Mia X Talks Album With Scarface, New Eatery

Exclusive: Mia X tells DX that her album with the Rap-A-Lot titan is coming in June, and Fiend was the first customer to her N'Awlins restaurant.

Former No Limit Records star Mia X is plotting her Rap comeback. The Louisiana-based emcee briefly spoke to HipHopDX, regarding her return. One of the starting points for X is a collaborative project with legendary southern emcee Scarface called Mia X-n-Scarface Present Malory-n-Micky: Natural Born Killers 2010. The album is presently due June 22, though details are still finalizing.

Asked what brought the duo together, Mia told DX, "We love each other's work, and we felt it was time. He came up with the idea for Natural Born Killers 2010. Our chemistry is out of this world! We are everything the people who love our music imagine us to be."

With pensive tracks in her catalog, including "Rainy Dayz" and "R.I.P. Jill" from 1997's gold-certified Unlady Like, Mia X asserted that she requires no assistance to offer substance. "A lot of my subject matter was based on people around me, or people around people I know well," she says of the June album with Brad Jordan. She said with a laugh, "I have beaucoup subject matter of my own." You can hear Mia's new sound on tracks including her late 2009 leak "I Get Paper" .

With a cookbook also due this year, reportedly titled Things My Grandma Told Me, Things My Grandma Showed Me, the woman also known as "Ghetto Sara Lee" is letting the Rap world know that she's not just cookin' up rhymes. The accomplished chef recently opened a New Orleans restaurant called True Friends. "It's located in my 7th Ward community. Our signature dish is stuffed bell peppers and chicken n' waffles." With her former label and associates still in the New Orleans area, DX asked Mia the first Rap customer she had. "Fiend was the first to visit, and he is a regular customer. Many of my music peers have supported me though, and I am grateful."

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  • *Me*

    beyonce doesnt write her music either sweetie, know ur music....

  • ginsumind

    Happy to see Mia is coming back. Still the BEST female emcee EVER to me. Her catalog may not be a lenghty as some of the more well-known longer lasting "Femcees", but Mia was the truth!! She oushined most of the men on No Limit. EASILY!!!

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  • hiphopscout


  • herethysdickis

    mia x= queen of the south

  • Atl2Trill

    Momma Mia and Facemob is a great combo. I will be checkin this album out.


    she can spit

  • handdddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    these clown niggaz would get murked if they run by a blood like lil wayne! lil wayne! don't respect this bullshit so stop it u don't wanna get ur ass shot all over states lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • He

      fuck lil wayne he aint no real blood!

    • milkmoneysounds

      Such a fuckin' lame. You can only be the greatest of all time if you write your own songs. Thats like Beyonce is a greatest. These artists are just puppets with worldly appeal. Study your music before you become a cock holder!!!!!! This Havana, from The Murder Mitten Detroit. Chew on those marbles.............


      its you lmao

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