Run-DMC Rumored To Reunite At 3rd Annual Roots Picnic

The Roots announce 2010 Picnic line-up, boasting a list of talent that includes Jazzy Jeff, Clipse and a special reunion.

The Roots have cause to celebrate right now. Aside from completing a year of work as the band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, fans will be excited to hear that the Roots are actually celebrating the third annual Roots Picnic this year, with many big named guests on the bill.

The event is set to take place at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. This is the third year of the Picnic, which has seen acts like Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, TV On the Radio and Public Enemy in the past. This year, more guests are set to take the stage in what Questo has said will undoubtedly “top” last year’s show.   

Vampire Weekend, The Clipse, Pattern is Movement, Mayer Hawthrone, Das Racist and many others are set to perform. The event will also include a performance by Black Thought’s side project The Money Making Jam Boys. Not to be outdone, ?uestlove will also have a side project for the evening as he will team up with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

If that weren’t enough, The Roots will also bring a reunited group to the stage.

“This is a reunion we thought we would never get. We’ve been waiting to make this reunion happen for the longest. It’s so incredible I don’t even want to tell you who it is,” he said before putting on a gold rope chain and a black hat, insinuating that Run and DMC will be present.

?uestlove announced this via TwitVid, a clip that can be seen below.


  • Jackie Lee

    This year's annual Root's Picnic was amazing! So happy I made it out! If you weren't so lucky, I found some great exclusive video coverage of performances and interviews at


    Run-D.M.C., The Roots, Jazzy Jeff on the wheels of steel, it don't get no better than this! The Roots is definitely one of the most versatile groups (bands) ever. Soulful Beats -


    ummm....So, how is this going to work. I mean, the Beatles can't go on tour without John and George. Anyway, I heard some white dude being interviewed on TV the other day on some talk show say The Roots is one of the most under rate bands of all time. Then he said, not hip hop bands but BANDS. That was some props.

  • nyblackguys

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  • Rachael5922

    this is the most relevant hip hop news for today on this site


    Wow!!! I hope I can make that! Incredible acts lined up plus the dynamic duo reuniting! About time Run came back down to earth! He shitted on D.M.C. hard and kind of cut of communication with the dude. It would be great to see them on stage together again. Soulful Beats

    • BOOM BAP

      @ GRAZER From skimming through your bullshit novel, I can see you are an emotional clown and your disrespectful response only proves your ignorance and lack of proper communication skills. What is the purpose of referring to me as a 'dumb fuck' and an idiot when you know nothing about me? Whatever point you were attempting to make is overshadowed by your buffoonery. Here's a useful life tip for you: If you want engage in debates with a stranger yo have to give respect in order to receive it. Otherwise any point you are trying to make will go unheard. You typed all that silly shit and all I heard was 'blah, blah blah'. We're both fans of the group so let's leave at that. Other than that, carry on my dude and change the tampon pad, it must be a real bloody period for you. I hope your panties aren't too blood soaked to the point you'll have to throw them away. P.S. I still believe Run shitted on D.M.C.

    • Grazer!!!

      WOW!!! Run shitted on DMC huh? You act like you were around them both or knew them personally so how would you even know if that's what Run did? That's because you don't know shit so if I were you I'd shut my fucking trap on that situation. You don't even know what caused RUN DMC to drift apart personally or what the sole purpose was behind them not communicating... Run has a family and a lot of personal things in his life that he had to take care of on his own terms and that became more important to him at the time.I'm sure that DMC understood that so there was never any love lost. And Run is a preacher so he's always been down to earth you idiot! It's called LIFE you dumb fuck...People who are close always go through situations in their lives and then once they've found comfort that's when they come back together when the time is right for them to do that.You guys never seem to amaze me with the stinking shit that comes out of your head once you decide to type it down like you know everything...If anything you're the one who's not down to earth just assuming like you know officially Run shitted on DMC as if you were there when you weren't...I wouldn't comment on somebody's business that I know nothing about...

  • questbaby

    Amazing!!!...that is definitely a picnic not to be missed!!...ROOTS4LIFE!!!

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