50 Cent To Direct Tony Yayo's Video To "Obama"

UPDATE: Less than 48 hours later, the video donning anything but political visuals releases.

G-Unit's Tony Yayo just released a free download remix sequel to his Gun Powder Guru digital album. GP2: The Remixes features artists like Freddie Gibbs, Lil Boosie and Soulja Boy.

Along with the remixes, the back artwork to the album says that for Gunpowder Guru's single "Obama," Yayo will premier a video directed by mentor and G-Unit group-mate 50 Cent.

Other Rap stars such as Kanye West (Drake's "Best I Ever Had") and Dr. Dre (Snoop Dogg's "Murder Was The Case") have directed videos. This will be one of 50 Cent's first credits.

UPDATE: The video releases:



  • blahblahblahb

    .............and why was the title "Obama"....this is soo many steps backwards...

  • hiphopscout


  • windeez yosh

    i dont know why everyone hates on yayo so much........i dont really enjoy the slower flow he uses now but this is a hot mixtape with features and hot beats....stop hating if this was wacka or gucci everyone would be gun riding the shit out this song...this shit is raw just cuz you cant snap your fingers to it....thanks yayo keep making shit like this....that snapping slurring rap will fade out

    • Alex_P

      Serious, man? This isn't raw; it's sloppy. Raw is early Nas and Wu-tang, music born from poverty. This asshole's an ex-con with rich friends, spewing passionless tripe to net more money for his conglomerate. I call bullshit, and so should everyone else. Gucci also sucks too, regardless of what the Pitchfork hipsters declare.

    • !!!!!

      it's not hatin if it's true. yayo, waka flocka and gucci mane are ALL wack.

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    DAMN THIS SHIT IS HOT.................YAYO is top 5 in New York as we speak................ 50, JAY, BANKS, YAYO, FAB top 5 in New York right now


    G-unit is just trash now... 50 still gettin that money but it's sad how wack they music got

  • als_360

    this retarded nigga probably can't spell obama

  • em is life

    i need a new trash bag for all that shit. GARBAGE

  • geico lizard

    50 cent is a Republican so he likes to make fun of President Obama. This was a chance for Interscope to use the Presidents Name to get more downloads and views.

    • jeremiahftw

      50 just said that out of sheer spite. He was bitter that hip hop fans were rejecting him and his music, so that just was his petty way of flipping off the fans.

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  • why

    Obama should sue the flip out of 50Cent and Tony Yayo for using his name on this wackness. With all that money can't he atleast get a decent ghostwriter? Some better concepts? Do people actually buy his albums? Sad times!!!

  • ....

    Terrible video- terrible hook- video hookers ( payed for by 50 cent) - lazy video + money shots ( courtesy of 50 cent) and an obvious hotel (payed for by 50 cent). Cheap + Lazy = Failure. (PS. 50 cent cant direct)

  • MadEnvy

    Welcome to Yayo's Minstrel Show...Where the black faces tries to fulfill what whitey already stereotype us as. All we want is money, masta, hoes, no respect. You want more shiny shit on your car, black face? You want more ice on that chain, black face? I dare you to say something smart, black face? This video is straight buffoonery and needs to leave Obama's name out of it. We don't need ignorant niggas representing Obama.

  • Alex_P

    This is easily among the worst videos I've ever seen. This makes Immortal's Call of the Wintermoon look like Thriller in comparison. (If you don't know who Immortal are, check it out. It's... European.) This guy just sort of stares at the camera, shifts back and forth, taps ass and mumble-syncs along to his uninspired studio delivery. It doesn't help that the song is terrible. I love the money shots in this. They seem to be such an afterthought. This video looks like it was directed by a person who hates rap. That's probably the case. Lose the panoramic shots, but if you must have them then for the love of whatever fucking deity you worship PLEASE don't shake the fucking camera around. This video would fail a high school class.

  • I-rep

    Hey yal gotta check out this new artist "Rick Jay aka Yo/Conchus". He's got a song called "Dying Inside"!! Google Em!!!

  • jeremiahftw

    obviously this dude is only rapping because he has nothing else to do with his life. He clearly has no passion for it.. just doing the shit because his best friend blew up and got rich off of it. He's an ex con trying to find purpose and happiness beyond that of monetary gain, which is never enough to satisfy the human soul... Add all those factors together and this is what you get... bad videos and even worse video's.. All the black people I know are embarrassed of peopel like tony yayo. The only thing that baffles me is how this guy hasn't even remotely improved after 6 years of fucking around with this rap shit. Human's naturally adapt right? but he still hasn't.... wtf? Yayo it might be time to turn to god for direction. This rap shit was never for you, and it never will be. It's bad for you and you're bad for it.

  • deesure

    yayo is a big fucking joke just play the background nigger.

  • Potato w/ Jive

    So this video "directed by" 50 Cent translates to: Rent a hotel suite, pay for a few hookers, set up a few money shots with...money and set up the remaining shots in front of the cornball artwork in the suite? Cmon man even IM not that lazy. This video is extra fail.

  • jesterdx

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 50 dont waste ur £££ on this fuckin fool... u shud have got cory gunz or papoose & dropped this lame!

  • Ceazar

    Did everybody kiss there Kids 2day, today is hug ur child day

  • Ceazar

    today's song is Gucci Mane-The state vs Rodric Davis- Heavy

  • Ceazar

    Ok here's wht ill do 4 Tony yayo, I'll fix him for 2 beef squashes, Kanye West and Rick Ross, yall record 4 diss tracks send them 2 each other, declare it constructive critcism and play each other on xbox 360 on the web. Now tony had 1 of the hardest quotes" Tony get the Yayo" heres all u have 2 do is change the food u eat and when u eat, eat ramen noodles like water, that was easy

  • Rapologist

    Damn this is sad. I think I can explain Tony Yayo's entire rap career.. Yayo and 50 are so tight, when 50 blew up rapping, Yayo asked him if he could do it with him. 50 couldn't say no, and signed him. Simple as that.. If anyone actually believes this is good rap, they're fooling themselves. 50's first album was one of the best albums ever. He lost that hunger. Same with everyone in G-Unit. Everyone has money, what makes you different from the next mother fucker rappin about money. Dude needs to study a Nas album, or T.I.'s Paper Trail.

  • Gangster Iz Dead

    People Are Growing Up And Have Left That Drug Dealing, Gangster, Loser Sh$t Behind. Obama Stands For Education, Acountability and Excellence. How Does This Song Equate With That???? G-Unit Stay Losing. If 50 Thinks He Blew Money With Olivia..........

    • fukwethebest

      man tell that to rick ross cause he still talk about that same shit these niggas got money dont hate at least these niggas real not trying to be something they aint

    • stay hatin {on g-unit}

      gangster ain't dead it's just them dummies at g-unit that fucked it up

  • yea your rich and famous but u cant walk down the street but i can tho lol

    wel folks this is why the cops are watching u cause u go on you tube with coke lol c its videos like this that mess up hiphop/ hiphop jus ant about drugs/yayo is rich y is he still rapping about drugs/ yea u make money from it but theirs other ways to make money like to go college and get a good jobu will respect your selff more..

  • Ah hell

    "Fuck is you rhyming about, your 30 just gettin' in the game, you should be trying to get out!" -Cyssero (dissin' Yayo). Fuck tony gayo.

  • Nico 2

    Obama should deport anyone who makes a song about him.

  • phadiga

    hahahahahahahaha there they (gnot) go again!

  • nyblackguys

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  • Ceazar

    Lets steal susan boyles fans bring Monica out on ur shows, Monica hope u aint scared of flights

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    YAYO aint convinced me yet.. 1 or 2 hot songs aint gone do it.. He should just stick to being the G-UNIT Mascott / Hype Man..

  • da police

    stop hatin on yayo, his shit is fire. have you even listened to his latest music, its on that next level ish. And 50 directing the video, dammmm game over suckas.

    • Dre Guevara

      "nigga please!" ~ Ol Dirty Bastard

    • JasonCTown

      @FUKWETHEBEST.. In what way, son? This is str8 butt sauce, leaking uncontrollably. Cant fuck with the Unit.....what does that even mean?

    • fukwethebest

      tell these fuckin idiots again they cant fucc wit the unit

    • JasonCTown

      Ur f*ckin hallucinating if you think Yayo is on some next level shit. His shit is fire? Ha, it should be burned in a fire, thats about all. Good god, I cant believe you might actually believe this.

  • dmack

    ifeel yay on this, his is just expressing his luv for obama. Jezzy did it so can yay.

    • Dfrance

      Man this song has absolutely nothing to do with love for Obama are you an idiot? And Jeezy's song was a joke too.

    • thizzledance

      Jeezy's song was an embarrassment too, even if it was well intentioned. listen to what he's sayin in the hook. And I'm a big Nas fan but that joint was wack

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


  • blockbully

    Really tony yayo! how many niggaz is gona pay attention to this? the only niggaz thats gonna be payin attention to this bull is the g-unit stans. yayo has been a fuckin wreck since he came out. he has no rappin skills no type of flow to look forward to and no swag to wat he does. he needs to just stop rappin and do sumthin else wit his self 4reaal.

  • jesterdx

    yayo is a constant fail... only 2 good features & thas jay rock an uncle murda!

  • sucka

    im not a yayo fan but lots of hate funny how people hate on people what they do for a living but couldnt do better real talk....pyrex decent this album is still about adverage as the other shit out there.

  • Birdman JR

    Nigga ur name is thizzle u already an embarassment

    • thizzle dance

      Mac Dre's thizzle dance > your life accomplishments. and I'm from the east coast. the thizzle is just for fun...

  • Atl2Trill

    In the words of Pimp C, "take this monkey shit off ur embarrassing us."

  • hiphopscout


  • thizzle dance

    For the love of God, Yayo, please don't make a song with Obama's name in it. 50 and Yayo making a track called Obama will be an embarrassment for black people. Dudes holding a half of coke in the video right there... NO

    • FRANCO

      Of course I read the fuckingg article. how else am I supposed to draw a reasonable opinion about something numg nuts? I hate dumb ass people who dont know how to defend their views logically, so instead say that paying attention to something you may dislike is some kind of contradiction. Would you prefer if I were a troll and just typed "fake and gay" without any sort of objectivity?

    • Ah hell

      Gayo is holding a bag of coke on the video, you don't have to actually click the video to see that. Fuck Tony Gayo.


      Yet, @Franco,You can't stand Yayo...But you read the article,watched the video,and took time to comment.....smh

    • franco

      co sign. yayo has never made anything worth hearing. he by himself makes me want to put my head down in shame,.. let alone when he's trying to come off serious addressing the president. Just please be ignorant and embarrassing in ur own name, dont throw the president under the bus with ur wackness,. thanks

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