DMX Arrested, Battling Addiction

UPDATE #2: DMX remains held without bond until March 16, catch the video footage of DMX going off in court.

DMX's penchant for getting in trouble with the law continues, as the once-superstar rapper was once again arrested.

According to, the Yonkers rapper was arrested yesterday (March 9) in Arizona for violating the terms of his probation by using illegal drugs over the past nine months.

"He's been battling addiction for some time and he's in need of treatment," says X's lawyer, Gary Jenkins.

"We're hoping that maybe Dr. Drew might be able to help him," added Jenkins, referring to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a radio and television personality who specializes in addiction medicine. In addition to hosting the syndicated radio talk show Loveline, Pinsky produces and stars in the Vh1 show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

The Ruff Ryder has been arrested for countless charges in recent years, including having a warrant for having no vaild driver's license, as well as drug and animal cruelty charges.

UPDATE: Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio revealed to MTV News today that the Yonkers emcee admitted to using cocaine, as drugs were found. As a result, the once-platinum superstar rapper remains in Maricopa County Jail. The sheriff was quoted as saying, "I think it's about time to give him hard time."

The sheriff did also suggest a behind-bars drug program that could allow DMX more leniency to expected parole violation sentencing.

UPDATE: DMX, who is currently detained until a March 16 hearing without bond, had this outburst in court on March 9. Catch TMZ's footage.


  • Anonymous

    I wish dmx get of those drugs an comeback. if it wasn't for drugs he would have been something to reckon with


    If there's one guy I always hope came back it was X, but I pray he gets rid of his demons and lives peaceful even if it means giving up rapping forever.

  • Kevon

    In the major leagues, Pain in the streets, The life, odd were with us,when she came into me in stores soon mi niggaz

  • Kevon

    playin theyself like I'M some kid a nostradamus man nigga

  • Kevon

    after the tumult this nigga trent brought to mi mind, playing theyself like I'm some kid a nostradamus man ,nigga it is treach

  • Kevon

    after the tumult this nigga trent brought to mi mind, playing theyself like I'm some kid a nostradamus man nigga it is treach

  • Kevon

    Be aware wats coming, who the f play that joint, cross em out, when she came into me

  • TuPinchJefe

    X is and always will be a real motha fucker ...if you think about it hes really one of the only rappers that is REALLY still in the hood, livin life like the rest of us not some fake ass studio gangsta ...but dam homies back on that crack smoke..X is slippin fallin n cant get up.

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  • brick city gutta nigga

    let a nigga live yo!!!

  • nyblackguys

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    This dude needs to holla at Allah cuz Jesus just aint doin it for him....

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  • Sike G

  • Cuzin Vito from NJ

    WTF is his issue shyt i use to like coke i use to smoke crack but my ass got off the shit and been 1 and half year sober, shit still smoke green but my head is clear, DUDE X GET OFF THE WHITE BITCH LET HER GO YOU A BETTER ARTIST AND PERSON THAN THAT, shit if your music was influenced by the drugs well shyt do the jail time and figure out a new reason to rap not just cuz your hop up on shit

    • the truth is here

      different struggles for each person.. im gonna go out on a limb and guess that X has a lot more personal demons than you do/had (big ups on the sobriety though, wish i could say the same)

  • 226th & Bronxwood

    where the hell is pastor ma$e lol

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  • zlander

    damn..i cant wait until the movie about his life comes out

  • wolfman

    Damn, Arizona fucked his shit UP! I know X wanted to bail from AZ, but was probably held there because of his probation set-up. All a plan to keep the dude in AZ; where the cops can work on busting his ass daily. What a bunch of sad bullshit, and fuck 5 0. All these dudes so busy judging people down here on Earth...lockin' dudes up for destroying their OWN lives. Somehow, a person with a gold badge feels righteous taking peoples lives for what they think is good... WTF has humanity come to. Let X have his fuckin' pipe in peace!

  • It's Um

    So his suppose album has been officially dead for some time.

  • nyblackguys

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  • Orange Juice Simpson

    Look out for that new "Crackheads Gone Wild DVD" Featuring DMX!!! Coming Soon!

  • PRE459

    Did he really EXPLODE? Media is always making a mountain out of an ant hill. Yes, DMX.. F-A-M... you need help. Ya fans give a fuck about you.. at least I wanna say they do.. but you gotta care for yo self, King. You can do it... We know you can. PREMO 459

  • OTAY

    DMX aka Tyrone Biggums



    • Geno The King of Godz

      He was the first concert I went to as well. Cash Money/Ruff Ryders. This is some sad shit. He was one of the guys who helped pull hip-hop thru the post Big & Pac era with straight bomb music. X need rehab, no one can ever emulate this cat style n flow. Ja tried & crashed n burned.


    Damn Maricopa? Isn't that the prison where they wearing pink and treated like shit? Anyways, it really does suck to see DMX like this, all fidgety on the video and shit. His first few albums are timeless, good luck X. I'm still bumpin' your shit.

  • icu ucme

    Damn, my man is smoking crack........smh. Un-fucking-believable.

  • hiphopStan

    I hate to sound cliche but....Cocaine is a helluva drug!

  • Dj Blitz

    Yo X, fall back until you finish your probation.I imagine that your addiction goes back many years.You probably can't perform or function without the substances. But you did it to yourself by doing dumb s..t.

  • dmx

    lol oops ma fault but i just cant help it and belive me im tryin to stop

  • dmx

    wat the fuck dmx man do you want me to. come and beat the fuck out of you then you will stop taking drugs and. stop going jail wat the fuck huh get your self some help man suge knight called you a crack head wat the fuck man x jst get of jail man !

  • demetriss saunders

    crazy stupid

  • demetriss saunders

    Not again.Just keep his no learning ass in jail

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  • Mrs. TM103

    X..... Not again!!! I still got mad luv for the big dog!! Keep ya head up hommie...

  • Mrs. TM103

    Damn X..... Not again!!! I still got mad luv for the big dog!! Keep ya head up hommie...



  • Pronoun

    Anyone who would condemn DMX has obviously never really listened to his albums. This guy is literally the first major rapper since Tupac to really pour all of himself into his records. I know he's a crackhead, I know he wilds the fuck out (Impersonating an FBI officer?!?), etc., but if you're a true fan of hip hop, all you can do is salute that man, and wish him the best. DMX, one of the greats. I don't give a fuck what he did.

  • alleyedoishiphop

    Who ever thought Ja Rule's legacy in hiphop would be greater than Dark man X? lol Really? .............

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  • Peter Cottonmouth

    In the end DMX will be sucking Dick for Coke just like Bob Sagat in Half-baked

  • sukmycok

    who cares!!!! fuck Earl Simmons, crack head ass.

  • Blaxxx

    They need to give this ni99a like 10 years or something. I'm tired of him doing all this dirty shit and gettin little time. Just throw his ass in there and forget about him. I could picturehis DVD.............DMX: The True Definition Of Fallin' Off

  • Whiterthanmost

    No! I refuse to believe this!

  • big braveheart

    What a complete fuck-up X is! He ain't made a decent album in years and has no respect for dogs at all, seeing he's ill treated them and buried them under his house for years so why should anybody give two fucks about him? RIP Corey Haim.

  • C-arson

    Crack is Wack! DMX legend of the fall offs.

    • HRCMS

      @ Carson your mothers head game was legendary when she was on the pipe, she would fall off on her knees and suck the whole crews dick, for a rock



  • bsmoov

    I have a family member battling addiction. I know it's hard but I wish X well. Get better son.


    Damn he cant seem to shake the habit, some people get clean and never look back and move forward to be successful, this dude just determined to be a crack head, its a shame cause i followed his career, and he was fire when he first came out, and years after as well

  • toby

    dmx is too gangsta for his own good... lol


    its a hard addiction i hope he gets help 1 love x u can do it

  • moh112

    seems like we'll never get a new DMX album

  • Talysman

    The fact that his rep called out Dr. Drew screams publicity ploy to me. That celeb addiction show gets attention and it'd be a foot back in spotlight for X. I'm a fan - but this is shameful. Hope you can get your act together while you're still able to grab a few headlines Dark Man.

    • wolfman

      LOL - STFU! I HIGHLY doubt X would ever plan a crack-head rehab stunt in the media for publicity. NO ONE who's ever really had a star career wants that kind of publicity.

  • M Brown

    DMX needs to get his Mind Body & Soul in order it's apart of life we all go through it im praying for you Big Bruh you gotta realize there is no future without a past you had GOD in the beginning so go back to when you were at ya best & believe in yourself too but believe in and put GOD 1st in ya life without Spiritual Guidance nothing is relevant or possible. Peace & Blessings

  • wolfenstein

    wouldnt be the first time, and certainly not the last...

  • blactrs78

    it really is funny how yall try to give this decade long crack head a pass. unlike some of yall hatin azz female tendency n1ggas i dont wanna see a n1gga do bad jus bc i dont care for his music so i do hope he's able to one day get pass this before it takes his life. his music was good for his time but even if he was clean he wouldnt be a dope rapper anymore even tho yall would try to act like he is. ii mean yall still acting like his career MIGHT not be over...lmao. come on. dis n1gga career BEEN over. and it needs to be bc clearly he needs to focus on just trying to handle day to day life without having to be high. but as far as music goes, he's done but hopefully he can get his life together. i wish him well....

  • Dretruth

    d get some real help and stop playing games with your soul.


    fuck that yall nigga bash wayne for his drug use but give this nigga a pass dude iz a fucking fiend straight up

    • DL Dub

      I love people who purposefully mispell words and use numbers instead of entire words because they are lazy and/or retarded. Seriously, the word is HIS not HIZ. IS not IZ, to/too not 2 and for, not 4. This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood educated nigga. Stay in school or I'll rob ya ;)

    • BEANTOWN88

      its funny how 2pac was using cocaine and nobody never said nothing ?????


      you rite he just smoking crack and doing lines while trying to do gospel muzik dude my point was (yall dudes) give this man a pass thats all not who sold what or what kind of buzz they have my g's Shit, I don't want no beef, aha

    • KeyBranson

      They Both Are The Same As Any Other Fiend... X Isn't Glorifying His Addiction Or In Other Words Trying To Pass It Off As Being Cool... Like Wayne

    • wolfenstein

      "men lie, women lie, numbers dont" X had all of his first five albums debut at #1, except his last which missed the spot by ONLY like a hundred sales, so yea, he had a big buzz in 06...and 05...and 04,03etc.


      08 dude try 98 when block iz hot drop a album i didnt buy my g im not a mixtape fan so i didnt get on the lil dude off a mixtape more like 400degreez/how u luv that vol.1,2 when he was young yall said on this same website hiz buzz would be gone rite after c3 drop i cant 4get that anything the shit iz getting bigger this line iz 100% tru x had a buzz in 06? i hope dude get better but the nigga get a pass all im saying bra nothing to do with his music i think its a x track or two i can still play but a whole album hell 2 da no

    • wolfenstein

      To JOE6PACKNCGBORO336: Yea, X is a crackhead, but he's 10x better than Lil Wayne. Sure, Wayne has a buzz now, but thatll die off mark my words. X was in the limelight since his first album(1998), and had a buzz until his last(2006). Wayne has a buzz since what-08?! And Wayne has been rappin as long as DMX ahhaha, when X makes a return album that shitll will sell way better than Wayne, believe dat!


      x came an went wayne n jail still got better buzz then this nigga dude iz done an hes a mf crack head no the kidz in school bra im at work nigga do u

    • dontgiveafuck.

      that's because unlike dmx, wayne is a corny rapper. go wash your doodoo kid

  • kpanilaryea28

    does this guy live in arizona or somethin? he always gets arrested there wtf?

  • rick t.

    Smh...i guess it was a good thing he did,nt do that church show. Da kids or anyone else don,t need to see him like that. Come x get it together so we can see that Ruff Ryders reunion.

  • nixnox

    this dude is a waste of time, lock his ass up and throw away the key.

  • Drucifer1983

    Every generation has a guy like this, someone who has all the talent in the world but cant control their habits, He's basically our Rick James

  • LAfine

  • dontgiveafuck.

    I dont understand .. this dude is the shit on the mic. I play all his albums because of the message into it. But like one said before me it seems like his career is OVER ! he has too many demons to fight against for being able to focus on his music again. and to all the motha fuckaz cursing at him saying he's a crackhead etc. yall must be some god damn fools to talk bout someone you never met and judging upon him like that. cause if you knew just a second addiction is a fuckin mental disease !! plus X suffers from bipolar disorder so it does not help him that much either !

  • wakaaa

    tell him and myself to stick 2 weed brova

  • Powernupe

    What's new with this cat? Dude loves his drugs, not unlike millions of other Americans. His "problem" is that he's incapable of maintaining any level of social control with his addiction - in other words, he's a loose damn cannon, runnin' wild non-stop all day and night. When I think about DMX, one word comes to mind - problematic. Yo D, for cryin' out loud, pull yourself together, if at all possible fam. Your life has been a complete mess for a strong minute. Your news-bites aren't amusing fam. You really need help.

  • Siege

    Death of his career or Perfect Comeback Career move

  • wolfman

    ....marks the end of a legend... R.I.P. DMX.

  • tuuts

    lol DMX on celebrity rehab would be highly entertaining

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