Dr. Dre Says He's Listening To Kraftwerk, Parliament Funkadelic

The Good Doctor shares his take on what to look for in new talent, and besides "Under Pressure," his recent playlist.

Detox has gone from being a highly anticipated album to a running joke about it being a myth. Dr. Dre calmed those nerves this month, when he revealed that the album will definitely come out this year. He also promised a single with Jay-Z, which has yet to be delivered. Although he's been hard to catch for the last few years, appearing only on rare occasions to answer questions about Detox and other potential albums, he's been out promoting his Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Part of this run led him to chat with The Washington Post about what he's been listening to of late and what he listens for in newcomers.

Part of Dr. Dre's legacy is in his own music but much of it is also in his work with new talent. Many will recall Snoop Dogg's rise to stardom began alongside Dr. Dre. The same was the case for Eminem, 50 Cent and The Game, all emcees that gained a bit of help from the Good Doctor and Aftermath at the start of their respective careers. So, what exactly is Dre looking for when he hears or sees new talent?

"Originality. Good vocal performance. And if I can get along with them in the studio," he noted in the brief interview.

He went on to share a bit of his influences, citing Kraftwerk and Parliament Funkadelic when asked about what he is currently listening to.

"I've been listening to a lot of old 60s and 70s music. Things like Kraftwerk, and Parliament Funkadelic. I've really been listening to a lot of Kraftwerk... Kraftwerk had a really big inspiration on the beginning of Hip Hop. My tastes change with the season. Right now it's Kraftwerk. I'll see what happens this summer."

In noting that Kraftwerk had a big influence on Hip Hop, it can also be noted that J.J. Fad ("Supersonic"), Biz Markie ("Biz in Harmony"), Afrika Bambaataa ("Planet Rock"), Jay-Z ("Sunshine," and "It's Alright") and others have sampled Kraftwerk in the past. P-Funk has also been in many a crate as the group's been sampled by a long list of producers for tracks by Ice Cube, Tupac, Run DMC and many more.


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    I just don't care anymore. He's played with his audience for entirely too long. That album should have been out years ago. He should be following it up now. When you wait too long, people stop caring. If it ever does see the light of day, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't sell like it would have if it were released when originally projected. Whatever Dre.

  • hiphopscout


  • Conspiracy999

    I bet it will be really good and filled with unexpected surprizes I hope too many people don't bite the styles on it after it comes out. make ya own i know the BEATS are gonna be obviously stellar and excellent, BUT- I actually want to hear DR. DRE R-H-Y-M-E _his_ lyrics on that album !!! i LOVE Dre's verses on all the NWA and aftermath stuff he has a mean ass voice and with a killer attitude like a MUTHAFUCKER... whoever else is on it will probably be ok/good and awesome , too what else matters is how it will tie in to Relapse 2 and what the fuck is up with, that R.E.D album by the Game? lotsa secrets nowadays in the industry about why lots of other stuff is coming out and things that are scheduled to be regularily released are getting fucked with and pushed back in weird ways for weird reasons...

  • fshiiyuih

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  • tarik

    Dr. Dre says, 'He's takin' a dump'

  • tarik

    Dr. Dre Says 'He's taking a sh#t"

  • tarik

    Dr. Dre Says, "He's taking a shit"

  • Rachael5922

    YOUUUU you got what i neeeedddd but you say detox is comin you say detox is comin oohhhhHHHH babieee you you got what i neeeedddd but you say detox is comin you say detox is comin! So i took Dr Dre's word for it at this time because he always is around to deliver beats and rymes HA HA HA HA HA HA


    maybe this album is called detox because dre wants to record an album sober ... but giving up weed is really fucking hard, maybe that's what's taken him 10 years

  • kush nap

    shut up dre. drop the record or shut the fuck up. detox can drop, or it can not drop, i aint clockin it like that no more. andre must scare himself. he gets out there, gets his feet wet, and runs back inside. quit acting like a scared girl and drop the record dre. iovine needs to grow a pair and force dres hand. dre is a rich anti-social caveman hermit, iovine gets jerked like my dick when i got porn on. dre legacy is secured, he needs to quit stalling and do it already. detox is a joke.

  • Audrey The Provocative

    I've been waiting for Detox for about 50 years so far. Perhaps I might even need a detox for waiting so long...

  • YungNFamous

    Yo guys we gotta be patient, I'm sure the Good Doctor will deliver. In the meantime lets wait for Under Pressure(first single of Detox) If things go accordingly as Dre and Jimmy Lovine said then we will be bangin to it in less than 2weeks

  • Lentes36

    Dre's going back and listening to the oldschool jams, this is good news. Dre better drop a bomb on these new cats thinking their running shit right now. Westcoast all Day!

  • big braveheart

    Make my funk the P-Funk! Dre already did that with The Chronic but nice to see he might go back to it again! By the way see the track Dre sampled for ' Next Episode' well that was done by Scottish actor David McCallum ( The Man from UNCLE ) during the 60s so there's a Glasgow connection to Dre, in fact McCallum came from Rutherglen and stayed round the corner from my dad!!

  • Money First

    Dre takes his time on his own project because he can afford too. Its not like you haven't heard his production out there with Em, 50 and Game so it's not like he ever left but people still trip because he takes a long time to drop. I don't care how long it takes because the bottom line is he actually gives a damn about what he is putting out musically and when any artist or producer wants to make an album one of the BIG events of this decade and not something you listen to once or hear only in the club with one single, you need to respect and learn from that 4 real!

  • DR Jam

    I don't why people are so obsessed with detox, it's not like the man hasn't been working and putting out truly great music all those years. Genius takes time, the Dr. knows best. Let the man work.

    • Detox2011

      we've let the man work for 10 fucken years!!!!! what else does he want!! Pac dropped greatness work in just a few weeks!!!!

    • BigII

      I couldnt agree more gud music 2day is hard 2 come by let the man finish his album u know its gone be the hottest album in years the same people who is dissin detox is the same 1's that said chronic 2001 wasnt gone dorp and they were the 1st 1's in line 2 get that record yall act the man ain been producing 4 other artist keep doin your thing Dre

  • byrdgang80

    just make good music and everything will take care of itself. I think people aren't buy not just because of online...but how much garbage music is out there. Why would i spent $12 on a cd when i don't know or know that it sucks. You make good music not like today's and people will buy it. Personally i rather have the real deal (acutal CD) than just to download...partly cuz i grew up on 90's hip-hop where i went and purchase cd's.

  • Mike Lee

    at this point idk what he's listening to...he was supposed to drop a track today..dre u cant keep letting the fans down...u cant give us 1 track on an album we've been waitin for for 7 yrs now?...this shit is a joke smh

    • sean w

      "he was supposed to drop a track today..dre u cant keep letting the fans down..." Are you his manager or something? Jimmy Iovine? Who are you to say what the man is supposed to do? And who are you to know who he let down? I'm just askin...according to the past few comments, you're the only one that seems 'down', despite the fact the single (Under Pressure -feat Jay Z) is supposed to air out towards the end of this month as announced already....Get a life instead of being a fake ass manager! lol

  • c/gaddic

    Cannot wait for detox!!! So many haters and detractors!! When they see what a classic that is They'll shit out all the crappy albums they listened in the 11 years of waiting!!!!



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  • zachhollywoodfan



    this is not news

  • B.Dolla


  • big braveheart

    Numero Uno, Scotland in the house!!! Dre has to listen to all kinds of shit to make his sounds top notch and maybe it's about time hip-hop took it back to older sounds to sound fresh. Some old school electro couldn't go wrong and some P-funk riffs and chunks could be cool! Yo Dre just hurry up and release Detox!!!!! Glasgow 1st y'all!!!

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