Damian Marley Speaks About Lil Wayne's Distant Relatives Feature

Exclusive: Jr. Gong tells DX about Wayne joining him and Nas on "My Generation," and why the May 18 album may be great for summer.

After initial plans for a first quarter 2010 release, Damian Marley & Nas' Distant Relatives collaboration album has a concrete due date, set at May 18, 2010. Speaking with HipHopDX late Monday night, Marley expressed his enthusiasm. "It's a relief. I feel excited. It's been a lot of work and we've been lookin' forward to [releasing the album]."

While his leading album singles like 2005 smash hit "Welcome to Jamrock" have been summer sensations, none of Marley's work has been released at a time that many specifically seek Reggae riddims in stereo. Marley explained to DX how he looks at this opportunity in Distant Relatives. "At the end of the day, [my philosophy] has always been to put stuff out when it's ready, 'cause I don't believe in puttin' out music that I'm not satisfied with, or I don't think has reached its potential in terms of the creative process. At the same time, I've never really had an album that was released at the beginning of summer. All of my albums have been previously released in September. I'm really lookin' forward to what that response will be, knowing that traditionally, Reggae music is what they call 'summer music,' so I'm kind of really looking forward to what that's gonna be."

Already boastingtwo appearances from K'Naan as well as Pop/Soul singer Joss Stone and Reggae legend Dennis Brown, many Rap fans were excited to hear last week's announcement, courtesy of XXLMag.com, that Lil Wayne will be appearing on the Universal Republic Records release. Damian was asked his thoughts on Lil Wayne bringing a younger generation into his and Nas' global-minded album."It's funny, because the track is called 'My Generation,'" Damian answered with a chuckle. "It's definitely geared towards that. [Lil] Wayne really showed a lot of respect in his verse, in the way that he handled it. He handled it exactly how I would've really loved him to. I don't have any criticism at all about what he did. I think it's a great and blessed track. That's all I can really say about that." Wayne's verse reportedly touches on the one-ness in different cultures, eras and music.

With the newly-confirmed tracklisting, Damian also spoke about the importance of sequencing the album and finalizing its 13 cuts. "To tell you the truth, the tracklisting hasn't really changed that much in the months, it's more-so that there's been some inaccurate listings that people have put on the 'net. The tracklisting has pretty much remained the same throughout the project. Marley did however admit, "The sequencing has changed. That is a matter of trying to make the album a long-listener, where you can put it in, hear from top, and just play straight through. So it goes off of feel; you don't want to have too many slow tracks back-to-back or too many fast ones back-to-back for that matter. I just try to make sure that the album feels good throughout."

The finalized tracklisting is as follows:

1. As We Enter
2. Tribal War (feat. K’Naan)
3. Strong Will Continue
4. Leaders (feat. Stephen Marley)
5. Wisdom
6. Count Your Blessings
7. Dispear
8. The Promised Land (feat. Dennis Brown)
9. In His Own Words (feat. Stephen Marley)
10. Nah Mean
11. Friends
12. My Generation (feat. Lil Wayne and Joss Stone)
13. Africa Must Wake Up (feat. K’Naan)

Lastly, Damian reacted to the impact of December's VTech-sponsored Distant Relatives event at the National Geographic in Washington DC that included Hip Hop godfather DJ Kool Herc, Rakim and Dancehall legend Big Youth. "It really feels like something important - everybody feels like it's an important project. Not just because of the music, but because of the whole idea behind the project, the focus of the project itself - both in aspects of it being related to Africa and us tryin' to shine a light and educate our generation on that a little bit more and also from the fact that two genres, which we've been saying, come from similar beginings and their destinies are intertwined. A lot of people have known that for a very long time, and this whole project has become a platform for us to express it. I've seen that it's not just myself and Nas, but all these other people, who are very credible, have validated what we've been tryin' to say."

Next Monday, specific dates will be announced for a North American tour that plans to hit almost every American city, as well as dates in Europe. Epic/Decon Records artist Nneka will be the Distant Relatives Tour opening act, as Nas will appear on her official remix to "Heartbeat," from her album Concrete Jungle.

As of this week, fans can visit DistantRelatives.com for information on the duo, the project and tour dates. The site is going live this week, with full launch expected by next week.

The Distant Relatives will also be performing in South By Southwest this Wednesday (March 17) at Emo's (603 Red River) in Austin, Texas. They're slated to hit the stage at midnight, joined by DJ Green Lantern.

Distant Relatives releases May 18. Pre-order Here


  • distant


  • Lez

    The album as a whole is dope, as well as the song "My Generations" featuring Wayne.... It's an uplifting song. If it makes you feel any better Wayne's not in auto tune and his verse is full of substance. I think that a real and true Nas fan would trust him on this one... Hear the track first, then speak.

  • amaru

    lil wayne sucks scrotum........dats all

  • Vega

    Why is everbody trippin about Wayne being on there. Y'all act like y'all didn't hear Georgia bush or that cream remix with clef. Yeah Wayne spits that shit. But he can get deep when he wants to

    • LowEndTheory212

      i understand what you are saying @mylie, i dont like him either but he knows that when it comes to Nas and Gong's album hes gotta pull it together. He did it on Little Brothers album and Im sure he did it on this one too, he'll do fine...

    • luv the creativity of this album!

      Oh stop bitch about Wayne...you niggas are mad!

    • MYLIE

      wayne is everywhere and we are sick of it mainstream whore. hes incoherent ramblin bullshit rapper. Georgia Bush is is good but it ain't great. Its just a big scar on the album.

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    I bumps Wacka "Gun Sound" "All I Got" "Hard In The Paint" "Head First"...............I bet u niggas dont know Wacka got a song wit Papoose called "Throwin Fingers".............U guys should YouTube these songs and give that boy Wacka Flocka a chance..............Just do this one favor download Wacka mixtape "Official White Label" and just put it in your whip or scooter and just blast it up loud I guarantee you all will be feeling it

    • JasonCTown

      Where in this article did it mention that retard?? Why did you have to 'dumb-up' this article with your booty-rap references?

  • Articulate1

    Putting Weezy on this album is like taking a piss in a bottle of fine wine...this project just got a little shittier. Isnt Hip-Hop's audience big enough to sustain at lest one project not tainted by that asshole's nonsense babbling?

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


  • dophouse

    We got our first Black President, They want him to fail They say if you ain’t Conservative, You going to Hell, But my God don’t play no Politics If he had to vote I bet it’d be Obama b*tch! Ya’ll fools more dumb than Potsie How you gonna call a Black Man a Nazi Those are some lyrics, now check out the video for SOMETIMES I… by Macarone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0VmD8yMnc8&feature=player_embedded Download free at www.thedopincrecords.com

  • rndm

    i was really really hopin for a collab with immortal technique... i know it was farfetched... i just think it woulda been so dope.

    • Ross M

      Immortal Technique is the broke ass version of Nas. On the same subject, Tech's verse would have no flow, a lot of anger, and be filled with big words that are really nonsense that he tries to peddle for intelligence. Nas would deliver the message, use lyrics that people understand and can relate to, and make you feel it. As if it were ever an issue, keep Immortal Technique off this album.

    • -617-

      immortal tech is wack i'm so glad that isn't happening

  • Da truth

    The real disappointment is that they have no tour dates in African cities.

  • one love

    The time has come for the real warriors to speak out loud and go hard bcoz its more than music, its a movement

  • toby

    this album will be legendary http://watchthishiphop.blogspot.com

  • Krome

    I hope Nas is on the track with Wayne so he could just murder his verse

  • Robotik

    What did happen to Stevie Wonder being on there? Anyway it's gonna dope. Wether you hate Nas or Weezy. It's gonna be an all around good album.


    WOW this mad funny wayne gonna kill album thats not gonna sale any dam way im not buying it just not what i want to hear i did buy the welcome to JAMROCK cd when it had drop couple years ago stil play it

    • thizzle dance

      JOE6PACKNCGBORO336, learn english. And I don't like Wayne either but he will increase sales. album will be dope.


      This album will sell...haters can't stop Nas or Damian!

    • Da, Fella

      You do not know the meaning of being a FAN!!!!!! Because of one bad seed.(feature).. Its all bad wow and not buying the album?... Ur a stupid childish and a Ridiculous MuthaFucka!!

  • INOA

    I guarantee that's probably the worst song in the whole album

  • NayderTahiphopQueen

    LUPE SHOULD BE ON IT instead of wayne

  • nyblackguys

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  • insight

    not really feelin lil wayne being featured but what ever i can suck it up for 40sec if i get 13 tracks of my fav reggae artist jammin with one of my top 5 rap artists....stay blessed damian n nas....1

  • look man

    Doesn't the whole idea of putting Lil' Wayne go against the goal of the album. I thought the goal of the album was to speak on black power and oneness. Lil Wayne doesn't represent that. He raps about drugs, sex, more drugs, more sex, violence, more sex, and more drugs. Then, he raps about how awesome he is, and how much money he has. Damian Marley doesn't do that. He raps about poor people, Africa, and peace. NaS made an album that was supposed to be titled the "N-word", and was all about black history. I can see how they'd add K'Naan to the project, seeing as he actually raps about poverty and is from Africa, but Lil' Wayne? This might have been a label move. I hope they get rid of this track.

    • 10ftvolcanoplant

      of course it was a record label move. just like they have 13 track numbers. im sure the majority of the music lil wayne raps about though is due to his label. i have a feeling hes trying to move away from all of that bullshit though. im sure hes realizing now that hes on a very tight leash. and if he does not obey, the same thing will happen to him as it did michael jackson, tupac...ect JAH LOVE

    • look man

      I respect your opinion, but I don't really see Lil' Wayne as the leader of this generation of rap (after 2Pac tragedy, and after the -90s). If it was anyone, it would have to be Jay-Z.

    • MYLIE

      ATLIEN10 i'm sorry but theres no way in hell lil waynes the leader of my generation. what a awful notion. Kanye West mybe, but if you really think wayne is hip hop is dead

    • Atlien10

      On the flip side the whole basis of the song is my generation, since Wayne is teh leader of this generations rap scene, it makes sense in a way of why he would be on this song to give his perspective...

    • look man

      I disagree. This album should stick to it's point, not try to cater to Wayne fans. Remember, this is the guy who made "Lollipop", and calls himself the greatest.

    • jrebel

      Cuz they On some bigger picture ish, wayne and his hard core dick riding fans that dont even know what they listen to are exactly the ones that need to be put on to this kinda knowledge, thats hip hop.

  • NayderTahiphopQueen

    oh dats dpe

  • rodney

    lil wayne is hot, check to see how many cd's he have sold if u think he's not, nas is ok but he having sold a lot of albums, and all i know about Damian marley is that he is getting paid off his father music and name. hip hop is dead and all i can ask is who wants to help plan the funeral. teens and younger adults (21-25) are listen to kids nursery rhymes, i feel so sorry for the youth that they would have to listen to so much garbage in music today. lets see their is about five rappers and three real hip hop out there today. to be a rapper today u have to be a thug and a dumb one at that. lets see cars money hoes and kill kill kill- this is what u must rap about to make it today. this was not always the case just in today's music. GOD bless the music game, it needs some help holla back- blackcasanova44@yahoo.com


    Damian sounds like he really wasn't hes idea to put Wayne on this album and more of the record labels (forced). but he was surprised he did good and didn't rap about hes usual bullshit. Damn... Lil Wayne is everywhere and i'm sick and tired of it.

  • Gunn Starr

    I Won't be buying this as I really can't see Nas adding to a Damian Marley album. I can never find any passion or genuine conviction in Nas's rhymes. In all honesty if not for illmatic-I wouldn't consider Nas remotely viable. His rhymes are boring.

    • JasonCTown

      Another guy who hasnt gotten past Illmatic. You do know that he has several other dope, critically-acclaimed albums other than Illmatic. Are you just stuck on it....cant understand it....need to rewind it 20 times to 'get it'??? And Im not defending NAS as much trying to understand your persepective. For one, I think NAS gets a B- when picking his beats. Some of them are fantastic, but some are just downright terrible. It doesnt take away from the fact that the brother is ill.

    • Marty Leyhe

      nas clearly does not have boring rhymes you must be sorry for yourself son..

    • krome

      Thats what all the haters say... they dont know shit about Nas.. First of all, this isnt a Damien Marley album... its a collaboration you idiot. Its both Nas and Damien's album. Second, if you think Nas' rhymes are boring you must be a Lil Wayne fan and extremely narrow minded. Third, I can tell youre a hater because haters always bring up Illmatic in their arguments against Nas. I bet you haven't even listened to Illmatic. You just mention it because you see everyone else say its his best album. STFU

  • Da, Fella

    Niggas please... Wayne is not on all tracks..... I think its good idea to get Wayne on that Generation Track "song title" and am sure if his verse was whack it wouldnt be featured.... Reggae dont stand for Bullshit! "Good Spit Fella,stop beating up yah chest like a Gorilla" lol OnLY BuMP OLD ShIT!!_

  • Darren

    I hate people that hate man there is no reason for it. Wayne he can spit when wants too . and for that one person that compare verses with wayne and nas , kill yourself you act like that is only song and please stop paying attetion to the radio and listen to his real shit. Nas is on talent artist and so is wayne and damion stop hating stfu and listen then judge!


    never seen so much crying about one dam FT on an album shit funny to me like mike epps funny

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  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    I'm tired of BITCH NIGGAS CRYN bout what's hip hop or not!! Get the hell on with that shit.. Find what u consider hip hop and listen to that, all the other shit you don't consider hip hop just don't pay atttention to it!! What yall think cause yall keep sayn that shit it's gone change something!! Nah it aint.. Them comments aint gone stop niggas from the SOUTH from getn CHEDDA!!

  • Amanda

    Yeah lil Wayne is garbage but no matter if he was in 5 songs, Damien Marley and Nas are on such a higher level he couldnt bring them down even if he tried.. So relax and keep supporting Damien, its his album. One Love

  • BEEZ

    MAYBE THEY LIKE LIL WAYNE! Shit Nas might be the greatest of all time- i love em to death and always ride with him- so who am I (we) to question it. I really cant stand Wayne, and thats partly due to the fact that he does have talent, and yet chooses to clown and minstrel all the time. I think, like Damien (wagwan rude boyz!) alluded to, that he probably came with a nice verse. Like I said, maybe they like him, maybe it's a marketing ploy, but either way is it going to make or break the album? Of course not. If you're a fan of these dudes how could that one feature turn you off to this exciting project? I can't. But I can see it turning youngens ON to it, who prob dont know Damien and aren't as familiar with Nas' material as they are his name. Look at the Little Brother album, that was dope, and even though Wayne's verse was horrible, I still like that song and really liked that album. Would I have rather heard Lupe, as someone mentioned, shit yeah, but you know what, if Wayne is coming with a good verse than its worth it to show that he actually does have a brain left. But yall web-hoppers, and backpackers, and purists or whatever the eff you call yourselves, need to ease back. In case yall havent noticed, Real Hip Hop is everywhere; from Wale to Sean P, there is mad styles, and who they hell are YALL to say what is and isnt real hip hop or whatever. M'fluckas arguing online about this and that should be ashamed of yourselves. Not saying you should go write a rhyme, cuz there's already to many "emcees", but shit, yall aint got no skills, so shut the fluk up, listen to what you like, and give what you dont think you'd like a chance. And mind you this is coming from a self-admitted reformed hater. I used to hate people like Luda and Fab. Now, Fab's album was fire, Luda is dope, and I am a hip hop fan cuz I love all kinds of hip hop! Nuff said.

  • cx


  • loccsta

    WTF?????? i thought this was supposed to be the opposite of all the ignorant shit out lately?? wayne is like the fukin spokesperson for bullshit hip hop throw his garbage ass off of this shit for rill

  • ????till best rite now!!

    "oh, im not gonna but the album now cuz lil wayne is on it" plz get over urself faggots, I swear i cant stand square ass niggas who make statements like these, I mean it one the thing to be genuinely ol' school or underground, but when u take a stand against the mainstream without obejectivity yall come off as staraight cornballs...wait to hear it first, grow the fk up


    Hip hop has the most BITCH ASS FUCKING LISTENERS...that is WHY the GENRE GETS NO RESPECT...TOO MANY BITCH ASS FANS! You lil bitches mad that LIL Wayne is on one song with Nas and Damian...GET OVER IT BITCHES! Nas and Damian and Wayne are all good at what they do! ^^^CO-SIGN THIS STATEMENT...hip hop has the worst fans ever and the most ignorant motherfuckers in the world! You won't buy and album because of one song! DUMB!

    • digga

      you know i co-sign with this.u can't say it better.but u wrong about one thing:they aren't hip hop fans,they're "record sales and listening to only beats" fans.....and i wanna know why no one said nothing when jay-z had jeezy and wayne on his cd.cats is suspect for real.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      CO-SIGN ALL DAY!! The killa part is that prolly gone be one of the best songs on the album.. more than likely the worst song aint gone even have Wayne on it!! To much jealousy and envy out there, we all know jealousy is just a bitch trait and definetly a waste of an emotion!!

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    Without Wayne spitting on this album this album would sell 80k in its first week now it might sell 110k................NAS is slightly above average if not below average...........Its obvious Wayne verse will be better than NAS's verse.................

    • digga

      @ can't...u have no idea. i wish u did cuz if u went to rock the bells last summer and seen how many people were there chanting nas in the audience and puttting up their lighters,u wouldn't be saying that.that's what i'm trying to make u understand.it's not fact.it's your opinion that he sucks.i'm not dissing you at all.just telling you what's real.u gotta understand that the streets don't matter in rap/hip hop anymore.the streets have no say in hip hop no more cuz we don't buy the albums anyway(maybe not all of us don't cuz i buy cd's if they're good.wayne is on the album because he has admiration for nas.in fact he' a fan of nas and i can prove it but that's for another day,kid....and believe this album is gonna have a response cuz u don't hae to like nas but you gtta admit that he always causes a stir in the game.

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      @ DIGGA.................BITCH Nas is washed up get over it.............U know Nas is not one of the hottest anymore

    • digga

      god i never seen a hater this big.that's hate.trust me,i'm familiar with you on here.what u saying is not fact. i don't think you know hiphop music.how old are you? 17? you're mad immature for real and people on this page can vouch for me(in fact i know 17 years old more mature than u. shit i know 8 years olds more mature than you)...in fact they did already. personally this issue of record sales is for fucking retards who only listen to beats and care about numbers instead listening to the actual music....and by the way,nas has sold more than 25 million records worldwide. and wayne is gonna put a hot verse on the cd because he has mad admiration for nas but u won't know that since you don't know shit about it.

    • ChocolateThunder

      First of all Nas is a multi-platinum artist who has sold way more than Wayne, and you must be high or drunk thinking Wayne is anywhere near close to the level of Nas. Your just a bandwagon Wayne dickrider!!! Nas>>>>>Wayne!

    • anelka

      yous a big, fat, ugly, clown man.

    • anelka

      yous a big fat ugly gay cown man. nuff said.

    • Lil wayne lonnger sentence!!!

      Wow its obvious you dont know what makes a good rapper LYRICS. Lil Wayne: I gotta bitch named keisha she a real dick pleasa. But shawty from cuba still workin on her visa. Her girlfriend lisa met her in porta rica. How she dont suck dick but expect for me to eat her.? That hoe crazy man and you dont wanna meet her. Nas: When I'm chillin, I grab the buddha, get my crew to buy beers And watch a flick, illin and root for the villian, huh Plus every morning, I go out and love it sort of chilly Then I send a shorty from my block to the store for Phillies After being blessed by the herb's essence I'm back to my rest, ten minutes some odd seconds Just compare

    • wowohwowohwow

      LMAO @ this clown

  • nyblackguys

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  • dc burner guy

    Lil wayne will not drop a shitty verse on this..any hiphop head knows that. it is the thinking behind the "need for a weezy verse" on an otherwise classic album that is amiing most ppl mad, myself included. but all in all if the proceeds are really going to go towards what they said they where going to do then i guess its worth diluting the album's credibility in the eyes of the few that care about such. God speed

  • NayderTahiphopQueen

    why not LUPE FIASCO ON IT he has intelligent rhymes and he's Liberian actual african roots and he speaks to the youth(commercially 'superstar' 'kick push') lil wayne wtf?

  • NayderTahiphopQueen

    why not LUPE FIASCO ON IT he has intelligent rhymes and he's Liberian african and he speaks to the youth(commercially 'superstar' 'kick push') lil wayne wtf?

  • cris

    lookin foward to this track but jsut hope he doesnt fuck it up whichh i don't think he will

  • NaydertahiphopQueen

    why not LUPE FIASCO ON IT lil wayne wtf?

  • mufucka

    Lil Wayne??? get the fuck outta here. I give up on hip hop.

  • North Trenton

    Why Lil Wayne gotta be on dat Album. He'll goin make that CD flop.

  • Mike

    How can anyone say Lil' Wayne is gonna wreck a track? Hes not just gonna spit his usual money and bitches on an album of this caliber. If you took the time to actually listen to all of his songs and just the ones they play 500 times on the radio everyday, youd see he has some deep tracks. (I feel like dieing, Youngin Blues, Shoot me Down, Tie my hands, even Georgia Bush has some politics in it, etc etc.) And to the douche Bauce, how can you even compare Wayne to shitty rappers like Bun-B and Scarface, he could never ruin songs by them because they blow already. Ill give you Jay-Z because Wayne hasnt proven himself to be above him yet, but really? Kanye? His first three albums were sick then he startin shittin out garbage like 808's. On Barry Bonds, Wayne spit harder than Kanye did on his own track. Plus, it's only one song, honestly I would have liked to see him on a few more.

    • MJA

      Scarface and Bun B are way better than Wayne will ever be. The Diary > Wayne's career. Ridin Dirty > Wayne's career Not saying Waynes terrible b.c. hes not bad but damn you people don't even respect the people who made Wayne's rise to the top possible. You're just an ignorant fan who knows nothing about hip hop. Bet u never even listened to Scarface or UGK.

    • JasonCTown

      @MIKE, I dont even know what to say. Without Bun and Face, Wayne wouldnt even be here. Wayne is on record as saying that Bun and Pimp C (RIP) were his favorite group/artists. And then you brought up Barry Bonds, which was str8 butt sauce.

    • HRCMS

      @ Mike, all do respect, take a listen to Scarface, and Bun-B, those 2 are veterans and have catalogs of deep material

    • miguel Guttierres

      "...shitty rappers like Bun-B and Scarface"? Do you even know who you're talking about?

  • Eli K

    wow, you guys are some haters. Wayne is obviously a great artist, and its a shame that since some of you don't appreciate his art, you will refuse to buy an album that sounds amazing. Wayne is by far the top producing rap artist, and will seem to continue to be, even though his more recent albums are not comparable to those of old. I know, he always raps about the same sh*t, but there's just no doubting his lyrical abilities. Not everyone wants to hear sh*t about politics all the time, which seems to be the major focus of this album, so I look forward to hearing what Wayne has to say.

    • MYLIE

      wayne is the most overrated rapper in the history of hip hop. no classics no quotables (most of them are corny and simple) hes a mainstream whore. most of hes songs are just ramblin incoherent bullshit. young white kids got him where he is now.

  • Nazar

    This album will be a classic the infusion of Reggae and Hip Hop is epic, i saw Nas and D-Marley @ the Rock the Bells cool dudes i gave them both one of our King Solomon shirts to they loved it ! go to iApparelstore.com, Myspace.com/iApparel Facebook.com/iApparel *********Free T-shirts will be given out !*********

  • wowohwowohwow

    Hip hop has the most BITCH ASS FUCKING LISTENERS...that is WHY the GENRE GETS NO RESPECT...TOO MANY BITCH ASS FANS! You lil bitches mad that LIL Wayne is on one song with Nas and Damian...GET OVER IT BITCHES! Nas and Damian and Wayne are all good at what they do!

  • Satchel Beige

    Yo, regardless of how you feel about wayne, when he's featured on joints with legends (hello brooklyn excluded) he shows up. Hollywood Divorce with Outkast and Snoop and the Renaissance Rap remix with Q-Tip Busta and Raekwon, both of those joints he goes in. I personally think, when he's actually serious, wayne is SERIOUS. Nas automatically makes anybody featured step their pen game up. But I'm also from N.O., so i'll admit some bias there... Jay Electronica is from my hood too...can't let the masses forget that shit...


    I'm not biased, i know wayne's gonna do a good job and go in hard for this project

  • thizzle dance

    I can't really imagine what Wayne would add to this considering it's an album with a theme... other than bitches and money, but I'll give him a chance. I generally think Wayne is wack but I'm not gonna get all bent outta shape over it like these posts saying they don't wanna cop the album anymore. That's retarded. Dudes breaking outta their boxes can be a good thing. Whether Wayne is capable of spittin a verse worthy of being on this album well.... we'll see. At the least it will bring some extra attention to this album.

  • AngryJoe

    Not a huge fan of Weezy, but I give him props when he comes correct. For example, I'm remembering the track Tie My Hands from C3, and I think he has it in him to come correct with his feature.

  • Blaqonlinedotcom

    Wayne had to come with something intelligent. Believe it or not Wayne is actually pretty intelligent!!... If you heard clips from the song you would realize that Wayne has no choice but to be intelligent on the track. The track has KIDS ON THE HOOK, an inspirational joint. That joint might actually be the first radio track with a video... IMO!!


    who was actually excited to see wayne on the album? not me many Rap fans were very upset that Lil Wayne is on this album. thats the truth.he will be out a place and hes not very talented either. I HOPE this album will live up to expectations. stop posting bullshit Hip Hop DX.

  • b haze

    good shit. already gonna be a great album, but with two appearances from K'Naan, it will be even better.

  • dc burner guy

    I was gonna buy ten copies of this album and share it with my friends and family cos i believed it was special. now its just another album to me....i wont be doing that.

    • knc

      dc burner guy is a fuking homo!!!!!! dude you sound like your ready to kill yourself bc wayne is on the album!!!!

    • dc burner guy

      Idk man..I guess i placed this project in too high a place in my mind...Y'all can cop it fo sho..no disrespect..i just wont....last few albums ive paid for are Sade's, The Roots'....Buying Mos Def's "The ecsatic" this week when i get a chance.....music is everywhere...you dont have to buy it and it stil reaches you...that is one thing these labels have not realised...ppl buy stuff they value...if this shit is gonna get to me somehow whether i pay for it or not, then why will I pay for it? when they know the answer to that question we will see the kinda numbers we used to see in the 90s and 80s...

    • bauce

      Dude Lil Wayne features have tarnished very good albums the past 3 or so years. See Jay-Z, Bun B, Scarface, Kanye. He is a very shitty feature artist point blank and this was disheartening news

    • Doyler10

      what? how has anything changed? i don't like lil wayne but its one track how could

  • JsG

    Who cares who's featured on the album. Take it for what it is and remember that this is a project conceived from love for the Motherland and that these two men want to bring art to those who forget what the purpose of man really is. Love and Peace.

    • JsG

      Understood. No argument there.

    • dc burner guy

      I do if i'm going to support the project. I am from "the motherland" and have been looking forward to this album since its inception. i have spent the past months raving about this shit to anyone that cared to listen..now this news of this stain of a feature...this wont stop the album from sounding good but it is now JUST ANOTHER ALBUM...thats the point my good friend

  • I-rep

    Tune in to this New, Powerful, life changing, positive music artist "Rick-Jay aka Yo/Conchus and His just released debut single "Dying Inside". Which can be used as a piece of medicine when you need it and just something other then what you hearing nowadays on the radio/internet. Make sure you show this artist some support. He's definately whats missing in the music industry. You can check him and single out @ myspace.com/rickjayworldwide facebook.com/rickjayworldwide youtube.com/rickjaytv twitter.com/yoconchus Ps. To get your copy you can go to Reverbnation.com/rickjay and click my store. Just 0.99 cent

  • dc burner guy

    I'm not looking forward to this album anymore. I wanted a pure classic..they really had to feature lil wayne??? seriously..did they need to do that? What a let down....No disrespect to Lil wayne and his fans but I was considering this project to be almost sacred..lil wayne's presence on it has soiled all that for me..I know they are trying to sell records but damn...i mean wow.

    • knc

      dude your a fagget for that comment they hurt your feelings for putting wayne on the album lol ima still buy it and im not a wayne fan its not wayne album you dick head

    • can u see the stupidity in your statement?

      Your ignorant...and probably was never gone to buy the album anyway one track stops you from buying an album DUMMIES are the WORST! Hip Hop needs to get rid of all these DUMB as FAKE ASS FANS!

    • Eddypryze

      Not tryin to sell records, no one buys records, tryin to educate and the Wayne fans need the most eductation. Wayne is on one song which means he has one verse out of 13 tracks...you're crazy to say you won't buy it because of Wayne...larger picture needs to be seen.

    • big deal rapper

      Nas is my favorite rapper i really wanna see how lil wayne spit on this cause he cant be on no bullshit he gottta come correct

  • that nigga Fon Z of LA

    cant wait for this album to come out! Whether Wayne finally comes thru on a track or not, it's irrelevant... da important thing is Esco is back!!

  • Eddypryze

    Got to trust that Damian and Nas know what they are doing. They educate through their music...Wayne is simply an entertainer and if him being on the track brings his fans that need some education (and they are the ones that need it...the true Damian and Nas fans already know) then its a win for all. What's the use of hitting the same people with the message if they are already down. Need to convert the uneducated only then will strides be made. Word?

    • Thizzle Dance

      I met a critic, I made her shit her drawers She said she thought hip-hop was only guns and alcohol I said "Oh hell naw!" But yet it's that too You can't discrimi-hate cause you done read a book or two What if I looked at you in a microscope, saw all the dirty organisms living in your closet would I stop and would I pause it? Whoo! To put that bitch in slower motion, got the potion and the antidote And a quote for collision the decision.. is, do you want to live or wanna exist? The game changes everyday so obsolete is the fist and marches Speeches only reaches those who already know about it This is how we go about it

    • digga

      my applaud for you.couldn't have said it better than this

    • digga

      my applaud for you.couldn't have said it better than this

    • Lifes a B

      WORD. 100% agree

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Wayne got you niggas panties all in a bunch huh!! I aint really a big Wayne fan, but if the nigga kill a track, then he gone get the credit 4 it.. Some of you niggas even hate when he kill a track!! By the way your favorite rapper is a hit or miss to so don't sit there act like everything your favorite rapper put out is a hit!! Alot of you niggas judge a nigga instead of the music!! Maybe you niggas still lookn for role models, well the rap industry is the wrong place to be lookn pussies!!

  • miguel Guttierres

    A Lil Wayne feature won't stop me from buying this album. Like SteveP said, he mostly shines when he's with the legends. Otherwise, he's a hit-and-miss (Go DJ- good song; Lollipop- bad song).

    • Kevin

      You're hit or miss comment is way off...both those tracks are misses. Wayne has put down some of the most epic tracks on his mix tapes. Go DJ was sub par at be

    • miguel Guttierres

      Just as long as the Wayne fans won't be ignorant saying "Weezy killed it. Nas and Damian suck!" or something like that.

  • knc

    yall are some drama queens who cares that wayne is on the album i think its a good look if he brings something to the table then why not im not a big wayne fan but you cant hate on dude you just cant ya digg!

    • knc

      you dumbass hes the younger generations biggest rap artist thats wat he brings to the table he appeals to the younger genration you cry baby ass nigga

    • dc burner guy

      what exactly do you see weezy bringing to the table? look at the track he is on..it was already a done deal..weezy's verse is just an addittion borne out of faulty reasoning on the parts of the label..contrary to what the labels think it will not add anything to this album if anything it will take away from it. Listen to marley's coments and read inbwtn the lines..it was NOT their idea and he is happy lil wayne was able to repsect the project and not come with his usual rubbish.


    lmao at all the weezy fuck the album up chants shit played out

  • murdafls

    I Hate Lil Wayne but love Damian's music, hes got so much more skill than lil wayne, not happy.

  • hiphopscout


  • rowans126

    what happened to stevie wonder being featured on the cd

  • DR.


    • murdafls

      agreed, fuck lil wayne and his RnB singin bullshit

    • stevep

      i wouldnt be so skeptical, wayne has a way of shining when hes surounded by true talent ...remember that cut on the idlewild soundtrack?..killed it.

    • DmIzE

      ft. Lil Wayne wil give the album credability with the wayne fans who might not have otherwise listened... seeing as how nas and damien thought it was cool, i have no complaints... from what damien said it sounds like wayne rose to the occasion...


      def. sound like a whiny bitch! you not this man, he the one with the album, go fuck sumn pussy.

  • BOC

    Epic. True music right there. Praise to Hip-Hop.

  • ds_cero

    with that said lol, i will definitely be buying this album

  • ds_cero

    yesss first you fuckers LOL

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