Jae Millz Comments On The Veterans Of Young Money

Exclusive: Battle vet Jae Millz said that he, Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine give Young Money balance with Wayne away.

Last month, Jae Millz released The Flood , his latest in a career of mixtapes that has established the Harlem emcee as one of the more dominating New York microphone presences. In a very brief conversation with HipHopDX, Millz spoke about his present situation with Lil Wayne's Young Money label. “It’s cool. I mean I can’t complain - I don’t have no complaints at all. It could be way worse 'cause I could be in a situation that’s 10 times worse and I don’t really feel like I’m in a bad situation so it works for me." Previously, Millz endured fruitless deals with both Warner Brothers and SRC/Universal, never yielding a debut album.

Before getting a chance to speak about The Flood, Millz was able to speak about his label. After years of industry grinding, Jae appeared on eight songs from the 2009 We Are Young Money compilation. That included two highly-successful singles, "Every Girl" and "Bedrock" both spawning videos. With more momentum in six months than in the last six years, Millz spoke about his squad. “The whole set up was just right with Young Money becoming a powerhouse. [Lil] Wayne had just sold a million records in the first week [with Tha Carter III] and he had been screaming 'Young Money' all along. He had been shouting it out for the longest so when the label actually came it was when he was at the height of his career. It kind of just made sense and all of the artists just came together. I mean you already knew who I was and you already knew who Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine and when you add Drake and Tyga, we are unstoppable."

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  • What'z Crackin'

    jae millz , mack maine, and tyga unstoppable. That sentence didn't even make sense. Jae knows that everyone, with the exception of drake and Nicki, are just confetti for the party. when drake or Wayne need a extra verse for cheap thats all them niggas is good for, but you keep believing Jae.

  • lucysimth

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  • evil brian

    Blame the music industry big dogs for the now wack jae millz

  • real white guy

    nobody was talkn to u I Am Beast, i'll smack you up dont worry bout my age son just know this gettin at me will get u in deep with the sharks muthafucka and u dont want that.. fuck Da police too fuck the both of yall snitches both of yall can go 22's, the percy in the playpen, wallpaper the closet, and pass the gravy together.. yall both like the sound of that. Faggots


    OKAY JAEMILLZ BEEN IN THE GAME FOR HOW LONG AND STILL DON'T HAVE AN ALBUM? THAT'S MESSED UP, HAD TO BE A GOOD REASON WHY......... that was the hater 10 years ago , now people know's so much that they actually write paragraphs on situations they know nothing about, smh.


    why the fuck niggaz think they know every fucking thing these days, go fuck summin and get hiphop's dick out yall mouths fuck!

  • malachia

    Millz fucked himself going that route, i think he should have stayed with the hardcore rap. This aint going knowhere. Should have kept on doing what you been doing until they had to let you in, Just get your connections straight and business up,eventually they would of had to let you in or the door would have fell on itself.

  • slams

    wtf young money ant even good. u gotta f*&*k wit Messy Marv, Hustla, Fat Tone, E-40, those are some real ass rapers that keep it 1000. L'S OR NOTHING BABY

  • robertzou

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  • robertzou

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    This nigga is brain washed. he still isn't going to get off the shelf. He will never release a studio album. He better be eating well off of all that ghost writing he is going to have to do. I mean shit, the game is garbage right now, these fly by night fans don't care if niggas are really nice at rhyming anyway. That point is very evident, with rappers like Gucci Mane, Nicki Gar-baj, Lil Wayne, Wacka Flocka Lame, and several other garbage ass rappers putting up the numbers they do. Its the hype machine and beats that are selling. It damn sure ain't the substance. As a Harlem dude, Millz is doing what Harlem niggas do, hustling and making $$. So big ups to that, but just know, you will never see an album. Young Dummy fans are not checking for Millz, especially when Fake and Gar-baj are front running until garbage as Wayne gets the dick out his butt. - THE DOPEREST!!

    • dnice114

      No dick eatin but I agree. Finally I hear somebody else say nikki is ass, she sounds like she has down syndrome half the time. Gucci is ard the reason he sells so much is because hes a street nigga and his beats knock on some real. Rappers like waka, travis porter, soulja boy, and the rest of them niggas basically puttin out the same shitty dumbed down sound. Thats why I get back to the old hip hop Eric B and Rakim, Nas, old jayz etc

  • rivem

    young money good gimmick great promotion

  • dski-

    Young Money has veterans?

  • Getum

    Strongest force in the game? Are you people serious. So if you put Young Money in a room with The Lox and put a beat on, what do you think will happen? Just becasue they have a buzz doesnt mean anything. Where will they be 5 yrs from now? Millz still wont have a album out. Neither will Gudda or Tyga. Nicky will be played out and her butt pads n injections will deflate with her career. Lets be serious this group is jus bad.

  • Alejay

    The only onesz up there In YM is Wayne , Drake , and Nicki. Everyone else Iz Garbage . Even thouqh Drake is Pop he still be gettinq mah fame thouqh and Nicki stays aiqht , but Wayne miqht go down t0 the bottom .

  • Scaggs 954

    Drake can spit but he is very pop....hip hop is not where it used to be

  • Yorel Scaggs

    @burnblue...did u say roger that is better than any roc track...u must be on a pill right not and feelin that wayy to hard...before jay became DEMONIC he was the man!!!

  • kush nap

    jae millz is one of the biggest lames in hip hop. he been in the game over 10 years, and hes a background dancer for lil waynes sideshow. he should practice folding clothes cuz weezy might need him to handle some laundry when he gets home. no one wants to hear what jae millz got to say on record.

  • itsizzo

    Drake and Wayne make Young Money.

    • burnblue

      Why is everybody ignoring Nicki Minaj? Do you realize how many new ears she pulls in?

    • OA78

      thats soo true !!! both hits "every girl" and "bedrock" would have never even charted if wayne and drake were missing. just look at the proof 5 singles so far: every girl, bedrock, steady mobbin, roger that, girl i got you only single to flop is girl i got you and guess why no wayne !!!! the rest have all charted !

  • B-stuy Queen

    People got mad at Nas in 06' when he said Hip Hop was dead. And I must say I did not totally agree w/ him at the time. But, he was on the inside seeing the crap that these labels were about to push and hearing these so called rappers that had no skillz and now I somewhat agree w/ him. Hip Hop is not dead , you just have to turn to the internet to hear it now instead of the radio. There is no more diversity on the mainstream it's all dum down music. Just my opinion

  • hater's hater

    "I can make your bunkbed rock, that's the real motherfuckin' song."

  • real white guy

    SlaughterHouse is gay joe butthead aint even considered the best rapper in Jersey and there aint even alot of well know rappers on tv and off tv that rap and are from that area, u might as well be sayin missy elliot runs va and not clipse if u think slaughterhouse is the realest group out there.. ransom runs New Jersey Real Talk get ya facts right + your name sounds like a melwood kids name DormentKodiak? C'mon Son are you supposed to be a sci-fi character? hahaha you stay losing, u musta had a few to many and posted your comment on the wrong message board your a geek anyway so you should b able to figure out how to post your comment from here on the sci-fi message boards cause computer mistakes arent a problem for u. Nerd!

    • I_Am_Beast

      The comment above me is wrought with stupidity. Did you seriously refer to Joe Budden as "Joe Butthead" ? How old are you, 10 ? And you obviously don't know the meaning of the words "dormant" or "Kodiak" nor the implication of the two words combined. Dumb ass pre-pubesant.

  • Anon1

    “It’s cool. I mean I can’t complain - I don’t have no complaints at all. It could be way worse 'cause I could be in a situation that’s 10 times worse and I don’t really feel like I’m in a bad situation so it works for me." Lol what the fuck is that jumble of words?

  • dnice114

    All them niggas ass. Niki is fuckin horrible, mack is ard so is gudda. Millz is nice. And idk wtf is up wit wayne these days thinkin hes fuckin Jimmy Hendrix. Tyga, lil chuckie and lil twist is pure ass. The group should just be mack gudda millz and wayne. The rest of them niggas gotta go

  • da police

    young money is the best crew in hip hop history. There album gonna be a classic. haters hate while money get great. they the flyest, dopest, crew with the lyrical talent to knock out mc's by the dozen

    • Fedayeen

      HAHA "If Hip Hop fags were the latest in fad, you'd find a lotta hardcore niggas in drag"

    • OA78

      YM IS THE ONLY LEGIT HIP HOP CREW RIGHT NOW !!! im not a super big fan, i like wayne and drake but the rest to me are garbage !!!!!!!! tyga aint bad and nicki is just commercial... but we still gotta admit they are hot and on fire !!!! every girl and bedrock were smash hits ! we gonna accept it even if we dont like them

    • B-stuy Queen

      Wow, you obviously don't know sh** about hip hop...?!

    • B-stuy Queen

      Wow, you obviously don't know sh** about hip hop...?!

    • D-$

      You must be their number one fan.


    Check out ANT RICH on ReverbNation..... Aint nobody spittin like this niggas

  • hiphopscout


  • nugg

    damn u blogger cats is sour as shit. whether u like em or not they're hot rite now & thts not an opinion. as 4 da nigga who said dat abt gudda gudda. if u did ur fuckin home work u'll see he was an original member of yme back in 99-00. i dnt fuck wit him & never have but he has been in the game 4 a while so technically he is a ym vet(not 2 confuse the satement with being a prominent vet in hip hop but he is a vet on the label).

    • nugg

      @ smov23 man dnt let that wiki shit fool you. the ppl outside of louisiana may have been introduced to ym when it became an official imprint in 05 but it wasnt started in 05. i mite have been a yr or 2 off wit my estimation of wen but i kno it was early 00s. SQAD UP was a.k.a YME. my homework was already done i jus had a mishap in time calculation.

    • theoriesofthemind

      @ B-Stuy Queen, if ur tellin me that numbers don't lie, that means that soulja boy is the best thing ever to happen to hip hop, and that gucci is a LEGEND. if u disagree with both of the example that i just gave, then i guess numbers do lie, son!!!

    • B-stuy Queen

      R they really dat hot right now. Cause what I'm reading all over the blogs on many sites they are not. Just cause they are being hyped by tv and radio don't mean a dam*. At least the majority streets I walk not feeling it and believe me the streets is talkn' and by YM album sales....remember numbers don't lie. We'll see what Drake and NIcki do.

    • smov23

      YM didn't exist in 99-00. u remember gudda from squad up. wayne didnt start repping tha squad up till 02 and their mixtape didnt drop till 03. YM first mixtape didnt drop till 05. do ur homework.

  • C-arson

    No offense to Jae Mills, but as far as a movement, dynasty, powerhouse, or whatever you want to call CM/YM, they are like the retarded step brother compared to previous groups. Gudda is awful, Mack Maine is just Waynes friend, Nicki is marketable but makes sense 1/2 the time, Bow wow is completely worthless, Tyga is probably talented but he's like a cartoon, Drake is a pop artists not a rapper, Baby is 41 and a lyrical trainwreck, the others are the definition of a tax write off. Which leaves Jae Mills and Wayne as the only actual rappers on the label. That's lame on any and every level unless your ears are attached to pre-teen.

    • DENNIS


  • keedi56

    To Yo Momma, i couldn't agree more with that comment made, seem like everybody is for self and it aint really no powerhouse squads no more, i like Y.M but not a huge huge fan, but i like the movement and respect what they doing, wayne is definitely bringing that shit back.

  • Ummmmmm

    Kat Sacks threw lil' guy under the bus. Gudda Gudda a vet? Fuck-outta-here

  • Enigma Sept

    I thought Jae Millz was gonna blow back when he dropped "No, No, No" joint a few years back. He's in a better situation than a lot of other people. Remember to listen to the ENIGMA SEPT HOUR live 2nite at 8 pm EST on #BlogTalkRadio - http://bit.ly/af341m or call 718.506.1928

  • Branson2K11

    Boooooo... Millz don't even fit in Young Money... Young Money is bullsh*t hiphop... Millz is a hood nigga 2 the core... Now he bullsh*tting... Its whatevea get your paper fam... I aint mad

  • ogewt

    YM is wack as fuck does this nigga think everygirl and bedrock wouldnt be successful without him

    • redrum987

      fuck yo couch...

    • burnblue

      @B-Stuy I heard Nicki on the mixtape long before I ever saw what she looked like. She can spit. The group "on a whole" can only be said to fall flat if you add distractions like Gudda and Chuckee or Twist. Otherwise Young Money is the strongest force in the biz and that's undeniable. Wayne, Drake, Nicki who's on everybody's single, Tyga who has presence.. come on, Roger That is as strong as anything Rocafella put out as a group. Right now Young Money runs everything whether anyone likes it or not.

    • B-stuy Queen

      YO MOMMA... They not the "only real squad" as you say, they are the only squad and they would have never been able to hang w/ the Roc, Jr. Mafia or The Firm. Nicki is pretty with sex appeal but, can't spit, Drake is gettn his shine 2 but the group as a whole falls flat. Just my opinion...And when I first saw Wayne introduce them I thought he was bringing that Jr. Mafia flavor back 2 but when I tried to give em a chance, I was disappointed.


      @ YO MOMMA BITCH 'they the only real squad so people gettin mad.' LAWL SLAUGHTERHOUSE IS THE ONLY REAL SQUAD. GET THE FUCK OUT!

    • Yo momma bitch

      he didnt say anything like that. as far as YM i think they a good squad. back the day you had all sorts of dynastys tha roc, death row, bad boy, etc. waynes bringin that shit back now. the thing is, they the only real squad so people gettin mad. i mean you got so icey but they really aint on too much. lol.

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