Rick Ross Debuts

Within four years, Rick Ross has made himself both one of Hip Hop’s most successful and most talked-about artists. On Monday, April 12 he released the latest single from what will be his fourth album, Teflon Don. During a Best of Both Offices conference call, Ross revealed the inspiration for his album and how three Brooklyn legends played a major part.

“The big homie Jay-Z, that’s the God emcee…that’s my homie,” Ross said of his former boss and one-time Def Jam president. “He’s on Teflon Don and I’ma just leave it right there. It’s magic.” Ross said he didn’t want to offer too many details about guest appearances on the album until its June 29 release date drew closer.

However, he and deejay/producer Clark Kent did explain how they came together on the lead single “Super High,” which also features contributions from Ne-Yo, DJ Don Cannon and The Remedy.

“When [DJ] Clark Kent sent this record to me, he made it clear, ‘Ross, take five minutes of your time and listen to this,’” Ross recounted. “I rolled up and actually listened to the production. I saw the music like it was in color—I saw the reds, blues and the yellows.”

The jury is still out on whether Rick Ross has experienced Synesthesia, but the experience of being around Sean “Diddy” Combs on a few remixes clearly has had an influence. He opens “Super High” with the line, “From my nigga Diddy view/I think I see his vision too...” Ross talked about being in some of the same studios Biggie laid his vocals in, and challenging himself to get close to that level, and the level of other legendary emcees.

“On this album, I’ve got concept records,” he explained. “When I think back to Nas’ record [‘I Gave You Power’] and the genius of B.I.G.’s ‘Ten Crack Commandments,’ I wanted to venture into those grounds for the first time. I felt my wordplay was to the point where I could do that in a way that I loved it.”

And while Ross aims to channel Hip Hop’s past greats in the booth and past R&B greats with his selection of beats, he didn’t want to discuss references to his pre-Rap career or his past beefs with other emcees.

“I feel we all are ‘Teflon Dons’ at some point in our lives,” Ross said of his album’s title. “It’s just when you reflect on it and really recognize that time. Going back to last year, at this point for me, is like playing Neo Geo or ColecoVision when niggas playin’ XBox. I wanna be a part of what’s next. I wanna be a part of the new generation of dope emcees and flourishing entrepreneurs.”

While Ross may not want to overtly connect the dots between a somewhat tumultuous 2009 and the upcoming title of his album, one of his peers and collaborators doesn’t mind.

“Here’s someone who survived a brutal beef with 50 Cent,” Pusha T of The Clipse told Esquire in the April issue. “He could have easily been distracted, and instead he made one of the hardest, most unforgiving songs in Hip Hop history.”

The only questions remaining are if Ross can do it again, and if revisiting that history of conflict can be a positive thing. Until June 29, listeners are left with Ross’ closing words as an answer.

“‘Teflon Don’ was the first name I ever went by” Ross explained. “That was the second tattoo I ever got in my life. It was my attitude of being able to accomplish anything I put my heart into. That’s just what I want to show the game and people listening to this music. Put your heart into whatever you’re doing and it’s all love.”


  • lawees

    rosay da and da best teflon don special .keep it up bro .really like him not pround simple men

  • real gutta

    Listen...He does have nice lyrics. But he's still a weak artist and weaker individual for not coming forward about the C.O. days. The game isn't weak where people need Ross for it to move on. Come on now let's be honest. There's a lil slew of Artits right now that are serious heavy hitters on the tracks they gracing lately. Jay Z, 50 Cent, Fabolous, T.I. anyone from D-Block...Fabolous, Red Cafe, The WU still poppin. The Clipse, Jay Rock, Nipsey Hussel, Drake, Kanye, Mos Def, Jim Jones (sorry I can't hate he goin hard right now lol), Ludacris....like and people the ones I named are jus people who seem to have more shine. I still didn't really get into hip hop like Jay Electronica, Royce The 5'9", Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Talib Kweli, Black Thought and on and on. The game is jus fine without Ross. So my point is since Ross hasn't put any swagg into the game since sayin "Whip it real hard" lol....Where is his relevance? Ya can't jus compare him to Biggie cuz they are both big, black, fat and can spit bars cuz then you have to throw in Heavy D and Chubb Rock into the equation too lol. I never personally did time thank the Gods and Earths. But I have a host of niggas and family members who have. And few have anything good to say about a C.O. including the dirty ones who help em smuggle the shyt in. Could jus be my region tho. I heard some upstate NY niggas say C.O's is all good so...maybe its a region thing. And ummm...50 Cent won that beef. He clearly showed no need to compete. He's competing with a fraud. Imagine if Jay Z lies with his already nifty bag of wordplay and flow tricks and life experiences. Then nobody would get near him. The whole point of hip hop is to keep it real. Ross is a nice rapper. But he's not hip hop. Cuz he won't stop frontin or @ least put things in their appropriate perspective so peeps like me can really see if we can embrace his movement. Cuz right now he look fraud than a muhfukka....and no Bad Boy cosigns gon change that. Biggie was a real nigga...he had to write Jr. Mafia's lyrics and Lil Kim's...Ross is jus spittin his imagination....@ least wit that C.O. thing still unclarified....

    • mark hayes

      rick ross makes good music period!!u sound like a real hater!!sounds like magnificent,blow,push it,hustlin,maybach music,super high,the boss,luxury tax!!!!AND THE LIST GOES ON WHAT THE HELL DO U MEAN HE HASNT DONE ANYTHING IN THE GAME U SOUND DUMB AS HELL!!how the hell did 50 win the beef when his music sucks and ross been on fire last year or so.....?stop hating and respect good music ross is a beast!!people always bringing up his past so what hes 34 yrs now that was how long ago....and when your in the business of making music u have TOO MAKE SONGS TO WIN A RAO BEEF NOT CARTOONS AND SKITS BUT GOOD MUSIC SO ROSS KILLED 50 CENT WEAK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • DaGreenEyedBandit

    Probably the most consistant MC in the game right now. His progression from Port of Miami to Deeper Than Rap (classic) is obvious. The beat selection has always been on point and the wordplay is ridiculous now. Just seen him in concert in Boston, and he killed it!!!Can't wait for this album to drop, this summer is gonna be a real good look for real good hip hop.


    Rick ross is defintley making good music. He has a joint with Kool G Rap that's crazy and I can hear it in his flow that he's step up on another level. While 50 is entertaining beef he's not selling albums either. His quality of music has sunk so low people won't buy he's shit. Ross won we go with who has better lyrics and music.

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  • GAYthug

    dis niggih was a c.o. n he comparin him self to biggie cmon son you gay like me .no homo doe.

  • c red

    deeper than rap was the best rap album of last year im still bumpin it and he keeps gettin better ill def be pickin this up i wouldent be surprized if it was his best album so far

  • Link

    I like Ross' music... that Clark Kent joint is crazy but I have no idea what song Pusha is referring to... neither Ross or 50 landed any clean jabs on each other because it was a fabricated beef that escalated through over inflated egos... thats why both moved on like it was nothing. Because it really was nothing. I think Teflon Don is going to be Ross' best album... which may push him up to that TI/Jeezy level as a platinum artist. Hopefully Ricky has inspired that nigga 50 & G-Unit to come back and focus on making good music first - crack jokes and talk shit second.

  • ant k.

    the boss!! cant wait for the album,i got a feeling its gonna be a classic

  • Bawse

    production has always been crazy. word play has always been on point. he got two new production teams. the olympicks and the tranzformerz too..this album is going to be the soundtrack for the summer

  • afeahiahifeh

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    I dont give a fuck...Ross can Rap. Mafia Music was the album that I bumped last year. Me and my girl were in Croatia on vacation bumpin that shit on the way to the capital. We went to a bar and gave the DJ Cigar Music to put on/ That beat was too ill.

  • dontsleep

    ross got a good ear beat selection people

  • really?

    alotta people hate on this dude and yea they got a reason to but fuck it im not gonna not listen to his shit bc of his past or whatever. Ross makes some hot songs and always has some bangin collabs. i got all his albums and all of them i can still listen too and be like damn. so def coppin this one. keep up the good work Ross

  • robertzou

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    not a fan of homie but he's here to stay

  • Poop Smearer

    Rick Ross is a bitch ass snitch nigga

    • vintagedink1

      Rick makes great music you brothers kill me talking about snitch this snitch that fuck wit dude his skillz is needed in this game he balances the bull shit out

    • vintagedink1

      Rick makes great music you brothers kill me talking about snitch this snitch that fuck wit dude his skillz is needed in this game he balances the bull shit out

    • blaq mozes

      are you mad he making hotter records than you or has more money than you?

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    BOSS!! I will be snatchn that TEFLON DON just like I did the rest!! Ross is very relevant in this game and has always been since he kicked in the door!! Niggas gone hate, but deep down inside they know this nigga wordplay is nice..

  • Eddie C.

    damn its early..... IS FROM.

  • Eddie C.

    is not. smh @myself

  • Eddie C.

    nas is from Queens. smh.

  • nyblackguys

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