T.I. To Release 'Fuck A Mixtape' Project, Names Upcoming Album

UPDATE: T.I., DJ Drama, and Just Blaze remain tight-lipped in regards to upcoming Fuck A Mixtape project. But Tip reveals his new album is named, "King Uncaged."

For the past week Atlanta rapper T.I. , DJ Drama, and Just Blaze have been hinting at the upcoming release of a project titled, Fuck A Mixtape.

Just yesterday (April 14) the Fuck A Mixtape trailer was released via YouTube. The trailer features T.I. in the studio while his single “I’m Back” plays throughout the almost 40-second long video.

On top of the Fuck A Mixtape trailer a Tweet was made from T.I.’s Twitter account stating, “Fuck A Mixtape!”

Atlanta-based producer DJ Drama also sent out a similar Tweet yesterday.

“RT @DJMLK: RT @DJDRAMA: *fuck a mixtape* @tip @djdrama @djmlk gangsta grillz.....hood-rich…,” said DJ Drama via Twitter.

And in a recent interview with Tony Touch, producer Just blaze spoke briefly on his work with T.I.

“Don’t want to give too much details about that out, its kind of a event what we doing…Working on something that will be out very soon,” said Just Blaze in an interview with Tony Touch.

No other details on the Fuck A Mixtape project have been revealed, but through his new Web site TrapMuzik.com, Tip revealed that his new album, now named King Uncaged, will be released on August 24.

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