Eminem, T.I., Lupe Fiasco Assist B.o.B. On His "Adventures" Debut

Bobby Ray enlists several superstars along with DXnext alumni Playboy Tre & Janelle Monae for April 27's LP. Tracklisting included.

After close to five years in the making, B.o.B.'s The Adventures of Bobby Ray will be reaching record store shelves on the 27th of this month. For the Georgia emcee/singer/producer, this affair is celebrated with some huge cosigns, courtesy of Eminem, Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B.'s Grand Hustle boss T.I.

The Atlantic Records hopeful also enlisted DXnext alumni Janelle Monae and Playboy Tre for Adventures.

1. Don’t Let Me Fall
2. Nothin’ On You (feat. Bruno Mars)
3. Past My Shades (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
4. Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams)
5. Bet I (feat. T.I. & Playboy Tre)
6. Satellite
7. Ghost In The Machine
8. The Kids (feat. Janelle Monae)
9. Magic (feat. Rivers Cuemo)
10. Fame
11. Lovelier Than You
12. 5th Dimension (feat. T.I. & Ricco Barrino)
13. Airplanes (Part II) (feat. Eminem & Hayley Williams)
14. Higher (Bonus Track)
15. Mellow Fellow (Bonus Track)
16. Yesterday (Bonus Track)


  • mballa1954

    As far as all dem haters below me untill one of your asses can rap and get as big as B.O.B, Drake, Lupe , or even weezy for that matter i suggest you guys should hop off there dicks forreal and let them do them cuz obviously they makin millis cuz dey good at it unlike any of you week as faggets always talkin shit bout dem

  • YoSon

    B.O.B. is the future. Along with drake, cudi, and wale. Hip hop is changing and its changing for the good. Wack ass people always hate on real shit.

  • Flight222222222222

    wooo Eminem is on! legenedary.

  • kush nap

    b.o.b. is wack as fuck. he raps like hes deaf. garbage lyrics, no personality, weak voice, one flow, cant sing, but he sings all over the place. you kids jocking this bum need to kill yourselves. hes trash. he carries a guitar to distract you from the fact hes garbage lyrically. not one verse to his name is hot.

  • Dev

    I kike this kid he bout to blow uuuuuuuuuuup!

  • robertzou

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  • Six9

    Looking foward to 4ize album to come out

  • MusicGeek

    I can't wait to hear that song with B.O.B. and Hayley Williams.

  • Heat86

    Good to see a track list that doesnt have songs like "stanky leg" or "lean wit it rock it it"

  • Big Booise

    Good tracklisting, but Paperboy wasn't a album cut? :( :( :(

    • b_lett

      Lol, I have over 100 songs with B.o.B in it, and Paperboy is nowhere close enough to be album quality. Songs like No Man's Land, Voltage, Put Me On, Don't Break My Heart, The Rain, and even his other song with Charles Hamilton, Fool For Love, are way more likely to have made the cut. Shoot, B.o.B even had Haterz Everywhere and I'll Be In The Sky.

  • MightyMike27

    Hopefully it's not as dissapointing as Wale's debut or as POP. B.O.B, it's your time SoN!!

  • Enigma Sept

    Yeah I need to cop that.... Remember to listen to the ENIGMA SEPT HOUR live 2nite at 8 pm EST on #BlogTalkRadio - http://bit.ly/af341m or call 718.506.1928

  • b_lett

    I've heard 7 of these 16 songs already, 6 of which are studio version. I'm just waiting on hearing the Rivers Cuomo, Eminem, and Lupe Fiasco collabs.

  • nyblackguys

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  • black aladin

    I have yet to see this huge hype about BOB i think he's a better artist then an mc.. but off the strength of me wanting this new generation to succeed, ima cop it. PLu Lupe's on it.

  • asboiufba

    alot of these songs are old.......still gonna be a classic debut though

  • siyaktc

    niggaz single getn mad airplay in Souh Africa. but down here, the real anticipation for drake's album. so much hype surrounding drizzy its crazy!!!!

    • siyaktc

      i would, but dude's work inaccessible. and as a student with capped internet (400 MB/month) its impossiple to download stuff., most of tha stuff i get thru file-sharing networks like DC++. i heard this one song of his though "uni-bomber" and it was tight man. j cole need to step up his hustle. he invisible.

    • Boston

      try J cole instead

  • miguel Guttierres

    Looks like it's going to be a great debut for B.o.B. I actually liked Nothin on You so I can't wait to hear what the rest of the album will be like.

  • rick t.

    love that nutin on you joint, hope the rest of cd is good

  • CAST2SiK

    B.o.B next best thing.....im intoxifaded right now but shoulda put a track with CH aka Charles "Eddie Lee" Hamilton on there...... *DEAD ASS*

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    Man that girl with the vest and gloves in the video is damn sexy

  • hiphopscout


  • AngryJoe

    Props, I was surprised to see dude's single perform so well on the charts. Album should be dope.

  • D.D.410wutup

    this is gonna be dope. Always wanted to see real talent get some recognition. First day purchase for me. Been waitin' too.

  • It's Um

    looks good and the single isn't that bad either.

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