Gang Starr's Guru Goes Into Cardiac Arrest, In A Coma

UPDATE #6: Guru's 7 Grand partner Solar responds to Wednesday's Elam family statements, and updates on Guru's health.

One of Hip Hop's most influential emcees is presently in critical condition, several sources say. Guru, one half of pioneering '80s, '90s and '00s Brooklyn-based Hip Hop group Gang Starr suffered a heart attack this weekend, according to the emcee and producer's sister Tricia. says that the emcee, born Keith Elam is presently in a coma from complications of going into cardiac arrest. Guru is best known for penning hits such as "Words I Manifest," "Discipline" and "Just To Get A Rep." Between 1986 and 2004, Guru (an acronym Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal) founded Gang Starr, a duo with DJ Premier that also includes Gang Starr Foundation affiliates Big Shug, Group Home, Jeru Da Damaja and Smiley Da Ghetto Child.

Born and raised in the Boston area, Guru relocated to Brooklyn in the late '80s, where Gang Starr released its first singles with 45 King as producer. By 1988, the group evolved as a duo with Premier, and released their 1989 full-length debut No More Mr. Nice Guy on Wild Pitch Records. The duo would go on to release classic albums on Chrysalis/Virgin/EMI, such as 1994's Hard To Earn and 1998's Moment Of Truth. Gang Starr's last album, 2003's The Ownerz featured Jadakiss, Fat Joe and longtime affiliate Freddie Foxxx. The platinum group toured the world and released several greatest hits collections, most notably Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr in 1999. The duo announced their split in 2004, reportedly due to creative and personal differences.

As a solo artist, Guru released four volumes of Jazzmatazz, Jazz-inspired recordings with legendary genre artists such as Donald Byrd and Roy Ayers. Guru has launched two labels in his career, Ill Kid Records and 7Grand, where he and production partner Solar worked alongside artists such as Talib Kweli, Damian Marley and Jean Grae.

HipHopDX extends prayerful thoughts to one of our staff's most-respected emcees, the Elam family, Solar, DJ Premier and fans. We will keep you updated.

UPDATE: Miss Info confirms these reports with sources close to Guru. The emcee is presently in a New York hospital, awaiting surgery. DJ Eclipse spoke with DJ Premier, who also confirmed this. Premier was going to address the matter on Eclipse's Sirius Hip Hop Nation show, but later changed his decision. has compiled Twitter reactions from notable artists including Jean Grae, ?uestlove, Royce Da 5'9" and Jay Electronica.

UPDATE: Solar, Guru's production partner and co-founder of 7 Grand Records released a statement to HipHopDX through his spokespeople at Yo! Public Relations. The statement is as follows, "Guru is struggling with a serious health issue. We, the whole 7 Grand Records family, appreciate all your love and well wishes. We continue to hold out hope that Guru will make a full recovery from this. We ask that his privacy on this matter will be respected. Again, thank you for all your support through this trying time."

DX will continue to report on this, with full respect to the privacy of Guru and his family.

UPDATE: Spokespeople for Guru and 7 Grand Records told HipHopDX early Tuesday morning that Guru's surgery yesterday was successful, and the emcee is expected to make a full recovery. More information will be made available today.

UPDATE: Sources have revealed that Guru remains in a coma after the surgery. The coma is reportedly due to controlled medications. Meanwhile, the emcee famous for his raspy voice is presently on a breathing machine. Fans are urged to continue their prayers and good wishes, and you will be updated soon.

UPDATE: Today (March 3), through his Yo-PR platform, Guru released the following statement. There is no indication if the emcee is still using a breathing apperatus: "I am doing fine and I am recovering. I'm weak though. Solar is the only person who has the accurate info on my situation. Any info from anybody else is false. I appreciate your well wishes and all the love."

UPDATE: This morning (March 5), Solar released a statement reacting the Wednesday posting of a YouTube video testimony from Guru's nephew Justin. "I have nothing but the deepest love and respect for The Elam family. But I have not stopped anybody from seeing him! Guru’s brother, sister and niece has visited with him and his brother was here for three days. I am in touch with them on a daily basis. Guru’s family dynamic and who he wants to look out for his interests is Guru’s business and best left to Guru to discuss. I will state that Guru wanted this matter to be kept private to protect his loved ones and fans from this ordeal, and from it becoming a circus, which it is becoming. Guru has made clear he does not want anything to do with certain people from his past, and for them too be making false statements about his health is unacceptable." The producer continued, "Guru’s well being and need to heal is what I am concerned with,and that Guru’s wishes in this matter be observed."


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  • DJTripper

    Guru , you will be missed ! Liked your raps, your mellow voice, in my ears you will alway's be there !See you when i get there....

  • madalynna

    R.I.P Guru! :| it's too sad to say it but...omg... whatever it happens you still forever in our hearts cuz you are e real hip-hop legend! respect 4eva` king!

  • Fabrizio

    You' re one of the best!!! From Naples, Italy!


    I wish you the best GURU you are one of Hip Hop's best for real bro

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  • EzDaMasta

    wishing you a recovery to full strength! much love & respect. peace....from a fellow Bostonian.

  • lloyd

    one Love, all the best to you Guru. people who are arguing on here are misdirecting good energy at useless things.... it's amazing to hear people argue when someone's health/life is the main topic. i don't want to be arguing when i (possibly) have a heart attack of my own... i'd much rather be enjoying life, and making it better for others. peace, Guru.

  • voveski

    GODbless man, hope you get well soon.

  • ZigZax

    Guru inspired myself alnog with countless others in the game of hiphop and life. I have the up most respect, and am praying everyday for Guru and his family. He is the truth, hands down Guru from all in Texas, we have you in our prayers.

  • kevin tyrone

    gangstarr has always been one of my favorite without guru there is no gangstarr i hope he get well soon

  • kevin tyrone

    gangstarr has always been one of my favorite without guru there is no gangstarr i hope he get well soon

  • osonova


  • Chasmir

    Don't nobody want to hear from Solar...who and what the hell is is? Never heard of this cat before coming on the sceen with Guru. We want to hear from Preem not some basement producer/DJ. If that was fam I would bum rush the room like it or not...try and stop me nigga!

    • J1

      @ KEATO - this is a different Solar than the one you are talking about. This guy is a producer Guru has been working with over the last few years. as opposed to Solaar the French emcee with whom Guru did the song you mentioned. why would somebody use the same name as somebody else ? the original Solaar was pretty damn well established, and dope as well as far as i've heard, though i can't understand French. I hope Guru's health can return for him, but this is not looking good.

    • Keato

      Dude, Solar is not some basement producer, he's pretty damn big especially in french hip hop. Look up the song: "The good the bad, le bien le mal" it's unreal.



  • Serious

    Did hiphopdx stop updating this page or something? Guru's nephew released another video on youtube and Premo has actually made a statement on his radio show (on sirius or w/e it is) and he made a pretty good point (same with Guru's nephew). The point they brought up: when have you ever heard of some one waking up from a coma and being in good enough physical (and mental) shape to immediately dismiss rumours? (referring to hiphopdx's march 3 update). Even if he did say that shit about Solar being the only one with info, any "false information" that Guru has is what Solar has told him and nothing else, considering hes been in a coma and Solar is the only one with access to him. That's just some shit to consider. And check out his nephew's videos on youtube, if that shit is true then Solar definitely is manipulative and is pushing some kinda fucked up agenda

  • LAfine

  • __

    None of you know anything about this man's life. Just listen to Gang Starr and shut your mouth.

  • Craig Martin & John Dougherty

    Much Love to the Greatest MC in Rap History. Your Rhymes will LIVE forever in our hearts. Thinking of you and our prayers going out to you and your Family and DJ Premier. Get well soon and pray to GOD that you recover well and get through this hard time. ONE LOVE TO THE BALDHEAD SLICK!!!! Craig & John (Liverpool, UK) THE CHAIN AND THE STARR FOREVER ;)

  • phill herrera


    • ken masters

      hmm, that may or may not be true, but it's possibly a little insensative! your timing sucks. thoughts and prayers go out to the gifted one and his fam.

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  • Dj Marty Mkfly

    Guru, please get well soon, we all need you brother!


    Wishes go out to guru and his family. SMH at his power of attorney backstabbing friend that is killing his family. WOW, Look at this black diamond chain for under $1600, you cant find that ANYWHERE else !!!! Fine men's and woman's diamond jewelry at affordable prices

  • PARS

    hmm,its funny how nobody talks about gurus waight and how skinny this guy was before this happend....i think solar and guru been sharing the same c.pipes and not the same beds,get real people...gurus faaaaaaaaar away from beeing a fag!!!

  • Mp3

    We need you. get better...Peace and love..





  • Gabriel NJ

    Much Love and Respect Guru! My love and prayers go out to you and your family. True Hip-Hop!! GangStar 4-Life!!!

  • EQ

    Peace To The God Get Well Blessings to you and the Family

  • proof

    wish u a speedy recovery!

  • Articulate1

    You clowns need to quit with all this homo talk. One of Hip-Hop's legendary MC's almost died with a serious health issue and all these gimps can do is spread wack rumors? Get a life. On the real, Solar is mad manipulative and seems to have brainwashed Guru into thinking his unmemorable shit is what fans want to hear. I pray he gets better and reconciles with Preme moving forward.

    • Troy

      Its spelled Preem, fuck Solar anybody who calls themself Super Producer is straight garbage, can you even name a track that he has done, just like Statik Selektah said I can't name one track that he has done that is even good, fuck this dude for real

    • yes.

      you complain about the rumors and then go right ahead and say Solar is manipulative and has Guru brainwashed... what do you call that, fact? GTFOH

  • nyblackguys

    People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect. They defend our conuntry and safeguard our policy. Join, show your love and respect to our military heroes.

  • smack

    non of these rumors mean anything, BUT How bout if Guru is actually gay then hiphop finally confronts it's homophobia. I doubt there will ever be successful openly gay rappers but there could be less use of "fag" in rap

    • Ksenia

      stupid haters just provin this point.. there are actuallly is a gay hip hop movement... jsut like in all aspects of life there are gays makin it in every scene... some are your mot respected folks that youll never get to know fully casue they ahve to hide from the haternation that pervades all scenes.... homophobia is rampant in hip hop and its time to change the ol ways... and you haters spittin some vile language are gonna get whats comin to ya more so than anyone is for lovin who they be and bein true to themselves... peace n justice... n prayers for guru!

  • ....

    solar = gangstalicious. we wish you a speedy recovery guru.

    • hater_deluxe

      don't act like you actually like solar...the only person who likes solar is solar and guru. anyone with half a brain can tell that his production is flimsy. solar has yet to produce a memorable beat. guru is better off recording an accapella album.

  • LAmizo

    yo, on the real, I hope Guru survives this, but he needs to get back with Primo, Solar is a cheap imitation, The rhymes Guru spat over Solar's beats was not the Guru from Gangstarr and jazzmattaz 1-3 yo, fo real, Primo needs to interject

  • MistaRob

    With all that's been said, I pray 4 Guru's recovery. I pray 4 him 2 get thru this ordeal. I don't know what kinda beef him and Preemo could be in 4 him not 2 even wanna be bothered when Preemo came to the hospital. And as for Solar sayin that Guru chooses not 2 deal with certain people from his past, who are these people? He said the same people are spreading rumors about his health. So is he speaking about Preemo? I haven't heard or read anything about Preemo saying anything about Guru's health. I think Solar is reading in2 fan-made blog pages, thinking that these are the words that are coming outta Preemo's mouth. Either way, get well Guru. I'm not buying in2 all this "gay rapper" bullshyt either. I will say that Solar hasn't done shyt of note that could compare 2 what Guru and Preemo has done as a team.

  • H-DUB

    The whole Situation is really strange to me......i had the same thought about Guru being Gay, but i just can not imagine.......



    • hater_deluxe

      im a huge gangstarr fan and i have a hard time saying this. but i think guru and solar are in a romantic relationship. im not saying this in a negative way. it just would explain a lot of guru's past decisions and would also explain why solar as his "producer" is speaking for him. i mean when was the last time a producer spoke out and sat by a rappers bedside. you may think im crazy but this theory has been building in my mind for a while. that being said i hope guru recovers and he is in my prayers. i truly hope people dont get homophobic about me saying this. rap needs to find a way to address their homophobia. get well guru. get well.

  • Caligunnr

    Guru gave Solar power of attorney or filled out an advanced directive giving Solar the right to make decisions for a reason. We dont know ANYTHING about his family or his relationship to his family he trusts Solar..So who the f#@% are you clowns to question HIS decision on HIS health. You punks watch tooo many soap operas, just wish him well and let it be..

  • 905

    Solar creeps me out, he talks like the emperor from star wars. It's like he's mind controlling guru.

    • hater_deluxe

      im a huge gangstarr fan and i have a hard time saying this. but i think guru and solar are in a romantic relationship. im not saying this in a negative way. it just would explain a lot of guru's past decisions and would also explain why solar as his "producer" is speaking for him. i mean when was the last time a producer spoke out and sat by a rappers bedside. you may think im crazy but this theory has been building in my mind for a while. that being said i hope guru recovers and he is in my prayers. i truly hope people dont get homophobic about me saying this. rap needs to find a way to address their homophobia. get well guru. get well.

  • The Admiral

    Good to see cats recognize the iconic status of Gangstarr....wish Keith E the Guru all of the blessings....But I been kinda suspect of the Guru/Solar relationship from the's weird he doesn't even deal with Primo at all....there has to be more to it than what is being reported...

  • ?????????????????????????

    Something is telling me not to listen to that so called statement that Guru released the other day basically saying that Solar is the only one with accurate information. Doesn't sound right that someone coming off of major heart surgery is able to issue a statement one or two days after surgery when they are supposed to be in a medically induced coma. Doctors are going to keep Guru medically sedated for much longer than two days to allow his body to heal.

    • ?????????????????????????

      But this is a statement coming out AFTER his surgery. Guru can appoint anyone he wants to watch over his medical needs but I wouldn't trust everything that Solar has to say since Guru's own family are still in the dark. Gangstarr fans will remain skeptical about what comes out of Solar's mouth until Guru himself is well enough to speak on his condition if he so chooses.

    • !!!!!!!

      I don't understand why ppl are ignoring or skeptical of Guru's own words. The comments are talkin about him like he's dead. He's right there in the hospital and he, himself said Solar has the accurate info. He chose to talk to Solar before his family, deal with it.

  • pinball junkie

    Guru, we pray for you my man...

  • DD

    I pray for u Guru and I pray that Solo have change of heart and let the family be apart...They were his before yours.....Life is too short...Don't be that way, Solo!!! To Guru's family ...have faith and just know God is and will be with you!

  • Sergei

    get well, veteran Kiev is with GURU

  • cristian

    get well soon Guru!! WE'll pray 4 you and YOur Fam here in CHILE SOuth AMerica One Love

  • Geno The King of Godz

    Hopefully this shit about Guru releasing his own statement is good, But the shit with his nephew and Solar not letting anyone in the fam see him is mad suspect.


    Dame, this hit us all hard, Gang Starr has been a huge influence on us forever and have always kept up with the changing times. Much love and respect from the Shortcuts Crew. Shout out to Premier during these hard times and get better soon Guru. TSC NAJ

  • Snailbox

    there is a lot more to this story than is being printed here. check out guru's nephew's explanation and his take.


    Glad the man's recovering, hang in there Guru.

  • KGK0

    GURU "It Ain't No Time to Play".I pray nothing else will "Manifest".Doctor will "Check the Technique"."Say Your Prayers" for no need 4 "Daily Operation", so he can "Flip the Script". It might B "A Long Way to Go", but it's "The Moment of Truth".We don't want him "Above the Clouds" and us say "In Memory Of" yet.He still has "Work" b/c his "Rep Grows Bigga". We will applaud U "Rite Where U Stand" when you recover.

    • big braveheart

      Well put KGKO! Nice one and great to hear the Gifted one is recovering and it's "Alongwaytogo" but due to "Mass Appeal" "The Illest Brother" will "Take A Rest" and "Work" towards more rhymes in a "Form Of Intellect". Glad to hear your better Guru and good luck homie!

  • Bauce

    So he nearly dies, while having DJ premier rush to see him and he still refuses to acknowledge him???? if this dont bring Gang Starr back then nothing will

  • toby

    heal up quickly

  • yaboyla

    guru gettin' mad love on hiphopdx. get well soon.


    What, you thought it was over!!!!!

  • Étienne

    It' aint over with Guru... Keith Elam is gonna come back stronger than ever... Much Respect to one of the strongest voice in Hip Hop history... It's mostly the voice !!!

  • SRD


  • SRD


  • Alex Herguth

    "I got one lyric pointed at your head for start, another one pointed at your weak ass heart, now if i pull the trigger on these fully loaded lines, your gonna wish I woulda pulled a black nine, i mac dimes" Guru thoughts and prayers go out to you.

  • Clocker

    A true hip hop legend, hopefully you'll pull through man, life will have so much more in store for ya!

  • damn

    Boston's with ya Guru. still one of the best outta this city

  • prolifictouch

    i pay that ur starr doesn't fall dawg...ur my man cuzzin..fux with the gang from the brake..don't go..stay strong keith stay strong..DJ..ProLifictoucH

  • pro

    can't lose u dawg..u my man cuzzin..

  • Watkinz Da General

    My prayers goes out to Guru & his family... May GOD be with you! And may he bless you with a speedy recovery so you can come to your family... In JESUS name AMEN!

  • C-Arson

    medical induced coma is never good i'm tellin ya'll now it doesn't look good. wish for the best.

    • HRCMS

      @ C-ARSON, your always speaking on some shit that you dont know about, you dont know a damn thing about medical induced comas, just wish the man well and again keep your negative fucked up opinion to yourself, you ignorant bastard

    • audio tech

      keep that negative shit to urself next time

    • Tyeman64

      Are you retarded? Thats the best type of coma to be in. Its obvious that they want him to stay asleep so he can heal without feeling pain. They can wake him up in a few days once they have him straightened out.

  • ovalley4life

    tru hip hop icon. praying for ya my man...may god be with you.

  • miguel Guttierres

    Glad to hear the surgery was successful and Guru is making a good recovery right now. I'll keep praying for him. But did the article just say "famous for his raspy voice"? I'm pretty sure it was monotone. "Like the seashore I'm calm, but wild with my monotone style"

  • DJ A-Dub Da Mix-I-Can

    Greatest cat I've ever met, though our paths crossed with me elbowing his drink into his face as I was turning around. After that he didn't even give me the opportunity to fully finish apologizing before he was already forgiving me and letting me know how it was just an accident. Now that's one humble cat! My prayers going out to him and his family. May you make a full recovery Guru!

  • cloudyinc.

    damn, hopin he pulls through. we need more guru and preem! best wishes to his family and friends

  • Harry Richardson

    Hope the brother pulls through, Guru did his thing

  • dirtyjerzy

    Get well Guru!!! You know my steez!!!!

  • nyblackguys

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  • JT

    gifted unlimited rhymes universal...emcees who aint equiped get flipped in my circle.............NUFF SAID

  • big braveheart

    Without a shadow of doubt Gang Starr are one of the greatest hip-hop groups ever and lyrically Guru is brilliant and i am glad to hear the surgery went well and pray for a quick and successful recovery. I saw Gang Starr in Glasgow about 15 years ago and that was one of the best concerts i've ever been to and i still remember the day i bought Step In The Arena and thought what an amazing group and they still are. Guru get well soon homie.

  • Articulate1

    This really hit home for me. Gangstarr is by far the greatest Hip-Hop group ever and Guru is the most underrated rapper ever. They made some of the genre's best albums when this shit was at its creative peak. My prayers are with you for a quick and complete recovery.

  • Rich

    I continue to pray for Guru. Gangstarr was the 1st act of Hip Hop I was introduced too. And I'm a 90's baby from the south. I dont wanna sound selfish but I hope this can bring about another Gangstarr album in the near future. Get well my brotha. God bless.

  • jsmall


  • rapwolf

    Damn, glad GURU made it through. Gangstarr is apart of hiphop's foundation...when you really want to hear, and just get in touch with real hiphop, it's authenticity, it's core, and swagger, Gangstarr is one of the few that you would listen to........ These rhymes I manifest", I manifest. Big up HIphop-

  • Mark Nixon

    DAMN! I shit when I saw this. I thought he was dead. Guru is one of my favourite MC's ever. Gang Starr is ridiculously underrated. One of the most pure, real acts in the history of hip hop. Uncompromising, perfect street music. Doesn't get any better. The universe already crushed me by taking JMJ. I hope Guru can make a strong recovery. He has contributed so much great art.

  • Reg

    Get well soon Guru, I'm praying for you.

  • deesure

    amen get well soon gure.

  • lydia h

    Shock was what I felt when I heard the news today. I am, glad that you will be recovering and may god continue to keep you safe and help your family through this somber period. Blessings to you and your family at this unfortunate time. Peace

  • Craftsman


  • Young Garvey

    Outstanding! Good to hear he is doing better!

  • Rob Welsh

    Get well Keith. Stay car of yourself and do whatever thoese doctors tell you man. God Bless.


    I am happy to hear that he is recovering! We do not need the lost of another rapper, especially one such as GURU who does it for the love of the culture. My prayers and thoughts are with him and his close ones. @ AXEMURDER That's a definite way to turn a negative into a positive and reunite 2 hip-hop icons. @ZAVE ILLA That was mad hot! Very creative way to sum up the situation.

  • DJ Swindler

    Wishing a speedy recovery to hands down one of the Best MC's ever to scorch microphones. Get well man!

  • AxeMurder

    Just speculation: You know Primo & Guru had their differences, but maybe this incident is what would get Gang Starr back...kinda like how Travis Barker's plane crash reunited blink.182.

    • I_Am_Beast

      That's what I've been screamin' since this unfortunate sitaution fisrt occured. I believe this will bring forth a reunion of the entire Gangstarr Foundation, maybe even Jeru Tha Damaja (wishful thinking, I know). Not to mention, a lot of the MC's that have ushered in the return of quality Hip-Hop music would line up out the door of HeadQuarterz to have a feature on a new Gangstarr album. This may bear witness to an unpresidented event in Hip-Hop history.

  • calibeatbox420

    THANK YOU GOD!! Im very glad to hear everything went well...get well GURU you will be in all of our thoughts!!!

  • Trend

    U aint dying tonight or any other night Homey

  • BeanTown Breezy

    This is some of the realest shit ever in hip hop.The Gangstarr foundation has made some of the best hiphop ever and it's quality and authenticity cannot be matched.Cats need to look at gangstarr and use them as a tool for quality music making, unlike all these tight jean wearing fag boys who still diddy bop to wack shit.Thank you gangstarr cuz I grew up on you and I was blessed to have your music in my life growing up.Get better love

  • NV

    This is a duo that needs to bring it back Gang Star Foundation One of the best yet.

  • Joel the Custodian

    From Good news: #guru surgery was successful, keep sending him love

  • Maya

    I met him and his son in concert here in Ohio and here was nothing but cool he didnt act like a STAR he gave me a autograph we talked for a min and he gave me a hug and left .....May god bless him and his family

  • Ric

    for gods sake get better man. ur such a legend and one of the biggest influences in my life. my prayers are with u and ur fam and i hope the fix u back to good health soon. 1 luv

  • Malone

    Shiit, i hope he turns okay... Hip-hop couldn't bare losing another legend.

  • hater_deluxe

    guru please recover. you are my greatest inspiration. thank you for all of your wonderful music. you are in my prayers.

  • Black

    "I just got off the phone with DJ Premier. GURU IS ALIVE!! CONFIRMED!! about 2 hours ago via UberTwitter" "We're gonna rock out for Guru on the turntables tomorrow at Once again, I just spoke to Preemo. Guru is alive. 12 minutes ago via UberTwitter"


    Mr.Bloggers...................... Get well. "JOCK"

  • getpaid

    One of Hiphop's best representatives. A lving legend for sure. God be with you in your recovery. You are in my prayers and thoughts. Get well soon ' unlimited..

  • babynuts and guts

    what an old fuck face dick yanker

  • N3R0


  • tony lovato

    i've been a fan of guru/dj premiere since 1989 when i heard "the words i manifest" and i've been hooked ever since,the guru has one of the most smoking voices in hip hop-get well soon-the hip hop community needs you and your steez-screw 50 cent!!!!!!!!

  • TheGodJustice

    Peace and fast recovery to the GOD. I heard about the news this morning through DX and FB friend Amanda Bassa. I didn't want to believe it, b.u.t that doesn't matter now. Cause now I know, and it hurts to know that he's in this condition. You'll pull through GURU. True indeed. PEACE AND BLESSINGS BE UPON U!!!!

  • Suck Johnson

    Guru get better soon, I remember when u settled in east new york, peace.

  • Nnamdi Kpaduwa

    Very sad indeed. Hopefully he pulls through.

  • Nnamdi Kpaduwa

    Very sad indeed. Hopefully Guru will pull through.

  • mcmastermind

    One of the best yet. Guru stay with us man we still need you. God Bless you man. 1 love to GURU my respects to you and your family.



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    • Geno The King of Godz

      U my friend are a fucking Scumbag, U really had to put this garbage on THIS post? Fucking dickhead. Get well Soon Guru

  • Dark Gable

    Keith, I know that I can say for myself and the rest of the Morehouse College family to get well soon and that you are in all of our prayers. God has all power and his all healing powers and tender mercy will guide you to recovery. God bless you and keep you brother!!!

  • elage05

    guru you got to get bettery homey i still listen to step in the arena and daily operation ive been hooked on gangstarr since words i manifest played on yo mtv raps i was living in germany at the time and we didnt have cable my my neighbors brother would since video tapes of yo mtv raps from the states .Im a true gangstarr fan you guys are my favorite group of all time your gonna pull thru this i know it. keep ya head up we all have you in our prayers and get back on the mic soon ! peace and love much respect to the elam family and the ganstarr foundation

  • big beezy

    to rip a line from a song.........."gangstarr one of the best....EVER!!!!"


    guru boston all day get well my brother


      Guru remember when you and pac torched the studio with heaters. Damn I remember Premo holding on to a lot of heat made by Guru and others. Get well u earned ya rep!!!!

  • vrtr

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    • Bart

      @BIG DICK JOHNSON - Yo Karma gon catch these assholes disrespecting legends. This dickhead gon wonder why one of his loved ones is on a deathbed in the near future. Karma gon get em'


      Take this shit somewhere else Fuck!!!! I hope u choke on a fat one VRTR fucking faggot

  • RIP_Proof&Dilla

    Get well soon. God Bless to your family


      Guru get the fuck up homie!!! Sleeping on the job is a no-no Time for some summer heat!!! Heard you and Kiss spitt in a session for an hour that was unbelievable. Kiss held his own though. I remember when u crushed LL cool Joke. That boy was not prepared for ya. And I remember when you and Kane spitt that butter in Jersey. Damn my dude Get up and Fight!!! It ain't yo time yet......

  • deesure


  • Comptilla

    Still got a lot to life for fam. I hope you pull thru! one love!

  • So honest

    Get well Guru, I want to hear a new Gang Starr album....

  • nigmatics

    GURU. one of the best to ever hold a microphone. you are in my prayers brotha. peace...gangstarr forever.

  • crackpot

    get well soon bruh

  • MC Ms. Baby Luv

    Surely God will deliver you from the noisome pestilence! God still heals! May the entire Hip Hop Nation n Anointed leaders PRAY, Just pray! Love and Blessings to you Guru! P.S. God never works without his word, read some healing scriptures outloud for Guru! He is an amazing gifted man! Respectfully, Ms. Baby Luv (Brooklyn)

  • I_Am_Beast

    I have faith in this man's resolve, I don't fear for his well-being, he will overcome this!!! I can't wait until Guru comes back stronger than ever, he WON'T lose this fight!!! Peace to the GOD...G.U.R.U. I believe in you, you will not let our culture down... It may take some time to recover, but I know you'll be back and better than ever!!!

  • Alex Polaco

    Get better real soon G! God Bless u

  • Michail

    Prayers from true hip hop fans worldwide get well bro'

  • Assassin221

    Damn DX, posting this shit like it's an obituary or something. But all the best to Guru and his people, him and Gang Starr are as classic as classic gets.

  • GME

    Lets hope for a quick recovery, Guru. Gang Starr is one of the greatest groups in hip-hop history! Anyone that is over the age of 28 grew up with his music. Gang Starr is one of the preeminent rap groups of all time. Right up there with the likes of EPMD and Wu-Tang. Wish you all the best.

  • stanley

    I met keith in a show in rotterdam took a picture with him a real cool dude i wish him the best and his family the strengh to pull this one. respect to gangstarr 1

  • Davyjc

    Guru is an innovator, artist, pioneer and visionary and I know he will pull through. I met him on a long plane ride from LA/NY and his conversation was full of insightful views on music, art, culture, the future of hip hop and his own decision to pull jazz into his world view. The man is a cultural icon and I wish him,his family and his extended family of admirers pray and good will.

  • AlisaReshea

    March 1st, 2010 3:27 pm ET you know how you meet someone that leaves a lasting impression? I was fortunate to meet Keith about 3 years ago at a BET Awards event. Everyone that had worked with me left and i was making sure the venue was closed up. So here i am, 1am walking down Highland to my car. Keith and his friend pulled up and asked if i was ok. We had briefly spoken inside the club so he was aware we were leaving the same place. Keith got out of the truck and walked me to my car while his friend tailed us in the truck. I was touched that he would have that much care and thought for my well being. When i got to my car he gave me a hug and said, 'stay blessed sis'.. so finding out about his heart attack started this ache in me that won't go away i'm praying for your health and strength KISSEZ

  • The R

    GET WELL GURU a.k.a. BOLD HEAD SLICK….. Gang Starr is The Foundation and big up to Premo! One Luv

  • blue71

    to the whole Elam fam, our prayers are for you and GURU & GANGSTAR families. This pioneer is critical to this level that rap or hiphop has reached, his innovation,style,lyrics and love of us(the fan) has been expressed in his music. Great emcee much love. may the CREATOR bless him and us all.

  • Zave Illa

    GURU "It Ain't No Time to Play".I pray nothing else will "Manifest".Doctor will "Check the Technique"."Say Your Prayers" for no need 4 "Daily Operation", so he can "Flip the Script". It might B "A Long Way to Go", but it's "The Moment of Truth".We don't want him "Above the Clouds" and us say "In Memory Of" yet.He still has "Work" b/c his "Rep Grows Bigga". We will applaud U "Rite Where U Stand" when you recover.

  • chronwell

    I am praying 4 my big brother!

  • R.O.D 253

    Ohhh God please don't take another Legend pleeeeease..we already lost 2pac,biggie,ODB,Eazy-E,Big L,Proof,Big pun..damn when will it stop..get well soon Guru...Gang Starr Forever!! moment of truth is my shit...

  • fmsus

    Guru and Premo are human milestones - but you all know that. God bless Guru for his personal qualities, bringing people together to enjoy that good stuff in music and his positive energy. Get well big bro, your work aint done yet.

  • televisnostic

    Get well soon brother.

  • big braveheart

    Take care Guru! We need you to be strong and come thru this and we are all wishing you well in this terrible fight and hope that you get better soon. Seriously a great emcee and i absolutely love Gang Starr and they were and are one of the greatest groups in hip-hop so stay with us Guru and god bless.

  • Tyeman64

    Get well soon. Secondly good job HHDX for respecting the family's privacy and granting their wishes.

  • bsmoov

    My heart goes out to GURU and his family. Get Well soon kid!!!!!!! GURU and his Family r in my prayers fo sho.

  • JM

    One of the few greatest, gifted lyricist left. Few can stand to the ranks of Guru, Q-Tip, Mos Deaf, Rakim, and the other few. Stay alive and God Bless.

  • sum_body

    another sad day in HIP-HOP!!! bes wishes to GURU and his family

  • --

    The veteran, runnin my plan I'm the better man Crazy raw, doin my job like the mob Blazin y'all, and disappearin in the fog or a mist, and chicks can't resist what I kick... Guru is undeniably one of the greatest

  • The Unexpectable Mc

    Damn best wishes and prayers go out to you Guru you are by far one my all time greats and most influentual mc's of all time "step in the arena' & "hard to earn" remain 2 of my favorite albums ever get well soon bald head slick!

  • stevep

    Get Well GURU!!!...damn, Moment of Truth remains one of my favorite and most influential peices of music in my collection...this is horrible news, best wishes..

  • Setoshin

    This is real bad; I had just started getting into Guru last week after I heard him on War Tactics and I subsequently went and started playing Jazzmatazz Vol 3: Street Soul. I was blown away by his album. I'd hate for him to die just as I begin to get into his music. His music should be required listening for any potential MC's. I hope he gets better. Peace, -Seto

  • calibeatbox420

    Im in a loss for words. GURU is one of the greatest emcees to ever touch the mic had the honor of meeting him and chopping it up in Cali.....dude is a real cool cat. God Bless and my prayers are with his friends and family.

  • (o)(o)

    Damn get better Guru. I'm playin "Work" cuz of this news

  • Bobby Dazzler

    Damn, G. Guru; you & Primo have been the dons & the roots of HipHop since day for real, and right now every HipHop head that knows the game is prayin straight hardcore for you to come back to us even stronger & more dope than before(if possible). One love, brotha. See ya soon

  • Brother Rabbit

    Much love, much respect. Those doctors have our hearts in their hands as they have his. It's revered people like Guru, in conditions like this, that make a person really examine their own destiny and hope to have even half the influence he has.


    Wish you the best Guru. You are one of my favorite mc`s ever. You did that shit like nobody else did. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for your style man. Blessings from Holland. Word.

  • gaetarick

    One of the realest ... get better soon ... much love from Los Angeles

  • K-waz (Self-Xplanatory Music)

    I met Guru at this underground spot called "Unity" in Los Angeles... He was in the cypher freestylin with us... Big ups to Guru... Get well.. May God look over you!!!

  • pengu

    lemonade was a popular drink and it still is i get more props and stunts than bruce willis

  • Stromya

    SHIT, moment of truth one of the best albums ever dropped. step in the arena and daily are sick too. all the best guru

  • Project

    Inshallah, I hope everything goes ok for Guru and his family. My prayers are with you, man.

  • pengu

    gang star for ever. stay up guru. i hope him and primo and cat put past behind them

  • 4th chamber

    Al be prayn guru gets better one of the most influential group/mc of all time peace.

  • cyphe

    sending positive vibes and thoughts of recovery and good health to you big bro GURU. GangStarr was/is one of the most influential groups in hip, in all music to me. so i hope Guru pulls thru..

  • I'm at work and bored

    damn. Hang in there Guru.

  • Khalil Sabu Rashidi

    GODSPEED on a full recovery Guru!!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    First, my prayers go out to Guru and his family. Second, Guru, along with Premo revolutionized and epitomized hip hop and became on of the best groups of alltime. He is definitly one of my favorite MCs ever and wish the best for him.

  • Pearl P

    Really shocked by this news, I hope he is going to be fine. Get well soon homiey, love your music.

  • Amit Saini

    Hurts to read this bad news. Gangstarr helped me turn from a child to an adult. Glad i met Guru, met him at Rock City in Nottingham. Get well soon homie. Peace

  • javi

    this is one of the worst years for hip hop scares me that this art will not be handed off to better people in the future. GURU made hit happen, he changed the game....

  • dcdog76

    One of the best and most influential emcees ever. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Guru as we hope you pull through.


    "Hard to earn" was my shit... Get well GURU!!! You know guru aint happy with hip hop these days so support your boy and by some Gangstarr tunes...

  • The World Wind

    My prayers are certainly with GURU. He is such a young brother to suffer from cardiac arrest. He is only 45 years of age. I certainly recognize that heart attacks do not engage in age discrimination, but I guess I just am caught off guard by GURU being subjected to it. Maybe he had a previous heart condition or suffers from high blood pressure or diabetes, all which could bring this kind of unfortunate situation on. My prayers are with him and his family.

  • Randy Tuitt

    Moment of Truth is probably the dopest album of all time other than Madvillainy. Get well Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal!!!!


    Get well soon Gifted Unlimited...

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    • Chops&Thangs

      Stop posting this bull shit! No one wants this shit dirtying up the article, especially this one. Anyways Guru often goes unmentioned when people talk about the best MC's, but he's definitely high on the list. Saw him preform in Barcelona round two months ago. Dude was real energetic. I hope he pulls through.

  • sexy

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  • Brooklytn1977

    Guru was that older brother or older cat on your block that everyone listened to and considered mad cool. Man Guru your lyrics that you rapped about made a brother feel real good when i was young cat in Brooklyn riding the subway trains. Your lyrical style and fashon was always top notch. Brother Guru i layed a heavy prayer for your recovery cause back in the days you was one of the main hip hop artist that i had playing constantly on my aiwa walkman. I wish you a speddy recovery cause you got fans who truly care for you.


    Damn, I hope he pulls through. Gangstarr's "Mass Appeal" is one of the best Hip Hop songs ever.

  • kpanilaryea28

    holy shit!!!!!!!!! mane yo ima pray for my nigga damn! thats my nigga mane guru and premier were the best duo as far as mc and dj in my opinion. eric b and rakim were dope as hell too but cant nobody fuck wit premier beats and gurus soulful thoughtful lyrics! all of their cds classic! ima pray for him so he can recover and hopefully when he pulls through maybe now niggaz will realize that life is too short and that all this beefin is unnecessary. guru and premier need to reconcile after this one fa real!

  • Whiterthanmost

    Damn. One of my favs. One of the greats. Damn. Please get well soon guru!

  • 808SHIRTS

    Much LOVE from my 808 FAM!!! U helped raise a generation. We praying that you pull thru!! LEGENDARY!

  • realrory

    One of the saddest day in my life. Guru is one of the best MC's in hip-hop history. Innovator of jazz-hip hop style. Great person. Please god, don't take him yet....

  • sadiki

    Dear Lord may you watch over our elder brotha Guru. He has been a Blessing to our lives by being beacon of light for us ghetto children in the mist of the darkness of this world. His music inspired us to be men and women of your heart, to live our lives with purpose. You used him to teach us about the origins of our music. We thank you for that Lord. We come befor you Lord seeking grace and mercey for our elder brotha Guru. If it be your will Dear Lord, may you heal him of this tragic afliction. We also ask that your peace wich surpasses all understanding be upon him and his family in this difficult and trying time, right now! Lord in the matchless name of Jesus. For all of those in agreement with this prayer, let us say AMENN... We Love You Guru! Get Well Soon!

  • Hexxx

    Get up brutha. The world is on your side, props from down unda.

  • Up North

    Keep fighting Guru...God Bless

  • Drucifer1983

    Thats a shame, gotta say a prayer for the man Side note, Freddie Foxx made a diss song to him bout a month ago, watch him act all apologetic and spiritual now.........I cant stand hypocrites, hate me in sickness and in health if your gonna do it at all.

    • I_Am_Beast

      I don't think it would be hypocritical for Foxxx to be apologetic after this tragic event, things like this make people take stock in their personal relationships when the possbility of losing a one-time friend occurs. It tends to make one put aside the petty differences and realize the value of a friendship. If anything, it takes real men to put everything aside and reconsile. Furthermore, I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that WHEN (not IF) Guru recovers, Gangstarr might just come back stronger than ever. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make a fam stronger. Peace to the GURU, I fear not, you'll get through this (and I'm not even an optimist).

    • shone jones

      I didn't even know that. Foxxx probably feels like shit now. He should have kept his mouth shut.

  • Trife One

    The music of Guru and Gangstarr have meant a lot to me in my life! Hang in my brother you have more wisdom to drop to the enlightened!

  • Drigo


  • atamediumpace

    I can only wish for the best for Guru and his family. "...spirituality supports reality we gotta fight with the right mentality so we can achieve what is rightfully ours this is the meaning of the chain and the star.." -Gang Starr

  • Chris_Jericho

    I don't believe in the God of the Bible despite growing up Christian but it times like this that make me want to get on my knees and pray. Guru please stay wit us bro. Everyone please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers

  • ignite and imagery

    aw maaan. Gang Starr means so much to me, i mustve put in so so many hours listening to this man. I still remember the first time I ever heard them. Pray for Guru.

  • JayRoc1NYC

    Hope for the best and Pray for a speedy recovery. Stay strong my Brother you are in my prayers. I want to see you back on your feet Rappin and stompin them Beats.

  • Luis

    I never write into these posts but I just wanted to chime in and ask everyone to pray for Guru/Keith Elam. This man also had a huge impact in my life. Keep'em close everyone. Peace.

  • shone jones

    We Need You, GURU. Don't leave Us!!!!

  • miguel Guttierres

    Don't go Guru. Please make it through.

  • J

    This man saved my life yo.. I have nothing but respect

  • ASEE

    love guru. hop hop community has to band together on this, if only in spirit.

  • teamd

    hope guru is well........too early for that man to go, we still havent heard that gangstarr reunion! but in all reallness, get well guru!! gangstarr is legendary!

  • GoldenTrophy

    I pray he pulls it through man hip hop doesn't need this right now and most importantly his fam and friends don't need this right now.

  • Geno The King of Godz

    FUCK! I haven't fucked with any of his latest Jazzmatazz stuff, but Him and Premo are true legends in the game, and a duo that is up there. Man hip-Hop is shedding a tear right now. Even though im a realist, I truly hope he can recover and at least live a 70+ year life, fuck gettin back to rappin.

  • troublechild

    PRAYERS EVERYONE, PRAYERS! even if you don't believe there's a God... -bangs greatest hits cd-

  • Stikk Figure

    Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, Peace be Upon you and i hope for a speedy return to full health (it was just like 08 or 09 that i saw footage of Guru rocking a huge show overseas) (Everlast pulled through his heart attack, i wish the same for you)

  • Jdd

    I'm praying for Guru, man please pull through this. One of my favorite emcee's ever.

  • Crystal Lake

    I used to bump jazzmatazz vol. 1 and big shuggs whos hard with my girl. Just laying on her bed, watching her fix my hair to ''down the back streets'' . Probably one of the greatest emcees alive. Alive because hes not going anywhere. hes gonna ride through this like always. Im very saddened to hear this. However, he aint going nowhere.

  • boston

    damn, pull through guru.. prob the most important mc from my hometown, did a lot of classic records with primo and plenty of quality music on his own.. get well soon homie and bring us some more of the jazz when you do

  • franco

    Yall wrote this article like he's already dead. wish him well.

    • insanemacbeth

      bro, it's not that people are think that G.U.R.U.'s dead. it's just that he was one of the few emcees, who could be put in the same bracket, as RAKIM, BIG DADDY KANE, KRS-ONE, KOOL G. RAP, and CHUCK D. a TRUE all-time great emcee. people are just showing respekk, that's all, bro!

  • icu ucme

    GOD DAMN A COMA! This is horrific news, I hope my nigga pulls through. God bless him, his family and friends.

  • Born Bikim

    From early days here in the Bean we rocked and it is still the same! See you soon again in the physical of the spirit. Peace till then 7

  • shah-king

    guru, boston loves you and we pray for you. the whole hip hop universe meditates this thought. ALLAH please spare him and let him have another chance at health and allow his blessing of music to continue to embrace the masses.... we are with you guru......... peace, shah-king a fan a brother and a friend.................

  • Bauce

    Damn this is a shock to me. Dude looked like he was in good shape. Hope you pull through Guru

  • BX T-REX

    Much love GURU. You will always be an inspiration to real heads. Stay strong.

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY


  • Anton Chigurh

    GURU, you're in our prayers. You're a legend. Stay strong and pull through.

  • DROC

    Nobody's invincible, no plan is foolproof/We all must meet our Moment Of Truth" (c) Guru - Moment Of Truth


    Legendary if guru decides to make the transition i think thats a destiny fulfiiled on this earth, we all have a time...but i very much hope he pulls through and carry's on his legacey Much love to guru, friends and family...its kind of a shock, get well soon brother there's much more work to be done here,it's sad for the fact that this and only this is going to make the people remember and realise the profound dent, these borthers Guru and premier left in the game

  • FreshRob757

    ...your music a live on through those that have listen'd and were influenced!!!... GANGSTARR!!!

  • dj erome

    GURU MAN, hang in there Hip-Hop still needs you

  • djbvax

    My God. I hope he gets well. My prayers are with you brotha.

  • ctrain

    guru hang in there, hip hop still needs you

  • Dj J-Ronin

    damn Guru! get better big homey! i aint seen ya in a few years but i know u been grinding brother.

  • holdupniggasholduphoes



    guru we love you and your contribution to music ! nappie rash oz

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