Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 3/14/2010

Ludacris tells the charts to "move, bitch!" while DJ Khaled falls 50 spaces, 50 Cent falls 15 more, & Kidz In The Hall return to the charts.

After a very slow and repetitious week-to-week for urban music in February and March, Ludacris shook up the charts. The Disturbing Tha Peace founder took his conceptual Battle of the Sexes to a #1 debut, out-selling international animated outfit The Gorillaz by 25,000 units. Luda's latest album was not met with many warm reviews, but the Atlanta/Def Jam mainstay remains a force on the charts. The album, which looks at gender relations, features such artists as Nicki Minaj, Trina, Eve and Lil Kim.

The Gorillaz' Plastic Beach followed behind. The multi-platinum crew's third effort, and first in five years, features Rap acts such as Mos Def, Snoop Dogg and previous Gorillaz collaborators, De La Soul.

Sade's Soldier Of Love just slipped out of the Top 5. The singer may likely see her platinum plaque next week, in one of urban music's most impressive comebacks in the last year. The Black Eyed Peas celebrated their 40th week on the charts with The E.N.D. The release remained a Top 10 too, coming in at #9. Lil Wayne's Rebirth remained at #12. This was the last week of Wayne out of prison to promote the album, which may hurt its platinum potential. This week, RapRadar.com reported that Rebirth had been certified gold, due to global sales not attributed in the Soundscan Top 200.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
1 Ludacris Battle of the Sexes
137,000 137,000
2 Gorillaz Plastic Beach
112,000 112,000
6 Sade Soldier of Love 52,000 951,000
9 Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D.
43,000 2,271,000
12 Lil Wayne Rebirth
27,000 420,000

Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 came in at #55, selling over 10,000 units last week, while Eminem's Relapse inches closer to two million. Meanwhile, Gucci Mane's The State Vs. Radric Davis The Warner Brothers/Asylum release climbs past 300,000.

DJ Khaled's Victory fell 51 spots in its second week. The release remains short of 40,000 units sold in two weeks ago, a dismal start to an album that features Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg. 50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct fell 15 more spots, making it a 65 spot slide in two weeks. The rapper, believed to be departing from his Interscope Records family, spoke earlier this week about his next album, Black Magic.

Duck Down Records duo Kidz In The Hall cracked the charts with their third album, Land of Make Believe. The Chicago emcee Naledge and his New Jersey native producer Double-O experimented with new sounds and different subject matter than their previous goings. With features from MC Lyte, The Kid Daytona and '90s Chicago veterans Crucial Conflict, the album boasts an extensive guest-list.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
58 Gucci Mane The State Vs. Radric Davis
9,400 310,000
64 Eminem Relapse
8,800 1,884,000
65 DJ Khaled Victory
8,700 37,000
118 50 Cent Before I Self Destruct
5,000 421,000
182 Kidz In The Hall Land of Make Believe
2,900 2,900

With a quiet week on the charts, can Ludacris sustain #1? Will Freeway & Jake One climb back into the charts after a week away? Stay tuned to next week at HipHopDX.


  • Yardleyhbk123


    • Yonnie3k

      Not tryna defend Gucci & Jeezy's nonsense, but when the East & the West had it, there was no internet to contend with.

  • I-rep

    Yo yal gotta check out this new artist. Rick jay aka Yo/Conchus @ myspace.com/rickjayworldwide... His debut Single "Dying Inside" is what the industry needs!!

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  • rdubs2

    I loved the Blueprint 3 another Jay-z classic in my opinion

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  • BEEZ

    Where's Sam Adams?!? Bwahahahaha!

  • Platano

    Damn! Victory? DJ Khaled sure picked a bad name for his album. Wait, it's not even his damn album, he doesn't even spit! I guess Rick Ross, Usher and everyone else who contributed failed miserably!


    Khalid is going to get fired, and dropped from the lable


    Its good to see a 10 year vet like Luda hit #1, rest of the article doesnt even warrent commenting on,........PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JayCee

    I read an article back in December that projected digital sales would be around the 50% mark this year. I know that digital sales numbers aren't figured into the physical copy sales figures we get each week, so I'm curious to see what total sales looks like. Does anybody know if you can get iTunes/Amazon/Rhapsody/Etc. sales figures?

  • John-Boy

    Damn, Luda only sold 137,000? I guess having mad radio play doesn't equal high sales. I'm in Chicago and at any time of day you turn on the radio and they playing one of Ludas new songs. I'm sick of all that shit. People need to start buying albums again. The album is kinda weak but I bought it cause Luda can actually rap and isn't just a popstar pretending to be a lyricist (Wayne).

  • Sean Jeezy

    We da best u fuckin haters., burn in hell bitch

  • Muffy

    potential, cross em out, established a order look fo me in stores

  • krbinc

    dj kalid, WE THE WORSE!


    First of all....wow threre are alot of crazy bloggers on here, half of you dont make sense. look 50 is going gold and thats good for the fact no one likes him and hes not to relevant, gucci mane is everyones car stereo around where i live and his sales are less. Lil wayne if he had one big single woudlve went platinum for sure and i dont like the guy, drake from tdot where im from is going a mili i just hope he got good shit. I REALLY WANNA HEAR THE GOOD SHIT THO....the shit i grew up with the eminems the dr.dres hopefully game n 50 have good new albums but im really waitining on that T.I album that shit is gonna be dope as fuck hands down watch out. im saying right now T.I is gonna drop a classic thats gonna have the bloggers and reviewers jerkin there dicks off

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    South in ya Mouf...............Weezy, TIP, Jeezy, Outkast, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, Scarface, Gucci, Soulja Boy, Officer Ross, Master P, Silk Da Shocker, David Banner, 3:6 Mafia, Mystikal, Mike Jones, Bubba Sparxx, Chamillionaire, Stat Quo, Shawty Lo, Juvenile, B. G., Cee-Lo, Paul Wall, Wacka Flocka, Lil Flip, Young Buck.................... All these rappers are atleast one of the 4......They either hot now, legends, lyrical or have atleast one platinum album...........Its the SOUTH time and we not giving it back..............

    • zaybklyn


    • Dj Lexx

      I dont even see why Duke Boy tried to get you to name ONE east coast rapper under 30 that can stand with Wayne (27) and Andre3k (35)... If you can say Andre3k... then you can name anybody else who is over 30 from the North... I mean seriously... dats some bs... The South has some gunners... bout out of the list that Duke Boy gave from the South the only ones who are relevant in today's climate are... Wayne, Jeezy, TIP, LUDA (Infact dat dumb fuck never even named Luda), Gucci, Ross and Andre3k can come out with an album in any climate and still go Plat... Right now niggaz in the North who are under 30 who still rocking... Juelz Santana... Jae Millz (boy is nice... even though he out in MIA.. his style is still NY) and Cory Gunz... This is just some of my under 30 niggaz... ALL who have potential and two of em (Cory Gunz just got signed) signed to YM... and one of them a YM affiliate... You just watch... dudes have Gold and Platinum potential... maybe Plat might be a stretch in this climate but Gold potential for sure....

    • C-Arson

      you just said weezy or andre3000. You just used the most popular(which doesn't mean hes talented) rapper and combined him with one of the most critically acclaimed and then confined me to pick an mc under thirty. I have an answer( a proper answer under those constraints) but you are setting me up for the petty sake of argument.

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      correction I meant west or midwest ................

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      @ C-ARSON..............Name one rapper from the west or east thats more "skills" than Weezy or Andre 3000 (besides Eminem).................The east got the advantage in history because the started the whole rap movement but the east is garbage now so fuck it............or better yet name one hot rapper from the east thats in their 20's besides Lloyd Banks....................Fab is in his 30's so dont say him he's almost finish anyway and I like Fab just not his albums................Cassidy cant make a hot song to save his life so u cant say him.................

    • C-Arson

      duke your just a really weird guy huh? The term "hot" isn't relevant (maybe on this thread) and if you want to compare legends, lyricalness, or plagues, the west, east, and midwest got the south beat. I'll stop now because I'm so not anti-south. I live in the south make money in the north

  • smittyrock

    Hiphop goes in in waves. Frankley 95% of the music coming out now is garbage. Thats a fact, if you wanna talk money name me all the rappers that made a 100mill or more. jay-z, eminem, 50cent, will smith, p diddy, dr dre, master p now thats ballin. It was a time when NY ran hiphop.Then the west took it over and then the east took it back.Then the south took over. If you look they all fell off. And because they made bad music. I dont care where music come from long as its good. And to the guy who said the midwest is only michigan,ohio and illinois read a book. You forgot kansas, missouri, indiana, iowa, minnesota, wisconsin, north dakota, south dakota, and nabraska.

  • Cali Talk

    Its crazy how Ludacris "remains a force on the charts" with 137k and 50cent flopped with 160k? There is a lot of hate on this site..Crabs in a pot if you ask me

    • Dj Lexx

      Luda's budget DEFINITELY wasnt as big as 50's.... I dont care what anybody has to say... The coverage 50 got even though it was LATE.. was still more coverage than Luda... Its not so much that ppl wanted to see 50 fail but what people wanted to see was 50's own comments come back and bite him... 50 STILL hasnt officially gone Gold (I dont care if they gave him a plaque or not) and remember NOBODY wanted a Lil Wayne Rock album and Lil Wayne's album has already sold just as much as 50 with a bigger leak than 50 had.... Wayne is gonna hit Gold in a couple of weeks.. 50 will still be struggling... dude is at 421k sold and is now averaging 5k a week... lol... it will be summer before we hear that 50 officially crossed 500k lol.. where as by mid April or towards the end of April Wayne will be going Gold.. I say that to say this... Even though record sales are in the shits, good music still sells and 50 aint making it... Luda has stuck to his own formula and he did it this time with a twist.. just wanting to give his album a little theme to go along with it..

    • ...

      the physical release of 50's album was during the busiest shopping time of the year (late november, black friday, etc.), so more buyers in the stores should = more albums being bought. 50 cent is one of hip hop's "names" that casual hip hop fans know (hence his prime release date, i'm sure, since this is his last interscope effort and they want him to sell as much as he can so they get bang for their buck), so if he can't sell with all the singles/promo that he had, that's sayin' something. generally album sales are slow until late spring/early summer, so luda putting up 137 in march isn't bad. it's not great with the amount of radio play he's had, but it's not as disastrous as 50's opening weeks. in addition, 50's had much more of a drop off from album to album than luda, so the difference is more noticeable and obvious, ESPECIALLY since he makes most of his headlines in talking about how OTHER people can't sell records these days. ya bitch asses.

    • Cali Talk

      Luda is a multi platinum selling artist on a major label just like 50, you're right about budgets but you better believe that Luda's budget was bigger than 50 for a couple of reasons...1. He is not leaving the label anytime soon. 2. He has had more promos budgeted by the Record company(Super Bowl Contests, TV adds, etc) 3. Luda usually has more features and high profile guests 4. He doesnt have a leading hip hop web site like thisis50(which is ranked higher than this site, based on traffic) to provide free worldwide promo, so Im not arguing that 50 didnt "flop" im just saying every rapper on a major that didnt go plat "flopped" as well (Game, Rick Ross, Fabulous, Gucci Mane, etc.). It was just an observation that of the flack 50 catches just like Ja Rule before him or any other BIG artists that isnt as big. Its almost as if people are happy to see them fall. Sad, really

    • NJ Lou

      Here's the thing about the "flop" phenomenon. If you sell under 100k, you're probably considered a "flop". But if your last album sold 500k, and this album sold 123k, that can be considered a "flop" too. Truth is, the only real "flop" is if your budget was set up for you to sell 500k your fist week and you sell 160k, because that means the label lost money, and when it comes time to recoup from your sales, you're gonna owe the label. So Luda selling 137k ain't a flop since he was probably budgeted to do 175k, but your boy 50's budget is damn near 1/3 of interscope's gross profits (the other 2/3 being eminem and the dr dre album that's never going to come out). So he isn't supposed to sell 160k he's supposed to close to 500k or better. Then after that he needs to go at least 3x platinum to justify the budget, and really make some $$.

    • Dab

      half homo-sexual? Does that insult actually make sense to you?

    • C-Arson

      I'm suprised by Luda's 137k but your at least half homo-sexual if you bought that

  • JordanM91

    since yall talkin about who's running shit, lets look at it like this. East Coast (New York ALONE) - Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Big L, Big Pun, DMX, Jadakiss, Wu-Tang, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Rakim, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Run DMC, A Tribe Called Quest. 90% of the people mentioned here are legendary, and pioneers. Midwest - Eminem, Bone Thugz, Tech N9ne, Common, Twista West - 2pac, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Game, E-40, Xzibit, South - UGK, Ludacris, T.I., Outkast, Scarface, Chamillionaire (New York alone has pretty much more than everyone else combined) Now I'm not even from the east coast, (from midwest), so this isnt being closed-minded, but I can tell that New York is where it's at with hip-hop, and it may not be right now at the moment, but at the end of the day, it pretty much is. Now of course yall wanna rep where u live at, and thats cool, but come on look at the facts, look at what I just posted and actually consider it. But everyone has different styles, but 95% of the ones I listed from the east coast are the best to ever do it. Shit, even PAC was born in New York. NY just outweighs the other areas.

    • Adamsfam

      I applaud you my man for really taking your region out of it and stating facts,people are really blinded today and forget they roots.And to be honest most of the old school can still rip shows,imagine if Jam master Jay was still alive.PEACE!

    • C-Arson

      FYI -The 90's would like their rappers back

  • Ode2hop

    Some of the comments here are pretty entertaining. I wonder what 50's world numbers are.

  • C-Arson

    I think its funny how you guys brag about the south. So the east coast is New York, Pennslyvania, and New Jersey. The West Coast is California and Seattle. The Midwest is Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. Then the South is Almost EVERY FUCKING THING ELSE. EAT A DICK BLOGGERS NO SENSE MAKING QUEERS.

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


  • Rapha-El

    UNDERSTAND.. THE DUDES FROM NEW YORK CITY CONTROL THE MONEY.. WHEN WILL YOU GUYS REALIZE THAT think about it all the labels are here.. the guys who have over $300 million are Jay Z, 50 Cent and P Diddy Master P did it and gone but whos still making. So it will take about 10 to 15 hot south artist to match one of them. The game is about money and the NYC guys make it the rest get little scraps and are estatic. FACTS ARE FACT.

    • AxeMurder

      Are you in the Hot Tub Time Machine?Because you sound like you went back to 2003. Right now, new york don't control shit


    @The Anti-Bullshyt Theory.......................Nigga im straight from tha Nawf, we stay gettin bitch. You lil southside faggots ain't doing shit over there but smoking yo life away. Nigga yout theory is bullshit Houston making a major COMEBACK in Music. New Hot Artist in Houston.......... Killa Kyleon Kandi Redd Just Brittany J Dawg Nigga T.I., Jeezy, Rick Ross, Plies, Bun B, ScarFace coming back, Killer Mike, Young Dro, Chamillionaire ALL DROPPIN THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! G UNIT DEAD 50 CENT CAREER IS OVER JA RULE IS OVER MAINO IS WACK Niggas stay paid in H-town



    • C-Arson

      @ texas dope boy your on point with your shit, like killer mike ect... so I'm not hatin. But Plies is the wackest artist almost ever I'll take Skee-Lo over him, ya the "I wish I was little bit taller I wish i was a baller" guy.

    • C-Arson

      co-sign mrs smith

    • MrSmith

      Plies is lame as hell!!!

    • C-Arson

      ScarFace isn't coming back, not cuz he can't but because he doesn't want to.

  • Kyor Lohen

    if your buying records your the joke.

  • madotrak


    • badazzbrutha

      None of DJ Khaleds 4 albums have went Gold. he claims hes the best but nobody is buying his music. Dude is feeling himself


    Khaled ain't looking to Victorious...

  • JordanM91

    when did this become a topic about what region is "running this shit"? Ya'll need to just enjoy music for what it is, and it shouldn't matter where it comes from. You got pac, snoop, dre, and cube from the west. U got biggie, nas, jigga from the east. Eminem, tech n9ne, and bone thugs from the midwest. UGK, scarface, andre 3k from the south. There's good ass rappers everywhere, and every region has something to bring to the table. Ya'll niggas should look at music as a whole, not just regions.

  • Jason27

    being certified gold means 500,000 albums have been shipped to stores. It doesn't mean thats how many were sold.

    • JordanM91

      wow, every single person above me is wrong, except jason. Do you guys remember when 50 Cent went gold WITHOUT actually SELLING 500k? It's because 500k was SHIPPED! Meaning, at the time 50 went gold, technically, only like 375k of his albums were ACTUALLY sold, but 500k was SHIPPED! U guys really think that jason doesn't know that 500k = gold? 5 replies, and all of them with ignorance. SMH. Yall need to do some research, certifications go by the shipment, and not the actual amount sold. I aint gonna front tho, the first time I heard about this, I didn't know it worked like that. And I found out when they posted it on some hip hop site about 50 going gold, without actually selling 500k, so I read about it, and found out. Hopefully this is food for thought for everyone above me, except jason, who I co-sign.

    • Etherboy2323

      Yeah Jason, you're fuckin retarded. Being certified gold means that the artist SOLD 500,000 copies or more (but less than 1,000,000). How can you honestly think that? Haven't you read or heard anything about album certifications. Shit man, do some fuckin research.

    • pstyles_2000

      You're an idiot.

    • AxeMurder

      jason your a stupid fucking cunt

    • badazzbrutha

      co-sign reel talk. certified gold does mean 500,000 physical copies were sold. just cuz 500,000 was shipped to stores doesnt mean people are buying it!

    • rEEL Talk

      No "certified" means 500k was SOLD!

  • uk grme

    yo i'v jus heard the sickest shit coming from the uk, this thing they call grime music which sound fucking awesome some rapid spitting intense beats! its at 140bpm wtf! cop wiley, race against time this is the shit 1 track on the album is called "off the radar" wileys sptting like crazy fuck hiphop grime da shit!



  • c red

    wayne album is wack he is tryin to put out an alice in chains album or something he made his self out to be a fool only white dudes can put out a good rock album

    • rEEL Talk

      Dumbest thing I EVER read. So Jimmy Hendrix and Lenny Gravitz werent good rock and roll artists? please!


    All you broke ass niggas dissin the SOUTH are some certified HATERS. From TEXAS to Florida.................The South Run this Shit. Look up Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Oklahoma all cities are RECESSION PROOF. New York, Washington D.C., Philly and the others are in a deep RECESSION. Houston STAND UP......................

    • Ah hell

      yeah, give the 'souf' props...

    • bigrick

      yall hatin ass nowf niggas need to stop cryin and give the souf their props. Aint a up north nigga doin good unless they put a down souf nigga on the song or in the remix. Everybody knows that!!! Stop hatin!!!LOUISIANA STAND UP!!!

    • YaBoiJ


    • C-Arson

      but maryland has the lowest unemployment. we are basically d.c.

    • The Anti-Bullshyt Theory

      I'm from H-Town... Hiram Clarke to be exact. And to be honest aint shit good comin out of the south... nothing creative, no intricate lyricism (besides Bun B, Luda, Devin, Face)... It's just a bunch of FOLLOWERS making the same sounding ass mindless celebratory dancin' coon bullshit! Fuck yo money nigga! Fuck yo car, what ever bitch ya think on yo dick! And fuck yo fantasy flossin' in the club wit a dumb ass dance song! Show me orginality!! The music ain't sellin no more... weak ass sales. A bunch of BET pleasing fuck head followers! Thats whats running the south, nigga! Git da fuck outta hear!

    • easy as 1,2,3


    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      4 sho!!


    When hiphop was in the south 500 rappers came out....out of those 500 rappers...only 5 or 6 are still putting in work...so no the south does not run hiphop

  • AxeMurder

    I can't believe Luda outsold Gorillaz wtf gorillaz album is a smash hit

    • AxeMurder

      Mos is on two songs, you talking about the single? The AMAZING GROOVY SHIT song Stylo? The album has some total misses (White Flag), but then it has some shit I hum throughout the day and when I'm asleep because its so good (Melancholy Hill, Empire Ants, Rhinestone Eyes, Broken) Still way better than Ludabitch

    • pstyles_2000

      I actually didn't like the gorillaz album. The best song is with snoop and then thats it. Even the song with Mos Sucked.

    • MYLIE

      REAL TALK! that album is waaaaay better then Ludacris shit. Gorillaz killing it.

  • illest

    omg. black eyed peas still pushing units like crazy. at this rate bthey may be 3 milli by the end of the year

  • fab o

    fiddy not doind bad now ....he almost gold gg gg gunit

    • badazzbrutha

      at the way 50 is selling, he still wont have sold 500,000 copies by next week. the nigga flopped. look at his other album sales, a million sales within a month. this dudes shit, BISD, been out since november 09, 4 months already!! still far from a million.


    white supremacy!!!!!!!!!!!




    I HATE FEBRUARY!!!......waste of a month!!


    fuck yall niggers! yall dnt knw shit

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      U spelled niggers wrong!! It's Nigga!! Guess whats I got a couple White Girls on my team and that BECKY they give is Lovely!! N.I.G.G.A!! "Never Ignorant Getn Goals Accomplish" 2PAC

  • hiphopscout


  • kush nap

    that luda album is trash. luda used to be original but he trend hopping like a mouthafucka on that. no one really selling records, fans talking about record sales is so tired and corny. do yall watch a good movie, and start fighting over what movie did more opening weekend? straight girls.

  • BWS-Fish

    once again all i have to say is HELP 50 GO GOLD!!! haha, its still g-unot.

  • YungRich

    I don't get how regions has anything to do with this. This is the problem with hip hop fans they can't see hip hop as a whole. You don't hear any other genre fighting about where the top artists are from. Keith Urban is from Australia and all country fans love him and he ain't the least bit country. Ludacris is the top selling Southern artist of all time so why is everyone acting like it's crazy that this southern rapper topped the charts. Fuck if you wanna get technical Ludacris was raised in Chicago til he was 14-15 so get over where he's from and just appreciate the music. Hip hop has the most immature fans and they hold grudges like a mother fucker.

  • C-Arson

    So you bought the ludacris album, congratulations not only did you lose the battle of the sexes but you just grew a shiny new vagina.

  • monroe

    Luda murked that cd...Khaled could of done wayyyy better.

  • Requiredxxxporn

    LoL little wayne flopped what a disgrace to music Lol.


    Cost of living in the South is great. 3 Cadilliacs, a house and eating on lobster and schrimps. Hustle hard in the south you'll see some money. Anyway, I can't wait for........................... T.I. Bun B Killer Mike Young Jeezy Rick Ross Albums to drop in stores, when dat happen the south really be taking over. 50 flopped, Jay-Z takeover seriously to the World Series to the Super Bowl. Eminem comeback was great and drake coming up fast. The South Run It.....

    • JordanM91

      @ anon1 Where the fuck did he say Drake was from the south? He mentioned his name along with eminem and jay-z, who obviously aren't from the south either, so I dont think he was just naming niggas from the south. R u that fucking retarted?

    • Anon1

      Drake is from Canada, not the south.

  • DaGreenEyedBandit


  • wouzi


  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Aint shit like the SOUTH!! Y u think everyone from different coast migrate there!!

    • easy as 1,2,3


    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @easy as 1,2,3 I gotta go. It's quitn time Nigga!! Blog witcha 2morrow!! Gone go to da crib a blow some steam!! A blunt a day might help ya lil hyper ass out!!

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @easy as 1,2,3 It's official you the hardest nigga sittn behind a PC!! U happy now ole shitty booty ass lil boy!!

    • easy as 1,2,3

      @ ImFromDaSouth 239/404 SHUT YOUR BITCH ASS UP FUCK THE SOUTH!!

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Oh ok..My name just tells where I'm from but Shit I live right outside the downtown CHi, a good 30mins, 40 with traffic. my family still in them area codes so Im either in Ft Myers, Fl visitn my mom or ATL chilln with my bruh. Bout to head back to the A next year though. But yeah I aint snatch that SADE yet but I know the ole lady is digging her single that's out so I'm gone have to take your word and grab that there!! I know Free been nice. I aint to familiar with that Jake cat though, I did check out that African Drums cut and he killed that beat.. Free went in to!!

    • JasonCTown

      No sir, I live 25 minutes from the heart of New York City. I travel a shit ton, so Im all over the place....but I rest my head over on the East Coast. Dont look too much into the name. BTW, that Sade album is the shit you put on when you and your girl are kickin' it, str8 up. My girl loves that album. Free and Jakes album is dope too. Jake One has some really interesting shit going on in his head....great beats.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @JasonCTown CTown. I take it you from the Windy City, where them boys say "What up Joe"

    • JasonCTown

      @IMFROMDASOUTH.. Dont start arguing with this moron. You wont get anywhere, he's brainless.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @easy as 1,2,3 Obviously U lackn attention, that explains your comment!! Go ahead let it out, it's better on the outside!!

    • easy as 1,2,3


    • easy as 1,2,3


    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      My bad, the only way you gone take advantage of the cost of living is with an education..

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @Mosmoi So what u sayn you can survive off the salary you make in the south living in the midwest?? Hell nah, cause your rent or mortgage is higher in the midwest and therefore that same job you got in the south you will make more doing the same thing in the midwest!! Only way it aint gone take advantage of the cost of living in the south is if you on point with your education, meaning you got ur degree, that you will get paid for no matter where you at. If you just the average nigga with a high school diploma moving down south the cost of living aint gone matter to u..

    • Mosmoi

      Thats not true It does not Equate its not the same TRUST ITS THE COST OF LIVING. And fuck the hot ass sticky ass weather. So no it doesnt equal out its cheaper down here. Im from H-town by the way

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      It aint just cost of living, it's our southern houspetality and of course our beautiful weather!! Alot of the time your salary is adjusted to the cost of living as well.. So it all equals out lil buddy!!

    • JasonCTown

      Because of the cost of living.

  • ceazar

    eminem lets start our own spyware internet terriost called blog terrorist we just gon start sumshit its 2 peace in the world u pick a name ill get 1

  • nyblackguys

    Blackmilitaryfriends.com --- a place to meet military singles and admirers in the world! Are you a civilian looking to meet someone in the military? Are you serving in the military? You've come to the right place! We bring together single members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Police Force, and Firefighters -- as well as civilians, veterans. Over the years, we have achieved tremendous success in bringing military singles and admirers together.


    say the south slow folk whats the speed limit

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @Jctown I read your post dogg, I just threw that shawty lo verse n to fuck witcha!! I gotcha though!! How u know YaYo was who i had in mind though!! I give him props on some things though, but overall he garbage to me.. We good though my nigga!!

    • livininhell

      this aint the first time the south done ran it. im so sick of hearing " niggas mad that the south running it". please stop it. what happen to niggas just gettin together and making good shit. the south has had its time to run it a few times. seem like niggas is inheriting the white mans beef from the civil war. before we say the south is where its at lets travel before you say that please. damn

    • JasonCTown

      Clearly you didnt read my post, or didnt understand what I was saying. If you did read it, then you would realize your comments werent far off from what I said. Yess, every region has artists that dont deserve the fame/shind that they have. I brought whats his name up because he is the first one to come to mind when I think of trash in the South......same with Tony Yayo on the East Coast, in my opinion. I dont claim the East Coast, cuz Im certainly not ridin' with a no talent hump like Yayo.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @Jctown That's all you had to say the first time lil buddy.. I know it's hard at first to admit that the South running shit right now.. Y u gotta go disn shawty low " he said big ups, to all his hata"!! He did atleast give yall recognition hell!! All regions have there Shawty Los since that's who u pointed out!! I aint bout to get all into pointn them out though, cause I'm sure it will get alot niggas panties all in a bunch.. As far as the cost of livn comment..Florida might not have ne sales tax, but u best believe they make up for it some how..

    • JasonCTown

      It all goes in cycles. The East Coast started it, the West Coast took it to another level, and now the South is having it's turn sitting in the sun. That doesnt mean that everything the South turns out is quality (and you can say that about every region), but it means that people will pay to hear a certain brand for so long. It's unfortunate that certain artists from the South dont get more play (BunB, Scarface, a few others) and that a handful of useless rappers taint the overall quality of the region. You know who Im talking about too, so dont get all defensive (Shawty Lo sucks hippo ass). And to add to the whole cost of living situation, Florida has no state sales tax. Chew on that for a while.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @miguel Come on lil buddy, how long the sourc been out? it was a time they didn't even include southern rappers. It took some time for them to start actual recognizing the south whether niggas deserve 1 mic or 5.. i think u get the point now!!

    • miguel Guttierres

      @ Imfromdasouth: Oh come on. The Source didn't give one mic to southern rappers back then? Uh yes they did. OutKast's "Sothernplayalistic" got 4.5 mics, Geto Boys "Grip It on Another Level" got a perfect 5, UGK's "Ridin Dirty" got a 4.5 as well, they also gave Goodie Mob's "Soul Food" 4 mics. And what do southern rappers get today? Like 3.5's and 3's. I don't have time to continue; I think you get the point now.

    • JasonCTown

      Ok, enjoy "your" success.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      We cant't proud of how far we came. Remember back in the days we couldn't get no recognition from the source, south rappers coudn't even get 1 mic from there bias asses!! Now look at us!! Claiming someone else success, get da hell on sissy, u know exactly what we mean!!


      who succes we claiming we just said we from the south thats all no need to argue



    • JasonCTown

      I didnt know you guys had albums out. Seriously, why are you claiming someone elses success as your own??

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Thats the old south they talkn bout G!! We lookn at these niggas in our rear views now!!

  • ceazar

    Marshall can i borrow ur Eminem cd, a bitch stole my shit and when i see him im gon beat his ass.

  • ceazar

    4 when im out west.

  • ceazar

    Em i want u 2 learn how 2 master, i think that is the next career move, lets build our own Recording, Mixing, Mastering Studio called The Herot

  • ceazar

    Lets start a fight on 106 and park 2 day, lets find all the dirt on Rocsi and Terrance and make them read the twitt out loud,

  • bonney007

    i cant believe the haters aint up and bloggin yet.....i will check back n an hour and see the weekly hate on you know who..

    • CHI-TOWN

      @ Bonney Bitch, you know just like everybody else knows you were talking about 50, you aint fooling noboby, thats why I went in on your hoe ass

    • bonney007

      Chi Town u sound stupid....all that shit u r typin not even talkn your typin has nothin to do with hip hop @ all.....your some young punk with a laptop who looks for internet beef on hiphop sites....we aint got shit else to say.....

    • JordanM91

      lol, u say, "I wanted to see if anybody was gonna say if Luda flopped". stfu, everybody knew u were talkin about 50 cent, its pretty obvious, so dont fucking sugar coat it. U got what u asked for, so dont fucking reply back and attempt to make up for ur idiotic post. "Weekly hate on you know who..." lol, now, how were u talkin about ludacris? WEEKLY hate? Homeboy, ludacris just popped up on this site, his album just came out. U made it obvious with the "Weekly" that u were talkin about 50. Lmao, what a terrible attempt you just tried to pull.

    • CHI TOWN

      @ Bonny007 no homo, so that dick in the ass that you want you going to have to get from elsewhere, but I will gladly fuck your mother

    • bonney007

      @imfromthesouth. im a grown man and i dont do none of those monkey ass dances....i leave it to the coons that make that shit up...i dont have to get up here and tough talk....i didnt say one thing about 50 your boy chi town did! i wanted to see if luda was gettin hated on also cuz he aint do crazy numbers but instantly fag boy from the chi starts commenting about 50 to prove my point and wacka flocka aint in demand up here! dont get me wrong i like alot of south music i jus hate how people say they are soo relevant and all the south has is ti and wayne that can sell...

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @bonney007 BOI STAAP with the tuff talk already!! That nigga caught feelings bout 50 though I c huh?? lol!! Where Nas com n this at? It aint gone neva be anotha Nas thats for sho.. I bet Waka killn the clubs where u at right now huh, just like stanky legg did to when it had it run!! i'm sho u was right along in the clubs with da otha sour niggas chanting O LETS DO IT and stanky leggn it up to!! I fucks with alot of shit and i call it like i see it lil buddy!!

    • bonney007

      chi town u r a fake ass internet thug....i didnt say no names i let yo bitch ass come fill that part in...i was gonna see if people would say luda flopped but fags like u still wanna blog about 50! u are the groupie but play it off like u hate...you are a real dick n the ass type of nigga! @imfromdasouth i dont know who u like but im sure they aint do no better! u must b some stanky leg wacka flocka type of nigga! let me guess gucci is the new nas also huh?

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Is that who he referrin to 50? If so that nigga aint relevant no more!! Aint nothn to hate or discuss. The numbers speaks volume!!

    • CHI TOWN

      Shut your hoe ass up, sounds like your pussy gets wet off of the discussions about 50, sounds like your willing for it, what a fucking groupie

  • ceazar

    eminem is ur middle name assorted colors, cuz theres a yellow wrapper going calling himself u, I bite that bitch look, when u said we made u r u made of card board, mud, peanut butter fuck that i cant read this paper rewrite it.

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