Yesterday (March 8) was a busy day for Cash Money Records. The New Orleans, Louisiana-based label watched its biggest star, Lil Wayne, leave a New York courtroom in handcuffs for an eight-month stay on Riker’s Island. As that was happening, Wayne used his Twitter account to confirm that his Hot Boy brother, B.G., was back on the label that began his career.

“B.G. is signed to Cash Money Records,” read the simple tweet. The rapper also known as Bee Gizzle had been seen at Wayne’s Super Bowl going-away party, and had also been the subject of public discussion from co-founder of Cash Money, Birdman, who sympathized with both B.G.’s legal woes as well as his disappointing sales figures, despite releasing last year’s Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood through Atlantic Records, with T.I. executive producing.

B.G.’s last album with Cash Money was 2000’s Checkmate. Prior to that, he had spent five years with the label, releasing 1995’s True Story, which featured an adolescent Lil Wayne. The once platinum rapper has never equated the success since that he found at Cash Money, where he made “Bling, Bling.”

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