50 Cent Talks Next Album, New G-Unit Members

50 explains his next album's title, and expanding the G-Unit roster.

50 Cent recently took the time to discuss his upcoming plans with MTV News, including his upcoming album Black Magic.

"I don't believe in voodoo," said Fif, denying that the album has anything to do with the occult. "But it'll be very addictive. The first time you'll hear it, you'll remember the songs that's on there. It's designed for fun — for listening pleasure.

The G-Unit general says he hopes to release the album by the end of summer, and that he is in no rush to conclude the recording process. "If I don't feel it's ready by the end of the summer, I'll just jeep it."

50 also spoke about his summer tour, revealing that he would likely not be bringing G-Unit mainstays Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo with him. "Banks has momentum with the first single off his new album, 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley.' So he'll be out [on his own tour] with H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger For More 2). While he's doing that, it probably wouldn't make sense for Yayo to come with me because his record is almost done now — he should use that time to complete his record and release it shortly after. But I'll be running arund."

But while Banks and Yayo might not be joining him, 50 did explain that he is in the process of recruiting new members to the group, which has in the past included Young Buck, Olivia and The Game.

Interestingly enough, 50 listed Twilight sensation Robert Pattinson as a potential member. "He has a big enough following to be the frontline," laughed 50. "Twilight ain't no joke."



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  • Get It Got President

    Wow, seems like ya boy 50 ain't got no companions anymore to be so desperate as too recruit a cat from Twilight. I don't know anybody that even listens to this clown 50. It's all about that Roc-Nation now Jay took over, Ye's doing his damn thing, 50 what are you doing besides crying like a bitch and running ya mouth and avoiding confrontations? Before I Self Destruct was a flop and I predict anything from him in the future is gonna flop. Game was smart to get out, Banks you got potential if you forget about G-Unit and do ya thing with Santana. I'm Out.

  • kasuwell1

    check out the kasuwell mixtape h.w.p.o

  • swaggera.k.a.cs

    i think thats what they need someone fresh to bring back the attention b.i.s.d. was an improvment jus did'nt have the hype to do the numbers

  • brenton

    wait, what the hell? Robert Pattinson? that's fucked..

  • JDR978


  • Bleaks'

    Ahh I used to have hope that he could come back again. His music was really potent before and he did have talent. I was a fan. But as a man with some intelligence, I can also realize when to just drop something. I can't say every album after album "yo this shits gon be bangin, trust me" unlike some of his fans. He's making music solely based on sensations and trends now. He's never gonna be back to where he was at. Hopefully he still gets his money, and stays a rich Black entrepreneur. Can't hate on the hustle.

  • Bleaks'

    Ahh I used to have hope that he could come back again. His music was really potent before and he did have talent. I was a fan. But as a man with some intelligence, I can also realize when to just drop something. I can't say every album after album "yo this shits gon be bangin, trust me" unlike some of his fans. He's making music solely based on sensations and trends now. He's never gonna be back to where he was at. Hopefully he still gets his money, and stays a rich Black entrepreneur. Can't hate on the hustle.

  • Charles AKA Young Flow

    50...what happend to you...you, buck, yayo, game, banks...you fucked up man, yayo is stright trash...everbody knows that...banks is comeing back, buck is comeing back stronger, BISD came and went no body cared, come out with some real stuff...nobody wants to here about the guns you dont have, you should have stoped after power of the dallor and get your shit together b...im not telling you this as a fan...but as a person who really looks up to you

  • Best Rappers

    Man, remember 50 use to be a great lyricist, Man, 50, what happen?

  • J90

    No one cares....you has been...

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  • lrey602

    fuck 50!!!! hes fuckin played out...fuck g-unit!!!!!!!

    • Ace89321

      His time is up.....he was a fad.....only few will stand the test of time....to bad they are two of them are no longer here

  • Adrian Andre

    Here's a couple quotes referencing that JOKE Fifty... "I'm afraid of the future, (why?) ya'll respect the one who gets shot. I respect the shooter" ~Jay-Z "Yeah you got a felony, but you ain't a predicate. Never the King of New York, you live in Connecticut" -Jadakiss

  • Adrian Andre

    Wow. He obviously has no respect for the art of Hip Hop for even joking about getting some no name actor to hop on G Unit. Oh and by the way BBBANGOUT, he is definitely not the best rapper (not Hip Hop artist) putting out the best street music. Slaughterhouse is. Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Curren$y, and many others are. Fifty is just putting out Pop music. Get real

    • LeahMichelle

      To be honest, everybody in the game right now is putting out pop music, w/ the exception of maybe a hand full. Believe it or not these ppl are trying to pay bills too, not rep FOR you. Secondly, you must have no sense of humor the robert pattinson comment is a joke on all the die heart "twilight" fans.

    • swaggera.k.a.cs

      if u don't like fif u must hate wayne cause what iz drake lol all fif do iz street music if he promote that he might do better you cant talk about baby by me on the raido and have stretch on and other hood shit on the cd

  • hiphopscout



    yeah check the home page he got the most comments he aint the best lyrically. but no one does the street music better. everyone tries to rap like him. proof ? pick up a smack dvd and watch the videos of the up and coming artist. wanna know some real shit? niggas cant even drop a street record unless they down with G-unit. ex.uncle murder, pappoose,sheek,. and this is all because everyone looks at 50 as the most authentic gangster rapper since biggie and pac. how many rappers can say they had beef with a drug lord?while your favorite rapper was probably being extorted by one. you see niggas in the industry started holding hands because they were intimidated by fif. ex. (fat joe,wayne,baby, ross,akon, jeezy, dj khaled, t-pain) hey even jay felt it a little all im tryna say is that if you are a fan of street music you cant deny the boy got skills. and he is under rated on his story telling skills too

    • Heat86

      4 sure... noone wants to admit it but its true........ On the flip side tho that gangsta sh!t has gone out of style in the past few years... People want to hear Drake talk about girls and hip hop boy bands making dance music and following backstreet boys/nsync's formula... Mainstream hip hop has almost completely gone pop.. So a large number of people are gonna say 50 sucks because hes still on that sh!t... Hes all about money so i guess thts why hes gonna make a dance album... But i think he should throw the dance sh!t in the trash and keep it real with his hardcore gangsta rap fanbase... O well tho hes gonna do what hes gonna do......

  • Da, Fella

    Whats that Twlight joke?? Silly.. 50 da BOSS though!


    what happened to BISD being his last album? face it you 50 stans... dude basically does a NY version of southern rap... it's not terrible but it's nothing spectacular

  • LexNeksts

    Just for the record: When I said Banks could be "#1 reciever" on young money, grandhustle, rocnation, whatever- I was assuming you muggfuggaz knew enough about football to assume that Lil Wayne ,TI would obviously be the "qb" or leader of the team. And drik you a big glass of football iq before you logon next time.

  • steel city kid

    chingy, mike jones, and mystikal have just been confirmed as the newest members of g-unit

  • AZAD

    He should get papoose and Uncle Murda in thea


      It would be nice, but 50 likes to son niggas and control them, Poose and Murda aint going for that shit

  • Christian2424

    WHO DO YOU THINK WOULD BE A GOOD FIT FOR G-UNIT? PERSONALLY.....IF HE CAN MAKE UP WITH SHYNE.....GET THAT FUCKIN GUY IN....HE would be a perfect fit! Street Cred, Sounds like Biggie, Pretty good Flow...might need help lyrically...but 50 can write his ryhmes just like The GAME....LOL....."Do you like The Documentary?"..."Thank you , Thank you...I wrote It"..... Hmmm who else? Ali Vegas???? Crooked 1? Prodigy? Canibus? Hurrican Sturang?LOL Ruc(Helta Skelta) lol... Shyne.....gotta be him.....GOTTA BE SHYNE....You will only do wonders for yourself 50 if you get this guy in the group...... Shyne if your reading this.....get your carrer going again by joinin 50...

    • miguel Guttierres

      Why did you put LOL's at Starang Wondah and Sean Price?


      @ CHRIS dont know if you remember but Shyne went in on 50 around the time he got locked up, he put the shit out with him recording his vocals over the phone, the quality was wack but nontheless he went in on 50's ass

  • Devin123

    Im afraid of the future. Why? yall respect the one who got shot. i respect the shooter..

  • Devinnnnnnn

    I'm afraid of the future. Why? Yall respect the one who got shot. I respect the shooter.

  • Devinnnnnnn

    "I'm afraid of the future. Why? Yall respect the one who got shot. I respect the shooter."

  • DR Jam

    I didn't get the twilight joke. It looks like it will be another commercial lp, that will probably be a critical failure, but hopefully, for him, a commercial success.

  • 8ballers

    50 is just way smarter then everyone else and people alwasy hate the person who is at the top. BISD is a legit rap cd unlike this pop rap that everyone listen to these days. he might be a suite but he can still rap like gangster

    • BRRRR

      nigga please he ain't that smart he ain't at the top neither he consistently got 3-6 nice tracks per album ... that's about it

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    Good Bye 50 cent. Hello Freddie Gibbs.

  • Horse D

    lol this faggot is the new master P, but much much worse

  • chris703

    lets b real..yall love to hate dat nigga. everybody loves 2 talk about dat nigga..hes popular and yall love him..without him..rap game wouldnt b as interesting as it is..lets keep it 100

    • Madenvy

      50 is just another artist making money and doing endorsements. They don't even play his music that much on the radio anymore. You hear more of those ignorant rappers like Wayne all over the radio which I'm not a fan of BTW. So if he did make another album, It'll be just another album just like the last one he released.

  • J-79

    Niggas love 50 secretly that's why there here. If you didn't you wouldn't have the time to attack him.

  • bonney007

    stop it people hatin on 50 dont put money in your pocket....when the cd comes out we will kno what it is. niggas hate on his music but then listen to skinny jean niggas like they dope...smh if u like gay rap music then he aint for u...go bump the new boyz

    • miguel Guttierres

      People supporting 50 doesn't put money in their pocket either. Just takes it away, so we're saving money by not buying 50's album. And why is it have to be either 50 Cent or skinny jean music with you people?

    • CHI_TOWN

      No, your the fag with 50's dick in your mouth, begging people to stop hating on him with yo gay bitch ass

    • bonney007

      u are a fag.....nuff said

    • CHI_TOWN

      I knew yo bitch ass was going to pop up in defense of 50...being a 50 cent dick riding stan dont put no money in your pockets, you really get sensitive when somebody say something about 50... stop being a little bitch


    50 is doing what he has to to sell records but it also looks like he's tired of carrying Banks and Yayo's dead weight ass's, yea finally after years Banks has a single that has a decent buzz but that shit aint generating no paper, 50 realized that those 2 are garbage and he'd better get some artist associated with him based on talent and buisiness savey rather then friendship

  • vel

    All joking aside 50 had a great an remarkable run, hell he even got ya-yo 2 go gold now that alone should get u in a record book. 50 WORKS REALLY HARD and is a good business man but as 4 being a top notch draw those day's are far behind him. IF you look at 90% of the rappers that came out 10 years ago who OF THEM ARE still selling records are 5 years ago for that matter. Rappers are like football players they can NOT be on top of there game for to long case in point LT. 50's run is truely un matched but when your run is over just admit when it's at it's end.SORRY 50 FAN'S ALL 45 OF YOU JK IT'S CLEARLY AT LEAST 70 OF YOU GUY'S STILL RIDING.

  • Heat86

    One thing is for sure.... This will be the most popular post of the week because it has 50 Cent's name on it... Ok I get it hes the best ever... Ok i get it hes the worst ever... Ok I get it he hasn't had any good material since 05.. Ok I get BISD was great and under rated... Ok I get it hes the richest rapper in the world...Ok I get it hes fake.. Ok I get it all he does is beef to stay relevant.. Ok he doesn't sell as much as he used to..............................I can dig 50 but you people are gonna make my head explode with an overdose of 50 Cent conversation....

    • miguel Guttierres

      @ Heat86: So why does 50 keep talking about shooting people even though he's a multi-millionaire?

    • Heat86

      @ Hollar at me... 50 didn't flop he had the 3rd highest selling solo hip hop album in almost 2 years... It leaked a full month early where as most albums in the pst 2 years have leaked a few days early... It makes a difference .. People call him a rat because he is the center of attention and they get jealous... And to be honest if the world had more rats and less drug dealers and murderers young black men and young men in general would live longer, safer, healthier, more educated lives...


      Keep it real its more talk about 50 cause with that big ass mouth he got and all that shit he talked, niggas is glad he flopped, it aint talking out of love for the nigga, Alphamega got a lot of comments to about him being a rat so dont get it twisted its a difference

    • bonney007

      real talk....its more 50 talk than any other rapper

  • J-79

    I y'all hate the nigga so much what are y'all doing here


    Well I guess all you hardcore rap fans forced his hand, he gave yall that shit and yall downloaded it for free, so now he is making a more commercial, pop album to appeal to the masses that actually buy music. Im sure 50 cent aka Jay z jr. has nothing to lose as BISD flopped, and had the nigga as the laughing stock of the industry, dont bitch about the switch, you didnt buy his shit anyway lol. one things for sure, he really emulates Jay

  • sheshbesh

    fif may look like he's making a bad move changing up his style and erything, but everything this dude does has a purpose, and everytime he does something he does it cuz he knows he's gonna make more money. look at his acting career, his public icon status, g unit clothing line, vitamin water, and all that other shit that just kept the dollars coming it. i don't think he gives a fuck whether his records sell or not, cuz either way he's gonna make sooo much money and keep stuntin on yo hatin' ass.

  • vel

    50 IS THE MAN he sells more units then everybody, he is with Doc and EM and he is curtis interscope jackson because he is so important to that label they can't live without him the world loves 50. O wait this isn't 03 and 04 nevermind he's done ggggggggggggame over.

  • B1GS4MH03

    fifty aint get sqaush by weeak ass game or that phoney ass fake gangsturd ross



  • hesjoking

    The guys making a joke and you all take it serious duh!!! wake up people right i'm off to the gym now so you guys can stay here wasting time hating your life away

  • LexNeksts

    The worst part is, G-Unit isnt even signed to G-Unit records. Banks album is indy, and they not touring with him. So who is in g-unit? Lloyd Banks would be the "#1 reciever" on a young money, grand hustle, roc nation, etc... why is he still fuckin with fif? I give props for loyalty, but not when you being loyal to a disloyal cat.

    • Exodus615

      i agree with South Banks go hard but dont come down to the South wit that and Banks aint signing wit no one but 50 whenever 50 is done ruining G-Unit Banks then leave G-Unit and diss 50 and maybe start his own label

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      You went a lil to far saying Banks would be the #1 reciever on the labels u named. Them spots already taken my nigga by Wayne, TI, and Jay. Don't get me wrong Banks do go hard, always felt that nigga from day 1 and still do it's the General of G-Unit that aint relevant no more. So actually Banks is on his way 2 be the #1 reciever in that camp..

  • deesure


  • dcollin4444

    Oh my God....what ever happended to the "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" dude?? That album was so hot and his shit is GARBAGE now! Is it me or ever since Game rosted him & G-Unit on '300 Bars & Runnin'", it seems like this dude has gone from bad to worse. Maybe just a coincidence...either way, 50 is so irrelevant in the game now, not ever sure why I read this news post...slow day I guess.

  • I_Am_Beast

    This is getting really pathetic, but it's kind of funny seeing this dude's rap career go into a tailspin. I'm sure his bitch ass ego is hurt, he's prolly crying inside hahaha. Watch Banks go gold with his new shit in like 4 months, then 50 will kick him out of G-Unit too. 50 can't let anyone outshine him, he'll catch feelings like the pussyclot he is. Stop rapping and go move to Europe permenantly so you can sit alone and count your money. You're irrelevant, it's over...sit the fuck down!

    • I_Am_Beast

      Nah man, I'm glad the dude has money, I don't hate on that a bit. This dude was never a true MC, he tried to come into the game on some strongarm shit, it didn't work until Em heard his shit. The pre-shady stuff he put out was raw because he was angry, he was pissed at the industry for blackballing him. He's always been better when he's angry & hungry. The more money he accumulates, and the more famous friends he makes, the softer his material gets...that's the problem. He's showing how disingenuous he is when it comes to Hip-Hop with every dollar he earns. I'm tired of rappers thinking this shit is just about a paycheck, that's where I take offense.

    • acefoster

      deres somethin wrong wiv u ur hatin 2 much on dis nigga lol u need 2 relax

  • big braveheart

    Fiddy you kiddin'? That twilight shit is pish!!!

  • emmanuelKreitner

    Finally he'll do the only right thing,..actually the ONLY thing he can do..become a second Diddy. Don't miss understand me, I don't think it's the wrong idea.. I think he'll be doing pretty good with movement..guess this is the right decision. No more gangsta fifty..i'm a little sad...want another " get rich or die tryin' " ..but like jay said..n***** want my old shit, buy my old albums. They're all here to make money..it's called job..if it wouldn't be like that it'd be called internship :-D My opinion.. I'm outta here

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  • illuminatiTHEORY

    50 has joined our ranks... black magic we are using to poison the minds of the youth... jay-z for his fan base here, and 50 for his unprecedented worldwide appeal... there are others as well.... only time will tell......

    • vel

      full stop really?

    • Anon1

      Lol what about the part that 50 raps about guns and violence and killing people? That don't bother you? Lol who the FUCK cares if someone worships Satan or doesn't. Hardcore Christians are whack dude. Don't care about gang violence but god forbid somebody practice an occult religion.

    • HHFAN

      You people are retarded. Full stop.

  • Taylor Karras

    Who knows why 50 Cent does this? It's a mystery to why he's behaving this way.

  • Hercules Rockafella

    Watch for Tila Tequila, Kevin Federline & Brooke Hogan as the new G-Unit members w/ Bill O'Reilly as the new G-Unit road manager.

  • Drucifer1983

    It doesnt surprise me That 50's talking about doing pop records, He's a buisness man, he was never in this for the love to begin with...........And, in all honesty, making street records is financial suicide these days, all the people who support that kind of stuff just bootlegg it anyway.............Take Raekwon for example, every website, every magazine, Everybody who's anybody praised that album like the Savior, but did that album even break 200K?? So I see what 50's logic is..........When making hardcore rap records was profitable, thats what he did, now that its not, he's moving along..........Thats Typical buisnessman logic..........

    • als_360

      Not to mention is shit was whack anyway. He don't need to be questioning nobody's gangsta when h bout to make a pop album. I knew it was coming

  • marvin

    this nigga weak as hell come on with your weak ass

  • blactrs78

    watch he go pop...cant believe dudes is still fallin for the okey doke with this dude...i give credit where its due..he's business savvy, and hard worker, focused, determined...BUT he's a carbon copy with his own spin on it. he bit ja rule comin in the game with all the singin n songs for the females n then dissed him..now he bout to try something "different" which is gonna be "similar" to the artists yall hate so much..again just with his own spin on it....and dont say he doin it to sell records...if u dont accept other artists doin it then he shouldnt be able do it either if he so "real"...of course this is all jus my opinion...not hatin, just stating the facts as i see them...

  • franco

    LOL.. 50 still raps tho? um good luck with that...

  • wolfman

    First, the old lady from American Idol. Now, Robert Pattinson from Twilight. That's sure to hit the streets hard. Rappin' about sellin dope with Robert Pattinson, while old lady Idol sings the chorus. ...Why don't you just put your invitations in a cereal box, and kids could open the box and SURPRISE! "YOU JUST WON A FREE TICKET TO BE IN THE ONCE HOT RAP GROUP...G-UNIT! Retail value, .50 cents!" Seriously, groups lose value and popularity when you start talking about inviting random celebrities into it. There's no mystique...No secret society feel too it. Why do you want to turn your own shit into a joke? Shit boggles me.

  • paidinfull92

    Slow ass news day

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