Hot Boy Turk's Younger Brother Murdered, Family Needs Assistance

Ronald Smith, younger brother to Lil Turk was found murdered yesterday. Suspects have been apprehended, but family needs funeral aid.

It has been announced to HipHopDX that Turk a/k/a Lil Turk of The Hot Boys lost younger brother Ronald Smith to gun violence yesterday (February 22). Smith was shot in killed early yesterday morning in the Jefferson Parish of New Orleans', the family's hometown. A 19 year-old, Travis Dennis, is already in police custody, and reportedly confessed to the killing.

Website has posted a statement from Turk on the loss of his younger sibling.

Noting a closeness with Ronald, Turk, the older brother asks fans to help his struggling mother. “My mother is mourning over the loss of her youngest child and over the fact that there is no insurance or funds to arrange the proper burial. I am asking for you to get the word out and to also help financially in any way you can.” The rest of the statement can be read at

Fans wishing to help contribute to the services can do so via Western Union:

Western Union Blue Quick Collect Form
Pay to: SSC
Code City: Cobra Cash, FL
Account# 2M8115125virgil

Wetsern union can also be done over the phone at 1-800-325-6000.

At present, Turk is serving a 12-year prison sentence related to a Tennessee shooting of a police officer in 2004. The former Cash Money Records rapper has been in prison for nearly five years, and is expected to be released by 2017.

In October, Hot Boy brethren Juvenile spoke of the incarcerated fourth member of the late '90s super-group of Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile and Lil Turk. "I wish I could have him out here right now, but bruh, it is what it is,” said Juve of Turk. “He locked up in Tennessee. They got laws down there dude that’s from what…the 1800s. And by that being the situation, being against the police… I put some money up and everything to get him out dude, so it ain’t like we not behind him to get him out and we don’t wanna see him free, he’s just in a situation where it’s 'Johnny Law' and he don’t wanna see him free."

Juvenile, Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne have all lost family members to tragedy in the course of their decade-plus careers.

HipHopDX extends our condolences to Turk, his mother and family and friends of Ronald Smith. We encourage our readers to help.


  • Jace of the Outsidaz

    turk, keep ya head up man Im sorry for your loss and my condolences go out to u and ur moms, but I doubt anybody gonna give any money during this recession. I had it I prolly wouldnt even, no disrespect

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    Fuck the white man laws

    • funnyman

      white man laws... what shooting a police officer is a white man law, you right he should be walking the streets , same with lil turks brothers murderer , he should be free he just shot somebody...damn white man holding you down from more crime. get the fuck outta here you want black man law pick any country in africa were rape, murder , and genocide thrive . And I remember the hot boys bling bling cash money millionaires but arent smart enough to get life insurance ?? I thought they were balling , just goes to show you some people dont have a clue what to do with their money

  • Twein4urec

    these so called rap artists are the blame they glorify guns drugs and violence to sell albums and infect the young minds they need to stop feeding this nonsense to our children for the almighty dollar or rap about more positive things because the way we are headed as a people is nowhere rap about school and getting good grades instead of how to make and sell dope imtalknig to you jay z

  • fweff

    there is a "web/site" named "black/white/loving" for dateing or relationship, black or white singles can go there to find something sexy or beauty online !!!!

  • HoustonTx

    R.I.P. I lost my homeboy the same way. :-( His killer was 18 at the time. When will this shit stop? I think there would be more awareness if real hip hop was on the radio. Instead they glorify all the wrong shit.

  • wtf??

    what birdman slim mannie fresh lil wayne cant donate the money for a funeral????rip to him and prayers to his family tho

    • geeter

      see they wont help one of dea own but they will spend 10 stax on bottles n da club n make it rain on some bum ass chix wow no respect 4 dem on dat on sum g turk shouldnt even of had 2 ask no one 4 help ......smfh

    • murdock08


  • DL Dub

    Shot in killed? Does no one proof read these articles? I find terrible errors like these in damn near every article, Hip hop DX yall gotta do better

  • coldshoulder

    no disrepect but anint nobody give my mom shit

  • Mateo

    No disrespect intended, this is a sad story but man - if he just didn't blow all his money on frivolous things Turk wouldn't be making donation calls from behind bars. I hope son gets a proper ceremony, but this should never have been an issue after Turk made it. SMH @rappers spending and spending with no vision for the future. $5,000 invested today in an index fund will be worth $400,000 in 33 years. Diversify your portfolios fools!

  • shams

    it's is a shame if cash money doesn't pay for the funeral after all his brother was one of your soldiers so,it's only right that baby pay for this funeral for the respect that you have for turk and his commitment to and contrubutions he has given to that just wasted 120,000 dollars on a a stupid ass ring

  • krime

    Wayne, Juvie & all them niggas better break moms off for da funeral at least. But rappers are broke ass fuck as it is LOL... I never liked the hot boys all like that but R.I.P. to turks lil bro

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