South By Southwest Profile: The Pack

The Berkeley quartet is back with a new album, new production, and they still rock "Vans." See them tomorrow night at the SMC x DX showcase.

In their sixth year as a group, Berkeley, California's The Pack remain instrumental in connecting the youth culture of Northern California to catchy, radio-ready Rap. The quartet consisting of Young L, Stunnaman, Lil B and Lil Uno is made up of two friendships from neighboring high schools: Berkeley and Albany.

With their 2007 skateboard-inspired hit "Vans" gaining a strong regional buzz, Oakland Rap pioneer Too Short brought The Pack to Jive Records, and Short's own Up All Nite imprint. Subsequently, The Pack released an EP Skateboards 2 Scrapers later that year. The full-length came shortly there after, Based Boys, giving the regional sensation national recognition. Along with Lupe Fiasco and Murs, The Pack has been instrumental in bringing skateboarding culture to Rap.

Now signed to SMC Recordings, The Pack is working on their 2010 follow-up album. Managed by Los Angeles' Indie Pop group, the album boasts production by The Cataracts and in-house member Young L.

The group released The Pack Is Back earlier this year.

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  • Jerome

    Looking forward to this album, hopefully Lil B will step up his lyricism. Lately, he's been calling himself a princess.

  • moh112

    Young L makes some hot beats

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  • Dretruth

    these are the originals - I don't dig there style but they are the original skinny leg skate boarders with swag.

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