Lupe Fiasco Introduces All City Chess Club; Supergroup Or Remix Collab?

Lu may have an all-star lineup with Hip Hop freshman under the moniker All City Chess Club.

Rumors quickly spread on the internet after Grammy award winning emcee Lupe Fiasco tweeted that he's been in the studio with an all star line up which goes by the name All City Chess Club.

The super group, which consists of Asher Roth, B.o.B., The Cool Kids, Charles Hamilton, Blu, Diggy Simmons, J. Cole and Wale, might be featured on Lupe's "I'm Beaming" remix, according to speculations. Other outlets have reported that All City Chess Club may be working an entire project together.

Currently Lupe Fiasco is featured on "Past My Shades", a single from B.o.B.'s debut album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, which is expected to drop April 27. The Chicago native is also working on Lasers, his third studio album under Atlantic. Lasers is slated for release some time this year.


  • anoveltyact

    Someone said Asher is a novelty act. Ugh... he clearly outshined ALL of them on their track together AND kidz these days was decent. I'm picky as fuck too. He's improving for sure.

  • Prophit Productions

    this song was released before waynes rock lupe set the rock trend.chyeah.

  • stupidniggazdiesoon

    dark side love affai,,r yall niggaz know who talkin bout right?

  • bitchniggaz4life

    Lupe following weezy think he can be a rock star too now damn these niggerz sell out fast and forget fast what got em the successful in the first place

    • Rane

      Lupe has been a fan of all types of music. If you actually educated yourself about lupe then you would not have said that. Lupe has always had a bit of rock in his albums such as The Instrumental off of Food & Liquor which was dropped in 06. N lupe is not commercializing his rock like weezy, he's basically just part of a punk rock band. So lupe following wayne? Get the fuck outta here!

    • hiphophead90

      ummmm lupe did it first..... trust he is one of the last ppl who would be following wayne's whack ass

    • LOL at you

      What are you talking about dude? Lil Wayne???? Lupe isn't even thinking about Lil Wayne. First Lupe is WAAAAYYYY better than Wayne and Wayne commercialized himself and took advantage of the current wave of music which was to incorporate rock music. He took it to another level by coming out with a rock album but a lot of that is too to all that damn coke in his system. Don't ever make the mistake of comparing Wayne and Lupe in any way other than to inform people that Lupe is better, stivkin to his own style and stepped his hip-hop up. SMH. lol

  • billicans22

    i see most of these comments and i laugh ... especially all those who don't give props to Blu, who is unreal. then proceeding to ask why diggy is on there ... sure he's brand new and his road to where he's at is obviously easier than anyone but the kid has skills ... as for J Cole, dudes a beast and Lupe goes without saying ... b.o.b and charles hamilton have bright futures i guess but they have a lot to prove to me, they feel so mainstream to me so think they're going to go wherever they are told to -- don't be dissappointed if they let you people down

  • ace*

    blu and lupe ? nice. bring that west coast soul vibe !

  • Mike7792

    J. Cole and Charles Hamilton are fuckin great. Wale, Blu, and Asher BoB are cool. Why is diggy on here like really?? but CH JCole and Lupe is fuckin amazing....I need at least for them to make a mixtape

  • adpadp

    The cool kids are the tightest niggas on the block right now. if u dont thnk so tell me who is and why

    • jaeboski

      To me Lupe and Common are the best out right now and people still sleepin on Eminem and Elzhi. Elzhi is cold.

    • Baroque

      Blu is way better than the cool kids and my reason for saying is simple... Blu & Exile Below the Heavens

    • bigboi1221

      they're aight, just not good enough on the lyrical tip. tightest in it right now? j. cole. check out his absolute destruction of Hova on A Star Is Born and his murderous verse on Beautiful Bliss off Wale's cd. Not convinced? check out him going in over Dead Presidents II on both of his mixtapes, coming correct each time. Still not convinced? listen to the rest of each mixtape. He's the best coming up.

  • blockbully

    Why is everyone hatin? these are niggaz that r misunderstood. if u dont like mist likely cuz u just dont understand there wats and how they feel. u gots to be a nerd like me. lol. or u just got to listen to wat there sayin. and all u niggaz thats dissin charles hamilton fuck yall. cuz all hes a rapper that spits about how he feels yall niggaz just dont understand. u got to put yourself in his shoes. and his lyrics aint better the lupes but hes still hot. theres allot of rappers that are misunderstood and are hated for it. if u dont like then u dont but hes better then wocka flocka and dick head ass gucci mane. BITCHES. MOS DEF THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!



  • jjfarm58

    EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU WHO COMENTED failed to realize thats its still a recession and this is a feeble attempt toget paid... honestly all of these guys together couldnt sell out the madison square garden... even with the help of shorty lo , alfamega and not saying they dont posses any talent...its just what their conveying is too much for the masses of drones that wanna hear gucci, jerk, and pop INSPIRED songs

  • ML

    None of those artists can make an album better than Below The Heavens. Not even Lupe.

    • Baroque


    • Mello243

      Yeah what he said

    • JBB

      Blu is nice, but Food & Liquor is better than Below The Heavens, and The Cool is just as good. While Below The Heavens is dope, you can't tell me that it definitely beats Lupe's first two LPs. Just isn't true.

  • fucxuzk

    only j-cole, blu, and b.o.b. is worth anythin. fuck charles hamilton, get that corny nigga out of here.

    • really?

      CH aint wack it just takes a higher level of knowledge to understand wat he says and the whole group needs to be on that joint cuz they all nice respectively

    • really?

      CH aint wack it just takes a higher level of knowledge to understand wat he says and the whole group needs to be on that joint cuz they all nice respectively

  • pocketspit

    these rappers are the underdogs and the ones nobod likes bcuz they aint rappin bout trappin. lupe is sick and B.O.B is nice to. One of my favorites is charles hamilton. just bcuz he raps about how he feels and wat he goes threw. no to sound like a homo tho. but he keeps it real and doesnt rap like everyone else. u can say wat u like but he doesnt care about bein judged he just cares about his music and the people that listen. if you dont like his music you dont understand him.

  • lucysimth

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  • Ceazar

    as soon as B.O.B drop have them cut u from ya contract fuc wit Bun

  • Where's Lasers????

    Lol comments is funny..but group aint gunna be shit 2 many different artists who arent close 2 the same level,who wants 2 hear lupe or jcole followed by diggy simmons..2 many mediocre artists...diggy simmons tho?? lol...cut it down to 4 or 5(jcole,lupe,wale,....)..actually u can stop there.. .if they want success

  • oh Ha Ha

    all yall funny. everyone featured got bars, real talk


    Blu's the most underrated dude in that group...

    • billicans22

      FOR REAL MAN!!! Below the Heavens is my shit i cant get enough .... exile provides ill beats and if you like his stuff, check out this dude Fashawn ... he's been in the game for a couple years but gets no love ... dude brings the heat

  • Loopyyyy

    Meh...CRS SNM LOL....

  • McFly505

    Kinda wack. Lupe is doin some really weird shit now a days. He should focus on his long overdue album instead of another little pet project. What the hell happened to the Food & Liquor Lupe? Enemy of the State was hot, but all his other recent shit has been, well.........shit!

    • smh

      The only reason ppl want to drop Diggy is cuz they're arent listening to wat he actually says. Its true that becuz of his pops legacy he wouldnt have gotten to where he is now so quickly but that doesnt mean hes wack. Hes got bars, hes got flow, and most of all hes got potential

    • smh

      The only reason ppl want to drop Diggy is cuz they're arent listening to wat he actually says. Its true that becuz of his pops legacy he wouldnt have gotten to where he is now so quickly but that doesnt mean hes wack. Hes got bars, hes got flow, and most of all hes got potential

    • billicans22

      if a dude came out and did the same shit over and over again it would get boring .... Lupe is clearly a fan of multiple genres of music and he's getting into them ... get off a dude for changing things up ... then again, my first comment is tottally off because that wack dude "weezy" continues to put out nonsense and heads lovem

    • RoD:KnEE

      You are so stupid...... Lupe submitted his album to Atlantic, we are waitin on them to drop it... You shouldn't call yourself a Lupe fan...... get your facts straight, and this whole collaboration is gonna be sick, they should just drop Diggy Simmons....

  • robertzou

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  • tyson France

    can we stop giving charles hamilton exposure? and asher roth for that matter? they're mad annoying and charles hamilton raps about sonic the hedgehog while asher roth is a novelty rap act.

    • billicans22

      couldnt agree more .... not fans of these dudes at all

    • lonelyricist010

      dude Charles Hamilton is a comical lyrical mastermind and out of all his fucking music he mentions the sonic the hedgehog lik 5 times at the most and there all in reference to himself so hw is rapping about "sonic"...???Lil wayne makes refrences on hw he the shit does tht mean he always rapping about shit lol???

    • pocketspit

      Sonic represents sound hedgehog means livin underground. so wat he means by sayin hes sonic the hedgehog he means he barries himself in the sound. undergroung music! i think hes nice but everyone has there opinion. but wat he spits about is how he feels. most of his music is his thoughts and emotions. so if u dont like his music u just dont understand him.

    • Paging Dr. feelgood

      You see now you're talking about his raps. But see do to your last fuckheaded comment, I don't believe you listened to his flow or anything anyway. Don't pretend to have looked at it with an open mind because I said something homie. "hurrr....sonic tshirt....must hate on the internet....."

    • Paging Dr. feelgood

      You see now you're talking about his raps. But see do to your last fuckheaded comment, I don't believe you listened to his flow or anything anyway. Don't pretend to have looked at it with an open mind because I said something homie. "sonic tshirt....must hate on the internet....."

    • Tyson France

      Dr. Feelgood, you need my couch man? Seems you took my comments to heart and need to let it all out, homie. Also a good way to make yourself look like a dickhead is to comment on what you think other people may listen to. Charles Hamilton is wack. Nothing about him is nice. His style, his flow, his lyrics. He's not nice, period. But feel free to get your feelings hurt because I dissed a rapper that wouldn't know you from Adam, though.

    • RoD:KnEE

      Charles Hamilton hardly mentions Sonic in his raps, Listen to Pink Lavalamp before you jump to conclusions....

    • Paging Dr. feelgood

      A good way to make yourself look like a dickhead is to comment about artists you've never actually listened to. LIKE SAAAAY for instance, lets say for instance I'll say "Charles Hamiltion raps about Sonic the Hedgehog" yet in all 30 something mixtapes he's made, the words 'Sonic the Hedgehog' barely escapes his lips, and when they do it's typically a one liner refrencing himself. By following these easy steps Tyson France has entered dickhead Valhalla!

    • I_Am_Beast


  • J90

    Outta them I'd take J. Cole & Wale, the rest ain't the same standard, no way!

  • Kang Munir

    um wasn't that an April Fools joke?

  • sisddbaub

    OMFG LUPE!! If this album isnt dropped soon im gonna die a horrible incomplete death. The All City Chess Club sounds fucking amazing!!!

  • StuntasticStu

    Some people leaving comments are so narrow minded...And yet everyone leaving negative comments will listen to whatever tracks Lupe and co. put out more than once...Then talk about how bad they are cause they're wearing skinny jeans or wear colors that are too bright for their eyes...Dumb fucks...

  • EscoePerfecto

    damn, most of these artists have worldwide buzz...its alotta niggas in the game that cant say the same thing. jus because they may not popp in the us dont mean they aint eatin outside this country.. smh.. lupe is bigger outside the us unfortunately. and so is the rest of these artists.....

  • orlando williams

    Where the fuck is big sean???? the cool kids yea dats a bet but whres ma nigga at huh?.......Diggy Simmons tho, niiiice.

  • bank$248

    ............Damn, I have 2 kinda agree with Real McCoy, he made a good point.(2 bad niggas goin 2 hate on him tho for speak real shit).

  • bank$248

    Lupe my nigga but I aint feelin the whole Twilight shit/be real....even his die hard fans(im one) gotta b like dats sum out of left shit.......Rock+Lupe=Maybe? Twilight+Lupe=HELL NAW

    • Madenvy

      WRONG! diehard fans my ass....If anybody knows Lupe, they would tell you that he was doing Rock way before he did Hip hop. : eyeroll: and still doing rock....right after these two albums are released he's going back to rock music.

  • CAST2SiK

    Charles Hamilton........DEAD ASS B.o.B..........My Nigga J. Cole.......He can really rap Lupe.........Nice Ash.............Change Gon Come and the rest............fell off


    Rap is dead. Black music is dead. The only people who support rap are teenage white females. They like pop rap not real rap. They want Bed Rock by YM and Nothing on You by BOB. Blacks supported rap when there was no choice prior to bootlegging. Now they wait for whites to buy and just comment. Do you really think Susan wants to hear some hot bars! LOL. "Damn Brittany that beat is fuckin fire" Rewind that you hear what he said" Dream on. You let your girlfriend buy the tickets and you would have NEVER saw 90% of the movies you like. Well now she's controlling hiphop. See why everyone is wearing bright colors, tight outfits, and are into fashion. Who else wears tight clothes, bright colors, and is into fashion. You guessed it, she buys music, so they cater to her. Most cool girls have no time to surf the net, they cop itunes. Guys and lonely bitches hav time to steal.

    • billicans22

      thanks for bringing that shit to the table .... these dudes are eating that fake shit up, keep it real

    • Kid Ikarus

      niggaz are retarted, as much as i hate to say it hiphop never died but like every genre it's evolving. the problem is it's evolving towards the opinions of the consumer masses which have been being steadily dumbed down by mainstream media. the only people buying music these days are dumb people, so all you get is dumb ass music. if people want to see a change we gotta stop dowloading music from dudes like these, and start making purchases showing the record companies that control the shit that this is what we want to hear. viva la hiphop revolution the time is now my brethren!

    • pocketspit

      hiphop aint dead its just bein abuse and treated bad. u gotta understand hiphop is the female bein controled by he abusive boyfriend. so she dont see anything anybody else does. she has he friends and shit sayin that niggaz no good u gotta get away and she wants to but she doesnt know how to. so its gonna have to take more then one person to bring her back to reality. Or someone has to kill her trap rappin bright color wearin pop artist wannabe rock star boyfriend. cuz thats who made her change.

    • phsycokidx000

      are you shitting me? why are you dissing B.o.B he's one of the new rappers keeping the game alive.... rap never died people like you gaver up on it and thats why it sucks now... your just as bad as the girls that like bedrock

    • b.o.b is the future of music

      LMAO... even though i don't believe that rap is dead, I gotta say i agree with most things you said... funny too, but true

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    Im a massive Lupe, but he is too good for this group. Blu is talented,but I havn;t bought into him yet. BOB is cool but not a great lyricists. Wale no problems with him cool in my book. J. Cole is good , but ain't on Lupe's till he drops an album. Diggy I dont dislike him, but come on. Asher had a song yet to prove he hill have more. Charles is a little bitch and should never run his mouth.Cool Kids don't dislike them just ain't on the lyrical level rather have Pac Div then them. Group will be no slaughterhouse thats for sure.

    • RoD:KnEE

      Why is everybody hatin' on Charles Hamilton...? Listen to Pink Lavalamp and you may change your mind....

    • RoD:KnEE

      Why is everybody hatin' on Charles Hamilton...? Listen to Pink Lavalamp and you may change your mind....

  • MJA

    Lets see...Asher Roth...kinda not much of a rapper...The Cool Kids...ok...Charles Hamilton...ok....Blu...good..Diggy...ok...J. Cole...really good...Wale....good...Lupe...really good. I like a lot of these guys but this seems like its gonna be a fail.

  • I_Am_Beast

    Man, these comments are funny as shit, I enjoyed reading them. I agree for the most part. I like Lupe's music, and Blu & J. Cole are good, but the rest of them are tight jean wearing pastel colored girlies. I can't stand Asher Roth, he's like a Saved By The Bell cast-off that pursued a rap career. Fuckin Zack Morris, preppy ass faggot. Diggy Simmons? Get the fuck outta here with that nonsense. Why not just add Justin Bieber to the mix and call it a wrap?

  • kush nap

    sounds like the gayest crew in hip hop. these cats should name themselves lubiderm cuz they soft like lotion. asher roth and b.o.b? nut strangling levi wearing lames. and lupe talks too much. he aint really done shit. he got some fans that praise him as an all time great, but he had a chance to blow and it didnt happen cuz cats arent feeling him. this crew sounds wack as fuck. diggy the rawest member.

    • lonelyricist010

      Kush NAp-Wale fell off wtf r u saying dumbass... First off his single with GAGA dropped b 4 the summer ov 09 tht shit was fire...but his album didnt drop until nov 10 thts fucking 5 months listeners today hav the shortest attention spans so after 3 months ov GAGA "niggas"the average black ignorant person with no taste in quality music... forgot about him, bcus he isnt a sterotypical ass rapper..second he didnt get cosigned to Roc nation until after his Album dropped so wher is all the help coming frm dickhead And his Album was defantly a fucking classic real music one the albums i actually bought...So Kush Nap do some fucking research b 4 try to diss one ov the few pure Lyricist Hip Hop still has u ass fuck..........And hw his hometown never hear ov him....wen he dropped lik 4 fuckin mixtapes who u think was the first to hear tht shit dumbass...

    • DMV All Day

      Yo son you have no idea wtf your talkin about. wale is the shit and your just mad you aint him. i wanna hear u rap and make a beat and spit some shit.

    • kush nap

      i forgot to shit on wale. wale had a jay z co sign and lady gaga on his first album and his album still flopped. nobody likes wale. his time is up. his hometown never heard of him. hes a lame. blu is an alcoholic bum that thinks he made a classic album that cats should recognize like illmatic. below the heavens a fuckin sleepin pill.

  • shouldbewe

    only blu dope wheres fashawn ?

    • billicans22

      FOR REAL MAN!!! FASHAWN IS THE TRUTH .... ode to illmatic coming soon ... dudes bringing is correct and he's what the game needs

  • Tricky70390

    Lol. You homophobic e-thugs that sag your pants. IRONY! This project is gonna be raw, has all the up and coming talents in the game covered. Ignorance is holding you niggas back, meanwhile I'm moving forward.

  • niggas love to hate

    most of you niggas on here hate on this group of rappers because all you want to hear is niggas who have big rims and sell drugs.......expand your minds there is more to life other than drugs, guns, rims, and hoes!!!!!!

  • Blackmamba24

    CRS is supposed to come out this year, Pharrell and Lu are in the studio together. And you guys are trippin, any chance i get to hear Lu murder rappers on songs is fine with me. All City Chess Club? I can dig it.

  • yeyeyee

    Blu is the best thing in that group.

  • GeeJay

    AWW hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate

  • icu ucme

    The only one that " I " want to hear is J.Cole out of that pathetic group of want-to-be-rappers. No apologies.

  • hiphopscout



  • hip hop is finished, out of business, out of fasion, out, period


    • snoopy7

      Are you kidding me! Lupe Fiasco is ill man! Food & Liquor was practically a remake of "It Was Written". Lupe had the fire, the soul, excellent production, storytellin', an even amount of guest appearances, and lyricism to match it! He's a breathe of fresh air compared to these commercial assholes!

    • 10isee williams

      only a white boy like yourself would say something as stupid as that...If you cant comprehend what they are saying the just continue to listen to Bon Jovi, Fred Durst, and Brittney Spears. Fag.

  • Fresh4.10.

    Asher Roth really has stepped up his bars in terms of flow and great subject matter, even some comedy in the rhymes! It must be all that listening to The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest!

  • va all day

    wtf you talkn bout wale fell off mane wale hat dude! DMV stand up! and BOB and asher sick i dont know about CH i aint feelin him too much

    • tyson France

      Yo Mr. America, I don't think he was dissing Wale.

    • Awesome.

      I like this MR. AMERICA guy.

    • Mr. America

      Retard to English translation: I forgot about all the other tracks like Mirrors, Shades, Beautiful Bliss and 90210 on Attention Deficit because I was too busy jacking off on the internet saying Wale is "pop" because of a Lady GaGa and Gucci Mane feature. My rebuttal: Selective listening and confirmation bias makes you seem like a moron. Especially when the "DURRR HIPHOP" tracks are right in your face. Oh right, where are my manners. English to retard translation: Fuck off.

  • MightyMike27

    WTF? idk man.. too many people... they should narrow it down to B.O.B, Asher, Charles and Lupe.. That's all, That's it... Remember when Pharell, Kanye and Lupe were suppossed to do something? CPS? Um yeah that never happened, this won't either.. hopefully it won't... Unless it's just B.O.B, Lupe, Charles and Asher... Wale fell off... He was the mixtape king at a time but than went more pop than Lady Gaga..

  • D.D.410wutup

    hmm... Sounds weird. Should be alright though. Still picking up B.o.B's album. It would make sense for an I'm Beaming remix. I just want Lasers to be on my ipod.. I thought Lupe already submitted it?? Shit.. C'mon Atlantic. Don't do what you did to Saigon...

  • jme582002

    Why work with all those bums? Diggy simmons, BOB, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton, and the cool kids all suck.Lupe must be tryin to get it in with the 18 and under crowd. .... c'mon son!

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