Murs To Release 10 Albums in 10 Months

Murs lives up to a promise he made to HipHopDX last year as he readies ten albums in ten months for 2010.

Murs has a lot of music in the vault. Although fans have been anticipating his latest project Fornever, a release with producer 9th Wonder, he says he has much more in store. Recently, the Mid City Los Angeles emcee announced that he would be releasing ten albums in ten months in 2010.

The theme may also lead to a box set that will be released in October.

"10 albums 10 songs each in 10 months in the year 2010. 10/10/10 box set will be available," he announced on his Twitter page. "Or you can wait till 12/28 for the last piece."

Believing that fans may take it as a joke, he has repeated himself more than once on the subject.

This can be as a result of his time spent after releasing his Warner Brothers debut, Murs for President. Since that album, Murs has been working on a variety of projects with various artists. In August of last year, Murs spoke to HipHopDX about all the music he is ready to release and promised the ten records to us back then.

“A lot of people keep asking about Murs and 9th Wonder. It never went away. We never stopped doing shit. We’re going to do shit forever. So, Murs and 9th Wonder coming [in 2010]... I got a punk rock group called The Invincibles with this gang called Whole Wheat Bread coming out this year. I’ve also been working on some stuff with DJ Quik and Terrace Martin. We’re doing a whole ghetto, hood, electro, dance, sex, party record. We’ve been working on that. We’ve got a few songs knocked out. I’ve also got Varsity Blues 2, man. So, I got like 4 records coming out. I’m going to have like 10 records in the next year, man. Stay tuned because as soon as I get free from Warner Brothers, it’s going to be a party.”

Now free, it seems he's ready to get that party started.


  • wicket

    yall are the biggest hatters I'v seen in resent memory, DAMN!! If you been listing to murs from the mid 90s you would know that he has never put out a album that has been close to trash. If people can put up with other artist putting out BS mixtapes every damn minute of the hour that sounds like some shit, I'm 100% sure that you will love all 10 if these albums by murs, believe me I know.

  • (o)

    Quality > Quantity Just cuz lil Wayne makes a million mixtapes doesn't mean any of them are good. The only rapper who took this approach and made tons of quality music was 2pac.

  • nyblackguys

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  • wolfman

    I'm with the majority of you. I can't imagine how this could be a good thing. Unless this plan is to get his name pumpin' in the public all year, and maybe he could make some money on promotions and tours. Regardless, aritsts don't make money from records anymore...a d obviously Murs knows that. Best to roll with the trends in the industry and promote yourself the best way possible. Who are the leaders? Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Dre, Eminem... Don't even bring up some names who haven't been around more than 5 years. These dudes are always relevant in the MAINSTREAM. Don't matter if their CDs are bootlegged or not...and they make their big money off other interests and tours. Not the album.

  • willblieve

    When will rappers learn quantity dont mean shit. If you can spend all that time making a lot of good music then use it to make less but great music. 10 albums 10 months 10 copies sold.

  • Assassin221

    I got mixed feelings about this because on the one hand I figure most artists can spit way more rhymes or make way more beats than they'll be able to release on a label with promotion and everything, so it's cool that they want to put more music out. But at the same time, when you have to go through a lot and take time between albums, I feel like it forces artists to make better and more significant music because it's a project, not just a few tracks. I guess that's why they invented mixtapes...

  • wat fiddy wud say

    murs is a lame thats y i dont fuk with him fuck yung buck too

    • FAB-0

      im the future but i doubt it now cause 50 is still around

    • DJ NE YO

      yo nigga u the truth sum1 give ROSSEY a job, hes a 50 followerer so deserves the best out of live fuk the other lames yayo is the future banks is ill

    • ROSSEY

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      i fuked nikki minaj i think, cause we grinded i think and then had sex nikki minaj is hot

    • j-status

      thats so true, my nigga u the truth fuk murs, fuk game and fuk buck they all lames call yayo out

  • Tricky70390

    This sounds like a bad Idea man that a hundred songs over the course of an entire year. I doubt the quality can be that consistent. Hell especially album quality.

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  • yaboyla

    hope aint trash. making a good album takes time.

  • chali brown

    LMNO: IS ALREADY PUTTING OUT 12 ALBUMS THIS YR. WITH 12 DIFFERNET PRODUCERS, so here we go agin with rappers follwing TRANEDS.

  • big braveheart

    Loved the Murs 3:16 the 9th edition lp - that shit was damn cool!

  • FourTrackFiasco

    People will get sick of him by the 5th one. Chamillionaire has one of the most loyal fan bases in hip-hop. Even his fans got tired of the Mixtape Messiah series by the 6th, and they were released over several years. Thanks but no thanks Murs.

  • IndustryOG

    If you understood the nature of business, no corporation ever "took" anything. It's a matter of supply and demand, and that if one artist with integrity is not willing to jump through hoops to sell a record, or sell a soul so to speak, there will be some other sucker that is willing to do so. Art for the sake of art means making it with no intention of selling it, and once the business aspect is injected, then all hell breaks loose. Yes, this digital push button age of getting everything instantly means that a lot of crap will get dumped on us if we choose to pay attention to it. It's still a matter of choice of what we want to listen to, you don't like it, put on something you do like. Getting sick of anything means you're just being lazy and ultimately bitter because of it. And yes, Madlib can probably drop an album a day because he is prolific. I also hear that LMNO's 10 albums are only a fraction of what he's recorded in the past decade. I don't know that Murs is necessarily a biter, but I'm sure hearing about LMNO's 10 pack gave him some inspiration to really put out the 10 albums he had in his prolific stash as well. The guys I hear trashing any of these prolific artists are usually people who struggle to finish one album let alone one song.

  • ismerubahd

    I do recall LMNO announcing the 10 albums in 2010 w/ a box set to be released on 10/10/10 from this very website FIRST. I don't want to go into biting or anything like that but maybe it's a growing trend...a new industry standard. Murs is dope, can;t wait for the new music, and yes, Madlib is doing 12 albums this year. Who came up with it first? Who cares. Disposable art? The world should stop "stealing" these art pieces then.

    • wolfman

      will never happen.. you gotta roll with the changes in the industry. artists know they don't make their paper off records anymore.. it's about promotion and tours.

  • rapelite

    10 albums, impossible!

  • Big Ev

    i like the idea of a mixtape marathon or whatever the hell you want to call it... i think people kinda get upset with artists like dre holding back all of his music and just want him to FUCKIN DROP ALREADY so we dont spend years waiting on a cd... however, most of zoe's stuff in february was pretty forgettable and i agree that the marathon process has to be done right to get the right point across... if you just put out a bunch of garbage, your accomplishment loses weight... i think doing an album a month is much more plausible then an album (or mixtape) a day... good luck murs... hopefully you can pull it off with some style

  • LAfine

  • Rick M.

    I seem to recall that LMNO announced he was doing this same thing MONTHS ago. Matter of fact, LMNO is getting ready to drop the 2nd album of the 10 next week...and Murs just announced this yesterday? Last I heard, that's what we call bitin'.

  • 808SHIRTS

    How about ya'll chill with all the negativity. U dont like it dont buy it. Its not like you cant preview the ish. Im ready to add some MURS stuff to my collection. LET'S FLOW MURS!!!

  • The Anti-Bullshyt Theory

    What is the DEAL with all these cats with these multi mixtapes/LPs marathons?! I am so SICK of niggas exercising DISPOSABLE ART! If Hip-Hop has gotten to such a point where artists are making so much music to where they just throw thhe shit out there, and most time for free, then there should be NO MORE COMPLAINTS from ya'll about people jackin ya shit for free over the net! And in alot of ya'lls cases it dont matter if you even fuck around and out an LP for each day of the year. Thats just wasted energy if enough muthafuggas aint checkin for you. You burn yaself out faster and spread yaself too thin (50 Cent is a classic case). If the spotlight is EVER to come back to Hip-Hop in the form of quality & integrity, We have to get the power we've given to the Corporations BACK and reinstate the real rules to emcee'n and every other aspect of OUR culture. Maybe then we can get these wack ass wocka fuck ass niggas off the radio.

  • AngryJoe

    I got a better idea. How about just 2 good ones, and go on tour between them?

  • INOA

    Fuck outta here with this bullshit Murs


    =10k album solds if that many

  • ceazar

    Face was designed 2 give me the game cuz i was kid in school, he said y r u sitting on ur ass and Dre the u like 2 sit on ya ass is because u got a lot of dick riders around u.

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