RZA Says A New Wu-Tang Clan Album Is Underway

Producer/rapper RZA hints at a new Wu-Tang album, and Eternia and MoSS' album gets a release date.

During a promotional run for the release of Wu-Massacre, fellow Wu-Tang Clan member RZA called into Sirius/XM’s Hip Hop Nation to show Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Raekwon his support, as well as mentioned a new Wu-Tang album is in the works.

“Me and Tony [Starks] been talking about it; we gonna make it happen,” explained RZA. “We got a lot of ideas we building on, [just] taking it day by day, step by step. But right now the energy is right, and anything is possible with energy.”

The last Wu-Tang Clan album to be released was 8 Diagrams in 2007. Wu-Massacre is out now on Def Jam Records, featuring production from RZA, Scram Jones, and Mathematics.



  • Bobby Steeles

    Yo wasnt feeling production from 8 Diagrams...fuck that album...All I can say Chamber Music, Wu Masscre and GF Apollo Kids were on point production wise, and brought back that wu fire...tho Apollo Kids sounded rushed...Using those same producers from those albums and maybe 2 or 3, or 4 from the Rza and we should have ourselves a good Summer Wu Banger...Bring back that Wu Forever feelin....!!! I know Rza got sum old Wu Forever throw back or vaulted joints sumwhere..hahaha!!

  • dushan

    What's the track playing on the video after the introduction of the Clan members??

  • nyblackguys

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  • 90's was it b


  • The-Influence

    Meth & Red 'Blackout 2' was solid, Raekwon 'OB4CL2' was flames, 'Wu Massacre' even though rushed and clearly not recorded as a 3 man unit, is still solid.. All this has shown the Wu can still do it and has revived the buzz for The W. Now is the perfect time to do a full Wu-Tang album. They should let their ego's go, and go all out and lock in to try to get a full length done by the 4th quarter. As for the Rza, yea, he should produce a good number of tracks, but if the other Clan memebers aren't feeling the tracks he's bringing, they shouldn't have to settle. It's all good to have a some Mathematics, Scram Jones, Erick Sermon, DJ Scratch whoeva.... in the mix if they bring out the best of the Clan.

  • heatbodyz

    fuck the double cd! as long as theres no filler i dont give a shit......i hope this wu tang album will be better than the previous being 8 diagrams

  • hiphopscout


  • c da grinda


  • The_R_

    Biggest Wu-fan here, but Wu-Massacre does sound rushed & needed more Rae. Wassup w/ Rae missing on Criminology 2.5? With that said, they still dropped a banger. All the joints flowed together perfectly.

  • theseniggaswrote

    " fellow Wu-Tang Clan member ", that's the head, yall blashemous bastards aye but like homes said below str8 rza shit. how is it possible that only ghost and rae can be succesful without rza's production? some of you would like to throw meth's name in there i know but album-wise {apart from features and him teamin up wit red} he's he's only good with rza

  • Drucifer1983

    I wasnt really feeling the Massacre like that, but seeing as they said it was rushed I'll give it a pass............I think I'm one of the few people who really liked 8 Diagrams around my way,lol................That album got slept on, solid all the way thru IMO...........

    • ingenting

      8 Diagrams was fire throughout. They pioneered several styles even just between 36 Chambers and Forever, people expecting anything like the old shit need to pull their heads out their asses. Plus, at the time, Ghost had just dropped his worst album and Rae hadn't put out a good record since the one RZA PRODUCED IN ITS ENTIRETY, so I found their bitching to be pretty fucking retarded.

    • jsimmz

      i agree with both your opinions. i was feelin 8 diagrams a lot.

  • Wu tang slang

    Wu massacre was solid ob4cl2 was classic cannot wait for this lets hope they take over the game!!! Wu tang 4 ever no other group can contest !!


    ain't done yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mufucka

    People giving up on wu releases??? When OBFCL2 was the best album last year!!!

  • Ceazar

    muthafucka it betta make sure got yall guns on yall when u righting and spitting mixing and mastering.

  • dame grease

    the wu massacre is Fuego. fuck wut u heard. u don't like it go bump soldier boy.

  • ogewt

    ive given up on wu tang releases right now they need to stop all of the bullshit, get them all back in the studio with each other and have RZA produce all the beats I know this will probably just be a half assed attempt with them all on tour recording tracks on the side

  • kpanilaryea28

    yo i love rza and it would be cool to hear another wu tang album but he needs to give deck a chance at creating a classic i would wanna hear that instead of a new wu cd. i think deck might have been done the worst in the clan with his cds. he needs a breath of fresh air for real!! a complete rza produced deck cd would be the best joint of the year i already know this!

  • Zu

    Good mUsic bus another dick tease like chamber music was. C/mon son 30 min long including 2 skits! raekwon only on 4 songs. they took him off criminology thats his fucking song in the first place. they shoulda called it wu appetizer. ghostface featuring mef and rae

  • JasonCTown

    Yesssssssss, just please get this one right. RZA, I love your work, but listen to your brothers on this one. Please let everyone come with ideas and challenge each other.....please dont bogart the album. For the most part 8 Diagrams was dope, but clearly there were issues internally. Just form like Voltron already and put out a banger.....hip-hop needs Voltron son, bring it.

  • JonnyBlazeTha3rd

    fuckin right. listenin to massacre right now. thought it was gunna suck. its fire

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