Rap Legend Eric B Blasts Nicki Minaj After Encounter

Rap icon blasts Nicki Minaj on Twitter after he was dissed at a concert meet and greet.

Legendary rap icon Eric B recently announced that his recent introduction to newcomer Nicki Minaj did not go as planned. In a rant on Twitter, Eric B wrote "Go fuck yourself" addressing the rap Barbie.

Reports are detailing that Eric B attempted to get a picture with Nicki for his daughter at a concert meet and greet. However, when the Hip Hop pioneer met Young Money's first lady, she disrespected him by treating him like a groupie, as though he had snuck past security to meet her.

Nicki Minaj, who has received positive feedback from her series of mixtape releases since 2009, has not released a statement in regards to Eric B addressing her behavior.



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  • fuck your mirror

    "its not like he's one of the greatest of all time or anything. Just a good rap in the Past! " stupid mothafuckas ERIC B and RAKIM were one in the same there would be no RAKIM without ERIC B just like thered be no PETE ROCK without CL SMOOTH they all bounced of eachother and got higher than they could themselves they were pioneers of this thing people use today called rap you dont join a club and shit on the founders you also dont always remember wha people look like also at a concert meet n greet, shit gets crazy, especially for someone like nicki manaj im sure eric b...who knows how he went about getting his autograph or picture or wuteva but if it was founded, than he had every rigt to twit wuteva the fuck he wants

  • dark41969

    nicki can get the gas face. she should know who hip hop legends r & stop fronting. eric b helped shape hip hop & even create a "young $ " mantra. chk the cover of "paid in full" do the knowledge, yamp (young tramp). pluz, jean grae iz mad skilled & woulld slaughter any ghostwritten 4 broad (lil kim, foxy, nicki). tye phoenix & eternia r hot lyrically 2.

  • ignorance = weakness

    and if you don't believe you can search for reference tracks of biggie rapping the rhymes he wrote for kim. look In foxy browns album credits see who's names are listed as the writers. nikki aint the first and wont be the last.

  • ignorance = weakness

    jay-z and nas wrote for foxy, big, cam'ron and maino wrote for kim.No Hate . Just Facts.


    *foxy brown


    YEA she aint got shit on no other female rappers...she raps like she has ghostwriters and her shit still weak..listen to fixy brown spit on Shyne's song she killed it..


    Nicki Minaj got flow, but she absolutely does not impress me at all.. She clearly bit her style from Lil Kim.. From the way she dress, to the things she rap about. But, she doesnt go as hard as Lil Kim in any area.. including making music. So, i wonder how her album will play out... Im not sure she's gonna last in the game.. anywho, she is opening the doors for female emcees, so thats cool.. i aint knocking her, just constructionally criticizing her ass... we'll see how she hold out. CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • Soulful Beats

    Lol, 1st it was east vs west beef, now it's the old vs young beef. Personally I think there are way better female rappers out but playing the devils advocate, I can't really knock her reaction and Eric B was wrong for posting that on twitter. Nicki probably could give 2 fucks about Eric B and will probably either keep it moving or throw some indirect diss to 'old school' rappers in one of her upcoming songs. Truth is, most of these new school cats don't know who did what and front like they was always hip-hop when they just now googling niggas who are key players and put it down. Best solution? If you from the era of lyricism and skills, fuck the radio and support that real hip-hop. If you one of these young niggas saying 'old folk need to step off and make way for the new breed', then support whatever you consider to be dope and leave it at that.


      haha... old vs young.. agreed! CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • Horse D

    aint nobody give a fuck about this chic man...her style is WEAK!!!lol


      lol indeed CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • Damian26

    In my opinion nicki minaj has a bit of an attitude for no reason. She hasn't even released an album and she is already acting like she's "too hot to touch" Just like the fact that she turned King down because it would be "hurtful to her career" umm ..what career is she talking about? the career where she parades around in barely any clothes and talking about sexual activities with both sexes ? yea, doing the cover of king would've really damaged her rep. basically what i'm trying to say is even if it really was in fact a fan just trying to get a picture with her, she is in no position to turn it down at this point in her "career" she needs to get off her high horse and get on the low donkey that she needs to be on.


      she def got a nice fan base doe... all the lil shorties wanna be nicki minaj... crazy.. black barbies.. CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • ThinkaboutIT

    Yall haven't taken the time to consider. If Eric B walked up to you on the street now, you probably wouldn't recognize him. Nicki probably didn't recognize him either. He should've introduced himself to her himself or told someone else so they could meet. There's no reason to post on your twitter obscenities directed at another female especially when you have a daughter. Eric B needs to grow up and realize that some things are misunderstandings.


      lol,, im def sure nicki minaj didnt recognize him.. he should have introduced himself first, and she may have had more respect for him.. lol, dat nigga was kind of acting like a groupie. he'll be aight.. CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • blactrs78

    lmao...fuk eric b...dis n1gga was hot when my oldest brother graduated from high school. rakim cold but still, she probably thought he was a old man groupie...lol...like who da fuk is dis old a$$ n1gga trying to take a pic wit me???? lol! and lol@ all you n1ggas catchin feelings ova this...just stop proclaiming to be grown men now....lol


      lol.. CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY


      this just goes to show u youngin's have no respect for the rap game, people claim to love hip hop so much but yet they dont know their history, how u not gonna know who Eric B is & on top of that not pay hommage to him... there is just no respect or love for the culture of hip hop... this song is a perfect example of the rap game today... "the thrill is gone" Talib & Styles P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Sl5UDeFh44

  • daddy da

    eric b is garbage, attack of the 1980's !!!!!!!!!!!! old school was wack, rakim shouldve had premier

  • harris89

    http://allhiphop.com/stories/rumors/archive/2010/04/17/22174356.aspx already confirmed false. step your game up, DX.



  • )()(

    this bitch swallows better than she spits

  • KC-4:20


  • fukwethebest

    man who let this wacc ass bitch in anyway oh I forgot some other wacc ass bitch wayne ha ha ha this bitch is garbage like the Queen B says let me see your pussy purr every body in young money done seen hers I wonder if nikki is roomates with the rest of those bumbs i guess ill ask kat Stacks

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  • buss

    what is so funny is that Nicki was not even around when the G.O.D Rakim and Eric B was RULING hip hop....so he is right when he said F**k Her!! she does not even and will not even SMELL the success the he has!!

  • italian7five

    nicki minaj is just....well....whack

  • bekalu23

    The more people talk about niki minaj soulja boy and drake the more famous they become...how about stick to your guys's favorite legend/upcominrapper/song/tite shit so we could get this hip hop shit out the "gudda gudda" if you kno what i mean

  • jaybains

    I'm 21 I don't know this Guy, name sounds familiar but even if she does know Him! He probably looks different now! she never met him before face to face! how can you blame her? its not like he's one of the greatest of all time or anything. Just a good rap in the Past! I heard Rakim joints I would recognize him if I saw him I bet she would also! This guy might have not had the same effect so drop it! Its probably like Freeway 15 years from now no one will remember him much!


      u dont know eric b. gotta do your research kid.. and i'm 22 CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. ITS A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY


      nigga yu soo stupidd yu listen to hip hop yu anit a fan i hate ppl like you eric b was the man i ani no 21 and i noee if yu truly love hip hop then yu noe yu noe ip hop is more then jus a mic n rockin the crowd you know it strted wit the bboys n the graff heads its a 3 part evolution you a youngin mentalyy in the hip hop game if ne one dont noee there historyy

    • paidinfull

      nikki minaj sucks many things. this silly broad is foxy brown and lil kim love child's afterbirth. FUCK OUTTA HERE.

    • GregRodgers

      Come On son...so you think no one in her entourage knows who he is? No one told her who he was? Don't make excuses...many 15 yr olds know who the hell this dude is...you'd expect someone in the game to know too.. Your excuse is exactly what is wrong with rap. New cats do not know raps history....

    • fukwethebest

      every body knows ericb and rakim my son knows them from paid infull how you gonna be from ny and not know this dude

    • king heron

      i agree. dude name is well known in the rap world, but his face aint that recognizable.

    • BK all day

      But how can she be in the game and not know her history?? We are talking Rakim and Eric B.....not Roxanne Shante (although she should know her too)

  • JemDawg151

    chabce what the fuck are you saying? learn proper dialogue then speak.. you don't disrespect a legend who makes their living the same way you do, thats like an up and comer in the NBA like rajon rondo disrepecting hakeem olajuwon or patrick ewing, even if you dont know who the dude is (which if your a real hip hop head you should know Eric B when you see him) you gotta show respect to everyone, even to mother fuckers asking for an autograph... fuck that, you should be thankful and grateful for ppl approaching you for your autograph and this bitch nicki minaj or w/e the fuck her name is probly thinks she made it already, and she dont even know who Eric B is, the fuck outta here, stupid bitch shes the god damn groupie, this pop rap bullshit is irritating and this bitch just contributes more to it, good for Eric B..... a pioneer of this hip hop shit and ppl on these boards will actually talk shit and disrespect him, the fuck are you thinking? just keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything legitimate to say

  • sun_god7

    she probably didn't know who he was. was she even born yet when Eric B and Rakim were out?

    • thegreatiandi

      She 27 yo, i assume she should know. But by the sound of her lyrics, maybe not. Not dissing, just saying.

  • snlminaj

    @sukmydik yo faggot why dont u get down on yo damn knees and cum suck my dick. minaj will eat you up and spit you the fuck out & spit on u w/ infected saliva ya cunt

    • fukwethebest

      this bitch couldnt battle no one this bitch is wacc as fucc she sound about as retarded as coochi man

    • thegreatiandi

      Hummm...please don't jump out the closet on everyone. Maybe you should tip-toe out..give us a chance to accept you or not. What kind of diss was this? Lmao. Anyway..... the hip hop game gets these lil sex-ploited chicks every few years, then they vanish. SOOOO...when no1 cares in a year about this lame tramp who is just being a mimic of other long forgotten hip hop tramps ( Lil Kim anyone? ), i wonder if *SNLMINAJ* will be so up in arms for her. Doubt it.

  • Gonzalo

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  • Rockhard

    I wonder if ludacris torn a hole in nicki fat asset?

  • Big S.O.S.A (since 79) tm

    That represents a problem with the younger hip hop generation. There is no sense of history in them. And, they feel that they don't have to know about where they came from and have respect for those who birthed what they are doing. And, the disrespect she showed him made her look worse than ever. But, the kids who love her will not care because they are just as disrespectful and not knowing as her. It's fucked up really....

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  • katsticks

    shes the best female rapper since lil kim went to jail. as far as dissing a hip-hop legend is crazy. obviously she is not for the kids, cuz she couldnt take the time to sign an autograph for a legends daughter. how shameful. fuck twitter, why are people using that bs site to diss one another or express their inner bitch. we live in a crazy day and age forreal.

  • Chabce

    why yall so sensitive if that nigga would have came in the building u wouldnt have known who he was either he not rakim we know him eric b just a side nigga get off niki yall all got yall panties in a bunch over this lady she make music people like she got fans she got money she got haters and its you i dont like gucci mane nor waka flocka flame but im not finna sit on here and talk shit bout him yall probably the same niggaz who aint say shit when them niggaz say they dont care about lyrics just doing shows getting money nigga yall making hiphop die she coming in the game doing her and yall wanna beat her down so what if she got fake tits and ass she is a damn entertainer get out of these niggaz lives and just listen to the music and make your day go cause yall really destroying yall selves with all this shit

  • sukmydik

    Fuck Nicki Minaj that Dyk Bitch. He flows like a female Busta Ryhmes. Only good thing about her is her ass! the bitch can eat an infected cunt!

  • N.Dastardly

    @Hollow man.. I got tears comin outta my eyes off that one lol.. Aww he nuked this ''Da Police'' character. How do you NOT know who Eric B is? What the fuck is really goin on? So many errors in that comment. So many.. And the Barbie Acronym was genius.

  • Psyke_Sconi

    Fuck that witch Dike Bitch. Off with her Head. She is Teaching Young Girls how to be WHORES anyway.

  • ktutegypt

    stupid bitch. fuck that whole young money bullshit

  • Best Rappers

    HA,HA, Eric confirmed it was fake, now look at all these Nicki Haters on here, calling her arrogant and all that, yall just madd that she can spit better than your favorite male rapper and she has confidence, and looks good.

    • fukwethebest

      u must be young or gay or both this bicth is weak as fucc she cant spit shit besides you cant be good when drake and wayne write all your shit this bitch cant freestyle for shit i heard her free and it dont sound nuttin like this bull shit she got out

    • DJ Smokes

      Yea I'm sorry but Niki aint got shit on any legit rappers

    • name (required)

      what faggot nigga, lupe, outkast, and others destroy this bitch, get the fuck outta here faggot ass nigga

  • Patrick L

    What did eric b. do in the group besides dj and get rakim to a studio. Rakim was all the skill and eric b. wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Ra

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    I FUCKED NICKI MINAJ SO SHE FINE BY ME..................

  • Dr. Deadbeat

    Someone needs to sock that bitch so hard in her motherfuckin face she gets whiplash. For Real I hope somebody knocks that lame no talent horrible nursery rhymin ugly slag hooker dumb bitch the fuck out!!! Fuck Young Money! Fuckin Fag Ass Punks


    All of you are fucking idiots....dont believe everything you see. Eric B. already came out and said it was fake. It never happened. He has another Twitter Account. It was all a fucking joke.

  • Adam-bomb

    wow so disrespectful, well she hot right now but no lasting power at all. Has she said anything relevant yet? (crickets). She just the rap version of Lady Gaga/Kid Sister.

  • Lentes36

    Fuck that Bitch, Respect A Legend Who paved the Way For your Bitch-ass To be Here Today.


    Her ego is bigger then her artistry, even if she didn't recognize who he was, it was still a back stage meet and greet, a back stage pass only event, you don't show arrogance towards people their to support you, she needs to check herself before she wrecks her budding career

    • HRCMS

      @ MR GIMIK, this was a meet and greet back stage, means chances are they bought tickets, so they spent money, you dont treat people that essentialy make you by buying your music, and buying concert tickets like they are not appreciated at such an event, I see if she was out with her kids shopping or at dinner, thats different, but back stage your at work and thats all part of it

    • Mr. Gimik

      as a artist u dont have to do shit but make music and tour. if thats all u wanna do. yall cats are twiztid if u think shes being disrespectful....its a matter of what she wants to do and not want to do reguardless if this happened or not yall sound really silly complaining about nicki. who really cares bout a signature on a paper nowadays. i can only imagine how many ignorant fucks press her patience at these meet n greets as well considering the hip hop world and their opinions and how most of that world acts

    • mcmastermind

      Took the words right out of my mouth. As a fuckin artist you have to sign autographs and do all that shit, you cant be fucking arrogant about it. Even if she did not know who he was, she should have showed respect because he was supporting her. She garbage anyway sounding like she has terrets when she raps.

  • N.O. B17

    did dis guy jus say Eric B was the dude who made Hip Hop Hooray???...smh son u seriously need to never go on any hiphop website ever again like 4 real

  • sinfuldistraction

    cmon tho let's be honest... what the fuck is an eric b? and how long has it been since he has been relevant in any way? fuck the old school! soulja boy 4 LIFE!!

  • reallytho

    cmon tho let's be honest... what the fuck is an eric b? and how long has it been since he has been relevant in any way? fuck the old school! soulja boy 4 LIFE.

  • da police

    who the fuck is erik b, get the fuck outta here. nicki minaj is a true legend, her shit is groundbreaking. What did that dude ever do for hip hop. Is he the guy who made hip hop hooray, my parents love that song

    • Holy shit

      @ Hollow man, LMFAO I was dying after that one. This has to be a joke. I refuse to believe "Da Police" is firm about that comment. Fuc outta here.

    • Droops

      your mom is a true legend..bomb domeskies

    • miguel Guttierres

      F--k Da Police!

    • __

      don't bother with DA POLICE. he posts strictly ignorance. probably just to get a rise outta ya

    • Hollow Man

      You faggot!!! get off nicki's dick you webcam groupie dick sucker....Eric B was making classic hiphop while you were swimming around in your fathers dick juice...go fuck a knife

    • KOV

      wow. I cant believe you said who the fuck is eric b? and then said nikki minaj is a tru legend in the same post LMAO....I mean im not from the old school but do you know anything about old hip-hop?

  • Best Rappers

    She probaly didnt no who dude was, she probaly gona say sorry tho, but she probaly aint,but who cares tho, it aint like Eric B is God, but on the real, i dont think she recognize dude.

  • jawznola

    Actually I blame the older rap artists, they always try to be "hip" and act like the younger artists. Nas, Jay-Z, Snoop, Dr.Dre, LL Cool J, are really the only hip hop legends to not give a fuck about young artists and instead did their own things. As a result, they are still relevant, but look at the niggas that's always quoting young artists, saying "fuck soulja boy" andall this shit, those guys are the people nobody give a damn about because they need to act their age. With that said, if you from NYC and still don't know who Eric B is you're crazy. I wonder if he said "yo I'm eric b" or if he just expected to be treated like royalty. I bet if Nelly was backstage his daughter would get a hug and a picture, nigga still looks the same.

    • Moise

      You're right. But Snoop is a characture of his original persona. He knows his lane and knows full well what he's doing. When he first came out, there he was vilified as evil and a danger to our society over here (the UK), with one paper putting him on the front page with the headline "Kick this evil bastard out". He's not the person he was when he was 21, he now has a family and charitable commitments, so I assume he tries to toe the line between image and creative licence. I don't listen to his music, but I recognise that he, like Jay-Z and 50 Cent is a business.

    • lies

      haha im sorry but Jay Z deff try to appeal to kids he aint kickin sick raps like he did on Reasonable doubt and SNOOP DOGG is the biggest sell out, niggas got his voice on gps systems and his last two cds(and the few before those suckedddd) are def tring to appeal to kids. I remember this nigga dissin solja boy like crazy when he came out now he got a song wit dude, come on and i like kid cudi but he got cudi on his record n shit, ppl look past snoop cuz hes a "legend" but dude is wack real talk

    • hmm...

      agreed. there are a few more older guys that don't give a fuck (in a good way) Ice Cube etc.

  • nickelnine

    this doesnt surprise me at all. nicki is clearly knows nothing about the history of hip hop. all of young money thinks they are above the hip hop pioneers. someone like g rap or krs needs to release a diss track to young money to put them in their place.

    • aric

      i agree wit both of yall, i dont mind gucci mane, but yea someones gotta put them in they place

    • rowans126

      agree with you. I think the great rappers (g rap, Krs etc.) need to release some disses to put young money and other similar rappers (gucci mane, soulja boy etc) out of the hip hop genre

  • paidinfull92

    Just a sec, shes from New York n shes a rapper. And she dont know who Eric B is. Just fuckin wow. fuck that ho. people these days need to recognize talent cuz this gutter slut aint talented in nothin but suckin mad cock.

  • swagon

    I gotta co-sign seeing her ass fail miserably. She is such a disgrace to hip hop..."be on my low starch..he on my egg whites"?..what the fuck is that


      let me guess lol by low starch she prob means "fat ass". or she prob tryna keep her belly low lol, cus am sure strach is fat. but wtf is "egg whites" i know she aint talkin about her ovum

    • miguel Guttierres


    • __

      lol she said that? i'm telling you some off these cash money/young money rappers say some indecipherable nonsense. they should stop.



  • jt8x

    shes mad dumb for one, eric b has been around so long you should have seen an album cover or tv interview or something showing him. thats pathetic. nikki continues to be in every single article online no matter what it is. i cant wait til she dies.

  • freshyboi

    i wouldnt recognize him either

  • 730dakid

    Lets be real she likely just didnt know who the fuck ol boy was. That aint NIkkis fault though really blame us. Hip hop is one of the only music genres that dont support older artists. We always look for that next hot think so with the exception of a few cats its always that next dude we check for

    • paidinfull92

      Im 18 and i fully agree with ya HAYO. Its sad to see this happen to the greats, the pioneers of the game. If it wasnt for Eric B. this dumb ho probably wouldnt even be rappin cuz rap wouldnt of gone as far as it has without Eric B.

    • hayo

      "Hip hop is one of the only music genres that dont support older artists" yes hiphop fans suck. disrespectful lil bastards will soon be telling Jay Z, Nas, Dr. Dre to pack it in cuz they're "washed up, irrelevant" etc. No one other genre does that. I'm 20 by the way

  • Camouflage Camp

    Well thats a dang shame.. then again, I'm not surprised she didn't recognize the dude.. beyotch prolly started rappin after hearing Lady Gaga do it in a song. And as far as this fake ass chick goes, as they say in Australia, "let's put another shrimp on the barbie". MEANING, SPREAD IT B#TCH, HERE COMES THE D!!

  • Hiiohoi

    Well thats a dang shame.. then again, I'm not surprised she didn't recognize the dude.. beyotch prolly started rappin after hearing Lady Gaga do it in a song. And as far as this fake ass chick goes, as they say in Australia, "let's put another shrimp on the barbie". MEANING, SPREAD IT B#TCH, HERE COMES THE D!!!

  • saf

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  • daonedaykno

    Eric B fucked up by even thinking this dumb ass female would know who he was, so that is his bad. I just hope this 'barbie' trick has her 15 mins quick and fades away, she will, in due time because she is garbage..

  • illtrill

    haha fuck Nicki Minaj and Young Money. .Eric B. for president. "I got an exam, let's see if yall pass it Let's see who can quote a Daddy Kane line the fastest Some of you new rappers, I don't understand your code You have your man shoot you, like that Sopranos episode Do anything to get in the game, mixtapes, you spit hate Against bosses; hungry fucks are moraless You should be tossed in a pit of unfortunate vocalists" -Nas

  • Kyor Lohen

    Eric b you played yourself... you really thought th is dumb black airhead barbie was gonna know who da the fuck u were? c'mon son

  • BornToLoseBuiltToWin

    Thats the problem with these so called rappers now days they dont know nothing about the history of hip hop, that fake ass broad need to do her homework and stop with all this barbie bull cause the shit aint cute at all...and shes not even the best female rapper out here, she does way to much when she raps....she aint nothing but a rap version of lady gaga

  • als_360

    She on that lady gaga imma wear some crazy shit for a buzz type shit. That's fucked up to treat a legend like that though. I wonder if she got longevity in her that's what im waiting for.

  • I_Am_Beast

    If I had a daughter I wouldn't let her listen to Nicki Minaj, that's for damn sure.

  • xquizitkey

    I do not support this girl. She as well as a few other's don't deserve the credit they get as far as being in the game. True mc's don't need gimmicks (like calling themselves "Barbie") The only thing they need are the words they spit. Not the ABC, 123 "rap" style of Young Money! We all read Dr. Suess growing up! BARBIES - Basic Ass Ridiculous Bitches Imitating Everybodys Swag brought to you by the fam on Twitter. XquizitKey


    WTF this disrespectful bitch, she should know who eric b is , how the fuck you from NY n dont know who eric b is

  • Rapologist

    I don't support sluts. Bitch doesn't even have hair, and she calls herself Barbie.

  • the rat pac

    LMAO LMAO, nicki prob didnt even know who he was, she barely hot right now, she bangin as fcuk tho lol


    why eric b even tryin to get a photo for his daughter with this plastic ugly bitch? LIL KIM>wanabe lil kim a.k.a. niki minaj

  • YoungJonJon929

    wow thats crazy she most likely didnt know that was eric b.

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