is a soccer-playing fraud from the suburbs who continually tries to pass himself off as a Bostonian. He's been calling himself "Boston's Boy" since he dropped his first EP. Your comments regarding Boston being divided is a complete non sequitur. The city's cultural climate is utterly irrelevant, as Sammy Adams has no connection whatsoever to the city. Slaine is essentially echoing a sentiment Eminem touched upon in his 1996 song 313: "You can bring yours, let's see what you got But don't front and never try to be what you're not" The fact remains that, regardless of his ability to sell records or move merchandise, he's trying to portray himself as something which he certainly is not. I'll simplify it for you: Someone who was born in the People's Republic of Cambridge and grew up in chalk-white Wayland is not a Bostonian.

  • FunkDocSpoc

    Slaine can't spit, Rich Man Poor Man sucks so does the whole Coka Nostra group, and all I see him do is try to call out other whack rappers such as Sam Adams and Sage Francis. If this is the cat putting it down for Boston, I feel sorry for them niggas....

  • bill watts

    it kinda sucks tho slaine when you've been around for so long and no one still knows who the hell you are...i think the hottest song la coka nostra had was with snoop (bang bang) and that had definitely conformed to this "mainstream" hip hop you're talking about.....check the youtube videos from stoolapolooza so far....yeah sold out, when you sell out a show like that and get a crowd that hyped then you can talk trash...yeah like getting an education at a prominent school in boston is real gay and uncool.

    • John Dooley

      If you think Stoolapalooza sold out because of Sammy Adams, you're a moron. Look at how many awful EDM shows Barstool managed to sell out in minutes, even with Dante DJing. Pres could sell college kids bags of shit and they would all just take pictures throwing up a "VIVA" hoping for a retweet.

    • Philly Cheech

      Fuck outta with that " no one knows who you are" bullshit! Slaine is known worldwide..He's touring in Europe as we speak...Go listen to Sam Adams and I'll listen to LA COKA and these Underground cats that stay true to the game.. Do some research before you write your trash, PUSSY!

  • Threez

    Best EMcee's in Boston Edo G Slaine Reks M.Dot Akrobtaik Jaysaun KrumbSnatcha Esoteric

    • Holy shit

      I like Termanology better back with the Hood Politics series he had going, but that's mainly the situation with most rappers. Term does rep his home tho.

    • )()(

      not a Termanology fan? thats cool, you got Reks and he is a BEAST

  • Subliminal1982

    Couple of points from someone who knows Boston and its hip-hop scene pretty well... 1. We have to stop talking about Sam Adams, he's just not that important. He sold I think 15,000 copies of his EP. That's a decent showing but it's hardly industry changing numbers. 2. Slaine is probably the most succesful MC outta Boston right now (not my kind of music but he does well for himself), but no one person speaks for Boston. It's impossible because most of Boston doesn't even speak to each other. It's the most divided community I have ever seen (hip-hop and otherwise). Truth is my people from Roxbury or Mattapan couldn't tell Sam Adams from Slaine, both are unknown there. I don't say that as a disrespect, its simply the truth. Sam Adams could easily do shows in Allston (as he has) or BU or high-end bars downtown and NOTHING would happen to this kid. So I mean where is he banned from? Southie? Basically he's not banned from anything that encompasses his market. 3. If Sam Adams claims Boston, then whatever. Anyone from here knows its not true, and honestly if it's getting some shine on this city where nobody can seem to break the 25,000 unit mark then it's probably a good thing. Success breeds success. Just look at how the south blew up or the west coast back in the day, they all blew up together, and nobody is gonna tell me that all those artists like each other or their music. Here's my blog on the music industry for further reading...

  • Dblock123

    This duder slaine gets a pass for saying nigger? I dont care who you are, no white rappers get a pass to say that shit. Coka Nostra are not even that good, and sam adams is garbage. Its an article about one crappy white rapper dissing an even more crappy artist. FUCKOUTTAHERE

    • MalcolmEcks

      He's not the first white rapper to say the word "Nigger". Ill Bill has a song called "White Nigger". Vinnie Paz straight up refered to the song "A Bunch Of Niggas" as "A Bunch of Niggas" Necro's song "Bury you with Satan" contains him saying the word "nigga" as an endearment like how we blacks use it. It goes to show that these white rappers have gained real credibility in a genre dominated by blacks and latinos. Funny though how if Eminem were to say the word "nigga" in a positive way he'd get shit on.

    • GregRodgers

      He was merely stating a fact...he was not calling someone Nigger. I boston....the establishment calls blacks niggers...and poor whites "white trash" I have no problem with what he said because he is stating a terrible fact. Stop getting all twisted. Folks need to stop jumping down about that ish. Boston is more racist then the far mountains in Georgia. Believe that... Slaine knows whats up, and he gets respect from Blacks and Whites in the Bean because of that....

  • Tha Dude

    I agree but UGK is not from the burb's. They're from Port Aurthor, Texas. Get cha mind right HHDX. Thanks.

  • MassAppeal978

    Anyone sticking up for sam adams...ur most likely a fucking college herb that jus sits online and backs up sam adams on all these blogs etc.......your most likely a male groupie so get off his dick.....sam adams doesnt give a fuck about has he done anything for your or his community..most likely not..."cuz he doesnt have time he blew up so quick" lmao fucking slamers anyways SLainE does!!!....hes a good dude....hes not the bully..........Hes the guy sticking up for hip hop .... this kids music whats so good about it? whats he doing that no one hasnt allready? honestly.....i love to see this city on the rise but not with this homo representing my city....... SLaine u need to go harder at him...theres a good college city in VT he can be their "Burlingtons BOy

  • GregRodgers

    Um from Boston too and been on the scene since the Leccos Lemma days..(Bostons First Rap Radio Show in the early 80's) and I agree with Slaine. Cats in Boston do not know who this kid is...he does not rep one street in Boston. He may rep a street in Sherborn (rich white suburbs) but he does not rep Blue Hill Ave, Washington Street, Dorchester Ave, Humbolt or 4 Corners. This kid is mad wack. He does say his stuff is not rap...he calls it techno hop cuz he autotunes all his shit. In any case, he is branding his wack shit to Boston. People like myself are not haters. Ask yourself a question, Say you take years building a car that gets 100 miles to the gallon. But then after all your work some cat comes along, steals your shit made with some makeshift car and says its based on your Idea? Same shit boston cats are saying. It took 25 years to get Boston to where it is in Rap now this watered down fake fuck is trying to steal the shine and make Boston look like its got wack rappers. In the words of Checkmark from Skitzofreniks.....Fuggaouttahere!


    Please Slaine, go in and finish that album cuz I need that!

  • robertzou

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  • dillaDOOM

    first off isay i like slaine and i really thought a brand you can trust was fantastic album, but i only heard wiz for the first time today after reading this cause he aint hit the ul yet, and i think he is pretty good, sure he is pop and softer than big bad slaine but not all ppl are like slaine we all have diferent thing we want to listen to its like only watching ganster movies your not allowed to watch thatwatered down super hero stuff, cmon its all different no one wants music to sound the same and lets be honest take slaine coka ill bill u put on there albums the yall sound the same so we need diferent ones, but its good to give him a slap he seems likea cocky wee dick (sam adams) but kanye drake all them dude especially lupe fiasco they have great things to say and they respect hip hop so cant hate on them, but i agree hip hop is loosing out to pop but so what it started out with nothing sales who cares u can stil lgeta DOOM album u can still get slaughterhouse slaine jedi mind tricks its still there just go get it

  • Make Money pl;ease

    Slaine u a BEAST MY DUDE!!!! Only herbs bumpin Sam Adams r college boys drinking natural ice. Aint no 1 bumpin SAM Adams in Lynn revere,lawtown, salem the REAL Bean etc......................

    • huh?

      I'm confused. When did revere, lynn and salem become "the real bean" or are you simply mentioning all those townie suburbs to say that EVEN in revere, lynn and salem (where folks might actually like sam adams) they still don't listen to him? If that's your point it makes more sense. Does anyone actually know here he's from? Wikipedia says Cambridge, but maybe he lived there or went to school there cause Cambridge is DEF not a suburb and I'd love some clarification on all these cats saying he's from the 'burbs. Cambridge is a smaller city next to a bigger city and def more diverse and integrated than Boston, any day of the week. There are some neighborhoods in cambridge are that much more urban than some parts of boston (west rox, some parts of rosi, hyde park, even some parts of JP look like straight suburbs). I'd just love us to be accurate if we're gonna diss the kid;) He was obviously wrong to call his album "Boston's Boy" cause 1) he's from outside the city, wherever he's from:) 2)He's young and hasn't been around long enough to even attempt a claim like that (even his 3's look funny, never seen anyone throw it like that;). I'd rather we dislike his music and express our discontent over his album's name than get at his alleged socioeconomic status and educational attainment , especially since he isn't even calling his music hip hop. He call is rap/techno/electronic right and last time i checked, bullshit hip hop was called rap. haha Last time i checked, talib kweli, common and kanye went to college (even if kanye dropped out:) and i don't hear anyone getting in there asses even though kanye's mother had a Ph.D and comm's mother was a high school principle (solidly middle class if you ask me). also, slaine's right about esoteric, who's music i been listening to since the mid nineties...but esoteric IS ACTUALLY from the suburbs (beverly, ma) i believe and while he DEF DID pay his dues...just cause someone isn't from boston proper doesn't mean they are from a suburb. Lawrence is a suburb (technically) is a hood as hell. ha ha I just think we should find beef with his album title instead of insisting he's not authentic when it seems his music is not intended for the gritty hip hop scene anyway. He's not calling his shit gangsta rap, is he?

    • Ah hell

      Bitch, I drink Natural Ice because it's cheap! LOL but ya, no bumpin' Sam Adams here.

  • 9

    I'm a huge fan of Reks, Term, Lif, Slaine, Guru, most of the big hip hop heads in Boston but Slaine just shut the fuck up. You aren't going to "PM Dawn" him, you know it. This kid's blowing up and good for him. Ok we get it he hasn't "paid his dues" what do you want him to fucking do? Start battling in the commons? Spit at house parties in Roxbury? He's doing his own thing he's not taking your money as it's a completely different fan base. Let him rep Boston, the city's big enough. Fucking cry baby.

  • Big Rush

    is Big Rush a real hip hop artist or just another pop faggot like Sam Adams? YOU be the

  • Philly Cheech

    Hey yo...Real recognize real.. and Sam Adams isn't real...and all you little faggots buying his music and riding his dick are just as wack as he is.. Corny fucks..

  • bleakofase

    I Totally Agree With Slaine.

  • nebular

    i agree with slaine over the past decade or so their's been too many talentless individuals finding success in the music industrie, while the real artist continue to be over looked. It takes someone with a real passion for this to speak out, a closed lip won't get fed. It's time for an actual real rapper to be heard as an alternative to the over saturation of this lolly pop and hip pop mess going on. We don't need this boys electro garbage or whatever it is, him passing this off as hip hop just open's the door for even more wack pop artist's rapping . Were bringing that real hip hop back to the forefront where real talent is and where mc's like slaine really live and breathe this from the get go

    • BWS-Fish

      I totally agree with you. BUT, what are record labels supposed to do when people buy Sam Adams-type shit, and download good stuff like Wu-Tang? They're going to back whatever is selling, not whatever is actually good.

  • stopbitchinstophatin

    wow Slaine, stop crying. you say you're not hating but its sooo obvious you're jealous. get over it, stop using Sam Adams as a pitiful attempt to keep your name relevant in the hip hop game. Its sad because 95% of people nowadays in Mass don't even know who the fuck you are anymore, and most of them know who Sam Adams is.. so just give it up.

    • 95% of Mass

      What?! GTFOH with that. Mass fucks with Slaine, anyone who knows real hip-hop in MA fucks with Slaine. Get off that Plies and Guccie shit, slaine sells out shows and always gets love when he's back home. I met dude a dozen times, he was a close friend of a HS friend's, and he's one of the coolest, laid back dudes you could ever kick it with in Hip-hop, so i don't buy him being jealous, dude doesn't really NEED to be in Hip-Hop, he's turning down big supporting roles in big budget films. He gets respect for just loving the art form, fuck this Glam Adams homo.

  • Enigma Sept

    If somebody went to your high school for half a semester and was deemed valedictorian from making A's off electives when you've been there all 4 years making straight A's in honors classes...wouldn't you been pissed off? Just a thought. Missed tonight's ENIGMA SEPT HOUR w/ @Gainstaville & @KCofSBE ??! Check it out right here - #fb

  • AdubC

    Man, I used to like Slaine. What the hell....quit complaining. I don't even know who Sam Adams is, but Slaine just came off as a cry baby. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

  • kooppa

    "The labels don't want to deal with dangerous people or the under-class anymore...which is what Hip Hop is about." Man stfu. Your a bum and using this sam adams as a little way to get your name back out there. I think its time you lay the fuck down. People dont wanna listen to your garbage music we can hear from 500 other rappers. Sam adams is a kid doing something he found fun and did it 100X faster then you. His music is very popish but that dont mean shit. I dont think you have the ability to ban him from boston considering the city is fucking loving him right now. saying hip hop is only about under-class people is probably the dumbest shit i've ever read. You're a scrub and need to shut the fuck up.

    • Annoyed

      Slaine. Congratulations on voicing your opinion. NOBODY CARES. Sam is not trying to overtake you or steal your fans so grow up and get over it. He has a COMPLETELY different fan base from you. Reasons why titling his EP Boston's Boy makes sense: 1. He's from Boston. Don't give me the "he's from Wayland, he's from Cambridge, that's not Boston" shit. Kid practically grew up in the Coast, still hangs out with all his boys there and that IS part of the Greater Boston area. Look it up. 2. Let's just forget about location for a minute: he appeals to the largest demographic in Boston: college kids. So even if you feel like he's "not from Boston" because he didn't grow up in the actual city, that's the best marketing ploy he could've pulled. It makes college kids who want to feel like they have some connection with the city want to support him. 3. Because the college kids that support his music are a huge percentage of the Boston population, he is technically more "Boston's Boy" than you are. The college kids run the city as you so kindly admitted in your interview and they love him. Therefore: he can 100% consider himself Boston's Boy. In other news Slaine, yes you talked to Sam on the phone, hooray for you. Did you actually threaten him? No. Were you actually rude at all? No. Sounded like a pretty civil conversation to me. Oh and how did that phone conversation happen? Have you tried to actually converse with Sam yourself about all this shit your talking? No, he picked up your phone call to another person's phone to see what you'd have to say. Which was nothing. Stop trying to act like this is a bigger conflict than it is. You're jealous. Get over it, grow up. Yeah, like you said he's pretty pop.. so why the fuck are you upset? He's not trying to "ruin the name of Boston hip-hop". He's trying to make a name for himself in another genre.. primarily electronic/dub-step etc. And he's doing a fucking excellent job considering you don't have thousands of people scrambling to get to your shows. Stop whining.

    • Sam Adams

      this is me. Even I agree with Slaine. I fucking suck..

    • foranyentertainment

      I don't get how someone could hate on the Boston hip hop scene...I really don't... ... and ill be honest no one even knows who the fuck I am yet, and there's thousands of me's in this state, doin shows, puttin out mix tapes, and tryin to get our name known....Anyone taking short cuts is a problem to our system...Thanks for helping people like me Slaine...Mass gets it and thats all that matters

    • kush nap

      slaine you dont gotta answer to this dumb fuck. keep doin you homie. the real gonna rep the music you make, and youre gonna be here long time. sam adams will find a new fad, and well forget he ever existed. i seen you in gone baby gone, and thought they should put you in more movies. a lot of kids today dictating the trends in hip hop, dont know ANYTHING about the culture. hip hop was birthed in the street, and no matter how commercialized it gets, its always gonna be a street thing. only a young ignorant arrogant faggot would argue. slaine should be gettin gassed like jay electronica or whoever else, but the industry only allowed to gas one whiteboy at a time. keep pluggin away homie.

    • john smith

      newsflash to coka nostra is fucking whack anyways...all boston hip hop is straight garbage so why dont all of you shut the fuck up and rep your faggot city elsewhere...

    • slaine

      This is me. You dont know what hip hop music is about to say something like that. And as far as other might not know what I have crackin in my career to say I need my name popping. I made enough money this year between music and movie shit to take care of my son and wife for the next ten years. I just actually have something called "integrity"....look it up in the dictionary. Its a way of life for me. i also actually care about helping people who are being held down and voiceless in my city. I have a responsibility to open doors for other people. All you dudes who dont understand are pussies. Hip hop aint suppossed to be about The great great grandsons of presidents and the upperclass...sorry. Its just not. I talked to Sam on the phone and told him Im gonna be in his face his whole career. His investors offered me big money just to shut up....why do you do you think that is? Its not an ego thing. everyone in Boston feels the same way I feel. He aint from Boston and he is trying to brand himself with our name. Fuck Sam Adamas and Fuck you if you dont feel what Im saying. hah. 1

  • Yin

    I like everything Slaine just said. He seems very 'real'. Sounds like he's just protecting his own and has been irritated. I haven't heard Sam Adams at all so I could be completely wrong. But I do sympathise with Slaine on this one. He didn't have to go on the offensive so much though! TOTALLY agree with the 'Hater' remark. That word's becoming annoying. Plus I agree with his 'true Hip Hop' vibe.

  • DeAndre

    not his fault the kid blew up so fast and didnt have time to "pay his dues to the game"


      actually, he used his parents credit card to boost his name to #1 on itunes. he was up w lil wayne on the charts overnight. He is a fraud and this is known. so yes... it is his fault.

    • flonasbrotha

      your totally right deandre... this sounds like hes just trying to keep sam adams down right as adams is blowing up.. kinda sounds like some bully anti-white college rapper shit

    • flonasbrotha

      your totally right deandre... this sounds like hes just trying to keep sam adams down right as adams is blowing up.. kinda sounds like some bully anti-white college rapper shit


    Out of all the comments i read... Purple said the best comment... People wanna point fingers at the artists... but is really the fucking so called real fans of hip hop thats killin hip hop... cause not they going and buy these real artists cd's... they downloading these niggas shits on limewire... so you cant be mad at soulja boy or sam adams or any of these trash niggas... yall as fans gotta step yall game up and go buy a muthafucker you think is real cd... FUCK HIP HOP

    • chronwell

      All artists are real, all CDs are real.HAHAHA! Theyre not imaginary. I think what is lost is that that raw uncut street hiphop has FEWER FANS in the US willing to support guys like Coka and Raekwon and Slaughterhouse. Dumbed down technohop appeals more to young women and the men who wanna dance to the bed with these young women. Im ridin with Slaine and the real G'z outta the Bean of all colors tho, its gonna be a long hard road but we built 4 this!

    • Yin

      You KNOW this starts with reducing the cost of CDs though. Is that not the point of all this limeiwre shit? Seriously when will the labels or whatever get it?

  • Indiemuzik

    I think I know a way to solve the dilemma hip hop faces from bubble gum rappers. How about we label "rap" albums with little to no traces of rap, jazz, and soul as pop. If this happened then the market would be less saturated with crap. And while sales would go down, atleast the hip hop community would have a chance at reaching new fans without them having a distorted look at rap.

  • nebular

    this lil pop kid have'nt heard him before. Slain is right, if he's passing that new error hip pop as real rap with the backing of some high powered cororation then he need to get his pass revoked for not paying proper homage

  • LOL's

    Just cause your shit don't sell, you wanna hate on successful people. I don't agree with the "hater" term either, but if it should ever be used , this would be a good time.

  • cmor

    slaine is correct ..i ve been screaming this for years about em but ? asking where eminems white friends are does he have any .. slain hangs with some true hip hp white guys .. it 's said ignirantly but think about it ........ this sam adams dude is the product of eminem and asher roth ..............

    • Drucifer1983

      @ Cmor Your point makes no sense..........And, for the record, Em has worked with white MC's(Hush, Paradime, Alchemist)

    • hippaToDaHoppa

      Sam Adams is more a product of the post-2004 bubble gum era in hip-hop. Literally the only similarities between Adams and Asher or Em is that they are all white. They are all very different artists, but at least Shady & Roth are real MCs who care about lyricism and the hip-hop culture. Adams doesn't care about hip-hop he just wants to make money and become famous making pop music disguised as hip-hop.

    • Snowgoon4:2010

      false dumbass, do your research on em, avoid ignorance..


    The majority just don't know how dope Slaine really is. In my opinion he's the best white rapper out right now. and yes this includes Shady.

  • kush nap

    slaine dont gotta back track. sam adams making frat boy techno and selling it as hip hop is not acceptable. the tolerance for wack shit is whats killing hip hop. "hes just making his money, let him do him". time to start skinning wack emcees and frauds. this is the cb4 era. snitches goin plat, C.O.s dropping gangsta rap to commerical success, faggot frat boys making electro pop false reppin. enough is enough.

    • Ah hell

      Good shit Purple. Another way is to not even give hip pop artists as Adams the time and day. (even though I'm commenting on this article, go fuck yourself if you'd throw that in my face). Just turn the radio off, play some real Hip Hop and support the real artists. Hip Hop is such in limbo right now, it's been exploited beyond recognition.

    • Purple

      The problem is not at all with Sam Adams making pop/hip-hop cause that shits been around forever. MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, etc, etc. The problem is the consumer (all the "fans" including yourselves, whether you like real shit or not, supporting it is something else, its just supply and demand). It's a business, and thats obviously going to take precedence over where the art form goes. If you want people like Tame One, De La Soul, Wu-Tang, etc to be popular, then your going to have to support them, and get the buying public to support them.

    • Drucifer1983

      Co-sign that, but the problem is alot bigger than this little fuck.........If you wanna start saving hip hop, dont just single this kid out like he's the onlyu one fuckin things up............This problem is much bigger than one whack MC

  • Drucifer1983

    Sam Adams is whack but I dont see the big threat he poses..........The bigger threat comes from idiots like Gucci Mane making hip hop look like a bunch of Jiggaboos from the 1800's doing a Minstrel show

  • doubl negative

    It'd B quixotic of me 2 think U can make credible, raw, dope hip-hop and still sell recordz. That'z what I loved about Goldern-Era rap music - House of Pain, Cypress etc. appealed 2 white suburban kidz without neglectin' their core street fanz. Now da game iz split, and the scene iz so disperate, no 2 rap fanz have anything in common, from social miliue 2 da type CDz they bump. 3rd Bass could co-exist with X-Clan back in da dayz, but da racial/class dichotomy arrived when Eminem'z misogyny waz exused by white liberalz and bigotz alike.

    • C-ARSON

      I completely agree, and even in the 90's Rappers still had to be real spitters to get to the level of having a big budget, I always thought it was a good balance then as well. I can't name one lyrical rapper from after the 00's that doing big numbers. Maybe Lupe, Banks, T.I., Chamillionaire, thats all I got off top.

  • shouldbewe

    dx you got to step your game up,Your approach sucked.slaine don`t let them make you feel like you hattin.

  • beantown

    "Are we allowed to have a problem with anything anymore without being "haters"? 'Cause I don't give a fuck. If that's the case, I'll be a hater" Thank you. I've said before and I'll say it again. the term "hater" is the worst thing to happen to hiphop next to autotune. It's just a term wack rappers use to defend their wack music from well deserved criticism. Sam Adams is a clown and a fraud for multiple reasons. He and 90% of his fans have never been in Boston

    • nickelnine

      im from boston too. and i have listened to sam adams once, and promised myself never to listen to him again. niggas i know dont fuck with him either. boston boy lol. if he thinks he reps boston more than edo, guru, term, akro, mr lif, esoteric, slaine, etc., then this kids tripping. fuck...even benzino is better than this clown...bostons actually got a good rap scene. its just people like sam adams and benzino give it a bad name

    • Natac

      Gotta agree with homie up here. The people who actually live in boston neither listen, nor do they support Sam Adams. I know alot of people say "he's gotta deep resume and he's rocked a bunch of colleges across the US" and thats fine but the fact that he called the album Boston's Boy pisses me off. We would have never attacked him if he renamed his project. He's basically branded us with this shit, it'd be like Young Berg coming out with an album called Chicago's Own or some shit. If some arrogant ass mothafucka decided to represent your city or borough in a way thats the complete opposite of how you conduct yourself, you guys would be mad as fuck too. BOSTON *turns to city* WHO IS THIS NIGGA? *points* ~Peace

  • Really Doe

    Fuck people like J Cardim and Wiz Khalifa for working with this clown in search of crossover fame.

  • Lawofaverages


    • fucksamadams

      lol sam adams is a fairy, stay the fuck away from mic's timberlake. slaine keep doin ya shit man is all i gotta say

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