Flesh-N-Bone Arrested For Outstanding Warrants

The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony tour is cut short over the weekend, as Flesh is arrested in his native Cleveland.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Stanley "Flesh-N-Bone" Howse was arrested Sunday night during the group's concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS, Howse was wanted on warrants for felonious assault with a firearms specification and domestic violence with a firearm specification. Authorities from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department said they were anonymously tipped off that Flesh would be performing in the area.

Prior to his release in 2008, Flesh spent the better part of a decade in prison after being sentenced in 2000 for threatening a man with an AK-47 assault rifle. Flesh also pleaded not guilty to weapon possession charges in 2009 after a firearm and marijuana were found in his car during a traffic stop. Neither Howse nor his representatives have released a statement on the arrest since the rapper was taken to Cuyahoga County Jail Sunday night.


  • Godshonor

    fuckin bitch ass cops.. .always fuckin shit up doesnt suprise me..sorry cops but suck a dick and all u fagget ass prosecuters and DA all u bitch ass homos... waited for this shit for over 10 years and u fuckin piece of shit bitches try 2 keep ppl in jail and not let ppl be... keep ya head up flesh like pac said.. they cant stop it only postpone it a lil longer... shit makes me sick and if any cop sees this.. FUCK YOU do something better wiht ur life or just shoot urself piggy

  • kdubz

    does this mean they will stop their tour? i have tickets for their concert in nyc at the fillmore for apr. 6th

  • density

    damm dude 10 years is a long time to come out and be on the same mentality, come up 5th dog stay positive, and do this music man

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  • hiphopscout


  • gfk

    they are trying to cripple the reunion. they don't want to see bone together. this shit is wack. this time he is totally innocent. the cops got a anonymous tip that he was performing...hmmm first of all only a fan of hip hop and of bone would really know the place and exact time he was performing and a fan would obviously not call the cops on him for no reason, so someone else was doing some fishy ass shit. this is purely false and i think the whole thing with bizzy has something to do with a manager fucking around with the group..this group always has people hating on them

  • wolfman

    LMAO! The industry just can't deliver like it used to.....

  • brandon williams


  • icu ucme

    Some niggas just can't stay out of jail. Some niggas just criminals. Get it together nigga.

  • sumz18

    fuckin' tyte ass concert my boy flesh was tearin that shit up

  • Lumps!

    They dont wanna see Bone SHINE! Just another attempt to foil their comeback! He'll be out in a second and back on tour no probs. Keep ya head up Flesh & The rest of the Bone boys!

  • Bloodworks Production

    What can you do? I have a brother that just cant stay out of shit too! Best of Luck to Bone, but niggaz need to start paying attention to detail, for real man. www.soundclick.com/bloodworksproduction...That's the Answer!

  • Badmofo

    Sucks for him. I had to piss in a cup for my PO today....I dont think it was for a drug test she just wanted a cup of my piss....

  • Eaze1

    damn bizzy n now flesh cmon bone get it together, you guys are legendary

  • Loccsta

    this sucks, they need to give this man a break. hope this doesnt fuk up the tour, already got my ticket

    • DL Dub

      There is no self defense when there's an AK involved. It's an automatic weapon on civilian streets, you're supposed to get that kinda time and probably a year for every bullet in the gun. The real point is, he JUST got out of jail, and has outstanding warrants? why are they just now gettin at him when he's been in jail 8 years plus whatever he just got out for. It's bullshit

    • M.O.D

      @JIggaman u talking like u know he did it, did u just read the story or skim "Flesh also pleaded not guilty to weapon possession charges in 2009 after a firearm and marijuana were found in his car during a traffic stop." The firearm was his wives because she is an police officer look it up it's fact. 2000 8 years for a threat that's too much time and it was probably in self-defense Flesh doesn't seem like the type to start shit. It's the fucking police, foregt them.

    • Jiggaman123

      Give him a break?? It's his fault man. He is a fuckin' idiot. They need to give him a break for what? For you, since you already have your ticket? C'mon man! If you and I did all this stupid shit, they wouldn't let us off! He is no different than any of us. He needs to learn to keep his nose clean and things would be just fine.

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