Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 3/28/2010

Justin Beiber and Monica top the charts as Sade gets platinum, Snoop Dogg and Brotha Lynch Hung put California Gangsta Rap back on the map.

Atlanta veteran songstress Monica topped the urban delegation of the charts last week, taking #2 with her sixth album, Still Standing. The J Records veteran has an assist from Ludacris on the effort, as well as production from Missy Elliott, Jermaine Dupri and Jim Jonsin. The album fell behind Justin Beiber's My World 2.0 release, which outsold Monica by just under 100,000 units.

Speaking of Luda, the DTP founder fell four spots to #7. Battle of the Sexes has not been met with many warm reviews, but the Atlanta/Def Jam mainstay will likely cross the 250,000 unit benchmark next week, marking halfway to gold. The album, which looks at gender relations, features such artists as Nicki Minaj, Trina, Eve and Lil Kim.

The Black Eyed Peas fell two spots with The E.N.D., still maintaining a Top 10 place. Sade's Soldier Of Love, a spot behind at #11, finally reached platinum. The Nigerian-born singer's catalog has exclusively platinum releases, joining her latest work with her albums over the previous 26 years.

The Gorillaz' Plastic Beach fell seven additional spots last week, after seven previously. The multi-platinum crew's third effort, and first in five years, features Rap acts such as Mos Def, Snoop Dogg and previous Gorillaz collaborators, De La Soul.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
2 Monica Still Standing
184,000 185,000
7 Ludacris Battle of the Sexes
45,000 243,000
10 Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. 34,000 2,344,000
11 Sade Soldier of Love
31,000 1,023,000
16 Gorillaz Plastic Beach
22,000 173,000

Lil Wayne's Rebirth fell four spots. The incarcerated rapper's latest release may reach gold by the end of April. His We Are Young Money compilation was 11 spots further down the charts. Snoop Dogg's companion follow-up to Malice N Wonderland, titled More Malice, debuted in the Top 30. The DVD/CD project includes remixes and new material featuring Jay-Z, Bun B and Soulja Boy.

The biggest surprise on the charts from last week came courtesy of Sacramento, California veteran emcee Brotha Lynch Hung. Signed to Tech N9ne's Strange Music, the Horror-inspired gangsta rapper's Dinner and a Movie has been met both with critical praise, as well as a #68 chart debut. This is Lynch's highest charting appearance since 1997's Loaded, released on Black Market Records.

DJ Khaled's Victory fell 35 more spots, slowing the momentum of the respectable debut week sales. The release aims to clear 50,000 units next week.

50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct dipped 18 spots. The rapper, believed to be departing from his Interscope Records family, is at work on Black Magic and directing a video for Tony Yayo's "Obama."

Notably absent from the Top 200 are Wu-Tang Clan emcee Inspectah Deck, Duck Down Records release Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx's eXXecutioners, and Sadat X's Wild Cowboys II.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
21 Lil Wayne Rebirth
21,000 466,000
29 Snoop Dogg More Malice
15,000 15,000
68 Brotha Lynch Hung Dinner and a Movie
7,900 7,900
123 DJ Khaled Victory
4,200 47,000
138 50 Cent Before I Self Destruct
3,700 429,000

Will Army of Pharoahs' legions of fans give the underground super-group a chart push? Will Erykah Badu or Usher take the Top spot? Will Justin Beiber make that possible? Can Wu-Massacre get a Top 10 debut? Stay tuned to next week at HipHopDX.


  • Infamous Mobb

    Shout To Justin Beiber Out selling every rapper in the Game Right Now I suprise Miley hasn't out these rappers yet Sad Sad Sad

  • Infamouys Mobb

    Shout out to Justin Beiber outselling every rapper in the Game Right Now LOL Demi Lavato might out sell these rappers next LO

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Everybody know the south overrall is on top right now. No need to argue about that!! I got love for certain niggas on every coast though..

  • Da Real Deal

    Yo, I hate hating ass muthafuckers. I'm from da south so I'm on da south side. We r running the game right now. All y'all hating ass niggas keep talking bout lil wayne and that damn rock album. He just did that 2 make some fuckin money off you white ppl. All those songs said the same. Y'all must have 4got bout dedication and the drought and the Carter 1 and 2 was plat album, so wayne can drop fire album. Yeah the south is quiet now cuz all or heavy-hitters is locked up. (T.I.P., Gucci, Lil Boosie and Wayne). When get out, the north and some of them hating ass south niggas goin jump back on our dicks. And y'all niggas 4geting that we still got niggas like (Gotti, Jeezy, Plies) still running the mixtape game. Young money niggas stop it. Da only sweet nigga y'all got is Drake, Mack Mane and Nicki so stop talkin like if dey hldin shit dwn cuz dey songs sound da same too. FREE DA REAL STREET NIGGAS! BOOSIE, TIP, GUCCI. WE MUST YOU HOMIE. STAY TRUE TO THE GAME.


    jay-z left out another week.. u mean he didn't even place on the charts.. FALSE!! where are his numbers.. they will surely jump off once the dre single hits the air waves.. jay killing the game again, don't pardon the pun, no biggie i put the kane down

  • rivem

    what happen to them fake miami niccas we da best lol

  • Cee One

    Real talk, the only way anyone is gonna sell now is to actually put out a QUALITY ALBUM!! Let's see who can catch on before they diminish. Its been about the single for far too long....back to the basics of giving people their money's worth!

  • nyblackguys

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  • betas beats!!

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  • justjoshin

    wow, record sales are horrible nowadays eh? my question is this: how the fuck are black eyed peas top ten when that album dropped june 9th of '09?! and how the fuck did they go DOUBLE PLAT?!

  • nyblackguys

    Black military friends dot com --- a place to meet military singles and admirers in the world! Are you a civilian looking to meet someone in the military? Are you serving in the military? You've come to the right place! We bring together single members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Police Force, and Firefighters -- as well as civilians, veterans. Over the years, we have achieved tremendous success in bringing military singles and admirers together.

  • jaybains

    More Malice 15,000 lol

  • Mike2332

    You would think 50 CENT just dropped an album last week by reading the comments on here.....Or at least dropped sometime this year.....I mean, didnt "Before I Self Destruct" come out before last Thanksgiving (2009)???? Its April 2010, he is touring in Europe or some shit, and he's still the center of attention here..... Im not the biggest G-Unit fan, but damn, thats staying power..... But question: If the South really "Runs This" whats up with Ludacris, DJ Khaled, and Young Money's numbers????

    • Exodus615


    • Heat45

      Have ya'll watched 106 and park lately... Man I saw 2 good songs on it yesterday and the rest were complete garbage.. Im 24 years old and maybe im just too old but that stuff sounded like the type of sh!t they play at elementery school dances..

    • bobby_b_nice

      Luda's joint was album experiment (at least i hope it was). the same cant be said for Fif's album. Luda's album came out a few weeks ago and is already nearing the 250k mark, Fif came out Nov 2009. thats a goooood 5 months (Luda will probably do 50's numbers in that time). i only spoke of Luda cause he has earned respect, as did fifty (cause going gold aint bad. but damn if its taking a while. i aint a fan at all and im even pulling for him.) the other two artists mentioned...dont care really. and who is Roscoe Dash??

    • bonney007

      exactly....they say the south runs rap but i turn on tv and see roscoe dash....is that what they runnin rap with? only the south is buyin that trash and they bash 50 all day

  • hiphopscout


  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    50 has a major tour in Europe...............BISD WAS BETTER THAN BP3

    • jwade23

      nigga kill yourself loso had an ablum u coul play from front to back shit fab mtape was better than bisd lol fuck outta here lol g unit is good and bisd was my shit but loso way had too many lyrics for bisd imma do it i miss my love pachangas when the money goes the the way salute me are u serious ?

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      @ C-ARSON.............thats a lie u only comment on 50 is when the weekly sales is posted every Wednesday

    • C-arson

      Co-sign JasonCtown and HRMS. Damn near the only time I comment on 50 is when I'm blog yelling at Duke's redundant ass. In duke"s defense BISD was better than Loso's Way. But shit Duke why you do this?

    • HRCMS

      Lol, @ Duke, I dont know about 50 being a marketing genious at this point, but i give you credit, you really know how to get some shit started on this site, to keep the comments coming

    • JasonCTown

      50 this, 50 that. Get ur bread 50, I could care less. You just go too far with it.

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      JASONCTOWN................is jealous of 50 Cent success.........everytime someone mentions 50 success JASON-CUNT-TOWN gets a period...............stop bitching bitch!!!!!!!!!!! U gotta deal with the G UNIT. Banks got a hot single, Yayo got the best mixtape this year, and 50 is 50 a marketing genius.................. G-UNIT

    • JasonCTown

      Take your tired ass rhetoric over to Thisis50 and go suck off all the other brainless sheep. Youre shit is TIRED and DATED homie. How's 50s physique doing these days, go blog about thay shit you F'in hump.

    • G-funny

      His concert was canceled in holland cuz there wasn't enough tickets sold. So yeah that proves a bit that BISD sucks and BP3 is awsome.

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      50 is doin major movies and still richer than a mother..................BISD was better than Loso's Way

    • lil yo

      It was better only to you


    banks...negro please...the flea unit/G-u-not is almost done... 50 should call Koch... ANY1 listening from USHER camp..."tell'em be himself...stop following the crowd (auto-tune/puffy)...make them follow u ... .R u trying to be the next MJ or t-pain...?????????????????????????? " ALBUM SALES are affected by the economy...those credit card days are over...now we're picky about who CD we purchase, before we would take a chance...

  • JordanM91

    After reading some comments, The thing that amazes me most is how people act surprised about 50 and wayne's numbers. How are ppl gonna keep talkin about, Damn, 50 aint selling...or damn, wayne flopped...How many times do ppl need to say it? I mean come on, if 50 sold 4k last week, wtf do u think hes gonna sell the next week? U think its magically gonna jump up to 20k next week? Some of yall idiots are gonna say the same shit next week about 50's numbers, and guess what, it aint gonna be more than 3,700. Read the numbers and move the fuck on, same stupid ass discussion every single week, mostly about wayne floppin and 50 floppin. Yall should comment on new numbers from new releases, but it amazes me how ppl still talkin bout the same shit all this time like its fucking new or something. next week, niggas gonna be like, OMG, 50 only sellin 3k? BISD Flopped!!! SMH....................................................

  • apraisel

    MC Hammer sold more than all these dudes combined, he is def a mc, its in his name, so that means hes easily top 5, hands down!

  • sun_god7

    Erykah Badu for next week! She speaks for the hood more than Usher.

  • l713v

    numbers are kinda wack cz they dont count the digital album downloads of Itunes n such..

    • GeezySmith

      They actually do - What THEY don't show are international numbers, only domestic. North America (domestic) is the largest/no#1 music market.

    • Dj Lexx

      Why on Earth do you guys think they dont count digital sales? All those numbers include digital sales. Billboard FULLY includes digital sales! Dont make anybody tell you no bs... Go to Billboard.com and check it out yourself.

  • Knuckz

    Trina is fine as hell!@

  • kush nap

    a lot of hip hop fans make me sick. deck cant even chart. marco polo and rustee drop a street heater that doesnt chart. and the lames wanna sit here and fight about units like a bunch of label heads. go buy some fucking music if the sales are so important you lames. good music out there but these chumps wanna talk soundscan. at least lynch charted. he shoulda sold way more, game is wack.

    • ....

      just cuz u like these niggas shit doesnt mean everyone will. And these same niggas u sittin here tryin 2 advertise for will sell no albums- n go back 2 sellin cocaine "he shoulda sold way more" Dont blame people who dont want to buy his shit blame him for not attracting fans to buy his album

    • Stuckfresh

      Stop cry'n slim! Young Money Ca$h Money!

  • Dayummmszzz

    Wow, lil wayne Flopped bad, his gone from 3m down to 400k, LOL feel sorry for him. Jay & Em forever.

    • C-arson

      Port Authority was off the hook!

    • BALLS

      COme on man...Marco Polo's production was definitely slackin for this album with Rustee Juxx....I still feel that Marco can't top his own production from Port Authority. That was his best production...

    • ....

      How is telling the truth/ informing someone dick riding? If he was talking about someone other then Lil Wayne you wouldnt have said that. Typical people like you accusing someone of doing something you are obviously doing- hypocrite.

    • T.I. IS BACK!!!!!!!!!

      dj lexx ur ridin lil waynes sack jus a lil to hard dude

    • Dj Lexx

      Lil Wayne is doing fine. If you think about it he has two albums on the charts right now with 'Rebirth' and 'We Are Young Money' and they both are on their way to Gold. Two Gold plaques equal a Platinum plaque in terms of records sold. Nobody gave a fuck about his Rock album but he got it out of his system and made money off of it in a recession. Wayne got a Rock album on shelves while bussing his crew to the World through touring and now they are building names for themselves. If you really want to check Lil Wayne's numbers just check the charts when Drake and Nicki's album drops along with other individual albums out of YM, Wayne is going to BANK in 2010 while in JAIL.

  • wouzi

    50 is still not sellin, damn!!!!!! , 50 WAS DA 1ST PERSON TO RELEASE BUT EVERYBODY HIS OUTSELLIN HIM

  • bonney007

    the sales charts arent that interesting because 8/10 niggas dont sell much....i wouldnt say someones career is over for not goin platinum because we would b left with about 4 people. we all know early 2000's a brick was sellin 1 mill instead of 3 or 4......if 400 or 500k is a brick what is 100k? On top of that what does that matter?

  • kingjames13

    Its all good yea 50 album didnt sell as good as the rest.. but just wait till BANKS drop the whole world gonna be hatin.. its the return of the PLK all day Hunger 4 more 2 just wait.. banks one of the best rapper out .. you dont hear drake new song on the radio all i hear is BEAMER BENZ OR BENTLEY. NUMBER ONE SONG OUT RIGHT NOW

    • ....

      they only play banks shit in the north east tho nigga


      wow you listen to your local hiphop radio station if i got to i turn that bitch to some oldies..

    • JasonCTown

      Yea, I LOVE hearing the same song all day long on the radio....so refreshing. Go ahead, call me a hater, or some other useless term.

    • bonney007

      Banks is that nigga right now but they aint playin his shit on the radio out here...they playin that bullshit. I think regardless of the numbers he will have one of the best albums this year....im sure the haters will b ready to blog as soon as it drops!

  • Ceazar

    y in the hell did u turn in a hot verse mixed like that

  • ****TEXAS DRUG MONEY****

    Im still waiting for the JAY-Z & DR. DRE JOINT TO DROP. 50 CENT CAREER IS OVER, G-UNIT IS DEAD.

  • N9NE

    damn, lynch only sold 7,900

  • nofree

    Khalid didn't (and wont) even come close to selling enough to cover all those collabo costs...

    • GeezySmith

      Even on a major, there is no budget for those "collabo" costs. -wouldnt make sense to realy pay that for each artist. Its all relationship based. Remember he is a radio DJ - keep that in mind.

  • WestcoastbITCHESSSSS


    • ....

      @WHOSHOTCAM Name me one Eminem album that hasnt been platinum?- Other then Greatest Hits

    • phadiga

      hahahahahahahaha dude is funny! real fall off!!






      if u say so my g


      the three headed monster got chopped up and spit out.. em started things off with a shady LP, which never sells as much as a Marshall Mathers LP... then Fifty Bricked and Dre fell back because the single with T.I. was weak as water and T.I. caught a case inwhich much of the streets interpreted as a snitch case.. so now he's recruited jay-z and Game to help save Detox.. but the brand has been dying.. In Da Club was so huge.. it swallowed three careers.. not counting any gunit members.. How you go from 12 million records sold, to can't even sell a million.. fell off like limbs infected with lyprosy..

    • shitisrealhomie;p

      Shit is real homie, believe me ;} R2 & DETOX, we run music.


      they was saying that same shit on this site last year talking about a three headed monster what happend

  • Razor Words

    I just would like to know one thing? Why in the fuck to you simple minded fucks argue over who is doing what and who is the best? Last time i check these people yall speaking on are rich beyond all belief and yall have a regular 9 to 5! Which makes yall RN's! If you don't know an RN's isn't a registered nurse, it's A Regular Nigga!!! Man live yall life and stop worrying how many copies of a cd another man sells because he's not seeing a damn dime of it anyway! If you are indeed music fans check out the break downs in an artist's contract and lets debate about that, because at the end of the day that's the only thing that matters!!! Educate yourselves rather than dumb yourselves down! Peace Love & Hair Grease Im out

    • HRCMS

      @ RAZOR, thats so on point, some of these fools go way beyond being a fan, they feelings get hurt when thet faverite artist dont sell, or if someone disses them, like they pockets is effected by it,

    • HHFAN

      Amen! These niggas on here keep going on about who flopped and who's hot. By their logic, Black Eyed Peas are the best int the game right now because they've outsold Em, Jay, 50, Wayne, etc. These niggas need to go back to being fans and stop trying to be A&R's.

    • miguel Guttierres

      THANK YOU! Someone else feels the same way I do.



  • JonnyBlazeTha3rd

    yea deck is absent cause no stores carryin his shit. went to FYE yesterday to get it when i got the massacre n they said "who? oh, we dont carry anything by him" wtf is that shit?

  • amer.....

    everyone flopping Upcoming first #'s Game - 100k jeezy - 110k drake - 350k eminem 600k (this shit he's cooking up is serious, as I am hearing)


      i think drake will sell about 400-450 K first week bc of all the hype ... but well see !! cant wait for relapse 2 its gonna be a bomb :)


    Rebirth still selling decent after 8 weeks !!!! you know i still dont get why everyone has to hate on wayne, the man put out an experimental album that leaked over 2 months in advance and it is still sellng over 20K a week ! he has reached gold and will def sell more than 500K. I dont get why a lot of people hate on him. Look at everything he has accomplished in his music career and you will be ignorant to say that he doesnt deserve any credit or any respect. album sales: Tha Carter: 800 000 Tha Carter II : 1 200 000 Like Father Like Son: 800 000 Tha Carter III : 3 400 000 We Are Young Money: 400 000 Rebirth: 465 000 singles (top 20): Lollipop: #1 BedRock: #2 A MIlli: #6 Got Money: #10 Every Girl: #10 Go DJ: #14 Prom Queen: #15 Drop The World: #18 Stunntin Like My Daddy: #20 featured singles: Down: #1 Let It Rock: #5 Swagger Like Us: #5 Cant Believe It: #7 Forever: #8 4 grammy awards !!!!! after looking at all his accomplishements and more to come how can you say he doesnt deserve any respect stop hating and just accept it... now for anyone who is prob saying ommg another wayne dick rider well think again bc im actually an EMINEM fan im just backing up an artist who i feel deserves respect !! im out

    • jwade23

      umm no he dont deserve respect album sales dont mean shit ! just make good music today it only a selected few that can go plat period so u gonna say those rappers are the best lol fuck outta here just make good music fuck sales 50 cent started this bullshit and people started looking at numbers

    • sucka

      The people on here are like fat people they have nothing better to do but hate on good looking people in other words you guys aint got shit to do but hate on wayne or 50 cent do something with your lives.

    • b haze

      there are 5 songs that are actually hip hop on that list (not saying they're any good either), the other 8 are r&b, like almost all waynes new material. drop the world wouldn't even be on rebirth if em wasn't on the track, because waynes verses are trash. his lyrics suck, he constantly repeats words at the end of his lines, and there is absolutely no thought process behind any of it. straight garbage. p.s. sales don't equal skills.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Yeah as soon as lil wayne became popular people started to call him a "Fake", but who cares thats what they said about 2pac and snoop and every other legendary artist that has been out

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      I agree it's only the facts. Whether u think he's fake or not!!


      incase you would like to know i was just reading up some music info and saw these numbers and copy pasted them i didnt go digging for this stuff and reasearching.. it just caught my attention and i decided to post them

    • JasonCTown

      Im not hating, Im just pointing out that supplying this forum with this information is going above an beyond what any rational person would do. Fall back, myabe?


      if u had half a brain you would read im an EMINEM fan !!! i just looked at his accomplishements and i realised that he deserves respect that all im saying.. im not saying he is the best rapper im just saying stop hating !!!

    • JonnyBlazeTha3rd

      yo we hate cause dude is fake. fag markets his shit for kids

    • amer.....(dr.freeze)

      only the facts?

    • JasonCTown

      Congrats for being his number one fan. Are you going to shower him with flowers when he gets escorted outta Rokers?

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