LMFAO Explains Altercation With Mitt Romney

The party/rock duo tells their side of the story regarding a physical altercation with the 62 year-old politician last week.

Last week, former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made headlines after finding himself in the middle of a physical altercation with an unidentified passenger on an airplane. Now, rapper Blu Sky of the Grammy-nominated group LMFAO has stepped forward to admit that he was that unnamed passenger.

According to Sky, who is the nephew of Motown Founder Berry Gordy, the quarrel began when Romney demanded that the rapper raise his reclined seat before takeoff. The 62 year-old politician allegedly grabbed Sky by the shoulder in a "vulcan grip," to which he claims to have responded by shaking the man's hand off. "I just wanted the man not to touch me, that's it," Sky said in a web video days later. The artist was not arrested, but was escorted off of the plane and put onto a different flight.

Apparently, neither party knew of the other's celebrity prior to the incident. It was not until hearing about it on the news, did both members of the party/rock group realize that the man on the plane was politician Mitt Romney.

LMFAO recently worked with Lil Jon on their third single "Shots," and have collaborated with the Black Eyed Peas and Pitbull. Their debut album Party Rock, released last year on Interscope Records.



  • fsds

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  • Agnes

    There are a few troubling things here, one is why did Romney go on a media blitz regarding being ‘attacked’ especially after statements were made in the LMFAO tape that everything was all right between them before the Canadian police came on board. The smile on Ann’s face as she turns to Mitt as Sky is being taken off, her smile is more like “we got you; don’t mess with us” type of look. Romney has been known to have acted aggressive towards others in the past when not getting his way, even arrested and handcuffed. Romney’s arrest record can be found at http://romneyfacts.com/ The incident is one thing, the press releases by the Romney staff and statements by Romney spokesperson Eric during the days prior to Sky identifying himself is another. Romney went silent when Gordy was identified. Guess, ‘unknown’ people are easier to attack, like people who don’t carry a lot of clout, for Romney; Mitt goes silent when he meets up with a blue blood match.

  • The Eyez

    By the vulcan grip, hahahaha classic. Respect your elders LMFAO, because I am definitely LMFAO about this one.

  • beezy

    if this old goon would have kicked this flakes a** i would have LMFAO....

  • beezy

    if this old goon would have kicked this flakes ass i would have LMFAO....

  • da police

    mitt romney would of kicked the shit outta that wack ass dude. mitt is a black belt in jui jitsu. who the hell is lmnao is that a joke, are they suppose to be hip hop cause if they are then they are ill.

  • Dumb_Shit

    Why did dumbass need to be told to put his fucking seat up? Passengers are the only security on the fucking plane, because we've seen by now that the air Marshall shit is a myth. If somebody's gonna be a problem, you gotta step up. That bitch could have been another fruit of the loom bomber for all Romney knew. Tired of niggas needing a special invitation to do right, especially for dumb shit like following rules. I was about to smack this dude up on a flight because he was getting loud and refusing to turn off a fucking Ipod. Stupid motherfuckers!

    • BWS-Fish

      he cud hav been a bomber because he wudnt put his seat foraward??? Are u on crack?? Its fuckers like u who are making air travel such a shit experience.


    @Pengu So lil Jon is what hip hop is in your world????

  • pengu

    this guys are all WACK. nothing really hip-hop about this story at all except that lil jon is in that shitty video at the bottom.

  • Hard to Say

    LMFAO sucks, but Romney is a stooge. It's like wack fighting wack.

  • haroon

    Sounds like another keeping it real gone wrong incident.

  • Herb the crumbled

    Man needs to respect his elders or he will end up like the dude on the bus who got lumped out by that 67 year old guy. But Romney is very respectable business man and politician I find it hard to believe he instigated the altrication. Lmfao is wack any way

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