9th Wonder Speaks On Albums With Jean Grae, David Banner

Exclusive: 9th Wonder discusses his future endeavors and explains why he's taking a page out of Gucci Mane's book to release more music.

9th Wonder stays busy. The producer is manning the boards on Fornever, the new Murs & 9th Wonder album, but he's also got a lot more in store for his fans. Yesterday, the North Carolina-based producer spoke with HipHopDX about some of those plans and what said fans can expect from the producer-turned-emcee.

While his project with Murs has some excited for their April release, 9th's also been garnering a buzz for his collaborative projects with other rappers. Fans may have to be patient, however, as he told us that his albums with Jean Grae and David Banner are still waiting on release dates.

“That album’s been done, man. We just got to put it out,” he said with a laugh, speaking on the Jean Grae collaboration, a follow-up to Jeanius. As mentioned, though, his album with David Banner is also anticipated.

“[That album will be] another extension of me and an extension of David [Banner], where we kind of meet in the middle,” he added.

Aside from dropping these projects, he's also ready to release much more of his work. According to 9th, he's tired of simply sitting on music, which would explain the recent surge of 9th Wonder/9thmatic (his rapping alias) music hitting the net. He explained that his deal with 101 Distribution will allow him to release more of this work.

“[Fans can expect] more lost beat tapes and stuff like that. This is a way to get more of my music out. The thing I appreciate about Gucci Mane is this: he puts music out. I don’t care what anybody may think about the music he makes, he puts product out for his people to get. A lot of us that make this certain type of music, however you want to call it, we sit on our music. That’s why my stuff has been leaking all over the net, because I’m tired of just sitting on it.”

He's also focusing on It's A Wonderful World, his music group, as he is working with various artists including Skyzoo, Big Remo, Rapsody, TP The New Fresh Prince, E Jones, Tyler Woods, Actual Proof and more.

For now, fans can enjoy Murs and 9th Wonder as they release Fornever. The first single off the album, "The Problem Is " can be seen below.

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  • hiphopscout


  • rootsgyal

    maaaann, whomeva don't kno who Jean Grae...u should b shot, lmao....but in all seriousness..if ya dun kno..then really expand ya hip-hop library cause she is truly slept on...more than ready for di joint wit her n 9th, Jeanius still gets heavy play wit me...Don't Rush Me is like my fuckin theme song!...Murs always brings it, love his style...Peace


      I didn't know jean was a female before,I deff wont be checking her out.I don't waste time on female rappers.....this is my opinion....so when people say step your hip hop game up....screw you.....Everybody has different shit they listen too. And Jean Grae is NOT one of mine.

  • BEEZ

    Jean Grae is not exciting to me at all.

    • chronwell

      I was listening to Jeanius last night. There is no ther hiphop album like that. She really crys and bleeds on the beats. I know Em and alot of other dudes talk about their feelings but I dontlisten to Em .She is a dope MC.

  • TYBO2020



      ok dad...I did my homework,I youtubed her,checked out a few vids...TO ME....she's wack --so toy boy....do you listen to her with your right hand or left hand?

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  • SMH.

    All these comments about Murs's hair. And not one damn comment about how dope the new Fornever single is. This is the reason why I can't stand people. Murs is dope. 9th is dope. Looking forward to the album. Peace.

  • Sleapy

    Ey man, why is it that Thee Tom Hardy isn't getting mention?? He got a whole mixtape with 9th!!!! Someone ain't on there PR game!!!



  • Big Ro

    Check out 9th Wonder rapping over a unreleased DJ Premier track on 18deep.com. Dude can MC! Free stream and download! www.18deep.com

  • giggin

    damn i will definately cop a 9th and Jean Grae album. yall are makin it sound like there has already been one? is this true? whats it called?

  • regs

    damn i will definately cop a 9th and Jean Grae album. yall are makin it sound like there has already been one? is this true? whats it called

  • It's Um

    I knew about david banner, but another grae album...sweet. Digital albums will probably sell as much retail ones do.

  • qiddis

    good song! its good to see 9th releasing more music with quality artist. sidenote yall sound fruity talking about Murs hair? how does the verse sound fuck the sideline homo shit

  • hiphopscout


  • kpanilaryea28

    song is hot but murs need to cut that lintball shit off his head! sick jacken is a beast too

  • antiguccimane

    check out the track slow down by 9th and david banner....he makes banner sound like one of your favourite rappers yall its a dope combo


    Sorry But David Banner(IMO) is Garbage.....And who the f%$# is Jean Grae? I must live too far from NY to care...


      @samura --I'll pass on this (you prob live out east also)A simple question and everybodys pannies are in a bunch...smh

    • SAMURAI36

      This dude "Cuttboy" is a fuckin' dumbass. LIke the other dude said, step your Hip-Hop knowledge up. You should actually try listening to the culture you pretend to take part in.


      @yaboymal...who is jean grae?jus one of the best emcees out there.step ya rap game up sonny --Thats your opinion...Thats cool...But I will pass... @geno- Yeah I heard of waka,maybe if Jean would get arrested a few times in a week......

    • Geno The King of Godz

      I bet u kno who Wacka Flocka is tho...

    • yaboymal

      who is jean grae?jus one of the best emcees out there.step ya rap game up sonny


      hows the weather in New York these days rensrock?

    • rensrock

      Hip hop fan???????? Who the f is Jean Grae???????? Well.......

  • Geno The King of Godz

    Need some new 9th & Jean Grae

    • doubl negative

      I'm feelin' Jean Grae, but along with her female contemporariez Invincible and Starhh tha Femcee, they sound pretty similar. Anyone on that tip who doezn't mind a bit of RnB and political sermonz should check out Georgia Anne Muldrow.


    everything GUCCI put out dont be fire but what rapper do. thats whta FAB and joell need to do and stay off twittter

  • The Wonder Years?

    Someone needs to remind 9th that his website still has the advertisement for "The Wonder Years" album that never got released without an explanation as to why. It even still has the January 28th, 2008 release date on there. He really needs to change that. What the hell happened to that project anyways, shelved?

  • thekidflames

    Murs is my dude, but WTF is goin' on with the kid's hair? Sh*t is f***ed up, yo.

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