Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 3/7/2010

DJ Khaled hits the charts, but is it Victory? Gucci Mane crosses 300k, Drake crosses 400k, and 50 Cent falls 40 spots.

Pop/Country act Lady Antebellum finally bumped Sade's Soldier Of Love, taking the #1 spot after six weeks on the charts. Sade does have a chance however of being the first 2010 urban release to go platinum. At best, the charts will see that next week. If not, with certainty, the week after.

The Black Eyed Peas enjoyed their 39th week on the charts. The group kept the #8 seat warm for The E.N.D. Already at double platinum, a new video "Imma Be Rocking That Body," has will.i.am, Fergie, Taboo and Apl.De.Ap staying as close to the top of the charts as they've been in months. will.i.am will soon be working on Usher's Raymond v. Raymond.

There were two new additions to the Top 15. Raheem DeVaughn's Love & War Masterpeace concept album received an impressive Top 10 debut. The DMV Soul singer's third album features Ludacris and Wale ("The Greatness" ) and a slew of guest R&B singers on the posse cut "Nobody Wins A War."

With all the chart movement, Lil Wayne's Rebirth fell six spots. This was the last week of Wayne out of prison to promote the album, which may hurt its platinum potential. Wayne's homie DJ Khaled's Victory album debuted at #14. This was seven points and 30,000 units less than Khaled's last album, We Global. Victory is getting stronger critical response, as the album boasts three Rick Ross appearances, as well as features from Drake, Young Jeezy and Snoop Dogg.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
2 Sade Soldier Of Love
79,000 899,000
8 Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D.
46,000 2,228,000
9 Raheem DeVaugn The Love & War Masterpeace 45,000 45,000
12 Lil Wayne Rebirth
32,000 393,000
14 DJ Khaled Victory
28,000 28,000

Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 closes in on 1,660,000 units sold, while Eminem's Relapse crossed the 1,875,000 unit mark. Last week, Gucci Mane's The State Vs. Radric Davis out-sold both platinum rappers, coming in at #51. The Warner Brothers/Asylum release crossed the 300,000 unit mark, as its creator remains in prison, limiting marketing.

Drake did indeed surpass 400,000 units with So Far Gone last week. Although Universal and Cash Money treat this EP as unofficial album, the release may likely go gold, making a strong case for retail versions of free download music. 50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct fell 40 spots last week, outside of the Top 100. This movement may have a lot to do with the close sales race, decided by 3,000 weekly units or less.

Freeway & Jake One's The Stimulus Package hung in on the charts for a third week. Free's first "official" independent album, this on the Minneapolis-based Rhymesayers label was supported with a whole album's worth of production from Seattle's most prolific producer, Jake One.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
51 Gucci Mane The State Vs. Radric Davis
11,000 301,000
52 Eminem Relapse
11,000 1,875,000
77 Drake So Far Gone
7,300 401,100
103 50 Cent Before I Self Destruct
5,800 416,000
195 Freeway & Jake One The Stimulus Package
2,700 15,000

Will Ludacris bring his boys vs. girls fight to the top of the charts? Can the Kidz In The Hall get the mainstream love they seem to be seeking? Stay tuned to next week at HipHopDX.


  • JxSigga

    Lil wayne sucks not hating it's the truth. Gucci top ten worst rappers ever. black eyed peas are sell outs and that's all i got to say

  • als_360

    Rick Ross baby mother bout to sue 50 cent for editing that sex tape and putting hiself in as pimpin curley. She gon get paid. LOL. I can hear Rick Ross now. Thanks for paying my child support you fuckin MUNKEY. BOOOOOOWWWWWWSSSSSS. LOL 50 cent a fuckin clown. He wife up one baby mother and the other bout to get paid too. Nigga is a loser.

    • Flawl3$$

      Lol your a dumb ass if you think 50 cent is really gonna get sued for that, that sex tape has been out all he did was edit it with his face that's like me puttin my face over tommy lee and pam anderson suing me.. dumb ignorant ass. rick ross is a bitch!!!!

  • joseph rodriguez


  • stanleyJ

    50 cent using tony yoyo to do some voodoo so that he can be famous that aint work bitch.tony yoyo dont ever say u haitian murthafucka...lil wayne best rapper alive

  • Anon1

    People have these crazy loyalties to artists and catch so many feelings about another man's opinion. If you like the music then buy it and tell your friends. Don't fucking feed it down your friends throat. And if you don't like it just fucking say you don't like it and move on. Looks like a bunch of girls arguing. Why are these guys sales and plaques such a cause for arguing? Are people honestly buying CD's based on sales? No stop getting mad cause your favorite rapper doesn't sell as many as someone else's and just be glad your favorite rapper is making music you enjoy. And don't say your favorite rapper is better cause he's selling more cause it just means he's popular. Skills and talent are a fucking OPINION not a fact.

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    LOL more people brought Drake is over 50.

  • Krazy K -LBC

    Man everybody need to cop that Freeway & Jake One The Stimulus Package!! Foreal...

  • nyblackguys

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  • kyle

    Pretty sure Sam Adams is #1

  • Link

    That "Victory" shit is trash bruh (talking about critically acclaimed - fuck outta here)... This idiot Khaled selling 28K talking like he's conquered the hip-hop world but these lames had a party suppossedly to celebrate 50 selling whatever he sold even though it was a 100 thousand more units than this dummy sold with the all star lineup and Runners beats... I hate double standards and backwards ass logic man.



    • BALLS

      Hey jackass....if Drake passes 50, so the fuck what? That's surprising to you? Any new, big artist sells a lot early in their career because their buzz is huge, and they are something new to everyone. Remember how much 50 sold when he first came out?? "Use your head for more than a hat rack" -Sean P



  • Dj Blitz

    The economy fucked up record sells along with the internet.

  • Da Fella

    50!! For LIFE NiGGAS!!! He aint gotta go platinum to eat!! Just drop a ablum n all his loyal FanS SWEET!! Why mad nigga cause yall favourite rappers got defeat!! Fuck NeW ShIT_ ONLY bUMP OlD ShiT!

  • nyblackguys

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      Get at CARSON, he hangs out at concerts hoping to sneak back stage, to meet rappers, maybe you can help his groupie ass

  • southside king

    considering wayne didnt have a smash single like lolipop and not many people really knew when the album was coming out hes doing pretty good, im sure that now hes in jail and those supposed 10 videos he made and im sure a single will come out that will ripp the radio and make him go a milli, i cant believe drake has almost gone gold on a mixtape lol nuts. Drake is going to go gold first week and prob have a big year of sales. 50 needs to make a video with eminem for pyscho or disrespectful if he wants a to get gold.

    • nemesisb3

      It might come close. But those 10 videos dont mean shit when the songs off the cd are terrible. and alot of his sales likely come from him touring. we'll see nigga. I hope any nigga makes his money but i would prefer Freeway do them numbers over wayne. he been boring since 02 in my opinion. nigga get offfff da corner.


    @ Carson, so you met Dr Dre, shook Jay z's hand, smoked a blunt with Q tip, and according to your latest blog, your going to try to get back stage to suck up the Roots at the Shamrock Festival, your really giving super head a run for her money, your new name is Head Dr. Carson

    • HRCMS

      @ Head DR CARSON, im speaking on the real, by your own words from your bogs your a groupie, you said you met DRE, shook JAY's hand and smoked a bunt with Qtip, thats what females brag about, you go to shows to sneak back stage, superhead aint got shit on you

    • C-Arson

      that was a good one HERPES.


    FREE LIL WAYNE @ myspace.com/freelilwayne5

  • blactrs78

    r yall serious? wayne's losing his buzz? if they post a new wayne song right now by tomorrow its going to have about a 100 listens by the end of the day tomorrow. the same cats on here saying he's losing his buzz will be the 1st to listen to ANY new song he puts out even if he's just a feature on it. you're gonna listen just to hear his verse. how is that falling off? and why is it now that he's measured by that one album that sold a milli? rebirth is doing wayne's average amount of numbers. besides C3 he's never had a album that sold more than like 300k in the 1st week and the ones that did go plat took time. lollipop took C3 to the level of success it was able to achieve bc the females loved it but regular rap, you not gone see too many artists doing a mill in a week. i predict that if he puts out at least 2 more singles from rebirth that it hits at least 750k, possibly goes plat. ppl will buy it but the majority of his albums, excluding c3, have taken a while to hit plat...jus bc he hit plat in 1 week with that album doesnt mean he'll automatically hit that with every album, especially considering the one song that pushed that album to plat status wasn't even a rap song...

    • Heat45

      Im sorry I offended you.. But its the truth.. He still has a buzz but not nearly as much as he did 3 years ago.. IF he sold 3 mill 2 years ago.. He will still sell over a mill in 2010..But its clear his stock is plummeting.. It happens to every rapper at some point.. Eminem and Jay-Z lasted so long because they are political and people really feel like they know them on a personal level.. Wayne doesn't have that.. Thats why his songs get 100 listens in a few days instead of 300.. Carter 4 is gonna be hott.. Relapse2 gonna be hott.. .


      they love to say his buzz is going away they said that same shit on this same site a year ago

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


    • HRCMS

      @ CARSON, I just call it like I see it, when a man brags about meeting DR DRE, shaking Jay z's hand and smoking a blunt with Q tip, typically thats the kind of shit a female groupie would brag or even talk about, you always talk about being right, and taking it like a man, is that what they told you when you were on your knees, everyone has an opinion,your fucked up distorted views make you look like a ridiculas little groupie bitch, so now i see your on a quest to get back stage to shake hands and suck the members of the Roots dicks, your a real homosexual carson

    • C-Arson

      Yeah you guys sure showed me.................Herpes talkin bout I bragged to him on a "blog session"....... You take this shit way to seriously do you have jobs? When I say jobs I mean careers. By your standards if I say I have money, that means I'm broke at my moms. If I said I shook a rappers hands that meant i snuck back stage and gave him head. HERPES you just dumb, straight up. Do ya'll even remember The hard knock life tour? That was pre blueprint1. You just mad cuz I proved you wrong, like I done to Duke Boy a dozen times. Take it like a man. @ Duke Boy, do you realize you have never once proved me wrong on anything. I'm right every time you disagree. So HERPES wants to get mad Cuz he doesn't like the words I use. HA you a joke. Second off, I wasn't bragging I was making a point , So if you have a counter argument I'd love to hear it but you don't so you will just keep calling me a gay groupie. Thats fine go for it your not hurting feelings over here. I'm still going to see The Roots this weekend at the Shamrock Festival so there some more info about me to make fun of. I'd love to see you there but you'll be blogging about me on here instead. At least we agree that the stimulus Package is the shit.

    • HRCMS

      I agree with you duke, he definitly got his knees dirty at the BP3 concert, but Bragging about Q tip, really exosed what kind of motherfucker he was Q tip, come on man

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      @ HRCMS...................I guess C-ARSON thought he knew his rap because he shaking hands and getting hugs from rappers..............I bet when he first saw Jay he was saying "Jay I love you u, Im your biggest fan"...............He must've sucked Memphis Bleek to get backstage passes...............

    • HRCMS

      @ duke, thats real talk, he bragged that he met Drdre, shook Jay z, hand, and smoked a blunt with Qtip, during a blog session last week, thats some groupie shit, what real man gets excited about that, guess he's going to write a book like superhead

    • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

      @ C-ARSON..................I know Jimmy a idiot thats old news................ yes he did post his weight and height..............

    • C-Arson

      Jimmy really did that? Have you seen the posts, that fucker has become a celeb on DX. there is like 50 people that despise him. shits funny


    Should a man go to a concert and sneak back stage to meet their faverite rapper to brag about it like Carson did, or should that be expected by a female like its traditionally been, please comment to set the record straight


      Seriously Carson, at what point does it go from being at a concert, to getting back stage to see Qtip, even a die hard fan would just say whats up and keep it moving, what you did is what the females do linger around in hopes to service their faverite rapper


      Some of thes niggas is bitches too

    • CHI-TOWN

      No way a man should be excited about meeting a rap artist, remember the song Stan, this definitly applies


    @ Carson, new topic, when is being a groupie ass bitch going to far, what did you do to get back stage at those concerts, you always got some shit to say, so let us hear how many dicks you sucked to get to the prize

    • HRCMS

      @ Carson good luck getting back stage at the BP3 concert, but confirm for the readers what you said about being with Dre, Jay, and Q tip, no homo, but you did say that shit

    • C-Arson

      ya'll talk about all this gay shit. good luck with that.


    @ HOLLAR AT ME, yo this dude carson is a real groupie like bitch, just to let you know what type of dude your blogging with, he bragged last week about how he met DR dre, shook JAYZ hand, and smoked a blunt with Qtip, that sounds like some back stage dick sucking superhead type of shit, real dudes brag about going to concerts and meeting girls, the highlight of this fools life was blowing a blunt then blowing qtips dick


      Lol, oh, I see he's a back stage sneaking motherfucker, he probably dont like wayne, because wayne would not let him suck his dick, lol dont no real man brag about meeting no rap dudes, only bitches do that

  • Level32

    Wack! Wack! Wack! 50 Cent, Drake, and Rebirth! Drakes cold that's my dude I got his album I tried to help his sales out because 1 million records aint far fetched. 50 just fell off, and he got Dre so what's his excuse, Em sold more than fif and Drake combined, I rest my case. Wayne, you had a Kanye Moment! Don't let it happen again home slice you still got my vote for top 5 rappers alive.


    @ Carson your a real bitch ass nigga, rebirth don't sound no different then Kid rock or any of those other white boys that jacked hip-hop and added rock to it, you never know what the fuck your talking about, maybe cause your a punk ass white boy, trying to be black, you bitch ass wigger, stay off the hip-hop sites and go back to rock and roll,


      @ Carson i know that your a punk ass bitch, that likes Kid Rock, man up and admit that your a white boy for all of this site to see, and know that you really have no knowledge of hiphop, also woman up and admit your gay, you on this site all day, any real man that likes pussy would not have so much time on his hands

    • C-Arson

      @Holler at this dick! You way off buddy. your just wrong so man up and accept it. I know exactly what I'm talking about.

  • BOAW! BOW!

    REBIRTH GO HARD. get a life, knockout, runnin, fuck today, groundzero, drop the world!!! all go hard IF U GOT THAT SHIT YOU ALREADY KNO, the songs that didnt make the album go hard too- Hot Revolver, single, damndamn, im goin in, in da morning FREE WEEZY

  • nyblackguys

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  • rdubs2

    I bought Rebirth and wanted to like it but it's not a rock album it s just autotune with some guitar. I've liked wayne since the block is hot but this album was a waste of time the Carter 4 should go platinum

    • Heat45

      For Sure Rdubs

    • BOAW! BOW!


    • sukmycok

      Co-sign, i peeped the album from this chick who is in love with wayne and its no rock album compared to artist true to the genre! it had a few tracks i could dig, like the one with nicki minaj, where wayne talks abouts about once you go black u never go back, LOL. dump shit like that is funny to me! on fire is just a remake of a scarface soundtrack song, not original. to sum it up the album was wack.

    • He got it right

      Its about damn time someone called out Waye on his bullshit excuse of a "rock" album. It was an auto-tune mess. But since rap fans don't know shit about real instruments making music they assume guitar=rock music

  • Lee

    anyone who thinks rock fans bought rebirth is an idiot.


      @ Carson, limp biskit, kid rock, rebirth are all in the same catagory you faggot, if you like kid rock which im sure you do with your cracker ass, then you like Rebirth, Wayne actually raps better then kid rock, im not a fan of rock music, but obviously rebirth is selling, and the same people that like Kid rock im sure supported Wayne you dum ass motherfucker

    • sukmycok

      i think mostly women in love with wayne brought that basura! LOL

    • C-arson

      @holler at me You obviously have no knowledge of Rock music nor any of its sub genres. Kid Rock would rather be stoned to death then be compared to rebirth's trash of a music.


      The same rock fans that like rap, and like rap,rock acts like Kid Rock, and Limp Biskit, will, and im sure have bought Rebirth, its the same type of music, I dont like any of the bullshit rock stuff, but their is an audiance for it, as shown with acts like Kid rock

    • holier then thou

      I'm siding with Lee, Rock fans hate rebirth more then rap fans. at least some rap fans praise Wayne for doing somethig different. Rock fans legitly hate the album


      @ LEE, hip hop heads wasnt feeling it, didnt buy it, shit was on some Kid Rock shit, thats rock homie, so white kids with money to spend on cd's that like rock bought the album, not the heavy metal acid, cocain sniffers like yourself

  • NYCatITSbest

    Why yall surprised Drake mixtape did 400k Chamillionaire Mixtape Messiah 1 did 200k, independent tho but I think when people get jobs, more albums with be sold

  • ish

    Dam never knew Drakey was doing so well, look at the amount of units sold..nearly beating out 50... shame.

    • HRCMS

      @ Carson, herpes is what your mother has bitch, dont have look far to see that you dont know what the fuck your talking about, and im always going to call yo hoe ass out when i see it, stop talking about you making money stupid ass, this is the internet, it has no relevance, makes it seem like your blogging from a homeless shelter, every time somebody checks your bitch ass you start talking about money, which means you have none

    • C-arson

      @herpes The fuck you talking bout I must of missed those worthless excuses you call blogs. Unlike you i don't troll the blogs lookin for someone that said something about someone. eat horse shit, pick carefully through the horse shit faggot. All the fuck your wack ass is gonna do is bitch and moan while i'm makin money. Maybe hijack my name and say some bullshit. You were wrong before and you wrong now so bring a valid argument to the table or fuck off or I'll do absolutely nothing just like your ass.

    • HRCMS@

      @ Carson, lol, maybe your right, calm down, I told you before I was taking my foot off your neck, another disrespectful outburst like that and im going to run your ass off this site, im going to give you a pass this time, keep the integrity in your blogs, and choose your words carefully, freedom of speech, just watch what you say

    • C-arson

      @HERPES aka HRCMS- BULLSHIT! Feburary 13th it was offically released.

    • HRCMS

      Drakes So Far Gone came out in Sept 09, as an EP,it has not been a year,



    • C-arson

      I'm not defending 50 but Drake's album been out for well over a year.

  • Heat45

    Lil Wayne must have a pretty loyal fan base cuz that album is flat out horrible.. There isn't a single good song on the album.. Drop the World is alright but Its not enough.. And hes still gonna sell 500,000 albums.. To me thats crazy.. I mean if I hear an album and It has good songs on it I'll buy it.. But some people will buy their favorite artists album whether its good or not.. Just because its their favorite artist..

    • brrrr

      REBIRTH=GOOD MUSIC for real though wayne said before it ever came out that everyone isnt goin like it. its just not for everybody and if u already dont like wayne dont waste your time wit the hatin. if u wanna give it a far shoot tho smoke a blunt first and chill wit it.

    • rdubs2

      ur right Heat 45 i bought Rebirth because I'm a fan of Wayne. I'm glad I used a Best Buy gift card rather than my own money haha...if he's trying to open a new fan base it failed. The Carter 4 should be good but I think he should stop saying Best Rapper Alive on every CD...after I heard all the autotune on Rebirth i've been bumping DOA a lot lol

    • HRCMS

      Im sure the added fanbase will help him when Carter4 drops, Rebirth will at least go gold,

    • C-arson


    • ....

      you would think that but people who like real rock music don't like it either- they dont believe its "real rock". It's most likely his usual fan base buying it because it's - Lil Wayne, not because it's good music

    • HRCMS

      @ Heat, I didnt like the album either, im thinking maybe he opened up to a new fan base(kids who traditionally like rock music) and they buying it

    • Heat45

      DFRANCE.. Have you heard of youtube? Have you heard of music video's?.. Have you heard of radio? Have you seen the headphones they have at almost every music store that allow you to listen to snippets of every album?Have you ever listened to a CD that a friend of yours bought to sample it out and see if you want it? Enough said..

    • dfrance21

      How did you hear the album if you didn't buy it? Its people like you, pirating music, that cause artists to have lackluster sales. Lil Wayne does have loayal fans, that hear he's got an album out go out and BUY the music instead of illegally downloading it. Then if it sucks it sucks but thats the way its supposed to work. I'm a NAS fan and never once have I listened to an album of his before deciding if I'm going to buy it. I hear its coming out and I go get it.

    • Heat45

      @ BRRR.. What do you like about it? maybe you see something I don't..

    • brrrr

      REBIRTH IS THE SHIT !!!!!!!!

    • C-arson

      true. Wayne sells to small children. like 7 and up. A grown man rocking out to that shit is a walking joke

  • haze

    the game album r.e.d will see 50,000 his 1st week he do a lil better then khaled but they both suck

  • Pharoah1221

    i dnt give a fuck cuz 50, Em, and Jay proves lyricists are at the forefront of the industry, they sold enough albums 2 just sit and laugh at the other weak ass artists struggle. 50 has 3 plat albums and goes gold one time and he's considered weak? Even Jay Z had a slow selling album, remember The S Carter Files 2? I'm no dick rider, but ppl need 2 stop hatin cuz until Rebirth and Gucci go plat, then yal can talk shit

    • zaybklyn


    • Heat45

      @FROMDASOUTH.. Weezy sold 3 mill on his last rap album.. But that was at his peak popularity...He has almost completely lost his buzz... Hows the saying go "When they get used to you they won't love you no more" well looks like even Weezy is falling victim to that.. He will fall out of the platinum bracket and into the gold just like 50, Game, Snoop, smd everybody else whos name isn't Eminem or Jay-Z.. So stop worrying about whos talking shit and just support whatever you like..

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Rebirth is rock album right? Go look at wayne album sales on his last rap album and compare them to 50 last rap album.. Aite then and GUCCI is hood Platinum already!! Only real niggas can relate to his shit!! Hell, it's only a few of us left!!

  • Heat45

    Damn ya gotta feel bad for Khalad and the whole terror squad.. They probably spent a lot of money on the victory album and the jose2 album with all the guest appearances and they didn't sell jack.. Damn now i see why everybody hates 50.. He attacks artists and permanently bans them from ever making money in music again.. I don't know how he does it but he does.. But he still can't knock Jay-z's hustle.. no one can..

  • LAfine


  • Giovani Dos Santos

    Joe Budden sickest in the game.

  • palistinian

    yes yes yall! khaled the best...he running the charts mufukkas! we the best!

  • Billiekidoz

    Wow Little Wayne Flopped bad compared to his previous.

    • Heat45

      @JasonCtown.. I only did that because you say comments like "over your head" and im just letting you know that any 8 year old with an average intelligence can comprehend the deepest rap song.. Your not the only one who understands music..

    • JasonCTown

      @Heat45.. Thx for the home schooling. When is your book out? Can I get a signed copy? I guess I should grab a copy, read it, and then comment only once I grasp the handle that you have on everything.

    • Heat45

      @JASONCTOWN.."Hiphopheads" "Fans of real hip hop"... Just a bunch of made up terms... Usually when someone says one of those terms it means they like political/compound syllable raps(and they probably like beat box).. They don't focus on the beat but they focus on the potency of the flow... I get that.. Somebody like Black Thoughts, Nas, or Common is a far more talented lyricist than someone like 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, or Nelly.. But the truth is it's all real hip hop.. Have you ever thought maybe some people can find 50 Cent or any other rapper inspirational.. Everyone is gonna have different taste.. some people only like what they call "real hip hop" Some people like pop hip hop(like Drake) and some people like hardcore hip hop(like 50 Cent) Me I like a little bit of everything.. I can listen to 50.. I can listen to Ice Tea.. I can listen to Master P.. I can listen to mos def.. I can listen to Diddy.. I can listen to Nas.. I can listen to KRS 1.. I can listen to Eminem.. The list goes on and on..

    • JasonCTown

      @Heat45... 50 puts up (or has in the past) huge numbers, but look at who is buying his CDs. Im not trying to cast everyone under the same light, but the dudes I know who listen to 50, dont really know a whole lot about hip-hop. I'll play some shit that most hip-hop heads would consider dope, but it goes over most peoples heads....including some of my friends. And to be fair, I have a wide variety of friends, most of whom dont branch too far from 'mainstream' hip-hop.


      im not looking for drake album give me C4

    • Heat45

      There are only 4-5 rappers out there who can put up numbers above 400,000 right now... There are only 3-4 rappers who are holding on to their relevancy more than 50 Cent.. (There are a lot of rapper who are more talented than him).. But as far as rappers falling off... I guess Jay-z and Eminem are the only 2 rappers who haven't.. Lil Wayne's buzz was huge in 07-08 but in 09-10 people are losing interest(no offense to Weezy fans but it happens to every artist sooner or later).. Drake is on the rise but hes more into pop/rock/r&b than hip hop.. Who else is there who is there? Kanye? He hasn't rapped in 2 years.. All his new stuff is pop singing with auto tune.. Who else? I mean we all know 50 has the lyrical talent of Andy Milanakis.. But he still finds a way to make a large number people feel his material.. At least be honest people..


      50 didnt have a hit off hiz ya nigga hiz last abum dude done pass the fork

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Was his previous a rock album? Nah, I don't think so.. Aint 2 many niggas buyn a rock album, hell I don't care who drops one. So u can't even compare it sales from this to sales from his last rap album. Now 50 just fell off and it aint got shit to do with downloading or leaks. Lil Wayne, Jay, and EM last rap album went platinum and thats giving them short of the credit thats due. These niggas in the same rap industry as 50!! If 50 was putn that same type of shit out that he put out on his first 2 albums then he to will go platinum..

    • Dubest

      True dat. Almost as bad as 50 flopped. Smh at album sales these days. 50 sold 11 million less than 5 years ago and now he struggling to go gold. Damn shame

    • Jameerxzcdfks

      True dat.

  • C-arson

    Dj khaled sold 30k?? you bought that??? That still sounds like a lot of people for a shit album.

  • Yungest In Charge

    Damn hiphop is dead cus evybody an there mama is on da internet bootleggin...i dnt give a fuck wa yall say rock album or not weezy flop HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! an who da fuck keep buyin BEP cd????????????? dat soft boy drake hit 400k wit a mixtape damn!!!! An Y is jay puttin out music???? he shuld spend his time puttin a few kids in beyonce....an word to 50....LEAVE INTERSCOPE NOW.......lololololol KHALID FLOP AGAIN NO SURPRISE THERE


    gucci that nigga dawg do u no kid grown azz man (follow me) killer track 3 week repeat khaled go dj homie dam wow that wack azz rock album gonna go gold dam

  • AngryJoe

    The digital age has changed shit. If you're album only has 1 or 2 hot tracks, people will download those 2 songs (legally or illegally), and your album will stay collecting dust on store shelves.

  • krbinc

    dj khaled need a new logo, cause we the best ain't working for him

  • css1323

    Can someone help me out for a second? Why are all these kids (on iTunes, Amazon etc) goin' around and saying shit like "GUCCI IS THE BEST! GUCCI WINS, EM SUCKS"? Some kinda feud going on? Why do people like this rapper, anyway? A fad? Shit, I just replayed 50's "The Massacre" album and that shit is underrated. The beats are sick on that album.

    • Heat45

      Gotcha... Yeah it was one of my fav CD's until Carter3 came out.. But curtis was disappointing i thought.. BISD is pretty good... He actually even compound syllable rhymes most of the time.. But people hate on him so much now because his attitude that it won't get any respect either...

    • css1323

      Dude, 50 album got trashed in reviews.. that's what I'm saying. People are gonna buy the CD based on how popular the first few singles were, doubt anyone got much more from the album. Just saying that in retrospect it's an aight album.

    • Heat45

      Massacre sold almost 12 mill worldwide.. Its like the highest selling album of the decade.. It had 3 top billboard singles.. How are you gonna say underrated?

    • KeyBranson

      The Massacre... Definitely Underrated

  • ceazar

    yeah we'll save his mom sex change and marriage


    Gold is the new platinum.

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