Shots Fired In Fight Between Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy Crews

Gucci Mane and Jeezy's posses squared off in Atlanta yesterday.

An altercation between members of Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy's posses yesterday (March 4) resulted in gunfire, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The fight reportedly began around 4:00 PM at Walter's Clothing in Atlanta, GA, and closed the store down for about 30 minutes.

"There was a physical altercation inside the location between several men," explained Atlanta Police spokesman James Polite. One of the men produced a weapon "and as a result a private armed security guard of a local entertainer discharged his weapon."

Apparently, the security guard, who was employed by rapper Waka Flocka, has been detained.

"They just started going at it," said Patrick Morrison, a Walter's employee who witnessed the fight.

Currently, Gucci Mane is serving time in Fulton County jail for a probation violation, and is due to be released in May.



    real white guy wit real talk,i fell u homie u say d truth,nd 4 nigas wishin gucci died fuk that i say u re a hater,i lik jeezy got al his album bt this is beef,the niga wit d best lines win the war, even thou big nd pac died they stil got d rymes. 50 nd ja, this and that ,bla bla bla bla.

  • curbstompa

    i wish Gucci Man got shot in his stupid gold teeth, then the bullet blew off the back of his neck. BRR!

  • real white guy

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  • who r u

    idk who thinks this is publicity because if u 4rm da a you kno these 2 camps dnt like each other an jus cuz gucci an jeezy squashed it dnt mean dese guys gne start lovin each other

  • J90

    YAWN...Thought this "beef" was over...

  • real white guy

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    • als_360

      uhhmmm kay, first of what the fuck do jay z and lebron got to do with this and you sound dumb ass shit saying they all about stats and nothing to show for it. HUH???? Jay-Z more hits than the beatles, Lebron potential NBA champ and I bet you would try to shoot a jumper if he guarding you he'll send your shit to china. I am not finished with you ass. He didn't curse at his moms he was trying to calm her down because she was in some shit she had nothing to do with like any loving mother. She suppose to look out for he son. Anyway man fuck what color you is you don't have to be no certain color to be talking about a bunch of dumb shit. You need to get off that meth boy! See you dumb because you being poor aint apart of black culture all types of people are poor. Do us a favor and shut the fuck up. Catchin charges don't get you street point either. What the fuck kind of hood you grow up in. Bitch niggaz catch charges too. All rapper don't spit real shit either boy. Stop hatin on Lebron. Im a Pac fan too,(god bless the dead) but damn. That nigga dead he aint comin back. It's a rap, no pun.

    • iLLuminati Killer

      iNTERESTING STUFF ABOUT LEBRON. DUDE, YOUR REALLY ANGRY HUH?! SMOKE A BLUNT. Speak your mind bro, I may not agree, but I did read it. Atleast you dont sound super ignorant like many of us do. PEACE!!

    • Anon1

      Lol do you think anyone is actually gonna read that wall of words. Nobody should have that much to say over a Gucci Mane & Young Jeezy beef. It's publicity my friend, no need to catch feelings.

  • miguel Guttierres

    "We aren't natural born killers, we are a spiritual people!" -Cee-Lo Didn't these people listen to Goodie Mob growing up? They're from ATL.

  • King K

    If Waka and Slick Pulla had a problem, they shoudl talked it out or swabbed it out.Niggas used to get they ass beat and fight another day.Now niggas wanna pull guns and when the judge says life, they sittin at defendant table looking stupid.

    • daewa

      they should just fight that shit out!!!!!!!!

    • shance

      too bad they fought first n in case you didnt kno niggas wit guns always start off fightin but end up shootin

    • STFU

      Bravo. Fags like these dudes afraid to fight now and days. You win some, you lose some. Have a beer over it after and get on with your lives. Stupid sons of bitches....

  • antyhony

    mugs! in my day they'd both get chinned!!! then shot!!!

  • booo

    Guns are for pussies. grow some balls and fight like a man.

  • nyblackguys

    People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect. They defend our country and safeguard our policy. Join, show your love and respect to our military heroes.

  • Articulate1

    Ha ha...these southern "Trappers" are so dumb. To bad they didnt off each other in a least then we'd have a little less garbage to listen to.

  • 816

    i thought gucci and jeezy squashed they beef what the hell is these niggaz doin

  • Drucifer1983

    Figures, Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, I dont think theirs one brain cell between the 2 of them,. let alone the dumb fucks who choose to follow them....... I dont condone violence, but is anyone really surprised, stupid people acting stupid isnt really news

  • Busheman

    Sounds like some Gay Shit to me, fighting in a clothing store? Females!

  • MalcolmLittle

    I'm glad no one was hurt, cuz the last thing we need is another young Black body in the morgue or ER...that's exactly what these muthafuckas out here want and expect from us. But on the flip side of the coin, I don't think I'd be too heartbroken if someone HAD been hurt. You do dumb shit, dumb shit happens to preach and promote ignorance, eventually you're gonna fall victim to that same ignorance in one way or another,'s inevitable. Can't tell these young niggas shit though, as much as it pains me to say it they're already too far gone. Personally...I blame Viacom/Clear Channel, the labels that prefer to put their marketin dollars behind this Sambo shit rather than music of SUBSTANCE, as WELL as the ain't-shit PARENTS of these young niggas...the kids only doin what the parents ALLOWIN em to do, and as a parent myself I ain't HAVIN it...

    • antyhony

      my kids wouldn't fuckin dare to fool about with guns! get on the streets an scrap it out if they must but guns? them guys are just fools, promoting foolishness to an audience of fools!!! an i love rap, just hate idiots!

    • MalcolmLittle

      OH yeah, let's not forget about the role the makers/distributors of all these lame ass "hood" DVDs play in it all, where 99.9% of the people on the DVDs are incriminatin themselves in one way or another...flashin bricks and choppers on camera, showin transactions ON CAMERA, faces exposed and the whole nine...then wonderin why their DUMBASS is locked the fuck up or dead within a month...if THAT'S what constitutes "gangsta" these days then I'm good, y'all dummies can HAVE it...

  • CodeRed

    Who cares about this shit? Weak ass "beef" with niggas shooting in the air, get outta here with that shit. If this was real beef, several niggas would be dead already.

  • Schome

    HHFAN..... A nigga was wit u until u started throwing pac name in the mix. Real word you can't eva compare 2pac to any of the dumb shitt these rappers do 2day... Do ur homework b4 u start calling Pac a fake thug!

    • HHFAN

      I swear no one can post shit about Pac without someone catching feelings. I'm sorry, but my homework's been done because I'm a DAY 1 Pac fan. Day 1 like no one knew who he was when I first heard 2Pacalypse Now before he did all the gay ass deathrow shit. Pac was not a thug. He went to a good school, was a poet, and a back up dancer for Digital Underground.

    • haahh

      everyone who knows shit about hiphop knows that pac was never a real thug. he was famous for the gutsy shit he did and bringing against the east repping the west hard but he was never a full blown hard gangsta. dont kid yourself, pacs music is one thing, but suge back then was 10x gangster and 10x better of a bussinessman than that fool

  • Kdog

    ''Bad habits im in Walters every week. 50 Pairs of new nike airs aint cheap.''

  • Dretruth

    hope gucci stays out of jail this time - hope he's not using the vaseline neither - hey suspect and I like him. But the shooting if no one got killed it's all good.

    • Die Motherfuckas

      All good? I wish every one of the dumb fucks took a bullet and never made it out of the store. Tired of this ghetto bullshit.

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Man I hate these 2 Camps can't get along!!! I fucks with both of em. It's time for the OGs from the south like BUN B, Face and 8Ball&MJG to step in and talk to these niggas man.

  • quietstorm77

    Dre 3000 "Ain't a hood nigga, but a nigga from the hood Momma stayed on me so I turned out pretty good." Ya'll have to realize that the key work here is "posse." Jeezy wasn't there, and you know Gucci wasn't there. I bet some nigga might have got his ass beat last time, and wanted payback. These cats are probably from the hood, but if that is what is talked about by your General all the time then that is the reaction that you will get. The tongue is a very, very powerful thing, and what they speak in their verses come to life. That's that I put a quote from Dre 3000. You can be from the hood, and come out great. Everybody's different, but unfortunately it seems as if the same shit keeps happening. All you can do is pray.

  • Bob Oblah

    Theres about to be a wack rapper convention in Rikers.

  • BobbyDLight243

    FMSUS this would result in having a big ego dumb f#*k

  • BobbyDLight

    FMSUS this would result in having a big ego dumb fuck

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    I listen to Gucci, Wacka, OJ and Jeezy so I actually hate these niggas cant squash the beef..........I would rather hear these battle it on records but I guess this is what real street niggas do................One thing u cant say is that Wacka Flocka is not street nigga........He's a star and he still getting at niggas on a street level regardless if he got a swollen eye (thats a rumor)............... Before I leave let me say this for all u niggas who calls Wacka ignorant for fighting I bet u the same niggas who was yelling Wu Tang forever when Raekwon slappedup Joe Buddens..........Dont get me wrong Joe Buddens deserve to get slapped up but Im just calling out the inconsistency u niggas bring to the table................. G-UNIT..................

  • Young Jeezy Mixtapes

    Wow... this had something to do with flocka right?

  • peter cottonmouth

    Shits Dumb!

  • Smak-a-waka

    Fucking idiots. Someone slap these bitches on their faces for a reality check, you're millionaires and yet behave like retards. They don't deserve their fortunes, stupid apes.

    • The Known Unknown

      Why they gotta be apes though?? What da hell are you then Giraffe silly ass lame as dude!! lol These dudes aint million nothin yall act these incidents don't happen everyday just so happen they affliated with mainstream rappers, Check Birmingham news daily patna, story like this always

  • fmsus

    small brain + little ego = news like this.

  • wouzi


    • HRCMS

      @ HHFAN that was real talk, these guys get caught up in that thug imagry and its destroying us as a peole,and as a community.

    • LOL =)

      Waka Flaka Gay? Come up with something better then that fag...

    • peter cottonmouth

      co-sign hhfan but that last paragraph was priceless

    • HHFAN

      No, that's what's wrong with you Niggaz, you DON'T run shit. You're ruining your culture, race, and neighborhoods. The gov't runs shit. Hollywood runs shit. Oil companies and business men run shit. The only thing dumb nigger behavior like this is runs is the destruction of black people. As a black man, I HATE looking at Cops or the First 48. All these wannabe little gangsta niggaz are throwing their lives away over bullshit from drugs, dice games, and general bullshit. Then, the black people who DO want to do good with their lives and move out of these conditions are not welcome in predominately white neighborhoods because of the images idiots like you and some of these dumb ass rappers are portraying. These rappers have you stupid niggers doing everything from selling drugs, to disrespecting women, to killing each other. The worst part about it is, you dumb fucks can't tell it's entertainment. I've been listening to rap since I was a baby but I always knew it was like watching a movie. Did I think Pac was a real thug? No, because I remember that nigga with digital underground. Him and Snoop even said it to MTV back in the day, that rap is just entertainment like an action movie. If these niggas really made so much money from drugs like they said, then why don't they own the records, pressing, and distribution? I only know one example and he happens to be the richest rapper on the planet. I mean, JFK's dad was running liquor back in the 30's and his son was president by the 60's. What these niggas got? Chains and fighting in clothing stores.

  • Music Bliss

    check out the interviews with Jeezy and Gucci here

  • sheeeeet

    get it together black folks. don't kill eachother point blank period. that said this wouldn't be much of a loss for rap music

  • moresickerMC

    yeah wack rappers need to do us a favor and off each other...

  • J-KWON

    shhhhh....dont tell nobody im over here ;)

  • knowledge kicker

    Stop the ignorance...Thug behavior is played out!!!

    • Whiterthanmost

      @chillin'...strong. Prob the most worthwhile post I've read in months. Comming from white boy from the burbs. Cats never hesitate to flex. Being a rapper or affilated with two dudes just magnifies the "need" to flex. Wakka or biggie, it don't make sense.

    • Chillin'

      Yeah a way of life that isn't just detrimental to an individual but entire communities. A way of life that in many cases is avoidable. I grew up poor as fuck and I'm doing my doctorate...that ain't detrimental to me or anyone in the community I grew up in. Being 'hood' is just as much environmental as it is a state of mind...the only way that you can possibly change the environment is to change your state of mind. The odds may be against you changing your environment, but as long you change your mind set you at the very least can reduce the harm you do to your community.

    • plugged100

      What was a trend to the masses is a way of life for others! Some say that knowledge of self is played out!

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