Lil Wayne Reports To Rikers Island For Sentence

After two delays, Lil Wayne left a Manhattan courtroom in handcuffs and begins his eight month sentence.

Lil Wayne was sentenced today (March 8th) after two delayed events. The Cash Money/Young Money platinum super-star had avoided sentencing last month for a dental emergency, followed by a Manhattan courthouse fire last week. has reported that Wayne is arriving at New York's Rikers Island this afternoon.

Wayne is expected to serve eight months from a .40 caliber gun and marijuana possession conviction stemming from a tour base search in 2007 while the rapper was on tour in Manhattan. The rapper was taken in handcuffs from court room to the prison where Styles P, Foxy Brown and Shyne have all served time

Many speculate that Wayne will remain in protective custody while in the prison, though officials have yet to confirm. While he is incarcerated, Mack Maine is expected to have a controlling hand at Young Money Records. The label will release Drake's Thank Me Later during that period.

This past weekend, a video to Wayne's Eminem-assisted Rebirth track "Drop The World" released.


  • benzcherif

    well i can say my legend is down but he will be back shortly i can not blame wayne for doing that,all human creatures are tempted to commit errors so we should all take it that way. well still love ma boy wayne so much but hope that will never happened again your fan weezy cherif and mac besky will be there always to support you wayne you are down but still alive

  • unbuckle

    cant wait for music to become a little bit better while wayne is in jail..then he comes out and people will say "WTF was i listening to"?


    Right now Weezy is regretting making "lolliepop" They go wobblety wobblety, wa a wobblety wobblety Wa a wobblety wobblety, drop drop it like its hot


    i wish dis nigga wud get merked in der but den wed be seein an hearin him for da next year until my ears swell up! neways dis fag boy gunna need pc now dats hes gunna be be in a box wit real gangstas dat didnt jus start throwin on colors to pretend to be hood on mtv. idk y anyone likes dis nigga he dresses talks and behaves like a fairy he kisses boys hes music is for white boys and chicken heads dat like a catchy beat and a cool hook like lickin lolipops. anybody dat knoes rappin knoes u dont sound like ass for a half ur career and den develop talent mid way through and if u do....... DEN EXPECT BOW WOWS LYRICAL SKILLS TO GO THROUGH DA ROUGH IN DA NEXT YEAR OR SO......


      fuck u talkin bout u dumb motherfucker if the case wus that i didnt kno how to spell than dat wudnt make me ignorant u dumb fuck(but obviously u ignorant cuz u dont even kno how to use ur words the way der defined in a motherfuckin dictionary), but it aint even dat im on a fuckin pfone n i get used to typin in differently to save space in textmessages so if u dont kno ur letters well enough to sound it out take ur ignorant ass back to grade school, o n by da way ur obviously on dis black dudes cock if u wanna try n spew all dis bad ass shit talk to me so explain how u think hed feel bout u callin people niggers (once again witout usin the word as its defined) go try n act hard to real nigga not on da internet but were he cud bitch smack ur ass

    • JonnyBlazeTha3rd

      quicker that fag gets shanked up, the better. i thought only snitches and child molesters get PC. mother fucker talks a big game on tracks n aint got the balls to scream su-wu on the yard? wtf weezy, you fake fuckin bitch, and all your fans just as fake for listening to your fake fuckin music.

    • Diamond D***

      You are one ignorant fuckin n1gger you know that...Honestly can you go back and reread what you posted.."derr n lok n si dat yew kent spel yew dumb fuck" Ignorant ghetto dumpster baby..Its mother fuckers like you that collect my tax money to feed your 10 illegitimate kids with all different ghetto sluts...kill yourself

  • wack arnolds

    DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

  • untouchpuertorocNYC

    Wayne will not be in PC and if he was, so what! All "high profile" heads get addition, "The Island" aint no where near the way it was...that shit is soft now, compared to the late 80's and 90' fight, you get a charge! Back in the day if you cut someone, you went in the "The Bing", now you catch an assualt charge - WACK!

  • Dretruth

    Maybe he can write something real sitting there behind that steel. lollipop was the whip but can you come better -? I sure do wonder.

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  • maximuspop

    he should hook up with prodigy make a mixtape lol no but serious


    so now he's a punk cause he got pc come on man

  • maximuspop

    wayne and prodigy mixtape!!!!

  • ceazar

    Kevin lyles need them masters, adx, Face needs 2 be in control wit u only ass a face u gon have green mile security force around u at all times including at home, dont sniper

  • It'sTheMulaaa

    You niggas talking like if you was wayne you wouldn't go to PC. over a million niggas want to straight up kill wayne wtf you dudes talking about is above bullshit Free wayne. best rapper alive

    • John-Boy

      No one wants to kill Wayne. They were gonna fuck his fag ass and send him back to Baby. Shyne wasn't in P.C. T.I. asked if he could be but in general population and they forced him into PC. These two weren't scared so why make excuses for Wayne, the man who all of you claim is some type of super thug extra hardened criminal. Wayne is a fuckin chump. He been rich since he 12 so when on earth did he have time to do so much thug shit like he rap about? Never thats when. I bet he cried like a bitch as soon as the cameras were off him.

  • LAfine

  • carter4


  • Neo

    ag man i just feel sorry for him, but 8 months is not much and besides its not like he comitted murder. ill always support and love weezy

  • Billy The Kid

    I hope he gets his throat slit. This way he can rap anymore or talk. I don't hope he dies, just not able to speak.

  • Maconheiro

    Man, you think wayne gives a shit about bein gangsta, or bein emotional or emo man? everyone sayin he aint no gangsta if he is doin rock song, if he is using auto tune, get real everybody, its all about money man, while you so called "gangsta" dont like this song, others will buy his cd for it.. and at the end, while u talk shit, he makes money! tell u the truth im not a hater or fan, idc about him, i care if i like the damn song or not. get real people!

    • staqz2high

      so r u proposin nobody comments on any celebrity becuase theyll still get paid? gay porn stars get paid and ima still call a faggot a faggot wen i see 1 and dat over da counter addicted, daddy kissin, ghost rap buyin fairy is a FAGGOT

  • JR. 5


  • BossRife

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  • datingblack

    People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect. They defend our country and safeguard our policy. Join, show your love and respect to our military heroes.


    riker is where wayne gotta act gangsta at

  • USD

    Wayne is scheduled to get out in November, but could be released early. regardless theres no way he can appear on the 2010 MTV 10 hottest list which comes out in late August/ September every year.

    • TheTruth

      TRUST ME..those coons at that roundtable(minus Sway) will still find a way to say LIL WAYNE IS STILL ONE OF THE HOTTEST RAPPERS OUT.

  • Roach Cleezy

    Weezy's his bitch's bitch. Send him back 2 Africa

  • bizz

    like the dudes music no homo but im loosin alotta repect for dude for pcing up....gangstas dont do that no matter what hes worth...if he was blood he'd be in general population instead of on a snitch yard

    • Powernupe

      It's not his decision to enter PC. Riker's will do this to protect their own liability. Placing a celebrity of his status in general population is a not in the best interest of the jail. Also, why would anyone - rapper, gangster, etc. - wish to be in general population when they know they're marked from day one? Exactly what are you proving? General population is full of ignorant inmates with something to prove - many of them are incarcertated for that very reason.


    Some inmates are gonna get rich off of this. Lets see how long those dreads last!!

  • ba11n

    REAL GANGSTAS do a dime like shyyne!weezy studio gangsta



  • Droops

    in all honesty though who gives a shit about this man..why do they constantly update us about his prision sentence..who the fuck cares??is he related to any of us??does he owe any of us money??no he doesnt so who gives a flying fuck about when or if he goes to jail or not..damn you writers sound like a bunch of women always looking for an update on his jail sentence..shit is fucking annoying already

    • pstyles_2000

      And you still read it anyway. lol

    • BWS-Fish

      theres updates about it on here because its a hip hop site and he's a hip hop artist. Do you think that Rolling Stone would ignore it if one of the members of the kings of leon went to prison. Of course not. stop letting your dislike of wayne cloud ure (retarded) little mind.

  • mr. gimik

    spoken by true internet thugs. if u faggots seen half the money he saw or had half the REAL celeb status youd want it too....but considering u sit behind a monitor gossiping bout another man.....your relegated to being a homo internet thug

    • mr. gimik

      i got u on the blood part i agree i think its a bad look for all these rappers bein bloods randomly BUT he went to jail ona gun charge reguardless if it was his....he got u on that part. i believe in peoples opinions n all but i think people hate on this dude for no reason. like your opinion on what i said i can dig, shit i thing is hate on him cus of reasons that make sense or else to me its jus men hatin on other men n thats homo. real talk

    • Droops

      dont rap about being a blood and guns if u aint real..

  • c-plus

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  • 504'sman

    Who the fuck are yall niggaz? lol, who the fuck wouldn't want protective custody? I keep forgettin this is the internet.

    • 504'sman

      like the fuck i said , i don't give a fuck who you are, i don't have to prove shit to nea nigga, smh niggaz don't even know what it takes to survive in that bitch, like i said this is the internet.

    • NemesisB3

      Why would u wanna live wit niggas dat in for raping or killing kids? NIggas that put they friends behind bars?? Whats good yo, sounds like u got somethin to hide homie! u sound like a rat straight up.

    • Droops

      you sound like a buster..who wouldnt want protective custody??only the mother fuckers who are scared or got hits out on them would..otherwise no "real" mother fucker gonna be PC'd up

  • d-skrilly

    please 50 piggybank this nigga!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Southernpeoplelovethatbass

    his softass asked for protective custody.what a little beeyatch..hes scared hes gona drop soap and be someones lil bitch.glad his in jail tho.theres goin to be a decline in the use of

  • John-Boy

    Thank God. This will be a great year for real hiphop music. Goodbye and good riddance. Oh yeah, Wayne REQUESTED to be put in protective custody while in jail. Soft ass nigga. Lets see what excuses his fans make about this one. LOL.

    • NemesisB3

      Anybody that go P.C is a bitch for real. Wayne may not gotta choice but if ya check urself in than u a bitch straight up. LIke i al ready said. Who wants to live wit child rapists an rats?? Plus whats tha chances the rats r gonna have trees. u sound stupid bro fo real. shhhit

    • Truth

      Like you would do gen pop if you could go PC. Dont be stupid, anyone who ever been locked down would make that same decision.

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