T.I. To Release 'Fuck A Mixtape' Project, Names Upcoming Album

UPDATE: T.I., DJ Drama, and Just Blaze remain tight-lipped in regards to upcoming Fuck A Mixtape project. But Tip reveals his new album is named, "King Uncaged."

For the past week Atlanta rapper T.I. , DJ Drama, and Just Blaze have been hinting at the upcoming release of a project titled, Fuck A Mixtape.

Just yesterday (April 14) the Fuck A Mixtape trailer was released via YouTube. The trailer features T.I. in the studio while his single “I’m Back” plays throughout the almost 40-second long video.

On top of the Fuck A Mixtape trailer a Tweet was made from T.I.’s Twitter account stating, “Fuck A Mixtape!”

Atlanta-based producer DJ Drama also sent out a similar Tweet yesterday.

“RT @DJMLK: RT @DJDRAMA: *fuck a mixtape* @tip @djdrama @djmlk gangsta grillz.....hood-rich…,” said DJ Drama via Twitter.

And in a recent interview with Tony Touch, producer Just blaze spoke briefly on his work with T.I.

“Don’t want to give too much details about that out, its kind of a event what we doing…Working on something that will be out very soon,” said Just Blaze in an interview with Tony Touch.

No other details on the Fuck A Mixtape project have been revealed, but through his new Web site TrapMuzik.com, Tip revealed that his new album, now named King Uncaged, will be released on August 24.



  • snaggs

    Now T.I. has been hot since i could remember and all yall niggas do is hate he didnt snitch on WHO??? he got caught in that situation not 3 other niggas. Did anybody else go 2 jail?....NO WTF yall niggas dnt know shit i agree with some of yall cuz yall making since but some niggas dnt never know whats goin on....T.I. is clearly a top 5 rapper in the game and is one of the most consistent at making albums i mean just go on BET they will tell u and dnt nobody give a damn about some low life niggas that had the f*ck a mixtape phrase b4 nigga its TIP and he dnt need a mixtape thats y he so real on his album hating ass niggas

  • notfromthestreets

    i didnt know gangstas blogged, and as far as relapse goes, i never liked eminem until relapes, its like a horror movie of a cd, pretty good shit

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  • king_shame

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      boiii stop yep yappin' yo mouth on the computer....... it's really stoopid! BT I LIKE BOTH COLORS. smh to stooppid ass niggas who dont got no kind of sense. t.i. thats my Hunnie step ya dick up/peace/

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  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    U niggas best respect the KING as he would call himself!! Jealous ass niggas!!

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  • paidinfull92

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    • franco

      he got too much time on his hands with no goals...now he's just a troll. Ignore him like everybody's been doing since day 1.

  • Ceazar

    Now 2 bizness Babyface need these contracts, Outkast,Goodie Mob, YoungBloodz,Toni Braxton,TLC,Pink,Ciara,Usher,Society of Soul,Dolla,Donell Jones pls give all of them 2 Big Boi and big boi dont give any of them out, i want u 2 think bout this would Outkast like 2 sign2 my label and ill give u your contract 4 the Outkast Clothing Company and Stankonia


    Okay So T.I. has to be aware that a DMV Artists named Whitefolks has already released a "F*ck Your Mixtape" mixtape... The homie might be jacking a concept already done and stamped! Check the blog and dload the "F*ck Mixtape" and see for yourself!

    • Badmofo

      I know Whitefolks.....not the group just a bunch of crackaz around here

    • TRUTH truth

      but no one has heard of them... and that idea is HARDLY amazing enough to think that if someone else also came up with a similar name that they must have stolen it. Just stop, mane!

  • kush nap

    i hope somebody drop a mixtape airing this snitch out for 60 minutes. or get a compilation together and let the real ride out on tips. i think t.i. and ross need a collabo, the screw and the snitch.

    • macbeze

      who he snicth on, he cop a plea if u a real street nigga and did any crime u would kno this if he had snitch on anybody whoesle went down with him. that nigga got money mane,stop hatin a let the king pass real nigga shit.

    • That Real Talk

      There is a BIG difference between a dude getting a deal to reach out to the public via his status and do a thousand hours of community service plus a years worth of jailtime, and a snitch.. You don't see that? Would this dude really snitch? Do you really think so? Born and raised in the trap, talking real shit all his life and THEN SNITCH? Naw.. but of course he didn't want to do 30 years, so him and his lawyers made a big deal out of him being able to reach out to people and talk to them about the dangers of guns and stuff like that. THAT was the deal right there, nothing more nothing less, and if you hear otherwise and it can be proven then I'll eat my words but from here-on-out untill then I'll stand by these words: T.I. is not a snitch. End of, period. Oh, and you are a bitch for hating on a man like that, so openly - so exposed, what.. did he break your heart or something? Get the fuck outta here with that bitching online shit, man. Peace!

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      When TIP got caught up in his stupidity buyn guns, is that what u reffern to? Where the report saying he snitch on a nigga? U can bet yo ass Smokn gun done did they on damn investigation just to try to expose a nigga, but guess what they still silent. AFLAMEGA, now thats a nigga who can wear that snitch label. When u lyn and getn niggas jammed up cause u facing time, then u snitching.. If a nigga run up in your ma crib on some home invasion shit and clean house (no witness left) and you aint got no idea who did it, I bet u be singing anotha song then. You would want niggas snitchn then huh? Snitchn don't apply to just telling the police if you ask me. Snitchn is telln period.. At some point morals have to set in and lines have to be drawn when it comes to labeling a nigga a snitch.


      niggaz dont know what snitchn mean

    • kush nap

      you come from an era where snitching is accepted and rationalized. youre a fag. if youre a criminal, you evade the police, you dont cooperate with them when you get caught up. unless of course youre a multi-millionaire that got caught up tryin to play "gangsta", when you get caught up just snitch your way out of it. film a crime stoppers video, that contradicts every fuckin track you made prior to paper trail. tip is a halfway thug faggot snitch rapper, i thought he was one of the few real niggas at the top, but he a bitch nigga like the rest of them. anyone that gives tip a pass is pussy, or theyve never been exposed to the street life and dont know anyone doing time for real. snitching is there for people that obey the law. snitching isnt there for halfway thug niggas that get caught up in they own stupidity like tip. the youth is doomed. yall thought process is warped, and i dont know who to blame.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      So if a innocent kid gets killed in a drive -by or something everybody just need to shut the fuck up huh? Grow the fuck up nigga!! That nigga and every nigga in da whip needs to be burried under da jail. If niggas wanna gang bang let em, just long as they kill each other cause its their damn choice to bang not that innocent child tryn to play outside. Fuck a NAP, nigga u need to take yo ignorant ass to sleep!! Snitchn don't applies when it comes to the innocent getn killed over others stupidity!!

    • kush nap

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oeh3ivWutyY not only is he snitchin, hes tellin you to snitch. tip is a good nickname. he been givin tips payin the man off. wait till the money slows. then theyll put him out there.

    • TRUTH truth

      Who did he snitch on? Explain yourself... or are you just another dumb cat re-quoting what you read on the internet? WHO DID HE SNITCH ON?

  • Ceazar

    Due 2 the increase of leaks, Stankonia now has all the industry recording contracts in Atlanta and Georgia.

    • handyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    • MalcolmLittle

      This cat Ceazar's the 2010 Handyy...

    • C-ARSON

      Atlanta and Georgia? If its in Atlanta its in Georgia dickhead.


    hope he brings the heat last ti album i brought was urban legend im back is not that heat


      lol. Dang, Kato do have a good point. it's too many niggas jockin on Eminem just because he was hot back den. ppl just say 'Relaspe' was a great album due to da fact he's a good rapper and dey been on his bandwagon ever since back den. Anotha thing dere's to say is hip hop has changed alot. Majority of the rappers back den, still rappin now, aint gne neva be the same


      @kat0 WTF are you talking about joe6 dont fuck with no dam EM homie at all

    • kato3000

      paper trail was hot as hell....theres no pleasing some of you niggas...he had some commercial songs but you also had some real fire just for the streets....i dont see you bitches complaining when feminem makes commercial tracks every damn album.....they are in this to make money and be true to the music dick face


      chill with the classic label my g i heard both albums no classic. i didnt like one single off paper trail. king cant be no classic homie his first three album was hot if any of them was a classic it was im serious hands down i brought that album when it drop not years later like everybody else

    • M.O.D

      You trippin King Classic Paper Trial classic.



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