E-40: "I Gave [Biggie] a Pass"

E-40 speaks on feud with The Notorious B.I.G. and the rumors that he helped save him from getting killed in Sacramento.

The feud made its rounds on the Internet after a reenactment of the incident surfaced on Notorious B.I.G.: Bigger than Life, the DVD. Now, E-40 was asked about this during a stop on Rude Jude and Lord Sear’s The All Out Show and he gave his side of the story.

“Biggie, back in the days, had said something in a magazine in Canada. He was talking about Spice 1. From a scale of 1-10, he would say, ‘Spice 1 [is] a 2. E-40 [is] a 0. I hate that dude.’ Like, what? Bruh, you ain’t ever even met me. Why you hate me? It ain’t nothin’. It’s nothing spectacular. The way it went down, he came down to Sacramento and just put it this way, I gave him a pass. We talked and after that some things went down. I gave him a pass.”

He then added that he didn’t want to go through all the details, however he did add a few more.

“At the end of the day, [he] talked highly about a motherfucker. I think that they had got him hella perkin’ out there. They was saying that some Canadian magazine was telling him to get hella perkin’. But, the truth serum come out when you drinking, you smell me? So, I don’t know if that was from the heart, what he said. Anyway, he twist[ed] that shit around later on. Like I said, we ain’t have no problems before he passed or none of that shit.”

40 confirmed that the two spoke and the meeting described in the DVD was accurate, to some extent.  

“I will tell you one part, though, that’s not true…I didn’t book the concert. It just so happened that niggas knew that I was upset about the situation. Some of my folks was out there and they got at him. They gave me the phone and I pow-wow’d with dude. Had to get him up out of there and told my dudes to back up like a sea crab. He went back to the hotel and got back safe. So, that’s how that shit went.

40 added that the two were on good terms after that and noted that Biggie wanted him as a guest on his final release before dying, Life After Death.

The reenactment of their altercation can be seen below.



  • marqus

    Sounds lil some bitch ass beauty shop beef to me. Niggas are too damn sensitive. Period.

  • gcolvin217

    oh, and 40s way better than biggie by the way, take that to the bank!! versatility, flow, cleverness, just overall fun factor in general... plus, due to bigs unfortunate demise, a catalogue thats miles longer, and wasnt pushed by a major label, 40s homegrown, like he puts it he "didnt come up under nobody" just an entrepeneur in the truest sense of the word...and the only rapper his age and his longevity that still has a legitimate fan base, not the largest, but he has a strong following nonetheless. 40 fans are lifers, cant say that about snoop, cube, ll cool j, or a host of other rappers that came in the game around the same time as 40

  • gcolvin217

    40's the best that ever did it!!! any of yall hatin have no idea about this man's catalogue, and dont know how much influence hes had on the game overal, he gave these rappers the manuscript and blueprint for the independent hustle, he laced the rap game with so much slang which is a huge element of the culture as a whole.. hes got street cuts that hit home, positive songs, party songs, every angle youcan think of, hes covered, a true turf commentator, if you cant feel that youre either game goofy or just a certified hater. no question about it!!!

  • carweezy302

    I could never stand e-40 expect automatic with Fabolous. And still only then i listened to Fabs verse. I guess you can only feel this nigga if you from oakland and sac town

  • Kyor Lohen

    E-40 realizes the way to make headlines is by bringing up a Biggie story.

    • halfbreed brotha

      he didnt make that headline dumbass u see biggies folks did e40 dont need that hes been in the game before biggie lost his virginity.



  • RZANDY21

    I think yall are missing the point, its not 40 who was taking it to big....its these clowns in the street who listen to all the beef and put themselves in the situation. I dont know how it works where you are from but here in SAC there are some dumb mother fuckers who went to school on 40 etc. and they are strapped up. The point is GUN CONTROL...we would still have BIG PAC etc.

  • hiphopStan

    Big was probably just stating his opinion of E-40 as a rapper. I hate that dude= I dont like them garbage ass rhymes

  • fmsus

    let me add: rappers get threats (or attacks) everyday - everywhere. Mofos get snuffed or shot - for bullshit. If you talk the talk, you walk the walk. E40 should have passed that question and said "yo, the man is dead...". These feuds are not relevant to musical achievements. If they pushed sales in the past - now its just boring to hear promo-beef - and beef after death. Fuck. BIG had that talent, but he was also a loud gangster. God bless.

  • blockbully

    All i want to know is who knows E-40 to be street and shoot niggaz. nobody. I dont believe any of this really happened. he wanna talk about the shit years after my nigga died. Aint nobody heard of the shit till now. and i aint sayin fuck yall westcoasts niggaz. im just sayin fuck all them niggaz hatin on big. hes dead let him go. FUCK YALL WHO DISAGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BayAllDay

      E-40 just didnt bring this up he was on a radio show and they asked about it. 40 being a real dude talked about cause he was asked about it. And this did go down if it was in a biggie DVD and his manager was talkn about it. 40 never spoke on it till he was asked about it. That shows that 40 is truly a good dude.. Never brought it up to bring attention on him self. But this is some REAL shit. Yall east coast dudes dont believe how it really is out here on the West. E40 Most underrated MC ever...CAuse hes from the Bay and off top people hate because of that. But the OGs in the game most deff know about 40 and give him respect!!!

  • 80zProduKT

    40 water sent the word!!!!! Lmao maybe Keak da sneek's uncle shot big that nite....

  • fmsus

    who knows E40 on a street level? And was Biggie able to walk up in every hood in the US without problems? These two dudes aint supermen, you can get it everywhere. But E40 should just chill about statements like this. Big is dead and he should leave shit like this in the past (if this all is true, why brag about it idiot?). I bet E40 might have some stress visiting NY in the future...hahaha... What the fuck has this to do with music, anyway? Or the streets?

    • BWS-Fish

      to be fair, it was brought up in the Notorious movie, 40 hasn't just decided to talk about it out of thin air.

  • blockbully

    my nigga e-40 aint no hall moniter he aint give no nigga a pass. he a bitch plus u cant fuck wit big. the only nigga that can fuck wit big is pac.

    • dev

      UMM.... i think e-40 is talkin bout somethin bigger then rap

    • yeaaaaa....NAH

      yeaaaaa well he did fuck wit big cause his mans held him up right there at the car and coulda killed him right there...coulda ended big real quick you dumbass, 40 just the bigger man bout it

  • ....

    real niggas recognize the bigger picture here, you talk that shit them niggas pull the K's out. 40 weak but he had his name in biggie mouth.

  • the deciding factor, obviously

    my left nut gave E-40 a pass

  • the deciding factor, obviously

    my left nut gave E-40 a pass

  • the deciding factor, obviously

    my left nut gave E-40 a pass

  • the deciding factor, obviously

    my left nut gave E-40 a pass

  • duce 41

    E-40 a bitch and tht nigga wouldn't do shit! he probably too fat to pull his own dick out

  • Peter cottonmouth

    Everytime E-40's name comes up all my friends just look at each other and start popping our collars and picking ours noses going flabber dibdab blip tobiddy and bullshit noises like that. shit is too funny! Spice 1 is dope though. I'm from the west so it is what it is.

  • murdock08

    spice one was ill for a west coast dude so big was wrong for that but e 40 sucks ass so really thats the truth e 40 your wack fam big was way better so thats about it...i know about the incident and all that i heard it all before thats nothing new but e40 you suck your shit was wack since the l the o the v the e yea i remember that wack shit on bet that shit was wack!!!!!retire kid your garbage

  • CaliSouth

    fuck piggy...he's lucky they gave that a bitch pass

    • the deciding factor, obviously

      keep talkin shit bout the dead... you'll receive a warm welcome in hell

    • Slimey T

      look @ you dude another 12 year old discovered 2pacs cds & now you a fanboy with cum dripping from your lips its sad really that you have no idea

  • iamillicit

    pretty interesting watch


    Yo, on the real, I'm in my mid 30's, and I remember making fun of that corny-ass E-40 when he first came out. The dude below was right, E-40 sounds like Mush-Mouth from Fat Albert. Get the dick out your mouth, before you step into the booth, my son.

    • ty

      i think ppl in there 30's should have better things 2 do then just sit on the net all day reading and writing blogs about ppl they really dnt no. leave this shit 2 the lil kids. how can anybody speak on sumbody being real. yall dnt even no any of these ppl, and i can bet that half of yall was snot nose lil rug rats when half this shit was going on. real recognize real.... right??? real niggas dnt blogg. (especially bout ppl they dnt no), real niggas dnt hide behind computer screens. just thought ill lace u youngersta wit game.... cuzz lil wayne aint teaching yall shit..... damn i miss pac. real niggas have died out. look what we have come 2? internet gangster.lol get yall young asses off tha computer and get ready 4 school. cuzz yall DUMB, dnt talk shit bout a man on a computer especially when u no like hell u aint gone say it 2 his face, now thats a internet gangster, its easy 2 talk shit in the safety of your own home. real nigga stay up, fuck what a nigga thank or say.... leave this internet shit alone, yall get yall money up and stop wasting time gossiping like hoes. niggas worst then bitches nowadays.

    • ty

      i think ppl in there 30's should have better things 2 do then just sit on the net all day reading and writing blogs about ppl they really dnt no. leave this shit 2 the lil kids. how can anybody speak on sumbody being real. yall dnt even no any of these ppl, and i can bet that half of yall was snot nose lil rug rats when half this shit was going on. real recognize real.... right??? real niggas dnt blogg. (especially bout ppl they dnt no), real niggas dnt hide behind computer screens. just thought ill lace u youngersta wit game.... cuzz lil wayne aint teaching yall shit..... damn i miss pac. real niggas have died out. look what we have come 2? internet gangster.lol get yall young asses off tha computer and get ready 4 school. cuzz yall DUMB, dnt talk shit bout a man on a computer especially when u no like hell u aint gone say it 2 his face, now thats a internet gangster, its easy 2 talk shit in the safety of your own home. real nigga stay up, fuck wit a nigga thank or say.... leave this internet shit alone, yall get yall money up and stop wasting time gossiping like hoes. niggas worst then bitches nowadays.

  • hiphopsoundoff

    listen to more biggie http://www.hiphopneverfails.blogspot.com

  • khordkutta

    All you cats talkin' bout "East this and West that" sound like a bunch of clown dicks, OUR music aint about that. Yall dudes have been Willie Lynched and dont even know it!!! And you dudes on the West Coast should be ashamed, I grew up on1580 kday, so I grew up on east coast boom bap and west coast, I'll call it techno rap(listen to early Dre, World Class Wrecking, Egyptian Lover, etc.. You young fucks need to rep HipHop and quit being regional, wack is wack regardless

  • C-Arson

    Sorry had to post again. E-40 been wack for 20 years. 40 raps like he's blowing bubbles in the tub. Here's a E-40 rhyme-" Blibbity bobbity scooty mcsliverslaver stripdipscafa gigglop appaterp sniffasnafoo corkawhopper" My friends and I been making fun of this dude since we were little.

    • SoCalBud(TH)izzDaBest

      C-Arson i see your posts all over this site, usually they are right on, i give u that. but homie..... if you gotta say you gotta back pack full of cash over the boards, blogs, phone or WHEREVER..... you don't gotta backpack full of cash in my opinion. because even if u do, with statements like that, you are automatically discredited and people are gonna call you out on it. get your paper quietly, keep that shit quiet, let what you get what you got with that paper talk for you. you can't prove nothin' on some comment box over the internet, it just sounds like some recycled line from a bad track.

    • HRCMS

      @ C-ARSON I didnt say I was a fan of 40, but the article had nothing to do with if you like 40 or not, so keep your opinion and your little funkey asshole to yourself, you always talk shit about duke boy, but your the one acting like a silly little bitch trying to say shit in a blog to get a laugh, get a real life with some real friends and you wont reach out for so much attention on this site, and bitch you aint got no back pack full of money, you got a back pack full of blank cd's so you can download for free, you nerd geek ass, momma's boy bitch!

    • Gawd

      "don't hypothetically rob me" LMFAO! Damn....

    • c-arson

      good for you and your ex-ray vision that peers inside my backpack. ya dumbass never catch me slippin anyway. oh no! don't hypothetically rob me.

    • ....

      you dont have money in no fuckin back pack poser boy. an intelligent person wouldnt walk around with a back pack full of money because niggas like me hit licks on niggas like you and thats straightup pimp.

    • C-Arson

      @HRCMS Just because you like it don't make it dope dickhead. A lot of dudes don't like E-40 because he is wack so unbundle the thong your wearing. My posts are intelligent most of the time unless i'm just clownin. my backpack got money in it so i'm gonna stay carrying it to the bank. all your comment is, is an opinion so i'm pretty sure i'm entitled to mine. SO FUCK OFF. is that unintelligent enough for you?

    • HRCMS

      @ C-ARSON just because you dont like it dont make it wack, a lot of dudes dont like that freestyle old school shit from the 70's that yo train riding, back pack carring ass stuck on, got the nerve to think your post are intelligent comments, Im sure your a old ass nerd with pop bottle glasses still living with your momma, get back, and stick to blogging about the facts like you claimed to do in an earlier post, opinions are like assholes, keep yours to yourself, this article was about 40 giving Big a pass, not who likes his music

    • SAMURAI36

      "Blibbity Bobbity....." OMG, LMFAO!!

    • -

      hahaha or Bill Cosby rappin

  • G'

    How funny...first because it was in Sacramento (not LA or the Bay) and second this is in the past. I dont know why people bringing it up still.

    • JusChill

      I live in Sacramento my dude...have since i was 6....And they said it best on Diggs American Gangster "This lands laid back nature will fool you." I've never been in a gang or did dirt...But I have been shot at more than once....What happened during the 90's was people from every hood started to move to SACRAMENTO for sum odd ass reason...okay meth, crack sale and studious Baby momma type bitches lets keep it real....There are sum factors at work out here....Reference Young Meek just off the top of my head. SACRAMENTO ain't GANGLAND central.....But i personally know that they don't put the actual number of people who get popped in the papers no more....It would scare away the KINGS fans. :)

  • Harry Richardson

    The article was not about if 40 could rap or not, 40 been holding his own for awhile and doing alright, the article was about 40 checking someone on a real gangster level for the shit they let roll off they tongue, 40 deserves much respect for giving Big a pass, or we would have mourned his death before that night that he died in LA

  • Articulate1

    The reason Biggie was talkin shit about them is because east coast artists looked at west coast artists the way Hip-Hop fans look at the south today: as wack, talentless 'Bamas. Of course we know now that the west has tons of talented artists and the south...well, the south has Dungeon Family. On a side note, E-40 is annoying and wack as fuck.

  • nyblackguys

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  • big braveheart

    Nobody should slate E-40 for what he said but if Biggie said what he claims to have said then he was very harsh, Spice was a great rapper at the time and definitely not a 2 nor E-40 a 0. If Big was say an 8 or 9 then Spice was at very least a 7 or 8 with E-40 a respectable 6 or 7. If Biggie said that then i'd be pretty pissed with him and that sounded very disrespectful, they were holdin' it down for the Bay Area and to say that was fucked up. As to 40 givin' him a pass well that sounded daft but why would he welcome a guy who put him down in national press? So he should've kissed Biggie's arse? Fuck that, 2Pac never and he spoke his mind without making anything personal so why should Spiggedy & Charlie Hustle bow down for Biggie? Stupid comments from Biggie in first place!


    who gives a rats a$$ how u feel about the truth it happened get over it, its not like 40 is lyin about it, biggie's manager told the exact same story "biggie" got caught slippen sh!t it happens frm time 2time atleast he gave dude a pass bcause if he didnt mybe u wouldnt have heard some of those hits u like so much!!!! OL SENSATIVE THUGS U ALL NEED HUGS>>>>BTW DA TRUTH HURTS OUCH

  • whatt??????????

    fuck e-40. hyphy music sucks dick and everyone knows it except for the faggots who are willing to do some stupid shit for it like they are special or something-keep it up you broke cunts

    • sfgiants2001

      Are you retarded? E-40 came out a good 17 years before Hyphy. Hyphy was music for the crack babies of the bay, it isn't a good representation of what The Bay is about, the message got watered down and exploited. If any of ya'll would care to educate yourself about E-40 you would understand what his fans are talking about. But ya'll can't even read a fucking book..so hate on playa!


      You must come from a family of haters. E-40 lives in a coke white mansion next to John Madden and Gary Paton in Blackhawk.....he far from broke. Also..... Why do you act like E-40 invented Hyphy? Keak da Sneak was the first to say Hyphy on wax behind Mac Dre. E-40 helped the movement....

  • tophatthemack


    • tophatthemack

      @stfu i just proved that your daddy and ur uncle are tha same man u retard. lol....small things to a giant and cookies to a fat bitch! these squares act like they sharp, but they cant swim out here wit tha sharks! all im sayin homeboi is that we so gamed up out here, yall muthafuckaz iz playin catch up. this shit is old news out here, but suckaz like u jus now findin out bout it.

    • Dmoney

      Spice 1 is super garbage cm on man

    • STFU

      What the fuck did you just try to prove?

  • JusChill

    Put it like this.........If you ever come to Cali thinking of doing anything in the public eye like music or club promoting or macking broads and you dont know the RULES and REGULATIONS..........Your either gonna get robbed or smoked eventually.......Its tough being a crab in a barrel.......especially when ur close to the top.

  • JusChill

    Jealousy and Envy will kill a ni**a faster than a bullet out here in Cali and a kat like E-Fo-Oh knows that better than your average Golden Bear...We got sum of the slickest broads, innovative style, and mannerisms to grace the nation...No Dis to the East cuz i fuck wit BIG, Gangstarr, Kweli, Pharoah Monch, Big L, Dilla, WU Tang, old Nas, New Jay-Z, and slang like "yo that kat got Duffed out." All I'm saying about Water is that I guarantee if you listen to his whole library at least once you will find sumthing that speaks directly to you......."Same song third verse/ its from the heart it aint rehearsed/ the world is full of associates but very few friends/ dont wanna contribute nuthin but wanna help u spend yo ends/ Think b4 u open yo mouth/ park yo tongue and lip/ Watch who u talkin around never know who you havin dinner wit." C'mon maaaaaan.....That shit is timeless.

  • jsmall


  • jsmall


  • Jriggs

    It's hilarious how people try to shit on E-40 and don't understand that whatever slang is around these days, he invented that shit. Cats are delirious!! Why talk shit about a rapper you haven't even listened to thoroughly?? Cats under 25 don't know shit about E-40's catalog but still love to talk insane shit without a listen. That Lil' Jon shit he did has nothing on his 90s and early 2000s music. 40 is a legend period. That independent game was started by him and emulated (as well as some other bay artists). Where do you think Master P got it from as well as the rest of the South. You dudes is clowns!! Biggie was arrogant. Yeah he had flow, but Life After Death was mainstream garbage, leaving his first album to be his best. To say the his catalog outmatches E-40's is fuckin stupid!!

  • cheeyeaaa

    First off my dudes no one fucks wit da bay.. dats suicide hah and e-40 a legend round der an if 40 wanted big delt wit he would have been delt wit straight up. an DUMMYS Sac town part of day bay area where u be at

  • hiphopsoundoff

    listen to more biggie hiphopsoundoff.blogspot.com

  • cccccc

    yo e-40 sux that guy is nowhere near the lyrical talent biggie had... are you serious comparing him to E-40 you guys must also think lil wayne is the best rapper alive.. its funny how ppl talk shit when they know nothing can happen to them... the guys dead stop trying to get pubilcity so you can release a cd... publicity stunts are played out already ask 50 cent look at his numbers from bisd

  • Link

    I don't know man... 40 has always been nice, for whatever reason we always had 40 and B Legit coming up so he is nice in his own way... definitely not a 0. A lot of people will call niggas like 40, Spice 1, JT the Bigga Figga, Rappin 4 Tay, etc wack because they never really made a mark outside of Cali... but they were all nice in their own way. BIG is still one of the best to ever do it but he deserved to get hemmed up talking about cats and then trying to post up on their turf like you're untouchable. I'm glad 40 called off the goons.

  • C-Arson

    On the real E-40 raps like he's blowing bubbles in the tub.

  • sactown

    i know alot of dudes on here is from the east coast, but being from nor cal i can tell e-40 is the biggie out here. he's not as big as he was after working with lil jon, but i remmebr back in the 90's early 2000's any -40 or click album that came out, EVERYONE had a copy. And this was before bootlegging really got started. peopel was buying b-legit albums, and he can't even rap. i guess you just gotta live out here to get it.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      I aint from Cali but guess what I fucks with 40 wata and B-Legit especially back then.. U aint got to explain to niggas about E-40 and B-Legit cause back then these sam niggas on here except the lil jits was bumpn that shit. Around that time I was in Chicago and niggas in the Midwest was bumpn them niggas to.

  • yaboishaad

    E-40 is one of the hardest niggas inda game period..he a real nigga nt like the fake niggas u c on tv

  • Nico 2

    You'd think Biggie would have rolled deeper than that, but then again, if he couldn't even come back at 2pac after Hit em Up, then why should anything resurfacing now be a surprise.

  • jlc 073

    dude 40 is one of the best out there period. yall speak his slang and dont even realize it (ask jazzy pha) you young nighaz will co sign fake thugs like TIP and Geezy- but you call one of the founders of the independent game a zero? as much as yall youngsta is on PAC's nutz you would think you'd love Earl b/c 40 was his man! PAC had much respect for dude. His music was funky as is all the stuff that comes out of the bay bc the bay has a musical history ...research michael cooper and confunkshun when you get a chance and research uncle st. charles. you dudes are disrespectful and need to be ashamed of ya self - the soulja boy - gucci mane wake flaka genertation- skinny jean mohawk niggas - disrespecting the 40 water...shame on you


    "these cats drink champagne and toast death and pain like slaves on a ship talkin' 'bout who got the flyest chain..." kweli the streets are a dead-end friend.. it never works out good unless you leave.. E40 has skills and a few hits.. he was a regional rapper.. that's what rap was about back then.. dominate your region.. he couldn't survive when the game went national, not to mention international like it is now.. hiphop is no longer one region, one coast, one nation.. hiphop is the most popular genre in the world.. E40, Spice1, and a ton of other west coast rappers fit nice inside of a box, but if you get outside that, they can't compete.. mad respect to those guys for holding down their fan base and their coast, or should i say state, no one in oregon gives a sh!t about ice cube, n.w.a. or E40. Bottom line, E40, thanks for the pass on Big. You allowed someone with a voice for the world to slide so he could do things you can never do. B.I.G. spoke to the world, and the world listened. "Juicy" is supreme to E40's entire collection added together. (Facts are facts.. no opinion has been stated in this blog)


      Never said N.W.A. or Ice Cube were local. They started with their region in mind. It was the way rap music was done then. There music touched the white house, "Easy had jerrycurl drippin' on Ronald Reagan's shoes." And call "Juicy" what you want, i can pick another song, a B-Side track that is supreme to E-40's collection "Notorious Thugs." No one can refute that. I appreciate the Idiot title, but for someone who's been djing in hiphop for 25 years, I like to get on and share on topics worth speaking on. Hiphopdx need to contract with some of us to get the real feel from those that grew up through this thing that has largely become BUBBLE GUM. Point is, if this situation happened, it only help one of the biggest voices in hiphop to speak to the globe. It's not about putting down E-40, it's about recognizing some can't do what others do. Thanks to the "People under the stairs" for recognizing the Kweli quote.

    • joesy

      My man, FYI, juicy is a cover. Thus, ur a fukkkin idiot. E-40 is the most original gamespitter to grace the soil. Flyin over idiot's heads like yours like a flyin' saucer since The Click dropped in the late 80's. You're little ass was prolly still on training wheels.

    • People Under the Stairs

      That Kweli quote is from the song "Africa Dream" on the Reflection Eternal album.

    • amaru

      gtfoh nwa n ice cube arent local der some of da greatest hiphop acts ever

    • chronwell

      *Makes fart noise with mouth*

    • Dab

      What song did you get the Kweli line from?

  • Da Fella!

    Fuck ignorance!!! B.I.G da Saga! spit da lava, mad cause ur Fav! Rappers spit saliva? for yall niggas talking about e40 gangsta for letting a pass on da BIGS Life., that nigga delirious! not because ur here n he aint! Still saying NADA!! AND OH!! 9 times outta 10 u niggas dont know what the fuck u BloG about! "I can say Whatever I wanna say aint nothing to it Gangsta Rap made me do it!" Fuck New shit!__ OnLY BuMP OlD SHIT!

  • binary vision

    niggas thinking e-40 is great and shit.. lol ....all the slang and having seizures on records is cool? maybe it's west coast thing..

  • WestSydeChi44

    Man, Listen - E-40 is legit in the streets dogg, he has the clout to do what needs to be done to resolve shit. He was man enuff to chop it up with Biggie AND give that dude a pass. He been a legend for years and you cats must be under 25 saying anything negative about him. He was one of the first cats to build his empire on the independent game. NIggaz sleeping on 40 water.

  • FlOwMoTiOn

    E-40 is garbage.

    • GoHaRdOrGoHoMe

      go kill ya self you the same kind of nigga that dont respect what legends have done 40 been killin the game since 84 anybody that cant respect the first underground millioniare kill ya self bitch

    • Truue Bluue

      Im from the WESTSIDE, I rep the WESTSIDE, I live 4 the WESTSIDE, I AM WESTSIDE.... Quit hatin on E-40, we in Seattle love him, Ice Cube, Mac Dre, all of them.....ONE LOVE GARBAGE MY AZZ......RECOGNIZE REAL WHEN ITS IN YOUR FACE

  • Who cares....?

    First off, the two key elements or words: CANADA + Magazine.... If you weren't there for the conversation or so-called interview, then you are part of the rumor issues that plagues every bit of the hip hop world. Again, people think. 'Look at all these rumors, can't take it no more...." TSC.


    I'm from NY so I'm going to ride for BIG all day but if he got out of pocket and mentioned another artist by name then that was wrong, however I don't think he should've got killed over it. If this incident went down as described here then E-40 is a real dude, whether that's real gangsta, street or stupid is up for interpretation. Being from NY I can't really relate to E-40's type of music but he does have a big following so I can't criticize something just cause I can't understand it or relate to it. I don't think any artist should bad mouth another artist because at the end of the day all rappers have is their image and if their image gets tarnished that will inevitably effect record sales and will take food out of their mouths and their kids' mouths and some people will not just let that ride. I thank E-40 for giving Biggie a pass and I'm glad it turned out as it did. They probably both learned a lesson from this experience and we can learn a lesson that many beefs can be settled by just COMMUNICATING, there's too many people in our community rotting in jail over something that could've been talked out.


      DJNITTI this is real talk. 40's music aint for everyone (whose music is?) but no one should doubt his influence on hip hop culture, dude is an originator & pioneer out in the bay, hip hop heads should respect 40 for what he do. As JRIGGS said below, 40's styles/concepts hav been jacked for years, he's ahead of the game & you ask your favourite hip hop artists - 95%+'d have mad respect for dude for his accomplishments. Anyone hatin is on some ignorant shit. RIP Christopher Wallace

  • Jos

    Biggie is 100% correct. E-40 is a 0. He starts the scale, he is the worst of the worst. Yes he has fans, you know why? Because he's not the only idiot in this world. The people that listen to his music are just as dumb as he is. E-40 = Worst flow, worst lyrics, worst style, worst beat choice,worst voice. UGGGGGGGGGGGH - Get outta hip hop with that garbage.

    • nickel&dime

      Zip up yo lip for yo lip zip u up. That says it all. Out here we don't talk about it we be about it so when u say my name please believe we take it personal. I guess BIG thought it was like new york where u can say anything and don't get checked. Wrong. In the bay we all sharks. So respect is a must. Don't believe ask BIGs people they tell u.

    • als_360

      can't really compare him to any east coast nigga in my opinion east coast and west coast rap is two different genre's it's both hip hop but niggaz over west do shit different than niggaz over east. At the same time you can't bad mouth a nigga then go around his neighborhood and think shit is sweet you gotta be ready to deal with the locals. Same for 40 if he said that about biggie and then went to NY shit probably would have been the same they the one of the few who really do have street cred in hip hop.

  • Whiterthanmost

    Ahh the good ole days...when men were men...skinny jeans were laughable...ahhhhh

  • Jriggs

    You people really are laughable. Y'all must be under 25 or something. 40 Water has been doing his thing since '89. Lot of what he says has been emulated and put through other artists discs to be made popular. A lot of these other wack cats practically stole his style. He is one of the most original hip hop artists in the game, and a lot of other artists would agree with that. Ask Busta Rhymes. Biggie wasn't even all that to begin with. His first disc was a damn classic, however, I just don't see why he is praised too much. Yeah, he ushered in a new era for NY back in '94, but damn, dude had only one good joint. To be honest, Black Moon was responsible for the resurgence of hardcore for NY back in '93. Biggie stated that he was influenced by Buckshot even then. That Life After Death was commercial trash. Also, Biggie was always the one to start shit with other rappers (Boot Camp Clik, Wu-Tang, the list could go on). They were there before BIG, and they are still doing their thing after BIG!

    • yo

      life after death is better than any garbage E-40 has come out with fuck it born again was better than any garbage he's come out with facts are he's not even the best west coast (cuz thats who you can compare him to) rapper... he hasen't even sold the most... he needs to stop fucking with mr bubbles and find a new flow

    • Gawd

      Who else comes on a track screaming "WOCKA WOCKA WOCKA!" LMAO Got damn the shit Hip Hop has succumbed to....

    • e2dubb007

      Well said brotha well said educate these young lost puppies

    • Jos

      Like mark seven says...just cus ur original don't mean you nice. It just means he came out with some ORIGINAL GARBAGE. soulja boy is original to...don't mean he nice. He comes up with some original garbage. Wocka Flocka is original. Who else comes on a track screaming "WOCKA WOCKA WOCKA!" ? He's original and terrible at the same time. I rest my case.

    • Mark Seven

      Just cuz ur original don't make u good. E-40 was wack. Only time he sounded decent was on that "Snap Ya Fingers" joint wit Lil Jon. And that's cuz he toned that bullshit down. Biggie is a 1000 times better than 40 Water. And Life After Death was dope. Only 2-3 songs on there were wack really. Lots of classic joints on that. Biggie didn't start nothin wit nobody 'cuz as far as the Wu-Tang thing Meth liked Biggie. Ghost and Rae didn't, but Meth explained that those 2 didn't like anybody. That's why Meth jumped on "Fuck The World". Smif n Wessun was down wit Pac and they are part of Boot Camp, but I never heard of Big and them havin problems.

  • funkdocta

    instrumentals instrumentals !

  • realshit

    damn you cats was soft back in the day why should you give a fuck what another rapper cares about you are not so you going to have him killed thats some thing young stupid ass gang members do

  • RomaPgh21

    so biggie said on a scale from 1-10 e40 is a zero. I would cosign that. I don't get 40's appeal. His lyrics and music is f'n terrible. I think he's full of shit too saying BIG wanted him on life after death. You mean to tell me BIG thought you were beyond a garbage rapper, then after you talked he changed his mind??? GTFOH.

  • kj1900

    yea 40 was cool for giving biggie a past but he had no other choice my man whos in the video set big up with 40s people which if i was big i would have fired his ass but them niggas set it up so fucked up that if they would have killed him somebody would have got caught and it would have blue up in his face and i give 40 this he is not dumb because if he would have did a song for life after death and have to go to ny or la to do it they would have fucked him off you just dont give a man a past on his life and think every thing is alright at lease thats how it goes down were im from and thats the ghetto

  • khordkutta

    He probably spoke on it now, because recently, within the past couple weeks, the Centric Channel has been runnin a story on BIG and this event was documented.


    Classic story. Don't fuck wit e 40 wata....


    Yeah Sure...And one time I gave Tupac a Pass.... What...Do You Have a new CD coming out 40 water? I did hear part of the interview on shade 45. E 40 is cool...but really?,like somebody said before me, Why tell this "Story" now?

  • teemoney

    u bitch niggaz hatin on 40 probably wasnt even old enuff to listen to biggie,ole barney teletubbie ass niggaz

  • Corsico

    E-40 is an idiot for telling this (ahem) story now. What's he trying to prove?

  • bedouin

    E-40 is fucking trash. Biggie's off on the Spice 1 comment though, I think.

  • moresickerMC

    e-40 is the epitomy of black ignorance

  • Shaun

    ok to all the real dudes in here respect, but for u faggot ass niggas thinking BIG would bow down, fuck 40, nigga softer than water. real mc use to be on other shit took home life after death and studied it, listen to the double disc, wtf has 40 done for the game, fuck left coast BK ALL DAY

    • Tidomann

      You'z a faggot bitch...Do u even know E-fonzarelli, Charlie Hustle? Fuck left coast???? Eat a dick fag!

  • dummys

    hey dumbass. "The Bay" implies san francisco and oakland. not sacramento

  • C-Arson

    E-40 been wack for 20 years. here's a E-40 rhyme-" Blibbity bobbity scooty mcsliverslaver stripdipscafa gigglop appaterp sniffasnafoo corkawhopper"

  • krime

    LOL 40 sounds like hes still a little mad or something... & I seriously can not imagine biggie asking e-40 to be on Life After Death! lol how would that shit sound??

  • D-Block Soldier

    First. E-40s a good cat for cutting BIG a break

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