Jay-Z Collaborates With Jack White of The White Stripes

Jack White speaks on a new collaboration with Jay-Z, adding that the song is "incredible" and "unbelievable-sounding."

Jay-Z is no stranger to collaborations with rock stars. The emcee has already worked with U2's Bono, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Lenny Kravitz. Now, Jay can add Jack White to that list.

In a recent interview with GQ, White said the two have recorded something "incredible."

"I just did a record with Jay-Z," he noted. "We did a song together a few weeks ago. It was incredible. I played him something that I've been kicking around for a while and he immediately came out with words for it. It's unbelievable-sounding."

It is still unclear if this song will be featured on Jay-Z's next project. Last month, Jay spoke on the next album, saying he had at least one "crazy" song completed.

"I got one crazy record. To be honest with you, it's crazy. I got one and we'll build from there. Whether it comes out this year or next year, it depends on the music and how it's coming out. I don't really have any dates."


  • Joey Banadouchey

    Jack white = was good until this news came out Jay Z = most overatted horrid rapper in history, sounds like a fool on every track all his punchlines are wack as hell, his beats are alright yo Comming from a white guy that can rap and play guitar better than both and no this is not jealousy, thiws is truth, this album or song is going to sound like grunge and fake gangster rap on a toys r us rack Jakck white you are not kurt kobain and jay z you are not tupac or biggie, so why did you steal their mo, you aint a thug, come get it foo, we will stomp you in the suburbs or in the city...and your music is on the decline,,, fooo....put dmx and fifty back up in ya face, only soft N*GG**S listen to you.

  • tester1234567


  • Paige

    These comments are pretty upsetting. Why does it have to be about "black or white", "pop or hip-hop", one extreme or the other? Appreciate the fact that he's trying to make good music and quit trying to confine black artists to one genre of music! Working with a rock star doesn't mean that he's selling out. Jack White, Bono, Coldplay, etc are ALL talented artists and that is the main reason why he worked with them. Also: A) White people are not the only people who listen to rock. B) Black people are not the only people who listen to hip-hop

  • Vin Envy

    so, i know that i'm a few days late on commenting on this, but after reading through all of the replies on here, i felt like i should weigh in on this. i'm sure that a lot of people on here are musicians or singers or songwriters themselves, whether it be on a level of just writing stuff for yourself because you love to, or on a level of trying to make a career out of it...regardless, anyone on a hip hop forum, (or any genre for that matter), obviously have a love for music, and that's the common bond between all of us. with that being said, i think its kind of sad that there's still this weird racial gap when it comes to being a fan of one genre of music or another. i happen to be a white guy who thinks that Jack White is one of the most talented guitarists, songwriters, and producers of the past 10 years. At the same time, i think that Jay-Z is an amazing lyricist, producer, songwriter, and not to mention businessman. Why is Jay-Z a sellout for collaborating with Jack White? Because it crosses genres or because Jack White is, in fact, white? 40 years after Jimi Hendrix's death, he has a number 1 album. My question is this, if Jay-Z is being called a "sellout" for collaborating with a great guitar player and a very successful musician in rock music (Jack White), would he still be called a sellout if Hendrix was still alive and Jay did a song with Jimi? my answer is no, but i don't believe in the idea of "selling out" to begin with. As a kid who grew up playing in a bunch of punk bands, the idea of being successful and making money being a bad thing in the MUSIC BUSINESS never made sense to me. okay...that went out too long, but i hope someone out there understands what i'm trying to say...i didn't even get into how Jack White would seemingly have a sick amount of street cred for the amount of awesome underground blues that has influenced his playing style. (If you've never heard of Son House--do yourself a favor...seriously...). and for the record...my iPod doesn't look like a white man's iPod, it looks like a musician's iPod, and i'm sure Jay's does too. peace&love. -vin envy.

  • nyblackguys

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  • blackula

    I don't care about Jay crossing genres as long as the music is good. But if he's picking up where BP3 left off.....not interested.


    man dam. i aint jealous, cause its a female trait and all (lmbao) dam He is continiously making moves. aint nobady got shit on Jay. Moving nets to BROOKLYN! im getting season tickets... check my name 4 someone say dick rider. i really want to hear this track that this dude says is amazing. i really think jay got songs and is just looking 4 beats to put em to.

  • Tennakeyan88

    To all you ignorant music heads on this site, the white stripes and jack white especially, are respected as one of the most talented and smart groups of this generation. Jack White embodies the blues in his music and gives raw emotion something alot of rap is lacking now adays. Jay is doing a track with Jack becuase they are both musical thouroughbreds its not about selling out or selling albums its about making music that crosses genres and can be felt by more than your white kid in the burbs or your black kid in the hood. If you can't respect that your whole perspective is wack. Get on some different shit and get off 2001's dick

    • Young_Ty

      Finally somebody with an actual musical ear has posted a comment. Thank you for that. I am a black guy from the hood, and later in life moved to the burbs where I learned to like other genres other than just rap. I personally loved The Jayz/Linkin Park collabo, hell I wish they would do another CD with new music and more than 6 tracks.

    • HRCMS

      Nicely put, and I cosign 100%, and Im a brother from the hood, but its good to see artist like Jay pushing the hiphop envelope and doing callabo's that will take the genre further globally, hiphop wasnt created to only be heard in the hood, and if your a true hiphop fan then you have to appreciate what Jay is doing for the culture

  • guru

    this is definately the in real deal back to you white

  • Rowland

    A very good move..Smart !

  • Ah hell

    I could hear it now.... "I sold white....I'm from the block, I'm so hype, drugs on my lot" ... Same... same medicore rap, different audience. yawn.... I'm not hating either, I just won't go out my way to hear this when I can already detect what Jay's lyric content is gonna be like.

  • Mac-X

    White Stripes are really good! It must be nice to be Jay-Z (Hip Pop) to get to work with real artists. They should've done it with Kid Cudi, Drake, Mos Def or Talib Kweli instead. Jay-Z is all about profit over quality. Why did they leave out Linkin Park in the article?

    • All World Stat SSK

      And that Lupe Fiasco comment, get that skateboarding shit out of here...........Superstar, Streets On Fire, Shining Down, Paris Tokyo.....fuck it The Cool album fucking Hip Pop if ever heard it. Wasnt he on the new moon soundtrack. He gets way too much credit for two albums.........sit on a pickle Now don't get me wrong i like Lupe, Cudi and all those other guys but you dudes need to stop trying to put Jay in one genre when he is in all that shit.....It's just a love for making GOOD MUSIC

    • All World Stat SSK

      "Jay-Z is all about profit over quality" Why? Because his fans goes out to buy his albums. Maybe because he makes really good records, i think thats how you sell albums. You call Jay Hip Pop when Kid Cudi sangs in every record (good) but MCs dont sing. Drake sings in just about every record is this not Hip Pop to you. Talib Kweli and Mos Def (thinks he's the blues man sometimes, so yeah he sings as well) are good but they arent better than Jay........Stop trying to throw dirt on this dudes name when you know when that On To The Next One comes on you be rocking to that shit.................

    • Greg

      So true, I also think lupe fiasco would've been a good option. He's one of the few good rappers from this decade. I wouldn't agree with drake being in it though, he's mediocre as fuck. He's extremely bland and his flow is pretty much nonexistent.

  • Nikolai

    "Hov on that new shyt, niggas like how come? Niggas want that old shyt, buy my old album." Who's he supposed to collab with? Who's he supposed to cater to? The same dead audience? He's not making music for "white people" unless you consider white people the only ones tired of hearing the same thing over and over with the same underground artists. He's done it with the legends, Premo, Tim, Lil Kim, Scarface, Nas. He doesn't need to go pick up your favorite underground legend from the graveyard. A collab with AZ will please about 500 people who will then just say he got "murdered" on his own track because they secretly hate Jay anyway.

  • greeneyebandit

    is it me or does jay always look like an escaped convict in his photos?


      Its you, nobody else is paying that close attention to a dudes picture, only you, girls, and faggots

  • Real Talk

    Man Fuck Jay Z He a fuckin swagga jacker cant fuck wit him but i'll fuck da shit outta beyonce foreal an get dat dome an neva kiss dat hooe but he will lol

  • nyblackguys

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  • mindrelated

    Ignorance! Making music for all does not mean it is pop. Talking about killing people or selling drugs does not make it rap. Black people always talking about how white people limit us or put us in categories then we go and do it to each other. His life is not the same from when he came out, so why do you all expect the same output. You all should be upset if he was still rapping about the same thing as he was when he came out. Rather than respecting the growth, jabs are thrown for growing up, lol. This is why in my opinion he is the best rapper out. His ability to stay relevant and the truths in his music is why he has been able to have 11 number one albums. Name another rap artist who will be able to do this who is currently out. He is hip hop and what would the game be without him? Who else represents the culture as hard as he does across different avenues of life?

  • look man

    I've noticed Jay doesn't do tracks with real lyricists on his albums anymore (the Raekwons, AZs, etc.) All he does is do songs with R&B singers and rappers with limited talent, like Drake and Young Jeezy, who automatically attract a certain audience. This guy's more businessman than MC. I want to see him do an album with artists who can actually SPIT, not guys who make cool ringtones, or R&B and rock stars just to attract a certain audience.

    • All World Stat SSK

      "This Guy's more businessman than MC" Well you learn from Kurtis Blow and all those broke rappers thats now living paycheck to pacheck......"Do an album with artist who can actually spit" Why? fucking Why? if you like the Wu and those other rappers why dont you just get that album, that comment made no sense my dude. "R&B and rock stars just to attract a certain audience." I'm a hip hop head and i listen to R&B and Rock, Techno, Jazz etc. So what audience is he attracting man, if you mean the audience that listen to rock and r&b then your talking about human beings. LOL at you. "All he does is do songs with R&B singers and rappers with limited talent, like Drake and Young Jeezy" Wow! i guess you want him to cram the entire catalog of hip hop into one album, get real ask yourself why dont those guys get Jay on they're album, how about that one.........

    • look man

      Milli 1 Shot "It takes money to make money". Jay-Z has lots of money. He just doesn't want another "Renegades" track. He'd rather release a joint with Rihanna, Kanye, or Alicia Keys as his single. I think we're seeing him sell out a little here. Nothing against Jack White- I'm a fan of the White Stripes. But come on, Jay. He even took the NaS verse off "Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys), and I bet it's because NaS beat that track up. Coldplay? U2? White Stripes? That ain't hip-hop, bro, not even in 2010. RZA, Premo, that's hip-hop, and that's hip-hop forever.

    • Ah hell

      Sucks huh^. It's a backwards fucking career.

    • milli 1 shot

      theres no money in Raekwon and AZ bruh... ha you should already kno this.. it takes money to make money and nobody wants it with those artist.. they are irrelevant

    • gdiggedy

      i co-sign your statement

  • kush nap

    so jay been working with U2, robin thicke, and white stripes... and niggas is supposed to be excited!? please. jay coming off real rich these days. doing tracks with coldplay, god damn, jay ipod must look like a white mans. im not hating, but jay making some funny moves. cant acknowledge NONE of his old friends, but got no problem cutting tracks with the white stripes. jay hasnt seen reality in 10 years.


      And hip hop is much bigger then color or race, or your hood, when you grow and get out the hood you will see that youngin, what is suppose to only make music that apeals to your free downloading ass

    • BWS-Fish

      "White men" are the biggest consumers of hip hop music, so if his ipod looks like a "white man's", it will have plenty of good hip hop tracks on it.

  • Powernupe

    This story is conveniently released the same week as the new White Stripes album. I never even heard of them until now, and what did I do? Immediately go check out their songs, probably like a bunch of other Jay-Z fans.

  • Powernupe

    This story is conveniently released the same week as the new White Stripes album. I never even heard of them until now, and what did I do? Immediately go check out their songs, probably like a bunch of other Jay-Z fans.

  • badazzbrutha

    they left of linkin park. this website is fucked up.

  • hiphopscout


  • Ben Levy

    I can't wait to hear this. These guys are both incredibly talented.

  • Badmofo

    He is making music for white people. The ones who will go out a buy his music & not just illegally download it. Hip hop is gone pop & its been this way for some years now.....Lil wayne does the same crap

    • All World Stat SSK

      Motherfuckers always quick to jump on some Jay doing white music shit. Music is music your telling you've never heard of the rock n roll, blues or folk music which rock is basically derived from. QUICK LESSON....... ok you have Hip Hop right.......than you have your shit thats hip hop but not quite but maybe Horrorcore, Hyphy, Conscious Rap, Crunk, Christian Rap, Pop Rap, New Jack Swing, Ragga, Nerdcore, Alternative Hip Hop etc. (these are called subgenres and or styles).......same thing with rock, here we go Glam, Punk, Heavy Metal, Gothic, Grunge, BritPop, Metalcore, Deathcore, Surf, Electro Punk, Funk Rock, Progressive, Alternative etc. to the 3rd degree. The point is music in itself isn't created by one race it all comes from something else and put together, Hip Hop wasn't created by black people only structured by a few that made it a new genre of music and culture, Rock wasnt created by white people well you know.

    • HRCMS

      Hiphop has gone global not pop, its come a long way from beat boxing and rapping to beats from knocking on the table, its not just a black thing anymore, its not just confined to the parks, grow up, broadin your musical horizons, and accept the fact thats its deeper then your block

    • /bob Oblah

      nevm BADMOFO did.

    • /bob Oblah

      @ THEMIGHTY No one said anything about race so I'd have to say that you are perpetuating that bullshit for no reason.

    • themighty

      yo, knock off that dumb ass for white people for black people shit..... that shit is fucking immature and retarded.

    • 100% Dundee

      Jack White is actually pretty dope but Jay Z should just come out and say he wants to do a pop album... I mean he can't just be doin it for more $ can he? Just get all that pop shit outta his system then go back to making good rap music if he wants to. Otherwise the Black Album should've been the appropriate end to the legacy.


    Can't wait for this shit. I know my name is HHFan but I keep my ears open. I've been listening to White Stripes since their first album. They remind me of The Roots but in rock music: stripped down & dirty.

  • Fon Z of LA

    i actually look forward for this... cuz from da White Stripes is pretty dope so im expecting something great!

  • ceazar

    Dream wht the fuck are u doing, Trey songz, get it Trey songz , Trey Songz, bitch u aint never gon get another Grammy if u dont stop sitting on ya ass but i liked that song they played keep grinding muthafucka and Sean Garret said u song like shit and u cant fucking sing and wht the fuck u gon do bout it the baddest hit my hand first

  • nyblackguys

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  • Fawlty

    I'm excited. I just hope it turns out better than "Another Way to Die".


    ? got blasted for doing shit like this i guess we just gone give jay a pass

  • eeeeeeeeeeeelllll


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