Jay-Z Rumored To Bring Dr. Dre On Stage At Coachella Festival

Anonymous sources close to Aftermath Records told DX that Hova might show "what he's gonna do next" this Friday. Will "Under Pressure" wait?

Nearly four days tardy on last week's promise to unveil "Under Pressure" as lead Detox single, Dr. Dre and Jay-Z may have something else up their sleeve. The past collaborators may commemorate the reunion (and Dr. Dre's return) with a joint performance at this weekend's Coachella Festival in Indio, California. Sources close to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records anonymously told HipHopDX that the Compton's finest may share the stage with Brooklyn's finest during Jay's headlining Friday April 16 performance.

These rumors have yet to be substantiated in any way, and that source also said that scheduling conflicts remain in the way. Previously, Jay-Z has built a reputation for special guests, between Nas in 2005, as well as Michael Jackson at 2001's Summer Jam.

Dr. Dre, who rarely performs as of late, is veteran to several legendary Rap tours, most recently 2000's Up In Smoke Tour featuring members of N.W.A., Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Westside Connection and others. To date, Dr. Dre has yet to perform at a festival of this kind.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.


  • Angelito

    I live out in Coachella, and apperently Dre got here Thursday so well see if its real or what

  • Aquaman

    If Dre says Detox is good, then Detox must be insane. I think he will finally drop the album. 2010 is shaping up to be Aftermath's year. Eminem, Game, 50 and The Doc seem ready to drop bombs on the music industry. I Hope 50's Black Magic returns to the gritty type Get Rich Or Die Tryin album, i dont see that happening though. I hope Eminem's Recovery is better than Relapse and that he goes back to his normal rap flow. I hope Game keeps up the hustle and improve on his underrated L.A.X album with the R.E.D album. For Detox, i hope its every bit as good as Chronic and 2001. I hope Detox was worth waiting 10 years for. As always with Dre, people will say he fell off, how ni**a his last album was 2001.

  • Detox2011

    They might ONLY perform it...they ain't gonna release it just yet! that's some bullshit!!! fucc Dre and Detox! Recovery is dropping June 15th Babyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • robertzou

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  • deneeve

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    whether dre comes out or not, both artists are doing a great job of building anticipation.. meanwhile jay-z is still moving units of an album that came out last september.. this isn't their first rodeo.. dre is smart enough to know the three headed monster isn't strong enough right now to move units.. he's got to get back with jay and align himself with success.. beats by dre headphones have old sold eminem and fifty's last LP's.. dre needs to bring bang for buck if he's gonna move units of an album.. digital era has a choke hold on the industry.. no more 8 million, 10 million, 12 million units sold.. "change the game for these hoes.. change the game like we supposed.. "


      eminem's album to date has out sold jay-z.. what i mean by success of jay-z is the 360 degree marketing of memorabilia, touring, etc. jay-z has the highest grossing tour.. his network is his networth.. and right now that networth is threating security for third world countries.. lmao

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  • toby

    doubt dre will come out. nice idea tho http://watchthishiphop.blogspot.com

  • Lentes36

    Dre is letting me down.


    This shits gon be straight fire from hell

  • bb big boy

    Yall muthafuckas still waiting on detox move on its been 10 years in the making if it takes you that damn long to put out a album I dont wanna hear dre is over rated way over rated he got lucky with eminem but couldnt do shit with rakim, knocturnal, bishop lamont, joel ortiz,

  • afeahiahifeh

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  • yoeee

    i'll be there with 5 blunts in my pocket while lighting one up for the DRE

  • bob0932

    sick, i'm so jealous, one of my friends was nominated to dj there.

  • RogerSpice

    that would be dope and Mr. Make It Happen… Tony Austin, yo his new video for “Reality Check” is aight. Check that joint out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRX7RVU_Szg http://www.myspace.com/tonyaustinmusic http://www.twitter.com/tonyaustinmusic

  • Detox2011

    LOL Yeah riiiight...I'll be waiting for another Push-Back excuse. "This time is for real!!" hahahaha bitch pleeease!

  • Ceazar

    heres wht u do have a reunion wit drama and then have him announce that he is retiring from radio 2 head his company, takeover his XM show.

  • Ceazar

    Robin Givens its time 2 go b4 the tribune and Snoop will show u the way.

  • Best Rappers

    As I was reading it i thought it says Jayz will bring Dre on the cockafella stage,lol.


    looking forward. gorillaz gonna be their too.


    thats all ways good to hear an inter-coast collab and even better to bring him out on stage with im so greatful that hip hop is on the rise and not the decline anyomore


    thats all ways good to hear an inter-coast collab and even better to bring him out on stage with im so greatful that hip hop is on the rise and not the decline anyomore argree or disagree get a me at www.jenacide.webs.com

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