DX News Bits: Sam Adams, Universal Music Group

Boston rapper Sam Adams continues to deny allegations that he bought his own music, Universal Music Group introduces new pricing plan.

Up and coming Boston rapper Sam Adams recently spoke to Billboard in regards to recent claims that he bought his own music to boost sales.

The allegations came shortly after Adams’ digital EP Boston Boy sky-rocketed on the iTunes Hip Hop album charts placing Adams among the likes of Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled.

"I knew I didn't buy those copies," Sam Adams told Billboard. "I'm a middle class kid from Boston. I would never have that kind of money. It was a laughing point for my whole camp but also disappointing at first to hear what was being said. But with success comes pain. There are a lot of people who wish they were in my position."

Despite the allegations from those claiming Adams bought his own material, he is still being looked at by major labels and is even planning on putting out his debut album this year.

UPDATE: Sam Adams also spoke to Good Fellas Radio. As the video says, Adams agrees with Jay-Z: "men lie, women lie, numbers don't."

In other music news, Universal Music Group (UMG) is introducing a new pricing program that will hopefully increase CD sales.

Yahoo News reports that UMG’s pricing program, which is dubbed “Velocity,” will lower new releases to around $10 or less.

"We think it will really bring new life into the physical format," said Universal Music Group Distribution chairman/CEO Jim Urie.

A number of retailer's agree that UMG’s new pricing program will drive more revenue into the CD market.

"Things are not going to get better for CD sales unless the price point is addressed," a senior retail executive revealed. "One thing that the Trans World test shows for sure: $10 will drive sales and traffic."



  • AXP

    I laugh at all you Boston rappers thats been trying to make it for years! give up! you suck! most Boston rappers are wack!

  • eMunnyOne5

    first read this: http://www.thisis50.com/forum/topics/sam-adams-not-a-fraud-sells second, all u guys that hate on him are fuckin retarded. you can find loads of articles with numbers and statistics proving that hes not a fraud, and it is just not possible for a regular kid to pull those bullshit stunts you guys are speculating. Another thing.....HES NOT FROM FUCKIN WAYLAND!!!! He lived and grew up in goddamn cambridge, he just transferred to wayland high school for his junior and senior year, i should know this cause i fuckin went there with him. another thing, just because his numbers are skyrocketing doesnt mean hes a fraud. hes smart in that he utilized social networking. His facebook page, myspace, twitter, and other systems were huge even before he blew up. I dont think you people know how fast things can spread form person to person, group to group, school to school, and state to fuckin state on facebook. the majority of users on facebook and these other social networking systems are college students, and guess what? sam adams in his own right is a college student and raps about the college lifestyle and about things that appeal to the population. these are things college students can relate to, unlike some other rap that talk about shooting up people and shit. Hey you guys, how about you put your stupid ass minds together and think for a sec: lets say one kid finds out about his shit on youtube. He tells his friends and they tell all their friends. the word just multiplies exponentially. soon the whole damn university knows about him. then lets say these kids go home during break or sumthin and tells their friends back home about it who attend different colleges. soon it spreads all over different colleges and into different states..... no wonder this kid is raking up these numbers, and if it doesnt make sense to you, youre a fuckin retarded ignorant sonuvaBITCH!

    • eMunnyOne5

      Oooo and another thing, some of you say he has no talent because some of his songs fall into that autotune/singy tpain kinda stuff. U guys are fuckin wrong once again. If you check out his older stuff, it was all straight up rap rap, some of which is on youtube. His really old stuff when he used to be with frontrunna records (not on youtube) is all real rap and trust me he can rap. hes just smart in moving onto the more mainstream kind of music rather than more underground stuff to make a fuckin living....u cant hate on a kid for that

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  • freshyboi

    dude doesnt even have a wikipedia page about him!, everybody whos anybody has a wikipedia page cmon son

  • Jordan Brown

    Why does everybody that makes rap have to be "hard"? The kid ain't amazing, and yeah he might be hella rich, but you know what? He's doin' his thing. Stop hatin just because YOU ain't doin shit, or just because he got a break that you didn't. I'm a college kid, and I've seen him perform live.....and shut the hell up all ya'll that said you ain't never heard of him cuz I'm in PA right now and a whole bunch of kids are bumpin his shit. Props to Sam Adams. I don't even buy music, but you foced me to pay that 6.99 on ITunes cuz i can't find that shit for free......muthafucka...

  • nyblackguys

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  • damn fool

    hell naw .. i am not beliving this bullshit, even the wack ass fool benzino got more skills than this kid and reps boston better xD

  • jko

    dude gets no love in boston that i know of

  • Deebo Detroit

    there is no way that somebody could do these type of numbers with nobody knowing who he is. major artists who have a big fanbase can barely do these numbers. the kid is a fraud.

  • nigga this is boston, we don't spill no beans

    Oh yea, I've never really heard any of the dope Boston MC's like Reks and Termanology Ether anybody. I think now would be a good opportunity for target practice on this autotuned whiteboy lol

  • nigga this is boston, we don't spill no beans

    for real, look at the comments on the first page about this kid on DX. It's firmly established that no one anywhere near the Boston area has ever heard of this kid until now. No underground buzz, no radio, no mixtapes, nothing. He was 100% unheard of. I'm also a Boston dude who keeps his ear to the underground. Never heard of him. Quite a business scam this kid has pulled. And, if he is in fact from Wayland then let me give you a mental image of Wayland. It's a LOADED suburb 30 minutes out from the city where you can't see most of the McMansions because they're driveways go a quarter mile into the woods. Part of me thinks this scam is funny, but more of me finds this kid annoying cuz it's just another douchebag misrepresentin Boston

    • nahhht

      Good thing your "mental image" only gave the half of Wayland. That is what north Wayland is like. The south side of Wayland is just like any other normal suburb. It is not full of mcmansions. Just so happens that Wiz lives in South Wayland. So he doesn't live in a mcmansion. His house in Wayland is no bigger then you would expect from any middle class family in Massachusetts.

    • Greg Walton

      Check your facts bro, Look up i hate college remix on itunes, close to 2 million views?? OH YEAH UNHEARD OF. Yeah Bro your right, your just a wana be

  • kalz

    omg is he really from Wayland thats mad rich lmfao im from framingham haha fuck him

  • Wooooooooow!

    If you selling 75K first week why would you ever sign a 'deal'???

  • MassMurders

    "I'm a middle class kid from Boston." -- This man is a liar and a scam. Samuel Wisner is from one of the wealthiest metrowestern suburbs of boston. Wayland Ma. is a high priced area. The closest thing to a "middle class" around Wayland is Framingham. Wake up people, daddy bought his sons album on his Black AMEX. fuck the college swag.

  • okkk

    music still sucks and it AIN'T hip hop!!! let mtv cover this (oh wait... even THEY ain't)

  • ZazaZow

    Sam Adams still sucks. He makes Asher Roth look ... ... ... talented

  • hiphopscout


  • B.Dolla

    Ain't nothing gonna save the CD market. It's just so much easier to download shit. Until they can find away that rivals the ease of illegal downloading, the recording industry is fucked.

  • RIdeout163

    your damn write i dropped my mixtape sold it for 5 dollars and have sold 10,000 to date all my money .. From my hard work....nn]]]] free download of my Mixtape the Commencement (RIDeout163)

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